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[Knowledge of Human Tree or Cycle of Time]
1. Meaning of Creation and Creator:
Many say- Universe is created from empty. According to
them, there was nothing at BEGINNING. They believe
something(the universe) was created out of nothing. But
nothing can be created from empty. One can bring change
only. Even the law of conservation of energy states that
“energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed. It can
only be changed from one form to another. (Like electrical
energy into light energy, mechanical energy, heat energy,
Creation means, something in which CHANGE occurs. The
person(or power) that brings change in the creation is
called as Creator. Eg: An artist creates an art. He does
NOT create(produce) the art from nothing. He needs pen,
pencil, paper, etc as raw materials. Through his skill, he
converts (changes) those raw materials into a fine
art(picture). We call the artist as CREATOR of the ART and
the art as the CREATION of the artist. But the artist did
not create the art from nothing(zero). He did not do any
magic. He just CHANGED the raw materials.
So the one who brings change is called Creator and one
who/that undergoes change is called Creation. The change
can be positive or negative. But negative change is of no
use. Positive change is useful. Hence the name creator is
given to the one who brings positive change(increases
In the above case, the artist INCREASED the value of
raw materials. He made the raw materials to be of more
useful. Let us discuss this logically and spiritually.
One scientific theory says that at minus infinity, the
whole universe was filled with something called ether
media. At some point of time about some millions of years
back from today, it got compressed and became a red-hot
ball. Then it exploded into smaller particles and some of
them are the sun, earth, moon and planets around us.
[Another theory says- Initially the whole mass in the
universe was concentrated in a very small volume. They call
that mass as solid mass or point mass. About some 100 to
200 million years before today it exploded into many pieces
and the expansion took place].
But according to Newton's second law of motion,
“unless otherwise an external force acts on a body, the
state of the body will not change”. So as there had been no
force at minus infinity, from where the external force came
that compressed the so-called ether media or exploded the

solid mass? Therefore the above theory is wrong! {Some say
that there had been some continuous change in the solid
mass through out its life. But they cannot describe that
change at all.}
[Scientists are still confused with their own theory.
After a lot of effort, it just guessed about the past.
There is still confusion in scientists whether the TIME is
cyclic or linear. Einstien remarked time as cyclic. But
nobody could describe the time cycle completely. Scientists
are bothered about the future of mankind. They do not know
the process of restoration of the entropy. All are in a
state of fear and confusion. That is why scientists fly to
moon and try to find whether life can be possible in Mars,
Let us think this matter spiritually. Most of the
religions say- “God had been present in (or even before)
the beginning. God created Universe and all the creatures”.
Some say God first created(gave a form to)
Himself(swayambhu = the one who can create himself) and
then created the other souls and physical nature. From the
physical nature bodies for these souls were created. God
then put the souls in these bodies. This put the souls in
cycle of birth and deaths. Some say- God created human
beings to test them! Some say God got bored and wanted to
play his Maya! Some say initially God created just
Adam(First male). Then he found Adam getting bored! (Just
see- God’s creation getting bored!). So he created
Eve(first female) for company of Adam! Some say a soul
first takes birth in 84 lakhs of animal species and then
gets human birth! There are many different theories.
Now just think: Why did God create? For whom did he
create? God is one who has no desire. Can God (Ocean of
Bliss) get bored? *God is KNOWLEDGEFUL. He knows all the
three aspects of time- past, present and future. Then what
is the need of testing? Fully knowing that- “In future my
creation (human beings) would get split(divided) into many
religions and would quarrel among themselves. My
children(the creation) would suffer a lot by innumerable
diseases from birth to death, etc.” why did the so-called
MERCIFUL, BLISSFUL God create man? Nobody has right answer
to these. (if you have, you can send to us). Do the
knowledgeful need to test something? Why did God made some
as rich, poor, handicapped, etc? No father produces
children to test them. A good father creates children to
give his property. He loves and nourishes his children. If
God creates us, then why the first experience is
pain?(during delivery, a baby cries) Why pain is given for

no mistake? Sometimes, there is death of the baby in the
mother’s womb itself. For what reason does this happen? Why
some were born as poor or handicapped?
An interesting thing: Any person before production,
checks whether his product is useful or not. At any
instant, if the product is found to be defective, he will
stop the production. But today the disease, sufferings,
terrorisms are increasing at an alarming rate. Still the
population is increasing at a high rate! For whom God is
creating? Has God still not got answer to his tests!? Why
is God creating more handicapped (defective) HUMAN BEINGS
compared to animals?! Are physically handicapped babies,
diseased children God’s creation? In that case, can God be
called as a good creator? Can He be called as Liberator?
(No manufacturer releases his product into the market
before testing. But God releases defective
product(handicapped children!) into the market and then
tests it!!!). Hence it is clear that either science or
religious scriptures do not know about the universe.
Which is the first among egg and hen? Without one, the
other cannot be produced. Today both hen and eggs are
present. Hence yesterday also they should have been
present. Similarly, they will be present even tomorrow
also. So Physical nature, and all the souls have NO
Beginning and Ends. That is, nobody created these. All are
eternal. Only thing is that changes occur in them.
So creation(anything) in the world has NO TRUE
beginning or end. But change occurs in these. During the
change, the value of a thing changes. Everything changes
from its best state to worst state and this period is
called as its life span.
So the universe(as a whole) has no beginning or ends.
It always exists. But life span of every object in the
universe is limited. [If the lifespan of any object is
unlimited, then there cannot be any significant
(observable) change in it during any limited time duration.
There cannot be any ripple even in our mind and intellects.
In a limited time duration, ENTROPY cannot change at all!].
Today all the elements of nature are polluted. Ozone
layer has become weak. Entropy is continuously increasing.
All the resources are getting exhausted. Significant or
huge changes have occurred in limited time. That is, the
quality of the nature has been decreasing. Even Sun loses
its energy continuously.
Therefore in limited time duration everything in this
world comes from its highest(best) state to its
lowest(worst, useless) state. So even though nature has no

clouds become water. we can call the best state as beginning and worst state as end]. water is needed.all mean the same}. In the next rainy season. Similarly. there is no beginning or end. There is continuous process(change). As per Newton’s second law. Then the water gets evaporated due to sunlight and becomes cloud. There is no age(life span) for water molecules. Energy of Sun is the cause (prime mover) for this Water Cycle. then no change can happen in future (no process can continue) at all. But the life span of Cycle of Creation (srushti_chakra) is limited. This process repeats indefinitely. There is life span for cloud. the body(nature) will continue in the same(dead) state]. All are different states of water molecules. middle or ends to time. Because complete stop means total dead! Then there is no force to bring change. there is influence of souls(human being) on nature(five . [Quantitatively. But qualitatively. middle and ends to one complete change(Time cycle). If there is complete stop(no change) even for a moment. Cycle of Nature and Cycle of Time. It is one year. Even they are not created from zero(nothing). So. Even the souls (human beings and animals) enjoy nature and hence change occur in them(their resolves. {Cycle of Creation. there is beginning and ends. we call time as Cycle of time(Time Cycle). This restoration process should had been occurred unlimited number of times and hence will take place in future also. {chakra= cycle}. But there is beginning. But there is life span for one complete change (Water Cycle). To produce water(rain) cloud is needed. There is no TRUE beginning. But there is no life span for the matter contained in water molecules. purity level. For the creation of cloud. Now how the entropy can be resored? It is clear that the physical nature changes. So. etc). Nobody created water molecules. the life span of creation(srushti) is unlimited. It is like this: During rainy season. the nature’s state transfers from its best to worst state in limited time. gaseous and liquid forms of water molecules. character. [Because nature’s life is unlimited as it is eternal(no true beginning and ends). the clouds again become rain.true beginning and ends. this process cannot be stopped. habits. As this complete change repeats. At any point of time. So at EACH time when the quality of nature had come to its lowest state. But rain and clouds are created. it should had been brought back to its original(best) {#*or at least a better} state.

all the elements of nature are polluted. Most of the processes in earth are influenced by Sun. Man’s negative actions have increased entropy. As change occurs in these. Hence we can also say that. Hence the power that restores entropy should be capable of changing MAN’s behavior. etc have degraded the universe. 2)The external source (creator= Sun) cannot(should not) be ifluenced by the creation(water). Today. That is man’s character has degraded. It should also be able to influence everything! Man’s negative actions due to greed. Even Sun cannot restore quality of earth. Sun cannot cure pollution completely. these cannot restore entropy.physical elements) as well nature on the souls. (Reader may get surprised. It implies that Sun is not the real creator. They are more burden to the society). That is. education should be given to human beings. That is. as this is new knowledge. they cannot influence everything (cannot bring complete positive change in everything). creator is one who gives property to the creation. In the above case. But we can see this today: Actions of those whose character is degraded increases entropy to the maximum extent. Two things to be noted here are: 1)Creation cannot sustain without creator. But there is small change in Sun also. it should be another soul. In other words. Hence the power that restores entropy should have intelligence. the creator is the donor and the creation is the acceptor. But Sun is not influenced by water. as it has to improve the QUALITY of all . Sun cannot educate man. Sun cannot change man’s character. Energy of Sun also decreases continuously all the time. So to restore the universe(entropy). It needs power from external source(Sun). Reason for this is man’s negative actions or behavior.Sun as the creator (responsible to bring change in earth) and earth and other elements as the creation. So. the real CREATOR should not be influenced by the CREATION. ego. man’s character has to be restored first. That soul should be special. since these are influenced by something. So. That is water cycle cannot continue by itself. To change human behavior. In otherwords. Hence Sun is not real creator. Hence there should be another power that is not influenced either by human beings or by the physical nature. Sun cannot bring back the fertility of soil completely. So it is clear that the power that restores entropy completely should not get ifluenced by anything. water is affected by Sun.

Now the existence of universe and processes that occur in it clearly proves existence of another intelligent being. Let us call that soul as Supreme soul. That soul should be completely pure(stable). Physical power is just material. that is Supreme power(God)!} [Some people do not believe God as our (human beings’) father. It should be capable of loving and helping even the most impure soul (otherwise. Everything in this world either physical or subtle is changing. global warming. He knows past. the education would not be effective). So it is clear that no object. That Supreme Soul is called as God or Supreme Power. Even a small child or an illiterate person knows (or believes) that the highest power in the world is God! God is so Great!! . It will be governed by a fixed law (like laws of gravitational forces. body. God is the one who has highest intelligence (Knowledgeful). This has been explained in detail in part I (package I). This impies that the Supreme Soul cannot take births and deaths like we human souls. qualities. The power that brings complete change should not change. They say ‘there is some supreme power that controls the universe’. Man’s mind. etc]. But they cannot imagine the type of that power and where it exists or what is its nature(behaviour. It cannot cure human mind. No name is more famous than God in the world.the human souls. and every material in this world is influenced (subjected to change) by many circumstances. everpure and not influenced by anything. a computer by a programmer). and other natural calamities]. (eg: artificial rain. present and future. It is live-less. Hence the intellectual power is the highest power in the universe. But here one point should be clear that God cannot be physical power. no human soul (human being) can restore entropy by its or his own power. So the one that enjoys/uses (is dependent on) material things cannot bring back(restore) nature to its best state. The reasons are physical energy can be converted into mass. Physical power cannot take decisions. etc) or should be operated by some intelligence (Like car is driven by a driver. It cannot educate. {Existence of BODY and the actions that come out of(occur through) the body proves the existence of Soul. Pollution. The physical power cannot act by itself. That is why Man is ruling the whole world! [Also note that Man has controlled the nature to some extent as well as disturbed the nature. Some call that power as nature. duties. It has no intelligence.

2) implies KNOWLEDGEFUL and 3) implies POWERFUL. . Author is now writing the same knowledge in his own words. {tatwa =element}. So the Supreme Power 1)should not take birth and deaths like we human souls. BKWSU claims that God incarnated in a person’s body named Dada Lekhraj and established BKWSU. He is the WORLD ALMIGHTY AUTHORITY (influences and purifies all). i. But who can describe the TC? Author or any human being cannot explain TC by himself since all are caught by birth and deaths. Obviously God’s MOST AUSPICIOUS ACT of restoring entropy should take place at the end of every TC (worst stage of the universe). water. The inner space itself is considered as the fifth element. ultimate truth). Inner space and Outer Space. Obviously God alone can describe the TC. Obviously. It is the knowledge about Time Cycle(TC). That is. To know how God restores entropy (purifies everything). The outer space that is the region outside the Physical World(PW) is the Incorporeal World(IW). So from here onwards the author fails to describe the things independently. Complete Geography: The infinite space is divided into two parts. He should not get affected by time. Since the inner space(aakaasha) contains physical elements. the builder has complete knowledge of the building. or an artist having full knowledge of the art}. 1) means EVERPURE (Maintains originality always. constant. one should know about the complete change (The Complete Geography and History). It is called as aakaasha (means just space= empty space). Details of this organization is given in the end(*). The author after studying and practising it got faith that that knowledge is the highest one and hence must be Godly knowledge. --------- 2. 3)should have the capacity to purify all the souls and nature. The inner space consists of four elements namely earth(soil). Hence PW consists of five elements and these are called as five elements(tatwas) of nature. air and heat. uninfluenced. that power is the Most Beloved Spiritual Father all souls(human beings). it is called Corporeal World(CW) or Physical World(PW) or the World of Five Elements of Nature. the first four elements are situated in the fifth element. 2)should have complete knowledge of the time cycle{like a doctor has complete knowledge of the body.e. The author received some knowledge of TC from an institution called Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya(PBKIVV) which is also known as Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University(BKWSU).

It can neither be created nor destroyed. The space beyond the boundary of the PW is the IW. It has independent existence. It is also called as the original place of every soul. IW does not contain the elements that exist in PW. Any action is possible in PW only.e. No change occurs in IW. the words PW and aakaasha tatwa are used synominously(to mean the same). IW is also known as the ‘Supreme Abode’. Body is perishable. As there is complete peace. one free from the body and another being in the body. purity. It is like the two states of a driver. the soul does actions through its body. The Corporeal World(PW) is situated in the limited space called AKASH TATWA. Hence no action is possible in IW. Body cannot exist in IW. Its form cannot be changed. It is always a point(very small). resolves) changes. It remains as it is. MahaTatwa(Mahaa =Great). . etc. Dham = Place. Every soul will be pure(free from body- conscious and vices) when it is in IW. real or incorporeal state. Since there is no CHANGE. But it can act only when it takes(gets) a body. the IW is also called as BrahmaLoka. pronounced as Shaanti}. the place is also called as ParamDham (Param = Supreme.Driver on leave and driver on duty. {Shanti = Peace. i. Since it is the place of The Almighty. Soul acts through the body. A process called CHANGE continuously occurs in the PW due to the nature of the elements. It cannot be cut into pieces. Its form changes. [Loka =World] Form of a soul never changes. Since it is also the place of God (Supreme Soul). The soul uses the body. 6th element. The IW is the home(resting place) of all the souls and God(The Supreme Soul). complete peace exists there. it is also called as ShantiDham(Silence World). the IW is also called as ‘Sweet Silence Home of all Souls’. Since it is the real place of soul and there is complete silence. Hence a soul has two states. pronounced as ‘dhaam’). The reason is simple. This is the world where we live. Soul is eternal. The latter state is called as the corporeal state. There are two things soul and body. Rest of the space(outer space) is called as BRAHMA TATWA. This state is called LIBERATION(Mukti). Physical body is made of the five elements of the PW. Hence no change occurs in IW. Its quality(power. Every soul is free from everything in IW. Hence. Hence sometimes. BrahmaTatwa. (Fig. 2). Boundary of PW is the same as that of Aakasha tatwa. It is more described below. The former state is called the original. Physical body exists in PW only.

Bodyless(Ashareeri) =One who does not have body of his own. That is the POINT. They interpret the word incorporeal (niraakaar) as formless. not formless. Purifier. Spiritual Father. A thin plane has only two dimensions. Both all the souls and the Supreme Soul are incorporeal in their true nature since they are points .Nirakara means dimensionless. All the souls and the Supreme Souls are eternal. Meaning of INCORPOREAL(Niraakaar): Some say God has no form. It does not have breadth and thickness. A point has no dimesion. Beyond Pleasure and Pain(A_Bhokta) {bhoga= pleasure or pain. God is also a point of divine light and might. 2)Above birth and deaths. Ocean of Knowledge. It has form alone. Supreme Teacher and Supreme Sad_Guru(One who gives highest status) of all human Souls. It implies that the soul or Supreme Soul is very small. Bliss. God’s Introduction (qualities and specialties): God is Incorporeal(Niraakaar)= One who is not corporeal and has no dimensions. [Fig. and 4)Purifier. breadth and height(thickness). Power. But point has no dimensions. The main differences between any soul and the Supreme Soul are: God is 1)Everpure. 3)Knowledgeful. So. i. Still many people think and say God has no form! A box has all the three dimensions. EverPure. All the objects have both dimensions and forms. A line has only one dimension(length). One whose picture cannot be drawn perfectly.e. Guide Auspicious. But it HAS a form. Liberator.----------- 3. But nir_aakaar means dimensionless but not formless (aakaar= dimension. Hence it is a dimensionless quanitiy. abhokta= opposite word of bhokta} Above Birth and Deaths (A_janma and Mrutyunjaya) *A_yonij= One who does not enter woman’s womb and take birth though her yoni. 03]. Love. etc. bhokta= one who experiences bhoga.length. Preceptor. etc. ashareeri= one who has no body} Not physical(A_vyakt) {vyakt=physical}. *Like a soul. ashareera= a_shareera= that is not body. nir= negative). It does not have thickness. Form of any soul or the Supreme Soul is same. length and breadth. {shareera = body. Supreme Father.

But compared to physical elements or objects. snake. plants. A soul always remains as soul. Hence a soul is true in all the three stages of time(past. It always remains point. The fruit really exists. Now take the example of a soul. Hence it is not true to the extent of 100%. Absolutely no change occurs in God. etc]. water vapor and liquid states. Both his quality and forms remain undisturbed.i. So truth means both eternal and unchanging (everconstant= everpure). they do not know the real meaning. it will not remain as mango. But it is true only in one state of time(for present). nature (itself) is also God. Hence HE is true in all respects and all the time. Aren’t those things true? Take an example of a mango fruit. The mango fruit is not true(stable) all the times. it was something else. If we do not know what we say. There is continuous change both in its form and qualities. It never mixes with anything. trees are Gods!. let us realize God. Time Cycle or Real Drama Wheel[World drama Cycle] or SrushtiChakra or KalaChakra {Kala =Time. and eternal. husband are Gods!. a soul is nearer to the truth. Now. pronounced as kaala} {Chakra = cycle}: Study of Water consists of learning 1)Form(structure) of water molecule and 2)Changes that occur in it (ice. Body will perish]. Its form never changes. We say God is truth. In IW. teacher. In future. the souls are totally detached from body. In past. It is indivisible and has independent existence. impure soul. Hence IW is given that name(Incorporeal World). Hence the word truth is not associated to elements of nature. They say all are of God’s forms. water cycle). present and future). etc. can we realize truth?] --------- 4. Physical father. Why truth is related just to God? We see and feel many things. Similarly Knowledge of nature consists of knowing its(Physical World’s) form. great soul. quality and the changes . Hence it is true. Meaning of Truth: The highest word TRUTH is related to God. It is eternal and immortal. But the quality of a soul(resolves) changes [Hence there are the names pure soul. Soul itself is the Supreme Soul.e. Fire cannot burn or knife cannot cut a soul. God is everywhere. Hence it is said GOD IS TRUTH. etc. [Eventhough people say God is truth. [Mango will rot.

middle and ends of TC(time cycle). 2)Animal Souls. his level raises to that of a deity. that occur in it (best and worst states and the process of the PW). Body. No change occurs in GOD. qualities and his ROLE(ACT). We do not say nature is creator of a child. But the cause(initiation) for the creation of the body is the human soul (or the animal soul). Knowledge of God consists of knowing God’s name. There is intelligence(soul) in animals and human beings. he is almost equal to an animal. God’s activities are much more important than man’s activities. Plants and trees are part of nature. The main cause for everything is human beings. 4)God. [This is dicussed in detail in Part I]. The intelligence level of animal souls is very less. The things present are: 1)Nature(physical elements). Hence the human souls and animal souls fall into separate categories. It is already said that the original place of souls is ParamDham(Incorporeal World). Now let us proceed to know beginning. The body is built by the nature’s elements.e. Animal souls and human souls take body. If one does not know God’s auspicious act of purifying the world. i. form. Now let us learn the activities that take place in this universe. Nature. Like gravitational forces between the objects. Divinity enters in his life]. But if one knows acts of God. it will be easy to learn the laws of the World Drama(Universe). History means activities of Man. atomic forces in atoms and molecules. After learning the activities. [More details are given later*]. Knowledge of soul consists of knowing its form and changes that occur in its qualities. Note that everything is governed by some basic principles and laws. his level will be equal to an ordinary human being. the souls are called as . [Man’s action (status) is more important than animals. how a soul acts. Soul and God all are inter-related. If one knows animals’activities but unaware of man’s activities. Hence the name creator is given to the man. Hence. Every soul as well as God descend at their own appropriate time(will be understood later) to the PW from IW. We say father is the creator of the child. It is also called as Complete History and Geography. (IW is just empty space). There is no intelligence(soul) in them. So let us discuss about man’s activities first. 3)Human Souls.

Hence there is no action or speech in IW. Of the three. The new thing gradually becomes old(worst). actors come to the stage from their home and act. action or thoughts. the words ‘beginning.e. ---------- 5. This process is called DESTRUCTION. Always new(best) thing is created. everything in the world was pure. Now let us see this process. These nine lakh souls were present in Bharat(India). they had physical bodies(human beings). In rest of the countries or continents there was no population. The PW is the drama stage and the IW is the home place of the actors(souls). As you proceed. middle and ends of TC(time cycle) and not the beginning of time or universe.lust. The word ‘world’ will mean PW unless otherwise specified. the old house collapses or it is destroyed. IW always remains pure. In a Drama. i. Take example of a house. The old thing is/gets destroyed. There was PURITY. This is called OPERATION [or sustenance(enjoyment period or period of usage)]. the physical world(PW) changes from its best state to worst state. As mentioned before. CREATION is the MOST important. History or World Drama in detail: The three processes that occur in Universe are creation (construction or generation). At that time. nine lakh souls were playing their role on the drama stage(PW) and the rest of the souls were taking rest at their home. The rest of the souls were in IW. meanings of words Drama and actor will become clearer. Hence generally the ‘world’ means the Corporeal World(PW). We call this time as BEGINNING (AadiKala) [aadi=beginning. middle and ends(different stages). Building a new house is the creation. middle and ends of world’ mean beginning. kaala=time]. From here onwards. The person responsible for this is called as creator.actors. the new house gradually becomes old. [No change takes place in IW or in the souls resting in IW at any point of time. TC(a full change or cycle) has beginning. anger. i. all the souls and the physical nature were pure. . sustenance(operation) and destruction. Nine lakh souls were in the PW in the corporeal state. greed. On the final day. Because Time or Universe(world) have no true beginning. PEACE AND PROSPERITY everywhere in the PW. Hence the Complete History and Geography is also called as World Drama(WD).e. There is no body in IW. The souls residing in IW also remain pure and stable as there is no speech. As time passes. At some point of time. That is. There were no the vices.

One language. There is no clear written history about a Kingdom free from five vices. man has not seen such a thing during the last many generations. But now. There was no defect. Nowadays. Today’s man is caught by the five vices(lust. Even the physical bodies were emitting fragrance (good smell). anger. diabetes was considered as a big disease. Many Indians considered the train as a SMOKING DEMON! Just few years or decades earlier. One kingdom. except AIDS. these vices were not present in beginning. When new information was given to them. [Many village people do not believe (or feel difficult to believe) when some special or new incidents are narrated to them. greed. all are normal. Even AIDS is becoming normal! There was no electricity some few decades or centuries back. 3)obesity(fatness). Anybody having diabetes would make big news in that area and in his family. But now almost everybody believes that bribery in world cannot be eliminated. Some decades back according to doctors the minimum criteria to get heart attack were 1)age more than 40 years. attachment. There was Kingdom some decades back. new generation would feel difficult to believe that Kingdom had existed in the past!. They accept bribery as normal phenomena. people in villages did not believe immediately when they just heard about some newly invented things. If there were no written history or old monuments related to this. Strange things had occurred in India during British rule. even village people believe that science and technology can do even miracles. computer and mobile phones have spread to every corner of the world. There was no pain to mother even during delivery of a baby. There was One religion. ego. New generation may not be able to imagine a world without electricity. doctors say anybody above 15 years can get heart attack! See the difference! Previously. The reason is. Now since TV. etc. ego) to such an extent that he cannot believe life could be possible without vices. phone or computers. It is beyond their imagination.attachment. English people manufactured train(steam engine) and put into use for transportation. They have become normal later. their initial remark had been negative or disinterest. it is limited just to people who believe in . Similarly. Another example: there was no much bribery some decades before. Some may feel difficult to understand or believe this. (Even though some say Adam and Eve had pure life. 2)heredity. Today there is democracy.

let us continue]. each matter is related to some other thing (like cloud is related to rain). Not only that there are many religions today which have different opinions and also some blind faiths). complete understanding may not be possible immediately). Now. Hence most people believe that these vices are normal and had been the part of life. Similarly there cannot be any sort of vice. A new car will not have any defect. It may be difficult to believe this. In the beginning of Golden Age. Beginning of TC means beginning of Golden Age and end of TC means end of Iron Age. Everything is part TC. The duration(life span) of the TC is 5000(Five thousand) years. Possible explanations are given at right times. the sweat coming out of the body. Proceed and you will understand shortly why such history was not written]. SriLakshmi and SriNarayana were . The reason is. Silver (ordinarily new). pain or discomfort in the new(best) world. SriLakshmi and SriNarayana were the empress (Queen) and emperor(King)s (The pictures given in the end are an approximate). They are Golden(completely new). Rest of the souls were resting in the Supreme Abode(Paramdham). Some of the other parts of the world were picnic spots for these deities. Just take it as a story. Without knowing cycle completely (till end). the stools you pass will not emit bad smell. Within continuous five days. *If you take completely raw food. the whole nine-lakh population was in India only.religion. Now we will continue narrating the TC. Since there was no population in other parts of the world. (**See fig at the end). the population was around 9 lakhs in the physical world. One can try this. There was no population in other continents or parts of the world (explanation given in topic No. But do not get surprise! That is why this book is in your hand! You are now reading the real(complete) history. Copper (ordinarily old) and Iron (completely old) ages. You may feel difficulty in believing that a Kingdom free from vices had existed. The amount of sweat also will be less and less irritating]. It is divided into four equal parts each of 1250 years. Almost every man is addicted to these vices. As mentioned earler. [Sometimes the reader may not be able to understand the explanations fully at the very same instant. ** glory of India). [Even in today’s world. You need not believe this. a normal man can see the result. there had been some cases like *a lady observing excellent disciple and completely natural diet had delivered a baby without a drop of blood.

But since they had divine qualities and no vices at all. It stays in that womb till the completion of nine months and comes out the mother’s womb. But it is the soul that comes in the cycle of birth and deaths. When a weak(negative) thought can kill a person. he/she gets vision of his/her next birth. Soul never takes birth or dies. There is no untimely death. All these people were human beings. God is the only soul who is above birth and deaths. To that extent. Old(present or previous) body dies. {*why deities are treated as Gods topic No. When the person’s age becomes around 150 years. Everybody lives up to his full life span. the mother delivers the child. After the appropriate time.Power of Positive thoughts} [Birth and Deaths: When the soul that was present in a body sheds its body. **} This was the Golden Era(Age). bahisht. 15 take birth(say). Heaven. It is eternal. Five new(pure) souls descend from Paramadham). India was the Master of the Universe(world) {*see topic No. (If ten people die. maanava =man}. they have the highest fame. population in PW increases.empires of the whole world.[Like one becomes . **. This is narrated as Paradise. New bodies are born. But there the fertilization is not through bhoga(lust). some die of heart attack due to negative thoughts created in mind. This is called death. The ten souls get rebirth. swarga. Approximate average life-span of a person in SatYug(Golden Age) is around 150 years. In this way. They are NOT God. The total period of the growth of the body in a mother’s womb is nine months. This one quality makes God very much different than us]. deva_Maanava or devate). SatyaYuga. population increases. the number of souls in IW decreases. ** why India only becomes complete heaven for more detail}. It is through power of Yoga(Thought power). {deva = deity. [Just imagine: when some bad news is received. they are called as man-god and woman-goddess (deities. But since both the soul and the body were pure. Deities also take birth through mother’s womb. The soul enters that body in around after 4 to 5 months. can’t a powerful (pure or positive) thought fertilize?! Knowledge of purity is needed to understand and realize this completely. the living body becomes dead.] {More details in topic No. The soul then enters into the new body(baby) in the womb of another woman. {Yug= Yuga= Age} As time passes. He will be most happy to shed the present old body to receive the new body. jannat in scriptures of many religions. This process is called rebirth.

Moon dynasty also ruled for 1250 years. . which is incorrect. Those who were present in the beginning of golden age(the nine-lakh souls) take 8 births in the golden age. he or she(the soul) leaves the old(present) body and enters the womb of his(its) next(new) mother. (Jeevan = life. pain or worry at all}. The Kingdom is transferred from sun dynasty to chandravamshi (moon dynasty). sorrow. Heaven is called as LIBERATION IN LIFE or JeevanMukti. pain. {*Hence heaven is called amarlok(amar= immortal.] Time continuously moves(TC continuously rotates). etc were unknown to deities. TretaaYug (Silver Age) comes. Happily. Moon dynasty has 14 degrees where as sun dynasty had full 16 degrees]. In this way SriLakshmi & SriNarayan and their dynasty rules/d India for a period of 1250 years. The names of rulers of moon dynasty are SriSita(Queen) and SriRama(King). 16 kalaa sampoorna (Full of 16 celestial* degrees). But actually no body is immortal. it is not true.the immortal world. vamsha=dynasty]. Their glory was “Sarva_Guna_Sampanna (complete in all virtues). {chandra= moon}. lok= world). [(#)SriRama is also called as ‘ShreeRamaChandra’ {shree= Sri. This also implies that Sri Narayana belonged to soorya(sun) dynasty and was King of Satyug(Golden Age). The whole Life is a sweet game or complete holiday for them. sampoorna ahimsaka (completely non-violent) and maryaadaa purushottama(completely lawful and good among the souls**)”. This indicates that SriRama belongs/ed to moon dynasty. pure} {sat =satya =truth}. Deities die(shed their body like us). Since there is no fear of death. But people believe that Rama (pronounced as Raama) belongs to sun dynasty. Their dynasty is called as sooryavamshi (sun dynasty) [soorya=sun. There is no fear of death. great}. It also implies that Narayan was complete. But there is no disease. {Sri= great.happy to give off his old dress(or shoes) when the new one is ready]. But in real sense. sampoorna nirvikaari (completely viceless). the world is known as immortal world and the deities are considered to be immortal. the soul takes rebirth. In this way. There is no body-conscious. Words like death. There is no attachment at all. Glory of SriRama is just ‘maryaadaa purushottama’. After SatYug. There is no pain in death. tension. mukti=liberation). [(#)Sri Narayana is also called as 'Soorya-Naaraayana and/or Satya-Narayana'. Even children would be happy and celebrate when their parents are going to shed their body (since they are fully aware that parents are going to receive new body!).

. But they do not give importance even to the point form. Mosques. It is like driving a car lawfully. number of births increases to 12 (In Golden Age. Temple. Power of soul decreases as it comes in cycle of births and deaths. These deities did not have any chance to help anybody there. Since there was complete satisfaction. There were no beggars.. It enjoys (of course rightfully) the pleasant nature even though there is no vice. Scriptures. So. That is. They do not know about their own births and deaths. the value deteriorates. All were character-full. etc. diseases. dharma= religion]. there was no sin. So what is the need of writing history?} Deities do not know about God. There were no hospital. One keeps medicine if there is disease or fear of disease. Eventhough we use a car rightfully. the number of births were 8). If one has unlimited quantity of money and is not aware of poverty at all. In this way. So there was no need of Priests. He is not conscious about money. Gurus(Religious heads). [Sun and moon dynasty souls are the hero and heroine actors of the world drama] [Q:Why the soul power deteriorates even though there is no sin in Golden and Silver Ages? Ans: Soul is greater than nature since it is eternal. homes were built from Diamond. There is no full knowledge about the soul also. devataa= man_god.the King was both powerful and religious(pure in actions. sanaatana= the first or oldest. one language. history of that time is not written. Church. civil or criminal courts. deities do not have knowledge about the TC of 5000 years. Like a child does not know full details about human life. The palace. They just know that they are different than body and are point of light. Both the religious and political powers were in one hand. Hence life span decreases. But power. or any problem. Because everybody was happy there. he is likely to spend money carefreely. the initial 2500 years were full of peace and happiness. etc. police or military forces. One does work when there is need. {The reason is clear. Gold and Silver. vices. there was one religion. In these two ages. Even in Silver age. the soul comes in company of physical body and nature. devi= woman_goddess. But even in heaven. They are not conscious about the reality. free from vices= righteous). The name of the religion is “Aadi Sanaatana Devi Devataa dharma” {Aadi= beginning. purity and happiness level is lesser than those in Golden age. Committing sin is like violating the driving rules which happens in hell(Copper and Iron Ages)]. Heaven(Golden plus Silver Age) is liberation in- life. the time one realizes deficiency of hair in the head. They start giving birth through bhoga (lust). other vices also arise. But in Copper Age. For a normal man. They lose their yogabala(power of purity). due to body conscious. Small earthquakes occur. This is called body-consciousness. the building(body) gives full pleasure to the soul in heaven. There are countless diseases. More the soul is attached to the body. Body and bodily relations are temporary. So sin(wrong action) begins with the Copper Age. there was a King called Vikramaaditya(**). Law and order come into action.(**). lust enters. This is the first impurity. Human mind and intellects come under the captivity of the five vices. it forgets itself. the body starts giving sorrow to the soul.He realizes scarcity of money only after spending large portion of it. but are not conscious about that]. Body- conscious is the wrong ego (soul consciousness is the right ego) and due to this the threat increases. [Both home and jail are made from bricks. (It is like ageing of soul) Due to sin. Pain and sorrow enters due to sin. [Like children know difference between a male and female. The body starts to emit bad smell. the most dangerous evil. Human intellect gets loaded. there is no liberation (carefreeness). Hence when the eternal soul considers itself as mortal body. Hence. In heaven. That is. law and . fear will automatically influence it! This puts end to heaven. medicines and doctors today]. the building(jail) gives sorrow.the soul gets trapped in the body like a prisoner is trapped in a jail. Physical health deteriorates and diseases enter in life. But the amount of sin is not much at that time. It starts considering itself as body itself. 50% hair are lost. ignorance and enemy. Major part of wealth gets buried into earth (**). In heaven there was no consciousness of gender. *It is said that. So the same pure deities start becoming impure after many births(8+12 =20). Then people start thinking and discussing about these problems. But for a prisoner. the building(home) gives happiness. Body is something that is never stable(constant). Resting(Depending) under the grace of something that is always shaking will never give peace. sorrow enters. In the beginning of Copper Age. After Copper Age. *One feels unhealthy after loss of 50% health! It takes 2500 years for the soul to experience discomfort. The reason is simple. Population spreads to the other parts of the world after Copper Age. Then slowly.

Formation of such several groups created different religions. these could not restore peace and happiness in society. Buddha. like Ibrahim. Even in Golden and Silver Ages(heaven). So they do not understand what their religion is. when character is lost. Hence. One religion accuses another religion. Some religions treat others as their enemies and direct to use physical power and weapons against them(Jehad). etc). Some speak of divinity. you and your household will be saved. discipline. selfishness and wrong competition among these religions. love. They wrote autobiography (life story) of some comparitively good people they know aiming to prevent or slow down the degradation of society. the words heaven. But Christians praise Christ!) They wanted to highlight their religion as the best.” How silly this is!]. There was ego. After Copper age. due to body-consciousness. etc had wars among themselves. Buddha.order together with complete character existed naturally. unknowingly to the full extent. We cannot see any of the believers having full faith in one’s religion is vice-less and satisfied. Hence it is clear that. Every religion got divided into sub-divisions and enmity went on increasing. . For example. etc descended to earth(from Paramadham) at their own time (see figure at the end) and did some special things(actions). To maintain the society. Christ. But as these religions were creation of human beings (Ibrahim. the wrong competetion also increased. in their scriptures. Christ praised God. Some pure and special souls. they started writing scriptures and worshipping God. Buddha. Religions became irreligious. [Some even quote Bible and say. Population goes on increasing as new souls descend from Paramdham. Christ..) created(wrote) scriptures of respective religions. As number of such religions increased. Normal people got attracted towards them. They forget their divine religion(divinity). Religions preaching about peace. But they do not know what it is.. deities loose their divinity. religion. many Christians praise Christ more than Godfather.NO HUMAN BEING CAN UPLIFT (ELEVATE) HUMAN BEINGS. It is clear that all human religions are incomplete(**). human beings are highlighted more than God. sanaatana. These religions cannot explain the difference between humanity and divinity. How could they be perfect? Hence these religions started fighting with each other. law and orders had to be forced. But in hell. By copper age.“If you belive in Jesus. Christ. different opinions arouse in people. The followers of those religious fathers(Ibrahim.

But I do not know what is an old chappal. (because it was too old) Hence Bharat_Vasis (Indians) did not know what to call themselves. Vasi =resident} {pronounced as bhaarat and vaasi}. *Heaven is the new world. They were not having ego about their status. Its ancient civilization is famous. So they did not write any history at that time at all. . Hence they could not understand what to call their religion in Copper Age when other groups called themselves as Islam. good and bad. etc!]. Adi Sanatana Devi dEvata Religion became Hindu religion after Copper Age OR the Sanatan(Deity) religion got named as Hindu when it became impure].dietism. etc). religion. The reason is. For example Americans are not called as those belong to American religion. They were least bothered about anything for 2500 years. India) are Hindus. Christianity. The word Hindu itself is not sanatan(oldest)!. Deities were not aware that the heaven would become hell in future.People residing in Hindustan (Bharat. So I am not specific about the word ‘new’. new. Indians and Hindu religion. In this way. Still Indians do not know about their real religion. Hindi. etc were not known. Hindustan. etc. *Name of a religion need not be that of the country. It is not correct to say. Hindi are also the result of this. (The names Hindustan. sanaatana.e.they had forgotten their real. [India is the most ancient. Then how can it be called as people residing in Hindustan belong to Hindu religion? But poor Bharata_Vasis (Indians)!. Qualtity was in-built there as they where characterful. They could not recall the history of 2500 years as exactly as it was. But that is incorrect. [Today some Hindus call themselves as Sanatana Hindu Religion. They were not aware of dual things (happiness and sorrow. It is like this: *I have a new chappal.INDIA. Poor bharatavaasis nodded their head and then came the names. the (pure) sanaatana religion got named as ‘Hindu’ when it became degraded(impure). (Bharat = India. Persians were unable to pronounce ‘SINDHU’. Hindi is the national language of India). They were not using words heaven.ancient Bharat(India) was full of contentment. Hence they called Bharatavaasis as Hindu. etc. i. Foreigners named it. They were good by character itself. Later foreigners (Persians) called these people(Bharata_Vasis) as ‘hINDUS’ (INDUS Valley people = people belonging or residing near/to SINDHU river). highest glory and accepted the words Hindu.

they started worshipping imaginary deities like hanumaan (monkey God). This implies that initially One shiva was being worshipped. it got split. [vyabhichaara = impure. ShriSita.sunni). all were paying respect towards them. etc. real. They started worshipping Shiva_Linga (the stone(linga) representing Lord Shiva). Even there came different opinions in saints and religious people. anger. {dwaita. and so on. Hence even King had to give respect to these saints in spiritual or religious aspects. adwaita. Shri Rama. People from town(city) used to visit forest just to get darshan(vision) of them. In a home if father worships one god. For Monday. In heaven. ShriNarayan. For knowledge. bhakti(worshipping of God) started everywhere in the world. . Since they were pure (non violent. etc were built. The word Shiva means incorporeal and auspicious. plants. fruits. There was worshipping of ONE GOD. leg. Indians were worshipping Incorporeal God Shiva only. Muslim(shiyaa. But in Copper age. For Tuesday. greed etc to a considerable extent). mother worships another. Initially. nose. people started worshipping God in INCORPOREAL(non physical. From copper age. They were brave and were staying in forests. the God is different. Later kingdoms got divided. etc to them. The King was able to hold only the political power. He became religiously weak due to the five vices in him. snakes. {Oldest temples in India are Shiva Temples. there is another God(Saraswati). Shivalinga does not have any bodily form. In India. vishishtaadwaita. Today there is no limit to number of Gods today in India! For wealth there is a different God(Lakshmi). So religious power went to the pious people like Rushis (saints) and religious fathers. Ganesh (elephant God). not acting with lust. dedicated to one) bhakti(worship). there is a special God. Later onwards. eyes. Huge and luxurious temples of Shiva (Somanath). dedicated or attached to more than one] Then bhakti became diluted and they started worshipping many deities like ShriLaksmi. Then they started worshipping trees. Initially. both religious and political powers were in one hand. etc. It does not have hand. etc. One can easily understand this. animals like cow. bodyless} form and called HIM as SHIVA. This indicates that Shiva(Godfather) has no body. The child is devotee of some other god! This is today’s scenario in India. ears. these saints were egoless and did not have interest in human society. Pashupathipath. They were happily offering flower. Such worship is called A_vyabhichaari (pure.

Symptoms are clearly visible. Today. richest country in wealth. culture. So these political and religious powers went on weakening. etc}.Christianity(cathoilic and protestant). But in path of Bhakti. church. The lists of Gods and number of religions have lengthened from Copper age to Iron Age! Nowadays people worship impure human beings (human gurus called as Jagad_Gurus) {Jagat=World. India was the greatest. But they do not have power to make policy! They fear to bring right policy. Since India was the land . their policies are also not powerful. Today’s King(President. the remaining distance should go on reducing. Today temples. They dilute the power of policies due to selfishness! They change the policies frequently. then trees. Jagadguru= Guru of World} {**}. Buddhism. In front of political law. information and almost in many other things. from within as well as from outside. Man is totally captive. Everybody in Copper and Iron Age has impure body. In a journey. His life [time for which he is King(in power)] is decided by others! The Prime minister or President is called as politician. Bodies created from lust are impure. There is only democracy. There are threats from all the directions. the religious matters have become powerless. He is elected by common people. Religious heads also come under the influence of law. the length goes on increasing! Initially only one God was being worshipped. and today we are at the end of the Iron Age(Kaliyug). Liberation is just a dream! *Hence bhakti(worshipping of God without knowing Him) is the path of decay. Prime Minister) is living under the grace of citizens!. *Even there is no religious power. Fate of the King(highest position) is decided by vote of a common man! The King cannot take decision independently. as you proceed towards goal. There is need of protection from law (human beings = police force) to these(Gods= statues of God)! Everything and everybody is dependent on large number of people and things! There is no unity and quality even in these religious heads. [Demo of Crazy! See topic No. mosques are under attack of terrorists. **] *Today there is no real political power. snakes etc. As their seat is not stable. Even the things of nature are weak(polluted) and the natural resources are almost exhausted. There are no kingdoms today. but later devotees started worshipping the deities. There was no much sorrow in copper age. He has to discuss matters with others (fellow ministers). They also need support of law. then animal Gods. Sikh.

At the end of Iron Age. Since the soul power continuously decreases. Many Kings became irresponsible and were interested just in material pleasures. Highest. it is 21 and in Iron Age. Fear took permanent place in Indians’ Mind. it is 42.D 2007- 08). religion hardly exists.of deities. Even after that there was considerable wealth in India. Indians(Hindus) had the attitude of sarvadharma sahishnute (tolerance. Muhammad of Gazani looted Somanath and many Indian temples seventeen times in the beginning of Iron Age! Just imagine. That is the time when all the religions become irreligious. In Copper Age. It is said in scriptures. Then came Aadi Shankaraacharya. The completely pure heaven becomes complete . respect and love to all religions). ‘Around 400 years back from today(The author is writing the book in the year A. [All were jealous of rich India was at that time(around 1000 years back)! Then how would be the Golden aged India?! India was golden even in Copper Age. it reduces to one(25%). in which celibacy got highest priority. Since Indians did not realize that their real religion is deity religion. Hence. purity. In the beginning of Copper Age. *British people cut the fingers of weavers of Muslin cloth. age decreases. and Hindu religion is really the sanaatana (deity) religion. Even the British people looted India for nearly two centuries from middle of 18th century to middle of 20th century. {sarva =all. [**]. According to history. richest. holiest.“Religion (level of purity) has four(100%) legs in the beginning of SatYug (Golden Age) and three legs(75%) in the beginning of Silver Age. Lust was going beyond limit. gold used to be sold at streets in Hampi(a place in Karnataka State of India)’. (**) India became completely poor only after British rule. they went far from truth. that is the present time. There is no need to explain much about this. Other religions took disadvantage of this and started looting India’s wealth even from temples. Presence of Sanyaasis(Monks) reduced the acceleration of fire of lust in India to some extent. It is not possible to explain the glory of ancient India. sahishnute =tolerance}. Each age’s duration is 1250 years. it reduces to two(50%) and in the beginning of Iron Age. the creator(father) of Sanyaasa religion. dharma =religion. and divinity. One can get details from history]. India’s real independence was lost. After Gazani’s attack. the number of births increases. greatest India is POOR today.

Most Beloved Supreme God Father descends from the Supreme Abode to the physical world. But even they will return home(IW) after that. impure world and begins purification action. when the Kaliyuga (Iron Age) is about to end(becomes old). the Incorporeal. he needs a face(mouth) to speak. -------- 7. In this way. This the time the entropy is to be restored. Some souls will be present to give birth for new generation(deities). They were in incorporeal form there. Most beloved. After this auspicious duty. He does not have any father or mother. God’s main duty is to educate human beings. That is. fifteen may take birth. enter a mother’s womb(*some few exceptions are that of religious fathers. these souls descend from there to this physical world. This is the time of climax. the Supreme Abode. That is today’s scenario. **).hell in almost 5000 years. So. [figure given at the end]. But God is the Supreme Father. He restores Heaven. That is the time of climax. How population increases? At the beginning(means at the beginning of TC or just assume that at some point of time). At that time. The PURIFIER. God descends from his Supreme Abode to this sinful. He enters a person’s body directly and gets seated near that original soul. That is.topic No. step-by-step. He is above birth and death. World Almighty Authority. It takes 5000 years for one complete change(process). he takes back all the souls back to their home(IW). Then the next(new) cycle repeats. How does God incarnate? All the souls when descend from the incorporeal world. He does not enter a woman’s womb. ---------- 6. physical world population has gone on increasing from nine lakhs to around or above 600 crores(6000 millions). The PW will not become empty. So. Five new souls descend from the Supreme Abode and get their new(first) birth. Purifier.there will be two souls in . This is called INCARNATION. This is the time when all the souls are to be (should get) purified. This one cycle is also called as ‘Kalpa’. The ten people(souls) get rebirth. Knowledgeful. ‘body less’ state. If ten people die. the population in physical world was 9 lakhs. Rest of the souls were in Paramadham. God has to enter a human body as he has to educate human beings. Gradually.

They have maximum right to enjoy. The hero of the drama is the New Man(First Man). He is the first (and greatest) hero since he plays(acts) for the maximum duration in the world drama. So. The initial nine-lakh souls take maximum number of births. *All the vessels are completely filled. In the 83rd birth. But their ampere-hour capacities are different. [8+ 12+ 21+ 42 =83]. the New Man becomes Old (Oldest) man. his name was Dada Lekhraj. God also uses the organs of the same body. {The reason for difference in rank will be known gradually as you proceed}. asset) will be different. (See Topic No. God is free to leave the body whenever he wishes. (around one to two hours in a day in a spiritual class). energy) is maximum.their punya(asset. But their power (energy. *Many batteries are fully charged. First = owner of that body = the original soul of that body. All the souls residing in Paramadham are completely pure. {Physical birth = normal birth through the mother’s womb} Since these souls descend first. . [Autobiography of 83rd birth of Dada Lekhraj is given in topic No. It is like having two drivers for a car. The reason is. [Every soul and its body will become impure at the end of Iron Age. Likewise. **).**]. There will be harmony between the souls. The next number is the first empress SriLakshmi. 1 hero soul will be the most impure and experienced one.] The souls that have highest energy(level of purity) will descend from Paramadham first. Hence God uses(stays in) the person’s body to a limited duration only. But the No. Second is God. God’s incarnation is known as God’s DIVINE birth. God needs body to give (speak) knowledge. In whose body does God incarnate? Paramadham is the Supreme abode. God takes(enters in) that body as the media to preach(give knowledge)]. He(the first SriNarayan) is the first emperor of the Heaven. So they come down first to enjoy the BEST body. It is above nature. They take(get) 83 physical births in the four ages. God entered in his body and established BKWSU. [*Many may be completely healthy. at the end of Iron Age they will be the oldest ones. Likewise the original soul uses the organs of the body. GOD takes body of this hero soul when that soul is completely old(impure) at its end period of 83rd birth. But their muscle powers are different. ------------ 8. But their sizes are different. the ninelakh population is numberwise. So. Lesser rank (energetic) souls descend later accordingly.

New soul means pure soul. But the heat energy in atmosphere is not in the order to use. Old soul means a soul that has come in company of body for quite duration till it is caught up(influenced) by the vices. 2)Plants convert carbon-di-oxide back into useful oxygen. Eg:1)A rose plant converts manure that emits bad smell into fragrance. But they cannot restore entropy completely. more weapons of destruction are manufactured. nor be destroyed. residues of computer or electronic spares). It is dangerous. In fact. [Soul is eternal. But still we have used words new and old soul here. the one that is in Parmadham or just descended from Parmadham. This process is not reversible. --------- 9. Nature has capacity to restore entropy to some extent. “Natural resources are getting exhausted?” Consider a litre of petrol being utilized by a petrol engine (say a car). As technology increases. That is why heat is said to be the lowest quality of energy. It is in right order for usage. The petrol form of energy is better than the heat energy in the atmosphere. It can also be called as impure soul]. But even the mechanical energy ultimately gets converted into heat energy due to wear and tear. Rest is converted into heat. Detailed science is not discussed here. Terrorists and other criminals easily use the technology for crimes. energy can neither be created. we cannot convert heat energy back into (cannot cool atmosphere and get back) petrol. They consume dirty. Science has invented many things. This is a clear indication that just human intellect cannot be useful to the society. Then what is the meaning of scientists saying. That is why the quality of today’s fruits and vegetables are . As we consume natural resources. That is. Entropy is the scientific word used to indicate this disorderness. a part of the chemical energy (petrol form) is converted into mechanical energy (to move the car). Something about entropy (disorderness): As per the Law of Conservation of Energy. useless manure and give us food. So temperature of atmosphere goes on increasing. It can be changed from one form to another. In this process. But it cannot restore (decrease= make better) entropy. modern scientific processes increase entropy to a greater extent!. etc. this disorderness (entropy) goes on increasing. Normal man also becomes a threat to nature when he uses the products of modern technology(plastic. This increases his expenditure and wastage. cement. Man’s ego and lazyness have increased today.

[If two friends become enemy. theft. The reverse is also true. I am powerful if my influence(influence of my thoughts) on these things is more than their influence on me(my thoughts). Today most of the human effort is used on defence and wasteful work. By changing the thinking habit. Another thing is. both thoughts and actions are necessary to produce effect(eg: defence applications. In some cases just thoughts produce the effect (some diseases are effect of negative thinking). other people and the environment influence one’s own thoughts. But my thoughts(effort) . etc). man can at least slow down the process of increasing entropy. [In otherwords. the entropy will decrease (become better)! If a person behaves positively. others also will feel negative and act accordingly. It is well known today that mind is the cause for physical disease. the output is the result of human thoughts and actions. diseases can be brought to control. In some cases.Effect of thoughts: A person’s thoughts have effect on himself(his resolves). cement. That is. the rate of production of waste things (pollution) is more than nature’s restoring capacity. fight(war). The reason is due to the pollution of all the elements of nature. one’s own physical body.inferior than before. other persons and the surrounding environment. intellect and resolves) and everything incuding me can affect my thoughts OR Self Transormation can bring World Transformation and Changes that occur in world can change me].] 10. Doctors and Scientists have proved that negative thinking (mental stress) is the cause for more than 95% of the physical diseases!.one’s resolves(self). By developing good habits. If he behaves negatively. my thoughts can affect everything including me (my mind. Man also has capacity to restore (or slow down the acceleration of) entropy to some extent. wastage of natural resources. **. Man’s most of the energy is used to work against man himself! Need of police force.{See the topic No. entropy will increase (they fight. get weak and disturb others). his physical body. Electronic disposes. Also materials like Plastics. The fragrance emitted by flowers around 50 years back had been much better than today’s fragrance. If two enemies become friends.‘My thoughts should influence(change) me(my nature). security systems is due to presence of thieves and characterless citizens! So. others will feel better. nuclear wastes are dangerous. Right thinking can eliminate some diseases.

graveyard. the effect is highest in that incidence. we become lawyer or doctor. In another incident. paavana=pure. government office. It is already explained (details in part I) that our thoughts influence our physical body. So God incarnates at the end of Iron aged world and does this most auspicious work.} As we think. Patitapavana= One who changes patita to pavana}. school. But the impression of the last incidence will not be erased. it may grow younger! See the effect of negative thoughts of man! The fear when we see dead body of an animal is much less than when we see the dead body of a man! The heaven became hell due to negative thoughts created by human beings. Hence highly(real. market. Environment also is created by our thoughts. Eg: Environment at Temple. Instead of the incident getting aged(old). How God restores entropy? OR How God converts hell(Iron Age) back into heaven(Golden Age)?: God does not create (transform hell into) heaven just by himself. He has to send all the souls to heaven (since God is impartial). Highly positive or divine thoughts (and Natural Calamaties) restore entropy. The effect of thoughts is more than just the physical actions that are visible: Assume that forty people died in an accident. Even though the physical damage is least in the last case. Hence positive thoughts are needed for creation of (transformation of hell into) heaven. In another incidence. etc are different. {patita =impure. The reason is we create different thoughts at different places. (This also implies that God does not incarnate in every Age**). Negative thoughts lead to waste and negative actions. assume that one person was murdered for an internal issue. ---------- 11. That is why God is called as PURIFIER (Patita- Paavana).should not get influenced even by me (my nature=my habits)’. Several meetings may take place on that issue. This is God’s duty. Then IW will . If we study law or medicine. completely) pure thoughts can be created only under God’s directions. private office. This constructive action should begin at the end of hell. The initial incidences will be forgotten soon. our personality builds up(changes). he should give equal share to all. assume that people of another(different) caste or religion attacked a person. Because if He creates heaven all by himself. cinema hall.

he gives the right knowledge. Then the heaven cannot remain as a society. Those who follow God’s directions create right(pure) thoughts. we all have become degraded and valueless (character-less) at this stage. etc. He will have to make everybody as King(say). it will still not be OK. So if the same man creates positive thoughts. The repetition of such wrong actions degraded hell. . (It is as though God favoring evil!) Hence. Royal family. God does not create heaven by himself. we should first know how the heaven became hell. If a teacher gives same marks to all the students (to both intelligent and poor students). waste & negative(impure) thoughts and actions have converted heaven into hell. Some are ordinary citizens. Right knowledge was not available in heaven.What is truth **).become empty once for all and how can population increase? It will not remain as society. Before knowing how this is done. This makes everything pure. then he has to give same status to all(since He is impartial). Due to these vices. they get influenced by the body. The other souls that descend from Parmadham also would get influenced by the vices and hence they also commit sins gradually. servants of royal family. God shows the right path and helps to walk on that path. Hence they(those who follow God’s directions) are called as Master Creators. there are different statuses. If God creates heaven all by his own power. To the extent one follows truth (See Topic. So. Because in that case. etc) in heaven. Due to the entry of body-consciousness. That is. he gets appropriate status (King. divine). Queen. The hell is(will be) changed back into heaven due to their positive thoughts. When the souls were in the company body for considerable period(2500 years). servants of citizens. Pure thoughts lead to pure actions. heaven can be re-established. ordinary citizen. there was sufficient wealth. Even if God gives same status to all. then it is injustice to the right student. the deity souls were captured (affected) by the five vices form Copper Age onwards. no individual will put his effort(try to become good. In heaven. He creates heaven through human beings. But there was no problem at all. some may be servants. rich citizen. So man’s ignorance. The deity souls started committing sin. Some belong to Royal family. They get license(become qualified) to enter into heaven. So the deity souls were least bothered about anything and were living casually. Even in Copper Age.

It is also a product of sun. Even the Ozone layer has become weak. Since the status in heaven are numberwise. So the number of people who follow God’s knowledge will be less in number and also all of them will not follow God’s direction to the same extent. Sun cannot restore entropy. In earth. all the elements of nature become polluted and weak. Man under the influence of ignorance and vices creates hell. What others have is also given by God. I have to approach a grocery shop. it is GOD who fills power in them. During such a time. I should not have ego(superiority comlex) or should not get influenced by others(inferiority complex). I need food. Green plants convert carbon-di-oxide into oxygen by the power of sunlight. I need rice or wheat. But. Global warming has become uncontrollable. He incarnates and restores entropy at the end of Iron Age. Now the question arises. the effort put by the effortmakers will also be numberwise. Similarly man under the guidance (knowledge) and support of God creates heaven. God gives us knowledge of purity and teaches us how to inculcate it. So. at the end of Iron Age. Hence he alone has the name CREATOR. But money cannot feed me. What I have with me is given by God. etc. We need oxygen to breathe. Everybody is like a government servant who does service to others but he is paid by the Government . (Evaporation of sea water by sunlight creates cloud and causes rain). Sun is father of many will follow God’s directions and to what extent? There is answer in the question itself. I get money from my employer(say). the most important knowledge is. Even the green plants grow wheat under the power of sunlight. Hence in this sense. Sun cannot change character of human being. All are just agents in this world. The right action is to become both humble and powerful(stable). the food(rice or wheat) is created by(grown in) green plants. Hence GOD is the only (real) creator. There is limit to the number(population) and quality(status) of seats in heaven. It is just an object. So.God is the real donor to the world. But even that merchant or the shopkeeper does not produce rice by himself. Any human being is a receiver. He gets rice from a farmer. [So. Water is also created by sun. They need water. 12) Universal Truth [Karma(Action) Philosophy]: Whom do I depend on or who depend on me? For example. I should not disturb (try to influence) or get disturbed (influenced) by others. The farmer gets rice from earth by cultivation. Sun cannot give knowledge to human beings.

God descended from Paramdham in A. More details are given later]. Today there are more than 8000 branches of this institution in more than 100 countries having more than 8 lakhs of members(students). Through his media. This only can build stable personality. he is the nearest(more real) child to God.and not by those with whom he deals. God changed his name as ‘Prajapita Brahma’ {pronounced as PrajaaPita Bramhaa or Brammaa. merchant. he is weak. More one is soul conscious. This is the soul conscious stage. He gives property of heaven. He pays FULL RESPECT to the owner(organizer). While being served. Initially. Rest everythings are silly or ordinary. God’s Mission (auspicious . he does not get influenced by those who serve him food(distributors. This is the time of climax. I am dependent on many like my employer. Being influenced by anybody other than God is foolishness and wrong. So I should be influenced just by God and his property (like owner and the food). [Consider a person attending a function. workers). Sun. Pita= Father. When BKs become sufficiently pure. If he gets influenced by the distributors. There is a big chain in the process. God is the only true giver. foolish and ignorant. Ma = mother]. But he pays limited(just to the required extent) respect to these distributors. He loves(enjoys or thinks of) only two things.} [Prajaa =people. The transformation begins with the incarnation of God. servants. Getting influenced by distributors or having expectations from them is ignorance and against reality(truth).D 1936 and took the corporeal media(physical body) of a man whose name is Dada Lekhraj. the FOOD and the REAL FOOD GIVER (owner). around 400 people were in this organization(BKWSU). human beings. Brahm=unlimited.Changes that occur during the transformation of hell into heaven: The present time is end of Iron Age. ------------------------- 13. He is served with dishes. God. The knowledge given in BKWSU is called RajaYoga(*). earth. Such wrong thoughts and actions are called as SIN. plants. God started giving the knowledge. etc. Others in the chain are just distributors. Hence he gets more birth-right. The students (believers) of this knowledge are called as Brahmakumars(males) and Brahmakumaris(females) or simply BK. God started speaking(giving knowledge) through face(mouth) of this person(Brahma) [Brahma is the short name of Prajapita Brahma]. citizens. farmer. Not only that he will be a disturbance to others].

More details are given later**). 2)Paramadham(Supreme Abode). When we(mind or soul) became impure. Then all the souls leave their body and fly to Paramadham in their order and take rest there. nature will become completely pure and heaven will be formed. (Some few souls will remain in PW to give birth to deities). Note that all the souls have to become pure before returning to Paramdham. Golden Age will get re-established. It is created by power of thoughts. Similarly. In the meantime. ------------------ 14. That is 1)having no body at all(not influenced by anything). Iron Age will get destroyed and New Era. So God descends once in every 5000 years to PW and does the most auspicious duty of transformation of hell to heaven. By thinking(being interested in) impurity (five vices). That engaging mind in God. That will ring the last bell and it will be the end of this Iron Age.What are impurity and purity? To the extent the mind is free from body conscious and the five(all the) vices.D 1936)]. If the mind is influenced by anything other than these three. population increases and the heaven gradually gets old. As time moves. 2)Natural Calamaties like earthquakes. The three pure things are: 1)God. Sins occur due to thinking of impure body and impure bodily relations. Signs of complete purity: It is either being in Paramadham or Being in heaven.1)Atomic and Civil Wars. it is a sign of impurity. divine. Then those who gave birth to these deities also will return to Paramdham. More details are given below. we became impure. Bal= Bala = Power} [The first bell rings(rang) when God incarnates (A. and 3)Heaven. . floods. one is called pure.(In heaven. the heaven became hell. God is one who is bodyless and is completely pure(detached).work of creation of heaven) will be completed. the TC continuously rotates]. OR having both mind and body that are pure. This transformation occurs by three processes. God also goes to the Supreme Abode(Paramdham). by thinking purity. {Yoga= meditation. etc and 3)Yoga_Bal (Yogic Power = Power of Positive thoughts = Power of Purity). Then the most pure souls will descend from Paramadham and take birth in Heaven(The first Nine lakh souls) as deities. [In this way. Attachment to God will detach us from everything and purify us. we-the souls will become pure. The souls commit sins in Copper and Iron Ages. both mind and bodies are pure. Like this the cycle repeats. The body is not created by lust. That is.Sins occur due to attachment to body.

There is no pain in this method. etc= Karm_Bhog* 3)By experiencing punishment in mothers’s womb {In Copper and Iron Ages) and 4)By experiencing punishment during final judgement at the end of Kalpa before returning to IW. Till the last bell rings. we(mind) become pure. Deity souls accumulate maximum sin (21+ 42 = 63 births in 2500 years). Whatever may be the amount of sin accumulated. 2)By experience of difficult circumstances like getting diseases. There are four ways to become pure(burn sin). The hell changes into heaven. If a person sacrifices sinful actions and love God. his previous sins go on burning. 1)By experiencing(remembrance of) God =God Realization. Complete or real meditation is nothing but enjoying the PURE things. more sins get burnt. So their sins will be less. In fact there is the highest profit. The complete meditation practice is given in the end (**). The battery charges. getting problems like poverty. right effort or complete meditation. The person has to . **). There is the highest reward. The gain is double. How to become pure? Sin started from Copper Age. {like Owner and Food} --- 15. There is ultimate enjoyment(bliss) in this method. One depends just God here.Paramadham and Heaven. One learns and develops(transforms) to the highest extent. This is REAL positive thinking. The self respect(value) of a soul increases by company(remembrance) of God {Like value of a poor person increases when he gets company a rich friend}. Other souls descend from Paramdham later. There is no force from outside. becoming handicapped. we have opportunity to burn sins by the first method. This gives highest knowledge and experience.topic No. they are the one who begin committing sin from the beginning of Copper Age itself. Every soul that is playing part on the world drama stage(physical world) goes on accumulating sin since Copper Age. More the intensity and duration of remembrance of God. (More details are given in power of positive thoughts. but still better than the third and fourth methods. God is a protector. The sins are cleared without punishment and the future becomes bright(high status in heaven). In fact. The second method(karmbhog) is painful. right thinking. Purity means being under influence(company) of God and property(peace= Paramdham and happiness= Heaven). it should be cleared before going to Paramdham.

one has to experience right things(truth). There is no pain either to the baby or to the mother before. They are the top rank holders. In hell. We know that it takes nine months for the development of a baby in a mother’s womb. The future is also affected by the punishment. during and after the delivery. One learns from bad circumstances. it forgets(or ignores) the warning and starts committing sin again. if any sin is still left. But there is no total change in personality. just 108 souls reach this highest state. Of the whole world population. But as soon as it comes out(after delivery). It is a forced change(experience). Because the child does not learn anything. he will not be forced to get the fourth punishment. It is both loss and shame. They become fully worship worthy. disease. After the last bell. It is accumulated by wrong experience (of vices and body consciousness). In the second method. The loss is double. It is . it will have to be cleared by punishment. The third method is getting punishment during baby state in mother’s womb. The punishment is forced and the future is bad (result of examination is poor). Sin is nothing but mixture in the soul. etc.face difficult circumstances like poverty. his ego reduces. There is some force. There is loss of self respect to some extent. When one gets disease. In heaven. he repents for his crime and changes his attitudes. This is also a forced change. So to clear sin. When one gets old age. This is the third method and is bad. This is the worst. *. There is some learning. the mother’s womb is like a PALACE for the child(baby). Then it remains in that body till completion of nine months and comes out of the mother’s body. They are eligible to get the title SHREE (Great). One realizes truth by bitter experience. The soul(the baby in the womb) is given vision of its past sinful actions and experiences punishment(like we experience in dream). There is gain with tiredness. There is only loss only and no gain. The soul enters the mother’s body after around 5 months. [In the initial period of pregnancy. The status in heaven will be bad or no place in heaven. [Note that only a percentage of the accumulated sins get cleared in mother’s womb due to punishment]. mother’s womb is like a JAIL. there is more loss and some gain. there is no movement in the baby’s body. It repents and begs God to get out of the womb. If one becomes completely soul conscious.

If any sin is left at that time. they will be tired and just take rest(stay in Paramdham for long time). Other souls descend later [Concepts of relation. To remember God. Assume that a mother(God) has four(all the 600 crore population) children. The mother directs them to take bath(keep mind and intellect in ocean of Knowledge) and get fresh(purified). Other children are forced to take bath. those who love God get relieved from the burden of past 63 births(21 in Copper + 42 in Iron Ages) of sins naturally. The children(souls) after playing (their roles in body) outside(in PW) were dirty(impure). Remembrance of God purifies the soul naturally. one has to get detached from body and feel self as a soul. It realizes its mistakes and gets punishment to the required extent. [There is no a separate hell that is continuously burning as mentioned in scriptures of different religions. They desecend earlier from Paramdham. one designs(creates) his own future according to his own effort(actions and thoughts). It is as good as the bird(soul) becoming ready(preparing) to leave the old tree(body and world). This is an indication that soul has entered the womb].liveless and just a piece of flesh. Some(Master Creators) agree happily. So. There cannot be concentration. Mother is satisfied and gives food. So they have to become pure. As they are not interested in taking bath. So after the bath. The deity souls will . So. Otherwise God’s remembrance will not be stable. realization are given in detail shortly]. When the soul enters the womb. They descend later in heaven or in hell(after they are satisfied from their sleep(state of peace). mother feels movement of her baby(like movement of legs. fill power in them in the present time(Confluence Age) and return to Paramdham happily. The soul gets vision of its past sins. all the souls have to go back to Paramdham. So. They enjoy even bathing. When the last bell rings. one has to take punishment to the required extent. Remembrance of God fills power in soul. Then it is relieved from its burden and returns to Paramdham. they do not enjoy the bath. [Let us explain this with the help of a story. hands etc). It becomes powerful. They will be crying while taking bath(punishment). So. They do not stay in Paramdham for long time. So some of the souls receive zero punishment and others receive less or more. sweets and everything(heaven) to those sweet children. he has to develop dis-interest towards hell. Those who realize God. there self motivation is needed towards truth.

People who accept Godly knowledge(become BKs) put effort to purify themselves and build up character in life. of births)]. In this way the Time Cycle rotates forever. They sacrifice vices to their capacity. Souls can see future. There is no need of rest to those souls in Paramdham. So they come back soon to the PW(heaven) after returning to Paramdham from PW(hell). Souls can purify themselves by inculcating (practicing) the divine knowledge bestowed by the Divine God Father. God transforms hell into heaven. Then physical changes will begin with full force.D 1936 till establishment of Golden Age). This is the knowledge about the . So God’s part is at the end of hell and beginning of heaven. Men will start fighting with each other and destroy themselves. Earth Quakes will take main part in the destruction of Iron Age.(Golden to/and Silver. We can see small wars everywhere in the world]. Godly knowledge has been spreading worldwide by BKWSU. Hence they get maximum no. In a Kalpa. Since 1936. So end of Iron Age is termed as Confluence Age(after A. of births in World Drama. [Even rehearsals are going on now. So the transformation period is like meeting of hell and heaven. Souls establish real relation with(realize) God. So they will play(act) with body to larger duration (=get more no. it is called as Auspicious Confluence Age or just Confluence Age. Completion of this task is a signal to begin physical transformation. See the figure given in the end**. When this effort is completed. Confluence Age is the period when God is playing His Role in the World Drama. God’s duty finishes.enjoy bliss(super sensous joy) in Confluence Age itself. {The writer/author got this divine knowledge in A. Since the last Confluence Age (Iron to Golden Age) is the only auspicious one. Silver to/and Copper and Copper to/and Iron) no auspicious work happens.D 1982 and is explaining (writing) according to his capacity}. peace and happiness even in midst of this impure world. That is they will experience highest purity. So. Hence they are not tired. Heavy rain will clean the world. But in the first three confluences. It is in that time(present time) when confluence(meeting) between God and the souls occurs. Hence they have no importance. So there are four confluences. (Entropy goes on increasing). The dead bodies will become manure! Then Golden Age will begin again. ------- 16)What is Confluence Age? Confluence means coming or meeting together. They are those who become soul conscious(best driver) to the highest extent. there are four ages.

Intellect should grow. in private . God is not Omnipresent [Karma Philosophy]: -------------- 19. Buddhist Religion gets established by Buddha( B. 1)with people. e)500 years later. It is called as Deity Religion. There is the saying Religion is Might. and expectations from others). we should not be interested in others’ personal things.] Our expressions are different when we deal with different people. fear. We cannot neglect or be carefree(except with close and good friends) when we deal with people. Eg: in home. we should not be influenced by others’ personality. Hence we do not get much upset when we deal(work) with objects. See figure given in the end** for more detail. This will help us to realize and create elevated thoughts. Different Religions: a)In heaven there was only one religion. we also start fluctuating. ------ 18. So. There is no ego clash when we deal with(use) materials. It rules the whole world for 2500 years and it is the most powerful religion. in private office. Sanyas religion gets established by Adi Shankaracharya(A. we get upset even for silly matters. Since. Christianity gets established by Christ. but not Ego: There are mainly two types of relations. c)After 250 years of Islam. in Govt. Everybody has desire. Deity religion is the mightiest religion. But when we deal with people. It gives highest health. b)Islamic Religion gets established by Ibrahim in the beginning of hell (B. we are influenced by the nature of the other person. This is the most important thing to be understood. 17. in public. wealth and happiness.TC. [So.C 500). with boy/girl friends. office.C 250).D 500). We will discuss main religions and then other important things that help widening of the intellect. character or behavior. ego. if we have to be stable. d)After 250 years from Buddha. the nature of every person in this world is fluctuating (everybody has question marks in his life. This makes us restless. The reason is. and 2)with objects.

In the second case. That is. The reason is. he is hungry of dry respect. etc) is benefited. the other also gets a lift. with sub-ordinates. one will get complete . Then he will be able to conquer body-consciousness and the five vices. The relation in the first case is temporary[official. the thirst for respect is automatically quenched. in friends’ houses. An officer expects respect from a normal man. In the third case (spiritual relation). But when he gets love.the second relation is nearer to truth than the first one. I will automatically help others in becoming pure. The gain for the other and for me are different. #In the second case. External things are vulnerable to attack. If his subordinates do not pay respect to him.when one advances. we concentrate on physical(external) personalities than the inner(real) personality.[More details Topic No. If one maintains spiritual relation properly. whereas the second relation is permanent till the end of present life(body). last and the only(real) enemy. Similarly.places. In the first case. he has only expectations. subordinates. Just imagine. ** Right Competition]. the person gets just respect. #In the first case(official relation). highest. That is. when one realizes importance of the spiritual what extent I get influenced! How weak I am! Our mind and intellects are never stable. #The third relation is even stronger. with kids. I become happy when the other [my child] is benefited! Gain for one is also a gain for the other. In the second case. When I benefit myself(become pure).the spiritual relation is 100% true. with superiors. But if his children give him great respect by calling him as Sir. less important). with beggars. he is ready to sacrifice for his the first case. Director. there is no chance to sorrow! The reason is. with guests. etc. etc he feels sad! Why the difference!? The reason is. with different sex. This is our first. etc. etc. with strangers. with people of same nationality. even though there is expectation. he may become dissatisfied.blood relation is stronger than official relation. He becomes happy when he is called as ‘Sir’. In the second case. I do not cry if the other person dies. Body(external) consciousness makes us unstable. They are less stable. he gets love. The reason is. he is hungry of (bodily) love (attachment). with other nationality or religions. I(the person) do not get happiness when the other (my colleagues. he will feel blood(bodily) relations as simple(ordinary. lie(limited)]. In the first case.

tobacco. Just to escape from the punishment. The knowledge being given today about the body or the material is also useless. when we become old. ugly. Small children also get mental stress. Hence it identifies itself as Hindu. sinful. she lied. external properties posseses and the education or degrees of materials and the body. She was caught when she did it fourth time. Rich. dead bodies of infants! Man has innumerable bad habits).there was a bomb in the school premises. snakes. full peace. Hence the child builds up the conscious of the body. (man’s body is fit for vegetarian food. (Today’s education is just about the physical body. Hence it is clear that without spiritual knowledge. we gain both knowledge and experience. She had not completed her homework. instead of feeling success in life. it develops knowledge of just body and materials. we have knowledge of temporary things (body and materials). etc. ordinary actions) {More in topic No. All the desires will be fulfilled. machines and physical objects!). Beautiful. etc. Doctor. Engineer. A child has less intellectual power and is less egoistic. Many Doctors are addicted to drugs. This is good. it is not possible to control even the physical organs. lizards. But due to the lack of real knowledge (knowledge of soul). Some children have committed crimes that shock the whole society (One example: A girl student called through telephone to the Head Master of a school and spoke lie that. we get worried. Hence. This builds up wrong ego(body- consciousness). ** Different types of actions}. The head master declared holiday. alcohol. The experience what we gain is also negative (waste. Nobody eats right food. etc. Nobody lives as per laws of nature. There are incidences where children below 16 years also have committed suicide just for scoring less marks in their examination. Right habits are not taught or practiced by teachers. in life happiness should increase as we grow(become old)! But today everywhere stress is icreasing. If spiritual knowledge is not available. its intellect also grows due to gain of knowledge. highest power. everlasting bliss. cockroaches. As we grow. So what is the use of knowledge about health? Much of the crops are hybrid variety and are less in neutrients. even the . There is no right ego [self respect (soul- consciousness) **]. If the mind is not controlled. But man eats nonveg food. See the state of tomorrow’s citizens!) Today. As it grows. This has created all the problems. one feels very difficulty to follow the path of even physical health even if he knows much about it. Poor. Muslim.

*If we understand the right(full) knowledge of the relation. “All of mine is yours” and “All of yours is mine” will be their feelings. partial or limited or may be dangerous! Prime factors in any relation: 1)Knowledge of Self. Relation. Each one is bothered about satisfying or protecting the ‘self’ more than the other. one may need kerosene. the fruit will be less (sometimes may be negative = sorrow). Similarly one may be helped or troubled by others. Some marry for love.material knowledge also will become useless. desires can be removed easily. [It is both ignorance and wrong if in a relation the expectation(goal) is different than the natural(real) output of that relation]. the relation is incomplete. There is no expectation between them even though they help each other or work for each other. one may help or trouble others. It also includes reward or ouput or the effect of the relation. This is called as love-full relationship. This difference is due to the lack of knowledge. There is no ego clash between them. (Perhaps dangerous. Learning(knowledge) is more related to intellect. As depth of the relation increases. some for lust. One may give/take good/bad to/from others. some for help. Experiencing is giving and taking. Experience(Practice) is more concerned to mind.The most important thing: Building relation means 1)Understanding(Learning) and 2)Experiencing(Practicing). 2)Goal(expectations) of the relation. some may treat as enemies. Some may treat people of other religion as their friends. But when ego enters. and some due to influence of the society. right knowledge should be practiced. Aims of marriage are different. then these wrong attitudes. That is. Eg: Relation between two close friends or two close lovers. There is no feeling of giving or taking between them. some for dowry. One tries to prove his innocence or show about . Else. If these two are correct. *Some may consider woman as mother. To fire a wooden-stick. There is no need to beg pardon from the other. But a foolish person may use costly coconut oil or even ghee. In such cases. Man has built bombs and weapons to destroy man). Each is satisfied by the other. Relative and the Relation. So. one thinks of offering useless and silly gifts to satisfy the other. then the relation is fully established. ----------- 20. need of organs(action) reduce. Some may consider woman just as an object of enjoyment.

it was accepting the food offered to it. It does not love anybody else.‘I am child of a doctor’. As it grows further. Ego invites different sorts of threats. [Because of ego even if one wishes to help others. {see topic No. This brings change in its personality. But if there is ego. need of actions are less. But when it is attached to its mother. It amplifies negative things. The past sweet experience turns bitter after separation. Hence. ‘my friend . Ego makes highest intelligent man as more foolish than an intelligent-less animal!]. Initially. Then it develops attachment to its mother. It does not know about different statuses in the society. Without right knowledge. ------------ 21. **} If pure love exists. They do not try to take revenge against one another. As time passes. it realizes that life is not just being with mother. In special cases. friends through which pleasure can be experienced. It does not know anything about life. right experience is not possible: Initially a child does not know about its parents. Ego does not allow to enjoy naturally and to the full extent. Ego makes small obstacles big. This makes the relation healthy. if mind and intellects are properly used (if right knowledge is practised). There are toys. The past relations will remain as sweet memories in their life. Each is a disturbance to the other even after the separation. they separate themselves and remain undisturbed by each other in future. As it grows further it realizes. it realizes that the mother is not an object but the one that is most lovely and needful. Ego does not allow to do right things even if one is aware of righteous actions. the need of organs is less.himself. money and energy. Even its mother is just an object that feeds milk. even if such relations break. The discrimination power becomes useless. Still it is not fully aware of the world. Sometimes ego judges right as wrong and wrong as right. he remains incapable. Initially there may be no resistance when others lift it. they quarrel with each other. This creates waste talks and actions that weaken the communication (relation) between the two. Then its mind and intellect deviate in that direction. Ego makes us susceptible to external things. This will save time. But later it starts choosing and demanding food according its taste. it starts hesitating or resisting when others come closer to it.

duties. [The author would like to say about Human Gurus who cheat ordinary people: 1)These Gurus call themselves as Jagadgurus(Guru of the whole world!). we are rich’. to establish relation with God. If both the girl and boy like each other. form. the communication ends then and there child of so and so’. Slowly it realizes the society. Hence knowledge is first requisite for anything. property. they become partners.“If God gets anger with a . *According to them. ‘my father has car. [there is no defimite period of duration for this service]. They start loving and remembering each other from that instant itself! Similarly.(See topic NO. a STRONG relation gets established easily. That is all. The disciple chants the mantras as per Guru’s directions. 2)They say without human guru. they announce their decision. Still further. So the time and effortS needed to establish A relation is always less if each has the full introduction (knowledge) of one another. one needs just few hours to get the introduction of God and the Self. As the intellect grows. it realizes “I belong to such religion and caste”. To start a new business. etc. etc. relation with God is impossible. Girl-side people meet and talk with the boy-side people for some minutes or hours. Without knowledge. Otherwise. two persons meet and discuss the matter for hours. It realizes its father completely when it realizes its father’s name. relation cannot be established to the full extent. 3)According to them. They say. Within few days. It is a process where the devotee(disciple) accepts a human Guru as his guide and takes oath that he has full faith in that Guru. After that he is bound to follow that Guru’s directions without questioning it! He should not test Guru’s word whether they are right or wrong. ---------- 22) Relation gets established easily and takes less time: A girl searches for a bridegroom. If the answer is ‘Yes’. etc. *These Gurus say that dedicated service of a Guru is a must in the path of spirituality. immediately relation builds up. The Guru gives some mantra(group of few words) to chant. the first step for liberation is to take deeksha. ‘many others are not as rich as us’. faith and love is generated inside us and we start remembering him effectively. the realization becomes effective or deeper. If both satisfy. ** liberation in life in a second!} Just by understanding God and his attributes. their status is higher than God.

But if the human Guru gets anger with his disciple. vishishtaadwaita. etc. These human Gurus have seized independence of poor devotees. Faith is needed in three aspects. The reason is lack of faith between them. [The reason for this will be clear if one reads topic No.Wrong actions of Gurus. {*MDC in topic No. Ineffective relation between the two partners opens door to a competitor. *Every human Guru has title “Jagadguru (World Guru)”. Because any change in these can affect the relation. These Gurus do not know about God at all! If anybody knows. Hendati makkalannu nirgatikarannaagi maadi …. incarnation time. See topic No. But there is some use of these Gurus. 1)In Self. This happens even in business matters. **. duties). form. quality. The result is obvious. Eg: dwaita. *Due to lack of confidence or faith in self and the other. If the partners are jealous or suspicious of each other. shaiva. **]. veerashaiva. the human Guru will save him.**] 23)Importance of faith: Faith is needed for real love. But a Guru who is a household one having wife and children and had not sacrificed lust and ego is useless}. 2)In the other person with whom I establish the relation and 3)The circumstance or the environment around us. too many questions arouse in mind that never keep them comfortable. adwaita. The disciple will remain as servant or slave of that Guru.which Guru should be selected? Will the curse of a Guru affect us? {A Guru observing celibacy and keeps silence is useful. **} Today many strongest relations (marriage) break.devotee. *They married each other because they did not get better choice than that. Also see the topic **. *Silly doubts that generate due to ego do not allow healing of even the smallest wounds. *They(their faith) get influenced when they see another better pair(couple) than them. But many of them have different opinions and some of them are totally contradictory each others. *They do not have faith in the circumstances or lose power of determination to face the external situation. let them give full introduction of God. even God will not save him!” *They also say that the disciple after accepting a human guru should never consult any other human Guru. **. place of residence. [Detailed comments are given in later topic No.Sleeping World!]. vaishnava. The writer challenges anybody in this world that except BKs(BrahmaKumars and BrahmaKumaris) nobody in this world can give God’s full introduction (Name. they will lose comfort and business will get .

*Two persons may be colleagues for years together and may be working in the same office sitting near to each other. Today everywhere there is blind faith. teacher. *Blood relations are stronger. Otherwise. ** Sleeping world). If one considers a rope to a snake. [Topic No. friend. realization becomes better]. One may spend daily 8 hours with his colleague for years together. [A mother sacrifices her ego and shyness in taking care of her child. guru. The relation develops according to the consciousness we develop]. They work together. But they do not feel any problem when one gets tranfer order or quits the job. If a child considers anybody as mother. [As practice increases. practice would be wrong. See the vast difference in the weightage of different relations. knowledge(law) is of no use. She is ready to loose anything for her . They see. [This clears indicates that we are the creators of relation. **) Note that just faith is not enough. Without knowledge. there may be a little feeling). Without love.affected. Law is knowing the path and Love is the practice. What should be the policy in a relation? {*MDC in topic No. for a some time he will experience as though it was a snake. If it is ok. talk with each other. (If one is emotional. Having faith in wrong things is called blind-faith. [But there is fruit for pure feelings. Still there is strong relation between them. The father and the son may not see each other for months or years together. See topic No. child. ---------- 24*) Depth of a relation: All relations are not alike. *For many years one may be purchasing grocery items from the same shop. In life. Balance between Love and Law brings success in life. (See topic No. it is of no use. They may meet each other just for few days in a year. then accept(love) it and put it into the practice. husband/wife/lover. **]. If anybody considers beggar as a King and asks for help. Judge by yourself. But no strong bond gets established with each other. the main relations are father. companion. So the necessity is. But it will be for a short period. Bhaavanaa kaa baaDa. it will not receive milk or affection. Get knowledge. mother. **]. Faith should be in truth. love is of no use. Without knowledge.Understand and Act or (realize and practice). But no strong relation develops with the shopkeeper. The son may be at a far place working in a different country. the relation proves false in a short period.

blood relation exists through out the life. She does not compromise for her child. [He may become emotional when he discusses the matter with other human beings.] From the previous topics. the spiritual relation gives more enjoyment for more duration than blood relation} Soul is eternal. This is due to ego clash.child. a scientist will be eager to announce the success of his research. The official relation is temporary. expectations or lack of understanding between the two. There is no attachment or ego with the object. when he gets a better home. he instantly leaves that house. Even if a scientist does research with the same object or matter for years. he does not become emotional with the object. even the body is temporary. But. One who understands and realizes this will be able to establish proper spiritual relation and will receive the highest enjoyment for the highest duration. Only then one will be able to sacrifice Ego(Body Conscious) completely. Emotion is due to the difference in their(human) nature. He is not emotional with the thing. Feel the determination of a mother. But. {Like blood relation gives more happiness for larger duration than official relationship. . Without feeling the true(spiritual) love. ** . sweeter and of larger duration. Usually. One may be staying in a house for many years. Effort should be put to build(understand and feel) spiritual relation]. The reason is.Jnaana and Yoga} Relation with objects is not deep. {Topic No. there is no war with them. One who has more personal(blood and close) relationship than official relationship will be happier in life. Because it satisfies his emotions(mind) better. As there is no intelligence in objects. He will not experience love of his family members! So it is clear that the fruit of blood relations are more intense. If one is not aware of blood relation and expects dry respect from(tries to maintain official relation with) his family members. one cannot give up body conscious. he is actually going to lose. He may become emotional while discussing the matter with human beings or thinking about what other people would comment about his research. Similarly when one realizes weightage or importance of the spiritual relation he can establish and maintain it. it is clear that official relationship is less important than blood(bodily) relation. To whom does he want to announce? Definitely to other human beings! That is the cause of emotions. Hence the spiritual fruit will come with us for many births (minimum of 21 births or 2500 years). The soul is eternal.

all limited emotions. The person who has true(spiritual) relation with everybody enjoys maximum. he should not expect bodily love or any sort of limited pleasures from others. Every soul has right to receive its birthright from Godfather. There is no goal for the car. So. He does not wish to enjoy petrol. Like a driver is not conscious of the car always. It has negative value.then he cannot expect respect from his children. ** Effort maker’s thoughts*}. the one who wishes enjoyment from everything and everybody should not expect anything from anybody and everything(except from God) {Do not get fear. The person establishes real(best possible) relation with everybody. [dry respect has no meaning in personal (family or blood) relations. [Anything from God is spiritual birthright. See topic No. Because expectation of any physical or material things is a disturbance in the spiritual relation. This implies that one should take right food in right quantity and then FORGET the body and think of soul. Another thing: A person who gets love from his blood relations remains happier than others even in office or in society. he does not become obstacle while dealing with others. Developing the right relationship is the Complete Truth. Then thers become comfortable in dealing with him and communication will be better. So. when the person realizes the importance of eternal(real= spiritual) relation that “I am a child of God and every individual soul in this world is a child of my own Father”. Similarly in life. Those who are disturbed in family life get more disturbed in official relations also. Similarly if one wants to enjoy spritual love [bliss(super sensual joy)]. If a person wishes to enjoy physical love of his children. **)].one who is satisfied in personal(family) relations. Usually those who are content with their family life have fewer expectations even in official relations. (See topic No. He fills petrol and forgets. [This does not imply that one should not eat when hungry. feelings or ego die. It is a disturbance]. When personal expectations are less. That is. He becomes less problematic. This is not difficult at present time. we should always be in the conscious of our goal (enjoying highest happiness(bliss) and becoming completely pure)]. He does not think about the petrol tank all the time! He thinks about his goal. Such a person will not have thirst for respect from others in society. Since his satisfaction is the . gets easily satisfied in his official realtions.

To the extent I have satisfaction in my life. Physical father(PF) gives property for one birth. He cannot be brought down from his status(self respect). The child also has birthright towards its father’s . But God is capable of bringing transformation(change) in the souls. Giving is taking(getting). But soul is eternal. If I have.till death of the physical body. then only I can give. He can improve others’ true personality(life). since all others are weaker than him.See topics No. Summary: Everybody has three relations. In this way Self Tranformation can lead to World Tranformation. As mentioned before. ** and **] [Also see from whom can we have expectation. Official(with society). Another thing is that father is one who gives property. I can satisfy others. Hence I am useful to the society if I am happy most of the time without any company (dependency). Am I happy most of the time? Am I happy when I am alone? Or else do I become happy when I meet others or get material things/benifits? The one who gives is more useful to the society. Mainly there are two fathers- physical(bodily) father(PF) and the spiritual(real) father. Check yourself in these situations.highest. **] [See ** why limited old relations should be broken] --------- 25) Concept of two fathers: It is said that God does not create us. He becomes a real model for others. He pardons everybody. Hence he is a father. Then what is the significance of the word Father? Father is one who creates and gives property. I am like a beggar or I have at least some quality of a beggar or I definitely lack something. The relation is also limited. Physical father is the most powerful person in a family. he is least disturbed. Physical father is one who gives birth to(is responsible for the creation of) the physical body. That is the number of children to a physical father is limited(less). I should be happy with myself(even when I am alone and have nothing). [Who is most useful to the society?. He is the real donor to the society. So father is one who is capable of bringing change or the one who has highest influence. family(personal or blood relation) and real(spiritual). Accordingly each has three moods in life. topic No. All the souls are eternal. If I get satisfaction only when I deal with others. Hence he is also known as Godfather. God does not create souls. Creation means Change. If I have. A physical father may have four or five children(say).

merchant. It considers itself as a tiny point soul and remembers the tiny point God. But that is an exception. etc and Godfather. There is a big chain in the process of giving and receiving as mentioned before. Each and everytime. So God creates a soul(gives awareness. The PF creates body and and gives property to nourish the body. merchant. the PF and the RF remain constant. [Nowadays. In this sense. Relation with the non-living or intelligence things has no meaning. God gives property of heaven for 21 births (2500 years). Sun. People(intelligent beings) who help me are physical are not the mortal body. [PF establishes relation through the body. Some children kill their parents just for the property. That is. The former is for one birth and the latter is for many . But when a soul thinks of its real father. This is an indication of deadly hell. farmer. he is creator of every soul. You are different than the body”. some physical fathers may not give everything to their children due to lack of quality in them. it forgets even its own body. etc. (See topic No. Physical body is mortal. the child thinks of name and form of the body of its PF. farmer. God creates soul [(creates awareness of self in the self(in individual’s mind)]. employer. sun are just natural elements. They are not selfish. They are intelligent- less. God. His relation is directly with the soul. In this chain there are only two who remain constant and do not expect anything in return. plants. Every soul forgets itself when it comes in birth and death. plant. It is the most beloved Godfather who gives us remembrance (knowledge) that “Oh my sweet child. Relationship of God is not with the body. Hence He is also a father. Bodily(Physical) father gives property to his children. But earth. wakens a soul from its deep sleep of ignorance) in its own mind and intellects by giving the real knowledge to the soul and nourishes the soul through meditation. PF changes in every birth. Hence the relation is limited. earth. They love completely. So soul becomes soul conscious (gets itself) due to the knowledge given by God. employer.he gives(is responsible for) the new body and gives the property for nourishing the body. **). They give to their children whatever they could give. But RF is one and the only one and is same for all the souls. I am dependent on many things (or people) like physical father. They are the physical(bodily) father and God(spiritual father).] In the above chain. Hence he is the real father(RF).

Note that in a family. etc can also be called. etc). He may misguide also due to his ignorance. {Kumar= Male child}. So the property of PF is limited. So. we do not say RaniKumar. Body is developed in mother’s womb due to food consumed by her. Hence he is called the creator. Queendom is not used. one may receive them also as property by birth(heredity)! In life everybody has to struggle to earn for his living. --------- 26) How to build relation with God? Building relation with Godfather is understanding God(Knowledge =jnaana) and realizing(experiencing) God(Meditation. Even after getting father’s love. it is to be understood that everybody depends on these two fathers to a very great extent in their life. accidents. Hence he is called limited father.births. the word creator or father designates the most powerful person. Even though the child was in mother’s(Queen=Rani) womb for 9 months. {Allah. even physical father or mother does not create the physical body. But God is unlimited father. [*MDC in topic No. We know about the property given by bodily father. He cannot become mother. Everybody learns from his teacher. Remembrance =Yoga). friend. father is the most powerful person. In dangerous circumstances like earthquakes. 2)FORM is Point. His relation is temporary(for one birth). Rest in the chain(merchant. Topic No **}. So. **] The PF(physical father) has limited number of children. diseased conditions. And it is God who creates food(fills quality in nature by restoring entropy) once in every 5000 years. a person in life wishes other loves (from friends and other relations). teacher. So. (The relation with these is like a business. He can establish only one relation(just father. etc) may change their profession and/or cut the link with me. Hence God is the only real creator. So it is the food that creates the body. prays God). we should know introduction of God. Jehova. Diabetes. Son of a King(Raja) is called RajaKumar. 3)Place is Paramadham. Actually. first. Kingdom is the word used. He can give some wealth and some guidance what he knows. 5)VIRTUE(Quality) is Ocean of all . the Supreme Abode. [See topic ** RajaYoga]. But nobody knows what God gives! We are here to know God’s property. If he has diseases like Blood Pressure. Heart problem. But the real name is Shiva. everybody surrenders to the real father(thinks of God. God’s 1)NAME is Shiva. farmer. 4)TIME (of act=incarnation) is at the end of Iron Age= Confluence Age. They charge for their service).

use of organs are also more. Hence there is no need of organs to establish relation with God. Not only that. they experience love just by remembrance. **. So name is not important. if there is ignorance. Lust the biggest sin]. But there is no space for body-consciousness in spiritual relation. duties and qualities are important. attachment or lust.Self respect. one(a soul) does not wish to establish relation with the other(the other soul). There is no need to touch each other (except when there is illness or to take care of a baby). etc. Two close friends or lovers may be at different places. It is like treating both the souls(self and the other) as mere objects. In some cases. But they think(remember) each other. Because each ignores soul(the owner of the body) fully. impurity due to too much body- consciousness. In relation with people. that is purifying everything.virtues. Hindi is the national language of India}. ------------- 27) What is MINE? . he calls ShivaBaba. Many times. Today we communicate through telephones. internet. [Details in topic No. the need of organs reduces. they may feel discomfort or stress during the absence of the other and may wish physical contact). This is just to make the communication effective. there is only one God in universe. If their love is pure. ‘Baba’ means father in Hindi language. In relation with objects. The author calls God Shiva as just Baba most of the time. When we take food. Just physical presence is enough. [In lust. {Name is not important in the relation. there is need of mind and intellects. we need organs also. the need of physical presence is less. That is. Remembrance itself is the relation! It is the easiest! The more one understands God(intellect) and loves(mind) God. How to experience God? In any relation. Form.just remembering God is the way to establish relation with God. It is like treating a living body as a dead body or an object. the needs of physical presence. A photo of the person is enough! (But. There is need to touch. Each treats the other person as a body. This is the cause for burden and increase of entropy. Each forgets himself(the soul) and the other(the other soul). Hence it is clear that if the body-consciousness is more. more is the experience. It is the highest ignorance and impurity. Just mind and intellects are sufficient. we have to eat/taste food. 6)Duty(ACT) is Re-establishment of Heaven. It is the action of least respect.

Similarly if I develop good habits and virtues in life. he is a fool. We are here to know what is right and what is wrong. If somebody says(feels) I have given such and a such thing to somebody. My life will become 100% pure when I become 100% trustee. (Because my faith coincides with truth). If I consider what all I have (body. they are not mine. he invites his friends and relatives. So after taking number of births. ego. I have and use it according to the law(rightfully). So what about the wealth I have? Is it not mine? The answer is both yes and no. The food that is offered to God is called as PRASAD(*). Since I have not created anything. given by so and so. Because I am mixing my thoughts to reality. I should consider myself as a trustee of the wealth(and even my body). Suppose(say) a devotee performs an offering to God (pooja*) in his home. money. I am actually giving that vice to the other. time. It has great . But if I act with body consciousness(say lust. When I deal with others. For that function. Because one has to put effort all by himself in developing them. they are mine. he rules the world. anger). My nature has become vicious. then my property(and life) will become impure. Then all my belongings will become pure. So nothing is mine. energy. Hence each individual owns his own body and also physical property. Since nothing is mine. But in the consciousness. But there is something which is mine. now these vices have become MINE. I am deviating myself from truth.It is already mentioned that I(or anybody) do not create anything in this world. So what I really give is good(virtues) or bad qualities(vices) in me and not any physical things or wealth. he should feel as though he has passed/received the thing to/from the other like an action in a game]. So in this world nobody can give anything to one another. If I am knowledgeful. It is considered as pure. This is an action of dis respecting or trying to curse the other. whatever I give is as though I have not given at all. Due to my personal interest in body consciousness and vices I have developed bad resolves. By my own effort I have made the vices as my own. I am donating good virtues to others. All are products of nature. one may have to speak so. But since man is the most intelligent and powerful. [For communication purpose in society. relations) as are properties of God then I am a true trustee. Else if I consider(feel) my wealth as earned by myself.

value. Even if it is falls to ground, many devotees put it
onto head and then take(eat). Even though the
owner(performer*) has incurred all the expenditure for the
pooja, the output of the pooja(PRASAD) is not his
individual property. All who believe in it have right for
that. So all the things of the one becomes trustee become
PRASAD. He himself is a sacrifice. Hence such a trustee
becomes pure. A devotee tries to offer PRASAD to as many
people as he can. Similarly a true trustee would like to
give/spread Godly message as much as he can. Like devotees
realize importance of PRASAD, the trustee(knowledgeful one)
realizes the importance of the knowledge.
28)Duties/Characteristics of a Trustee:
Such a trustee considers himself as an instrument of God.
Like God’s duty is make others pure, the trustee has the
responsibility to put his thoughts, speech and actions on
that path. Like God showed him the right path, he also has
to show path to others. Hence his work is ‘Follow Father’.
He is like a government servant. His duty is to help/follow
the government.
29. As the relation, is the experience:
Relation with a beggar will not yield anything. In
fact, it will result in loss. Hence nobody will establish
relation with a beggar. People just give alms and leave the
space. Anybody having attachment with a beggar is a fool.
Relation with a King is useful. I gain/progress only if my
relative is superior to me. Hence if I wish to become
powerful and pure, I should not have attachment with those
who are weak or impure. [So if a person wishes to become
spriritual, he has has to sacrifice bodily love
(attachement) and love the soul].
Everybody in this world has desires and/or
expectations. So everybody is a beggar. That is why any
attachment to the people of hell will result in decrement
in value. It will increase body consciousness in us and
make us weaker. We will lose our real personality. After
Copper Age, nobody will have both soul and body both pure.
Even the religious fathers (Eg: Christ, Buddha) or so
called Jagadgurus get impure body (Body created from lust,
having beard, emitting sweat, bad smell, subjected to
disease). It is only the deities whose both soul and body
were pure. Their bodies were both beautiful & pure. Not
only that after Copper Age, the number of religions were
more than one(*dwandwa duality). So whenever a person
thinks of his religious father, he will develop bodily ego
since he gets attached to physical body of his religious
father. But the creator of Deity Religion is God himself.

So whenever a person thinks of deities, God’s remembrance
comes automatically. Since deities were 100% pure and God
is bodyless, remembrance of deity religion will make us
soul conscious.
Internal relations are deeper than external relations.
Relation with objects is just till organs. Relation with
persons is till mind and intellects. If one is influenced
negatively to other’s personality, the karma(action)
becomes a bondage. [It is like this: If one develops wrong
food habit, his health deteriorates and the person becomes
health(food) conscious. He has to take medicines, weigh
calorie each and every time and take food! The person
cannot enjoy food at all! There is stress before eating,
while eating and after eating]. Then there arises I-you,
Mine-Yours, etc. This duality develops feeling of giving-
taking, greater-lower, superiority- inferiority, etc. This
bonds mind and intellects in stress. This creates burden.
So negative relations create bondage(burden) and are called
as karma-bandhana. {karma= action, bandhana=bondage}. Karma
becomes bondage. This creates negative karmic account. The
broad name is sin.
In some cases, relation may not produce bondage. It is
called karma-sambandha. {sambandha= relation, link} If the
other person is pure and has no expectation from us, there
will be no loss. We will not feel burden in that relation.
(But if we misuse the relation for our selfishness then we
will develop bondage). Such relations are also called as
‘sajjanara sanga’ {sajjana =good person; sat= good, truth;
jana=person. Sajjana= sat+jana, sanga= relation}.
But the one who does sin or wrong action will have
expectations. Do not think that two very close friends
having bad habits(Eg: terrorists) do not have expectations
from each other. (But they will have expectations from
other people. They will suspect and hide from others). One
may be ready to sacrifice anything for the other. But there
is at least some expectations like “My wrong actions should
not be disclosed”. (More in Topic No ** Expectations). But
those who are pure will have no fear or expectation of any
kind from anybody. They will do good things only to anybody
who come into their company or keep quite themselves. Even
after helping a person, they will forget(have no ego of)
the action. Hence there is less chance of creation of
karmic account with such people. But still, a small
negative account may be created due to ignorance. We may
start praising such people(agents) and forget the real
Donor(God). We will become body-conscious instead of soul-

[This is clearly visible: Though all religious fathers
were pure to a considerable extent and preached good things
to society irrespective of cast, creed religion, the
religions those got established by them and are fighting
with each other. Even though most of the Religious fathers
praised the same God, they failed to give clear and
complete introduction of God].
Relation with God will clear the past karmic account
and purify us. That is the only true relation (sat-sanga).
Satsanga is not just listening to, chanting or hearing
Veda, Shaastra, Puraanaas, (Scriptures) etc. It is to have
sat(right= true) sanga(relation) with everybody. Being in
the state of Soul Conscious(Considering self as a soul) and
in the Supreme(God) Consciousness is the real satsanga.
[Supreme consciousness = Knowing and loving God =
Understanding and remembering God].
Just by having good(right) relation with a King or a
rich person, one gets a lot of benfit or wealth. So, what
may be the result(fruit) of God’s company? That fruit
should be incomparable. We get everything for at least for
a period of 2500 years and 21 births. We get purity, peace,
prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness for the first two
ages (Golden and Silver Ages) and the present Confluence
Age. This is the Godfatherly birthright.
[Please note that relation with a beggar is loss.
Relation with a King is gain. So developing relation with a
sinner(one who has vices) will make us weak. Developing
relations with one who is free from vices will make us
strong. Everybody in Iron Aged world is influenced by the
vices. Hence one should try to forget the impure body and
relations. Because remembrance means relation. This is the
reason why the effort maker in spiritual path should try to
forget the whole Iron Aged world. {More in topic No. **
Unlimited Disinterest}. The only three pure things- God,
Parmadham and Heaven should influence us.
30. True Relation:
For example a person is studying in 10th standard(say). When
I deal with him, I consider him to be a 10th std student.
That is, the respect I give him is that of 10th std student.
If a person(say Mr. X) is graduate, I give him higher
respect. I introduce him to others as “Mr. has passed is a
graduation”. It is true that Mr. X has also passed 10th Std.
What will happen if I introduce as “Mr. X has passed 10th
std”? Even though I spoke TRUTH, it is incorrect. I am
actually paying disrespect to Mr. X. It is our

In general. The real relation is to have relation with God(real=truth). the Only One. Two friends may become enemies tomorrow. but not doctor or lover to the same. A child has its yoga(relation) with its mother. everyone in the world is a Yogi(= one who performs yoga). the real meaning of Yoga is “being in close relation or communion”. This is the highest conscious or truth. wife. *Even the father may not be able to perform his full duty to his child. loveful. he cannot be mother. But. Because that is higher qualification than the first. extra-ordinary. there can be fights between father and children. *If one of them dies. Eg: One may be father to another. Hence RajaYoga means the greatest. A scientist’s yoga is deeply with the subject of his research. King means the Greatest. Two lovers love each other. the relation ends. Breakdown of a relation is termed as ViYoga. ordinary and incomplete. Raja(pronounced as raaja) means King. All the relations we know in this world are limited. So. King is the Highest Degree that can be achieved. unlimited. powerful. the father may pass his disease to his children as heredity (Diabetis. This puts end to all the problems for 2500 years(heaven). unique. This is the highest truth. The sins of period of 2500 years(hell) can be cleared by continuous. we do not see the person as doctor. feeling or attitude is as good as paying disrespect. relatives’. complete. A student thinks of his teacher. he may not be able to look after his children properly. ------------- 31)What is Yoga? What is RajaYoga? Yoga means Relation. Similarly we all are children of God. . real relation. If the father is poor or less intelligent. Heart diseases. The soul gets purified by remembrance of God. There can be misunderstanding or lack of comfort between tho persons. We see him as son of the President. temporary. true. *Sometimes. When somebody passes away(dies). Indians say ‘the person got ViYoga(meaning opposite of yoga) with his children. Suppose say the son of a President is a doctor. Let us see the spiritual or real relation. the most powerful. Having any other consciousness. Sometimes.responsibility to consider the highest qualification of a person when we think about him. When we talk to him. Every soul is an individual actor in this world drama. They may be imperfect and may also have even ignorance. etc). This is the highest qualification. difference in opinions among friends. *One may be teacher to somebody.

”} This is the real and pure relation. During discharging. guru.… twamEva sarvam mama dEva dEva” The meaning is. When the battery is weak. So souls and God reside together. there is direct contact. twamEva bandhuscha sakhaatwamEva. bodyless. Deities are enjoying property given by God. [*The battery charging period may be small. friend. During that(present) time. either directly or indirectly.“twamEva maataascha pitaatwamEva. 4)During AntyaKaala(Antya =End). During charging. etc. But. you get full enjoyment. teacher. Heaven is God’s creation. But there is some pure feeling and respect. So.faithful. [More details later*]. the souls will be in Paramadham. The souls while enjoying in Heaven do not know about God at all.“O God. At the end of heaven battery power decreases and sorrow begins. complete relation with God can be established. God descends and Confluence Age begins. etc. the battery power is high. Bhakti (Worshipping of God without knowing him) gives limited fruit. So. lover. knowledgeful remembrance of God. [*** How sins are cleared] As there is no bodily relation. In heaven. true. There is no attachment among deities. etc. 1)During AnaadiKaala [Anaadi= Before beginning. there is a saying. you are my mother. friend. RajaYoga means. ignorant relation with God. relative. Relation between the Souls and the Supreme Soul has no beginning or ends. everything to the Soul. the same energy is being utilised. incorporeal Godfather(God-conscious). the Confluence Age is the charging period. we do not realize God. [But we do not have God’s right knowledge. [Of course. trees. Godfather becomes(is) mother. this awareness will not be there]. difficulties arise. father. that is before coming to the corporeal(physical) world. So. Hence the Confluence . before taking human body. You are everything (sarvam) to me. Hence we do not get power to sacrifice sin. So. 3)From the MadhyaKaala (middle). that is after Copper Age. This satisfies the soul completely.Being in the Soul conscious stage and to remember the Most Beloved. When the battery charge is full. It is present all the times. There is an indirect. animals. companion. there is some fruit even though limited. That is why- the sin goes on increasing even after establishment of many religions and religious fathers]. {Hence. The other four ages are the discharging period. worship of God begins and continues/prolongs till the end of Iron Age. 2)AadiKaala (Beginning) of the Time Cycle is Heaven. We treat God as stones. That is when the soul resides in Paramadham]. direct.

This is like sitting in the throne (maintaining self-respect) and offering throne to all(paying the King’s{highest} respect) to others. As all the actors are in ignorance. There is complete love with zero attachement! [See the topic. *By practicing RajaYoga completely. Controller. mat= direction]. In Heaven there is one kingdom in the whole world. During Confluence Age. *Relation with (remembrance of) God gives us complete control over our sense organs. So. This establishes Universal Brotherhood. The body consisting of the sense organs is the citizen or the instrument. RajaYoga means becoming soul(King) conscious. King of heaven (Sri Narayan) has no desires and is not influenced by anything. That is he pays full respect(true love) to others. The King in heaven has no attachment at all.Age is called as Diamond Age. He plays his role of Director and Principal Actor. [shree= highest. A RajaYogi sees everybody as child of God. highest. So there is always relation with God either directly or indirectly at any point of time. richest. Hence yoga with God is also called as RajaYoga. This fills(increases) the power of the King(Soul). powerful. It is the shortest and highest Age. He has no dependence. he loves truly everyone. Hence we should realize the importance of God. That is. holiest. Every citizen loves the King from heart in Heaven. It cannot be compared at all. one automatically remembers (establishes relationship) the all time King. He has no fear of death. He is the owner of the whole world. the soul is capable of leaving the old body and gets another birth(new body). the soul is the King(Owner. This relation is eternal. one becomes Emperor or Empress in Heaven. God gives highest directions (shreemat= srimat).considering myself as King(Soul) and seeing everybody as King(Soul). One who realizes the importance of the Confluence Age realizes everything. The self-respect goes on increasing. No. Hence King of the heaven is the real King. etc. Ruler). RajaYoga is the only way for Universal Brotherhood. more is the love] . [Kings after Copper Age are not complete Kings*]. That is. the Almighty GodFather. Less the attachment. I become the real ruler(king=raja) of my body. By considering the self as a Soul. **. It cannot be fully explained in words. When the body becomes old. Not only that. Real King is the King of Heaven. This is another reason for the name RajaYoga. God is the hero actor. *In a living body. even the physical nature is servant(pleasant) in heaven.

The fruit comes for 2500 years(unlimited) also]. So. As we realize God. Even while receiving help. There is no loss at all in Godly Student Life. That is. Hence the fruit is immediate. There is super sensous joy(bliss) while doing the effort itself. So the person who is helping a RY does not . Education. See topic No. More pure we are. A RajaYogi treats the other person as a King even while helping him! [Like the cashier treats customer as King]. he does not get ego while helping others. Before that period. gives Godly knowledge to) the other person according to the account(credit = purity) of the account holder. Since every soul is the child of God. the fruit is transparent(immediate). there is no fruit at all. He considers everything in this world as property of GodFather (See topic No. more we can realize God. the goal is also reached. unlimited(highest) and guaranteed. A tree gives fruit only after a minimum growth.he knows very well that he is defineitely going to get fruit according to his effort in any form. The fortune of a person is identified by the intersest one has love towards God. ** Universal Truth). The accumulated effort becomes waste. There is no wastage or doubt. The reason is. he considers himself as a cashier in a Bank and the other as the customer (Account Holder). Hence the fruit is truly REAL. To the extent of coverage of the path. [Since RY remembers God.there is fruit in every step of the effort. there is highest realization. [Account = fortune. if the person or the tree dies or the effort is terminated. Hence he expects nothing from anybody. Hence a RajaYogi helps others by observing these qualities. there is 100% coincidence in both goal and path in RajaYoga. Since RY considers everything in this world as Godfather’s property and everyone eligible for the birthright of God’s property. our purity increases due to charging. he considers every soul as the one having birthright towards God’s property. the degree is received only if the study is completed. A child needs around 15 years of study to complete his education. He helps(establishes spiritual relation. Realization increases as purity increases. Hence RY(RajaYogi) has faith that every soul receives its property from God according to the extent it realizes God. It is identified by the extent one tries to sacrifice vices. or business. While helping others. But in RajaYoga. *RajaYogi considers himself as King. study. a RY(RajaYogi) will have no desire. ** Fortune]. [In normal work.

He considers everything in this world as gift or property of God. etc) and call them as Yoga! Just see. He is a guide and also is a King. There is no need to study heavybooks or chant mantras loudly. he will be leading(in the front). Hence RajaYoga is the only real. One can do day and night. So. It is easy to understand. There is no need of physical power or material wealth for this. But the soul does not get power to conquer sin (vices).) A RajaYogi has complete knowledge about the World Drama. the RY remains King even while receiving help. That is. while communicating with people and as well as during free time. [One can love(remember) God even when he is toilet] There is no obstacle or limits. he considers every person as an actor (right to play his role in the drama). So we call it as Easy RajaYoga. There is no need of any educational background or postion in society. he is capable of treating every person as King (pays full respect). That is. churches. There is no need to go to temple. he considers himself as right holder for the God’s property. [*MDC in top **]. . As we all are actors. more you get. (Being in the state of purity and remembering God for considerable duration only can bring this high stage. As he considers himself as real child. There is no need of Bodily(Human) Gurus. But they are operating body! They practice Yoga to cure bodily diseases. This is called ‘liberation in life’. They practice physical and breathing exercises (praanaayaam. There are no giving and taking feelings with human beings. unlimited and Easy Yoga.influence him. he keeps himself detached from everything (remains King). Hence. He is a true trustee in his life. He considers everybody in this world as an actor. he remains at High state when busy in action. he knows the future to the maximum possible extent than others. RajaYoga is communion (close relation) with God. This can be practiced wherever. Hence a RajaYogi is the true KarmaYogi. So. etc. So. [Most of the people do not know the right meaning of the word YOGA. It is religious (holy). That is. It is easy to practice (just remembrance with faith and love). Hence. a RajaYogi has no personal or limited interest in his actions. he is a truly carefree King. however and in whatever the condition may be. The more you do(remember God). It purifies the soul.Yoga (relation) is concerned with mind(soul). mosque. There is no need to do ritual actions. Hence.

A rajayogi is the true natural yogi. etc. They consume wrong foods or over eat. Usually hathayogis do not mix with society people. mind. Many so-called yogis in society keep/have false titles like siddhayogi. His yoga(effort) is of limited duration. space everything one and the same. world. It breaks as soon as he gets up from his physical posture. RajaYogis keep aim and succeed (of course numberwise and percentage)in this effort. They keep themselves away from the society. His yoga is till the duration he keeps his body in the specific postures. Attempting to control mind by some physical action(exercise or breathing) is hatha(force). A hathayogi cannot become nirantarayogi(continuous or constant yogi). {*MDC serious situations in life} Except RajaYoga(taught by BKWSU). But sanyaasis’ (saints’) eyes are closed and their level of divinity is very less. Because his yoga is just remembering. {*MDC **} Without real knowledge and right effort real change is impossible. mahayogi. But there is no high level thinking. But there is some sort of relief to mind due to improvement in physical health. Other yogis close their eyes during meditation. all the other Yogas being taught are hathayogas and false Yogas. [A face with closed is not a sign of enlightment]. Some do not get proper sleep. It definitely needs knowledge of Karma Philosophy. It is clear that no physical exercise can help in getting rid of vices. Real change should be natural. Such problems are reduced by these physical exercises. Some(eg: advaita) consider body. A RY is a true Yogi. how his yoga(relation) can be real? When . They do not teach(or give aim to their followers) to conquer vices. When one is not at all aware of the self. Most of the people today do not have right eating habits. They just observe pure diet and celibacy. But RajaYogi after honest effort will become a nirantarayogi. They do not think of God or Heaven(a society without vices). Physical exercises will not give power to face serious situations in life. They just meditate(think) on different parts of the body. But it will not increase one’s will power. There is divinity in their eyes. A hathayogi cannot be yogi all the time. They concentrate their mind in different parts of body or try to make mind blank in meditation}. The food does not get digested. RajaYogis do open eye meditation. One can remember at any time he wishes. A hathayogi is not a natural yogi. Deities’ eyes are always open. Nobody knows that souls and the Supreme Soul are tiny points. Hence any sort of Yoga other than RY is a physical yoga.

the mind horse is tied to some extent. The above saying is not applicable for anything. weak person (or even a thief. there is the Way” holds good only for spiritual effort. There is no need of any prequalification for RajaYoga education. Hence there cannot be real improvement). one can practice independently.“Where there is Will. It is called action. Can just the strong will carry him to the goal? That too. For that he may have to read some literatures of BKWSU or meet a good RajaYogi during the initial period. Thoughts are subtle(invisible. After understanding the knowledge. Hence RajaYoga Education is truly ‘Easy RajaYoja’. Eg: A person may wish to become thinks of just material objects or space how can his relation get established? But by hatha(some discipline). if he is physically handicapped or old? God is bodyless. After that he is independent of any human being or any circumstances. that too during the present Confluence Age only. Mouth is also a physical organ. If not understood. ----------- 32) Different types of thoughts or actions: Life is nothing but using the body. Hence . They teach some hathayoga and call that as RajaYoga. Hence one needs just the right knowledge. poor. sadhoos and sanyaasis call themselves as teachers(experts) of “India’s ancient RajaYoga” and cheat peoples of both India and abroad. This will reduce the deterioration of both physical and mental healths to some extent. nobody knows about God. Even a handicapped. The knowledge given in BKWSU is free of cost for all irrespective of cast. non-material or non- physical. That’s all! Right Knowledge and Love towards God is the key to success. creed. Today many saints. Hence speech is sometimes included with physical action. religion and status of the people. incognito. Speech and physical actions(movements). Action is the combination of Thoughts. The things needed to this are pure mind and intellects. he may have to clarify doubts. Complete Knowledge is present only during Confluence Age. Speech and physical actions are direct and open. prostitute if ready to transform self) can achieve the highest status just by will(determination). So it is not wrong to say that ‘Something is better than Nothing. [*MDC topic No. (During other periods(ages). **: RajaYoga is the ancient Yoga] [The saying. The highest aim can be known and effort can be done during this period only. secret).

” *Plenty of questions with negative emotions arise in waste actions or thoughts. highly or completely Pure. But if one is alone in home and there is curfew outside. [This is also mentioned in part I(**). *If you got hurt in an accident. one may not be responsible for his actions.broadly Actions can be classified as Thoughts and Actions(speech and physical actions). etc. Powerful. **}. In such cases. Do not shout after the dog ran away with the chapathy(roti)} .“What would have happened to my child? Where would have he gone! Might somebody have kidnapped him?. negative thinking starts. 1)Negative(Paapa =Sin): These are the actions done by the influence of vices Lust. So the attitude(related to thoughts) is more important than just the visible actions. there is no use of weeping.. The five types of thoughts/actions are: 1)Negative. 3)Ordinary.. But in some cases. Effect of a thought is seen in Speech and Actions. {More in topic No. This is like getting a heavy blow.God! What and why this disease has come to me? Will I be cured or not?. We see. A beggar does it with hopeless state. Such actions tire a soul(us) immediately. etc”. Vicious. all the three are clubbed together and just termed as actions. He may be just executing an order. hear and talk many useless matters. But narrating with emotions is waste and foolishness! Do not see a problem with a convex lens(magnifier). Criminal or sinful 2)Waste. Let us know in detail. Hence sometimes. If son or daughter is matured and does not obey parents’ directions then parents have to act cautiously. Anger. 5)Positive. or occurence of severe faults or short circuits in the system. Hence such actions are called sin or crime. Thoughts are seeds. Eg: Soldier firing or Police punishing a criminal. patiently. The author suggests creating thoughts of determination. But the bus conductor does it with authority to demand money to issue the ticket]. Do not cry over the spit milk. narrate the incident to doctor. But if the attitude is negative. Speech and Actions are the trees. Eg: A beggar as well as a bus conductor put their hand forward. *If the outside atmosphere is bad. which will increase power in action. he also becomes responsible. {The author does not say to ignore the matter. Eg: *Thinking emotionally during a disease: “Oh. 2)Waste(Vyartha): These are Waste or Unnecessary actions. Negative actions reduce Soul Power drastically. then act wisely. *If the child did not return home in time. 4)Limitedly good or pure. the person is not responsible for the action. Elevated.

if the attitude is wrong. people after attending parties. Even when we donate to poor. Because there is no effort to sacrifice vices or sins. working under stress. [Any small stress is an indication of waste thoughts. One feels delightness temporarily]. A person watching a movie of a cricket match without any attachment is an ordinary action. *When a player plays naturally. we become restless. There are no question marks that produce fear or anxiety. sleeping. But when expectation takes place in his mind. scientist. negativity enters even in ordinary actions. If negative actions are like consuming poison and waste actions are like consuming alcohol or having/taking burden]. Hence after churning waste thoughts. eating heavily. In waste thoughts. They continue to commit sin and get sorrow. working with greed of money. These are the actions necessary to sustain (related to) the body and maintain bodily relations.s research for bad deeds. negativity enters. etc also fall under this category. there is more negativity. There is no selfish motive.*Commenting about people who are not related to me (Eg: Politicians). But. But this is not a pure action. there is a little negativity. talking about gossips. When a player considers the opponent as enemy. Then . etc. This creates a lot of waste thoughts that makes him heavy and restlessness]. lazyness. Eg: Student’s negative competition. playing with happiness. there is happiness(this is equivalent to ordinary action). eating non- vegetarian food. drinking alcohol. [In many cases. etc come under this category. when the same is playing to break other’s record just for ego satisfaction. there is limited negativity. etc are waste things. Many beggars have bad habits. fear of Boss or losing job. Here the future is almost certain. mosque. an employee’s official work. But. There is no tiredness to mind. 4)Limited positive (mitavaada punya karma): Money donated to temple. *A student studying or a scientist’s research work. 3)Ordinary (saadhaarana): Routine works such as eating. seeing nature’s beauty. There is no gain or loss in soul power(actually there is small loss. bathing. when come home feel tired instead of being energetic. charitable institutions. etc come under this category. Hence one is able to work daily for eight to ten hours comfortably. cooking food in kitchen. This is like a leakage or wandering. Here one helps another. drinking. those poor people do not change their habits. It is like ageing). There is helping attitude. going to picnic. employees being jealous or suspicious of each other. church.

in a disturbing manner. But. In fact. They consume natural resources. This chain reaction makes the world pure. *If you donate some money to a beggar and the beggar commits sins like purchasing alcohol. *Orinary action is like driving car properly. *Limited positive deed is like offering a lift to a person in my car and driving normally. This converts hell back to Heaven. inculcating (imbibing) spiritual knowledge and helping in spreading spiritual message is the real action of charity. if a person donates for charity. So. there is no knowledge about the goal. if there is selfish desire or ignorance. But in all these cases. the action may be sinful. If I become pure. a lazy beggar will not work. or to get can they be benifited by the limited donations? Even if we donate. zero or may even negative in some cases. Hence donating wealth to others is a limited positive action. then you will accumulate sin. [*Negative deed is like committing accident. ------- 33)Intensity(power) of positive thoughts is much more than negativity: . the donation may make him lazier. shreshtha karma) {Unlimited good actions}: This is to become pure and/or helping others to become pure. Eg: If the person (donor) wishes his name to be printed in a board. This pure action restores entropy. **Elevated action is like driving the car towards goal and guiding(as well as offering lift) others also towards goal (purification process). Elevated Soul is like a Light House. There is sacrifice of sinful actions and thoughts for the future and clearance of past debits (burning of sins of previous births). I can help others to become pure. They had opened accounts in different banks.donation should be given to a pious(pure) person). *Waste action is driving the car non-uniformly. then the fruit will become lesser. This needs real knowledge. The fruit for such actions are limited and for one (present or next) birth only. There are incidents where some beggars’ income was equal to a middle class person. This is actually buiding up of divine character. The beggar will start loving the job of begging. This is purification of soul. 5)Elevated Actions (aparimita Punya Karma. or smoking cigarettes. (That is why there is a saying. They are just living(driving). *Just to compete with somebody. his action(donation) will yield no fruit.

how much time one can do lustful actions or express anger by shouting? In few minutes. There after it again takes 2500 more years to drain the vessel of power of the soul to the minimum]. 2)Even to express ego one has to wait for opportunity. Body is different than soul. Poverity. Just sinful thoughts(sin only in mind) is not fully effective:. there is fear of disclose of truth in future. 4)There is always some fear while committing sin. handicapness. Just by remembrance of pure things. Diseases. the person will get exhausted and love(surrender to) peace(will take rest). Family problems. {Impure body means body created by lust. It is impossible for a soul to commit sin in the state of soul- conscious]. etc make the sinner weak. 3)Laws prevent or check sinful actions. just by remembering God we become pure. The main reason is that the soul is completely different than the body. So if a soul develops disinterest towards impure actions (impure body and bodily relations). [Simple living and High thinking]. For example. Originality is the complete Truth. Hence one feels restlessness and/or guilty after committing sin.Eg: 1)A thief may create a lot of negative thoughts. Actions are related to body. It is so powerful that even if it is performing action through the body from the beginning. sin cannot continue. Righteous action is nothing but doing normal actions with elevated thoughts. Sometimes. there is no real danger or loss. no sin occurs for a period of the first 2500 years (Golden and Silver Age)! It takes 2500 years to make a small hole in the vessel. Hence. he does not incur much sin. All the personalities after Copper Age have impure bodies. This puts limit to or decreases intensity of sinful actions intermittently. If the body is weak or organs are tired. If he does not commit theft. While speaking lies. [Actually it takes nearly 5000 years for a completely pure diety soul to become completely impure. or if he does not get opportunity. the sinner feels guilty or loses confidence. It is being in . God is the one who is everpure. A sin is completed through organs of the body. It took nearly 2500 years and 63(21+42) births to make the deities completely impure from that stage. Deities only have pure bodies}. Becoming pure means becoming original. Original nature of the soul is purity. [Due to body-conscious one commits sin. or if he is not bold enough to do theft. purity keeps on building. it becomes pure.Human souls started committing sin from Copper Age. But till he commits theft. There is no need of specific physical action to perform righteous things.

the state of self(soul) conscious. Just by considering self
as a tiny point soul and thinking(loving) God will purify
us. That is- realization of Self and the Supreme.
One cannot do sin in a carefreely. There is always
fear of something. But there is no fear of anything in
remebrance of God. To remember God, one has to use just
mind and intellects. They are parts (faculties) of the
Soul. Therefore effect of old age, disease or physical
conditions of body on positive thinking will be much less
than negative thinking. One’s mind and intellects go on
powerful as he travels on the path of truth(mind becomes
powerful and even the disturbance of bodily organs
reduces). But bodily organs go on weakening as one proceeds
in the path of sin. Even the state of mind becomes weak.
[It is like this: As a person advances in the path of
truth, his headload of sin becomes lighter and his muscle
power increases. So, his speed and confidence go on
increasing. As he is proceeding towards goal, there is also
the true enjoyment. Another thing is, the path of truth is
straight and is the cheapest. Hence any person irrespective
of cast, creed, religion, status, health, handicap, etc can
do righteous actions!. But in the path of sin, it is not
so. The burden on head increases and the muscle power
decreases. Hence the speed of positiveness is much higher
than negativity].
(Even a small candle of light can remove the darkness
of any amount in its vicinity. Any amount of darkness
cannot influence the candle flame. Darkness comes due to
the lack of power in the candle. Hence just by the real
knowledge and faith one can remove darkness in mind).
[Positive versus negative: It takes nearly 5000 years
to discharge the battery of the soul. But it takes only one
birth to recharge or restore the entropy! To create hell,
negative thoughts of all the souls for large duration are
needed. But heaven is created by the positive thoughts of
very less number of souls that too of very less
duration(one birth)! At the time of Confluence Age(end of
hell), when God descends, very few souls understand God and
follow His directions. Righteous actions or positive
thoughts of these few special souls re-establish heaven.
Hence these souls are called as Master Creators]. {This is
the reason why population in heaven is less}. [**].
As mentioned just before positive will always
influence negative. But reverse need not be always true.
Sun can remove darkness. Darkness cannot affect Sun. So if
one has the little knowledge that “I am a soul different
than body, he cannot be influenced by anything”. But if one

is interested in body, he loses the knowledge(forgets the
real self). Getting interest in bodyconsciousness is as
good as turning off the candle light(suicide)! Hence all
depend on the knowledge, faith, determination or effort of
self. Hence complaining on others is usually wrong and
To create negative actions like violence, wars, etc,
one needs support of physical weapons, help of much many
people or soldiers, etc. That is, a single person cannot
harm society without other’s support. But to influence
positively, there is no need of physical weapon or others’
support. Many great saints or religious fathers like
Ibrahim, Jesus, Buddha have INDIVIDUALLY influenced
millions of people without any support or dependency. Hence
doing good deeds is easier than committing crimes.
34) Meaning of Master Creator:
It is already said that God does not create heaven
just by his own power. [Already explained in topic No…].
God gives directions (complete knowledge) to purify hell.
We know that Hell is created by negative thoughts.
Following God’s directions means creating positive
thoughts. This purifies self and the environment. So there
is help from God and also the individual effort of deity
souls(in their past births = BKs).
[Take the example of a farmer. The farmer sows seed.
In development of the seed there is need of sunlight and
water(rain). So, it is the power of Sun that nourishes.
[Refer back to topic No.** to see the meaning of creator]
So, sun is the real creator. But without sowing the seed,
it cannot grow. The farmer sows the seed. So, there is
farmer’s contribution also. Farmer’s effort and Sun’s power
together contribute to the development of the seed.
Similarly in changing hell into heaven (or heaven to
hell), the seed is positive thought. Rajayogis or BKs only
create positive thoughts. In cultivation, the role of the
farmer is NOTHING when compared to Sun. Farmer does not
give any output. He just makes (or helps) the seed or the
plant capable of absorbing Sun’s power. He just puts the
seed in the required environment. He does not create any
energy. But, if the farmer’s act is compared with a
ordinary, lazy, criminal person, it is GREAT. The farmer’s
work becomes the most important.
Similarly, Master Creators are zero when compared to
God. But when compared with other souls(human beings) who
are not ready to sacrifice vices, the deity souls
(RajaYogis= Master Creators) are GREAT. Like the farmer is

called the creator of the tree, these diety souls are
called as Master Creators of Heaven.
*Sun gives us food. Sun does not eat food. Similary
God creates heaven. But he does not enjoy heaven. *Farmer
has full right to enjoy the fruit. Similarly Master
Creators get permit to enter Heaven. *Others also eat food
produced by farmer. Similarly all the souls enjoy the same
physical nature created(recharged) by the Master Creators.
35)Why population in heaven is less? OR Why all do not
(cannot) enter heaven?
Heaven is creation of God. It is God’s property.
Without understanding God one is not true(complete) child
of God. Hence he is not eligible for complete birthright.
The effort makers(BKs) are less in number.
In heaven there is no place for vices. So those who
dislike and sacrifice vices only become eligible to enter
heaven. At the end of Iron Age, all are influenced by
Maya(vices). All do not attempt to love God and sacrifice
the five vices. In fact the vices are great friends of man
[But all the other souls will be at paramdham(Supreme
Abode) when deity souls are in heaven. Deity Souls
experience more happiness. Other souls get more peace as
they remain in world of Silence (Paramdham). So during the
first 2500 years of a Kalpa(Time Cycle) there is no pain to
any soul].
All do not really wish to go to heaven.
*Sanyaasis(Mainly Indian saints) try to attain Moksha
(permanent liberation). They do not believe happiness at
all. They say happiness is equivalent to droppings of
crow(*). Theirs is nivrutttimarg. They make only one
gender(male) pure. They say “woman is door to hell”. Some
say ‘I am God(Shivoham)’. Some(advaita philosophy) say all
are illusion. They sacrifice family, and other relations
and run away from the society. But heaven is a society. It
is a world family.
*All are interested in limited material pleasure in
this Iron Aged world. People beg rain, money, house, good
wife/husband, and wordly things from God. Even in Bhakti,
devotees spend money, time and energy to perform different
special yajnas and poojas(a method of worship) for
fulfillment of limited pleasures and comforts. No devotee
or those who claim to be believer of God of any religion
preaches to sacrifice sins and build up real character
(*Christians say just to belive in blood of the mortal body
of Jesus! *Muslims say to follow orders of Allah. But they

But in home. the lady will be in husband conscious than President consciousness. A son of General Manager will bow his head in his office to show his respect. The lady has two relations with him. he will definitely get faith in this knowledge and become BK. Because that is more stronger. A RY will consider his wife also as soul and not as a woman. he may be sitting on his father’s head. His consciousness will be soul consciousness. police force. So actually it is like pretending in front of public. Husband and wife live together without lust. This knowledge will help him conquer lust. it clear that all are interested in limited and vicious (sinful) happiness.wife and President. They do not know HIS real form at all! There is no purity in their life. the first relation is everything. attachment and all the vices. There is no fear or symptom of any disease. When a person gets spiritual knowledge. Heaven is the place where there is unlimited happiness (complete absence of sorrow). So a real RY will consider/see his family members also as spiritual beings(souls). But for her. It has highest value. Who can imagine (think of) such a world? (This is part of real HIGH THINKING] If one gets faith that such a high(pure) world could exist. There is no need to observe celibacy or vegetarian food in Islam!) So. The lady will give preference to the first relation. In public places when she deals with him. she will pay respect just to satisfy others. There are no hospitals. Official relation is silly when compared to personal relation. Their respect (shown in public) has no value for both the lady and the President (or the son and the General Manager). There is no pain during delivery. Followers of all religions belive in human beings (individual religious heads) rather than sacrificing vices. The stool and urines also do not emit bad smell. The reason is simple. . OR River Ganges(Ganga) is not Purifier: -------- 37)Reality about Relation: Suppose say husband of a lady is President of the country. he realizes spiritual relation. Even while acting in front of public. Else how can one expect seat in heaven for them? ------- 36*)Souls will not be purified by taking bath in Water. The body does not emit bad smell.donot know how to remember Allah.

He creates(purifies) us and gives gives us property. Even saints. etc and heavenly kingdom for 2500 years) as their birthright. sanyaasis. In normal life. a rich person adopts a child. the importance of spiritual relation can be realized.** that God is the real father. the child’s love. This brings considerable change in their life. The expectation is that she should be a good wife to her husband. The souls who hear(receive) Godly Knowledge and understand it realize God and truth. tolerance. They give up vices and try to purify themselves. In the above example. [Usually poor people do not adopt. There is effort in becoming real child of God. Similarly. there is effort from the child. then even if she fails to maintain official relation (project or show off herself in public as President’s wife) it is immaterial. etc are changed. his duty is almost completed(*). [Actually sarvasambandh= all relations **] They feel properties of God(truth =knowledge. thinks of the property of its new father. if the lady fails to (*nibhaanaa) maintain official relation with the President(husband) it is not treated as fault. happiness. Hence they are creators]. So it is clear that powerful people adopt. these all attributes change. One has to develop faith and develop love towards God. adoption brings great change in a child’s life. The method of creation is called adoption. Gurus adopt(convert into their system) normal people. -------------------- 38)God’s Creation is also called as Adoption: It is mentioned in topic No. Change of father( and relations) without death is called adoption. So if she performance is satisfactory in personal relation(wife). It has to . souls those accept God as their real father determine to bring complete positive change in their life. the child after adoption. identity. Similary if a RY maintains spiritual relation(Universal Brotherhood). In normal life. Here also one (effort maker) considers God as true father after realizing Godly knowledge. purity. His relation becomes spiritual with others after adoption(getting knowledge). property. After adoption. Drastic change occurs in an adoption. peace. Similarly a RY gets intoxication of his property of liberation in life for 21 births. bliss. From this example. Even in adoption. Similarly. They consider themselves as soul and feel God as their father. after getting Godly knowledge. power.

he cannot realize God. Else he would be a handicapped BK. This needs practice(meditation). This change is the real spiritual birth. There after he remains King of his body and nature for a period of 2500 years(in heaven). If the child is attached to the old father. The only way is to establish relation with God and forget all the bodily relations. Man is both creator and Creation: God influences everything. he can get rid of the attachments and develop faster. There is bondage in all realtions at least to some extent which goes on increasing till end of Iron Age. He is not influenced by anything.tranform its love from the previous father to the new father. In the end of iron Age. But as soon as a soul surrenders to God(remembers God with love). When Man is surrenders himself to God. Hence he is just(and Highest) creator. Nature is fully pleasant in heaven. Similarly if a BK gives more weightage to mind and intellects(soul) than just the bodily relations. ------- 40*)God makes us completely dependent and completely independent: God is the hero actor in Confluence Age. Second step is change in consciouness. If one does not put effort to remove body-consciousness after getting Godly knowledge. everybody has to become pure. In adoption. Hence . So. it gets real peace. to the extent one turn to soul consciousness. the child realizes the new father. If the child becomes ready to lose(or forget) attachment in old relations. it becomes easy for it to maintain new relation. he realizes his new father(Godfather). he becomes Master Creator. Hence every soul has to surrender(its mind and intellects) to God to become pure. happiness and bliss. In this case also. it cannot realize its new father. Hence human souls are both creator as well as creation. Here also there is effort in detaching the bodily relations and establishment of spiritual relation. To the extent the child’s consciousness changes. the first step in spirituality is getting knowledge(FAITH). ----- 39) God is just Creator. But in hell it causes disturbances by natural calamaties. He will not realize supersensous joy(highest bliss). there is role of both the new fathr and the child that undergoes adoption. Then man becomes slave to his body and nature for the next 2500 years (in hell). Man gets influenced as well as influences.

Hence God is the only one and real Donor. 5)One can fiind wealth only in Temples but not in church or mosques. should merge in God’s love. other religions get extra benefits by law. This requires creation of positive thoughts. population in heaven is less. Even in RajaYoga. One after realizing importance of God. Those who cannot develop such high thoughts will not pass in those exams. It has loved other religions more than its own. But India did not attack any other country or religions. Even British people tried to make India weak by all means. Energy starts filling in the soul. Hence becoming dependent of God is the real independence. the high scorers are few in number. One should determine to sacrifice vices. the level of education becomes higher. As the thinking level goes high. This is an indication that if a . He has to change wrong his habits accumulated in 2500 years. ---------- 41)Why India alone becomes complete heaven? In a class.which country is selected for heaven? One will realize this by the study of Indian history.S. I. 1)India is the country that has given shelter to all the religions. 2)Deities are being worshipped in India alone.there is instant liberation from all bondages.A. They divided and ruled India. This indicates that India was full of richness. Dependency to God fills power in self as well as in universe.S. Indian Kings have shown greatest mercy even to the merciless Kings of other religion and countries (Eg: King Pruthviraj to Ghori Mohammad) 4)Other religions converted Indians to their religions by temptation and force.P. Heaven gets re- established and the whole universe becomes independent of God. Since the number of effort makers is less. Now the question is. This imples that deties were in India alone. Eg: They cut fingers of weavers of Muslin cloth. They destructed many monuments of India. There is need of high intellect. I. all the bondages are removed.S exams is also less. The pain. So less geographical area is sufficient. The praise of India is greatest. God fills energy in Confluence Age. The number of candidates who pass in I. That is- the old resolves should be changed fully. stress. 3)Many religions have attacked India and taken a lot of wealth from India. They made handicapped of those who had extraordinary talents and arts. one has to change 100%. Since it becomes capable oof forgetting body. In India. burden are forgotten. They were jealous of India.(makes others also independent).C.

The place is Mount abu. Tippu Sultan. says that Lust is the biggest enemy. ------ .explained shortly). The meaning is. glory of India is also unlimited. It has given shelter to more than 100 crore population. 12)Today in western countries. So it is clear that 1)there is need of less space in heaven as population is less. This is the reason why Indians(Hindus) do not know their religious father and religion at all. Indians celebrate God’s divine birth (ShivaRatri. [God incarnates in India]. Buddha are known. 7)Above all these. Such purity can never be found in other religions. It says. The dates of Ibrahim. One can see vast difference National anthem of India and other countries. As glory of God is unlimited. Anger and Greed are doors to hell. else. 11) Other religions(Eg. Jesus. deities are defamed. Rajasthan which is the head quarters of PBKIVV (or BKWSU). 8)Other religions say lust was not in the God’s creation (Adam and Eve). The pictures of deities are put in chappals and toilets!. Lust. Indians say. Mumammad Gazani. the word ‘Incarnation’ is speciality of Indian philosophy. India is the real pilgrimage(sacred place) for all religions. There will be population all the time. But many other country people pray to God to bless people of their country or religion. But the history of India is older than any other country. Mohammad of Gazni looted Indian Temples 17 times! 6)Indian scriptures say that purity (celibacy and vegetarian food habits) are necessary to realize God. 14)While praying. In other religions.’ Such high thinking is not in any other scripture.let ALL PEOPLE be happy. the highest and most pure scripture available today. Hence India is the birthplace of God. that place is India! The one who loves India can love the whole world. he is his own friend. 14)India never becomes empty. F Hussain has drawn nude pictures of deities! How can heaven get established in places where there is just disrespect for deities! 13)Books of Nalanda University were looted and destroyed by other nations. But their scripture do not say that conquering lust is necessary to reach heaven! But the Bhagavadgeeta. he will also get richness.person follows religion. *Famous personality like M. there is no such thing. and many more) have destructed temples in India. 9)Bhagavadgeeta says ‘One is friend or enemy of his own. one is his own enemy. If one sacrifices vices.“Sarve jano sukhino bhavantu”. 2)By chance.All the other religions got established later. People of such negative mentality shoud be ashamed of themselves. 10)Another thing is.

Countless books of Nalanda University were burnt. when the deity souls lost their purity(soul conscious stage) in hell. (But still India has helped other poor countries in their crisis). Still there is extraordinary tolerance in Hindu religion. India has never attacked any other country by itself. In every human or ordinary religion (religion established by human beings like Ibrahim. The deity religion is so powerful that it does not fight with any religion. God’s introduction was not known at that time. there is no need of scriptures). But all the other religions had manufacturing defect by birth itself. There was no disease(Vices) or violence at all. [*MDC India should become poor **]. In heaven. But other religions fight for power. It is carefree about itself. etc). This indicates that they were completely religious. Foreigners used to come to India for higher studies. Hence medicines(scriptures) also were with them by birth. Hence. There was one-ness. people started worshipping God . he cannot be worshipped in any physical form. Worshipping physically(externally) is a clear indication of ignorance. That religion is related to soul. Now poor India is begging alms with foreign countries in the form of Loans. one cannot find a completely pure and satisfied person. It was rich till British rule. It loves and remembers its father). Everyone was vice-less in that religion. Buddha. So. there was no other religion.Religion is Might. it got the name Hindu. There is a saying. There are problems and discrepancies in every religion (After Copper Age). Right thing is to remember God with purity and love. Glory of India cannot be compared to others. Innumerable attacks took place from outside. But in Copper Age sorrow began and Bhakti started. Jesus. Not only that even after countless attacks India has been non- violent.42)Highest Religion and Country: Adi Sanatana Devi Devata Dharma (Deity Religion) is the highest religion. (A child does not worship its father. Such a power is possible only in the mightiest religion. Hence. Even scriptures of some religions comment or target other religions. See the jealous of others and Glory of India. It completely fits to Deity Religion. Bharat(India) has not developed enmity with other country or religions. But the Deity Religion did not had scripture at all (In heaven. -------- 43)About idol worship: God has no corporeal form. That is they complain about and fight with other religions.

then what is right? Do they know form of God? What do they while praying? Where do their mind and intellects get concentrated during prayer? How do they think of God? If one cannot answer these. plants. But they hate other religions. ego and ignorance! Their mind is like wild horse. Many Muslim children have been named as Saddam Hussain (to keep memory of a vicious human being)! All are interested in idols(human beings). if one is not ready to give up vices and complain others about idol worship is like having jealous. This threat is shaking corners of the whole world. The one God was cut/split into many Gods! Hence it is clear that Path of Bhakti makes hell deeper. Islam hates idol worship. Indians do maximum idol worship. Doing idol worship of God in the form of Ling(without body shape) is like drinking water. They made Indian Kings quarrel among themselves more. Some Christians praise Jesus more than Godfather. When body-consciousness increased. They put postures of Saddam Hussain. But ignorance . Christians have different Churches. They are harmless to other religions. trees. mind will wander and will become restless. hatredness. people started worshipping God in human form(deities). That too. snakes. That is why there are countless Gods. he has no right to criticize idol worship. If one does not know God’s real introduction. which is lesser in other religions. Just see: how restless are they! *Jesus told ‘Love others as you love yourself’. give love and respect to others. trees. egoless feelings. But many Hindus have pure. it is better to do idol worship. Doing idol worship of deities is like drinking impure water. etc. corporeal(stone= ling) form. Idol worship of animals. etc are like drinking alcohol. But one who does not worship anything is like fasting. Majority of Terrorists belong to Islam. plants. Otherwise. Remembering God is like drinking nectar. (Copper Age becomes Iron Age) Some critiseze idol worship is wrong and hate those who do idol worship. Blindfaith is highest in Hindus. Muslims also highlight Mohammad Prophet. There is a boundary for them. But British people divided India. ghosts. Hence they tolerate others. Nobody is really interested in God]. If idol worship is wrong. [Those who hate Idol worship actually do more idol worship!. innumerable procedures and rituals in Hinduism. Colleges in the name of different saints. Later they started worshipping animals. One can see the result.

no divinity is filled in them and hence such souls(majority) do not get entry into heaven. Change in these souls (Master Creators) brings the necessary change in the whole universe. God’s mission will be completed. [** Student Life is the best life]. Other deity souls realize God to a lesser extent by imbibing lesser knowledge and being weak in loving God. To the extent a soul realizes God.about their true religion (Deity) made their mind wander to the highest extent. The other souls repent and get vision of God just for a short period in the end. Master Creator Souls realize God fully by knowledge and complete love. ------ 46)The first child (creation) of God: All are dependent on God in this world drama. But. ----- 44*Not necessary)How God fills power in souls? God is the only real creator. Hence. Hence filling of power takes place during Confluence Age only. India has a very low status. There is either peace or happiness for the next 2500 years for all the souls. God does not differentiate anybody. Company of God fills power in souls. by default. Since there is no effort by such souls. energy is filled in it. All love or pray God in one or other form. They get purified by punishment. All receive property from God. But. When they reach the goal. Company of body or nature decreases the soulpower. At present. ------ 45)‘Self Transformation leads to World Transformation’ is the motto of Master Creators: God does not purify hell all by himself. Hence power is filled by realization of God. He helps in transformation or purtification of the existing human souls. But the degree of love towards God varies from person(soul) to person. It made India slave and beggar at the near end of Iron Age. all get satisfied in the end. Every soul realizes God before returning to Parmadham. Rest of the time in the time cycle. this filled energy is consumed. Hence Master Creators’ aim is to change self. [But there is at least some extra ordinary blindfaith in other religions: They say God will come and wake up the deadbodies! They preserve deadbodies! More **]. the variation in love of individual towards God makes souls . all souls are children of God. Hence they realize God to the highest extent.

Mahatma Gandhiji is the father of nation of Inida. AdiDev. It is the number one hero actor in this world drama. But Brahma is the No. Those who do not believe in God will find difficult in believing these religious fathers. The reason is. **]. They can give only on the name of God. He is the Father of Humanity or Great Great Grandfather. Other fathers do not give anything of their own. Hence they are called as religious fathers]. That soul scores highest mark in RajaYoga. God incarnates in his body and changes his name as Prajapita Brahma. In the end((near . the Spiritual Father and the other limited. For example. They all are dependent on God. they believe in soul. He is not influenced by any human soul. He is NEXT to GOD. Just by remembrance(love) one becomes eligible to get property from his physical or Supreme father. [That soul is called as Adam in other religion… see topic No. It is the same soul existing in the body of Dada LekhRaj during its 83rd birth at the end of Iron Age. They are guides and/or mediators(*). It again becomes Sri Narayan in the coming new Era. That soul is the first Sri Narayan of Golden Age. Even though some religions do not believe in God.these two fathers give property to their children. But all the human souls are(or will be in near future) influenced by Brahma and hence their rank is lower than Brahma. They believe in some special state after death. These religious fathers are the highest personality in their religion. There is direct relation between a child and its physical father as well as any soul with the Supreme Soul. ------ 47)Why Brahma is called as Father of Humanity? Actually there are only two fathers. He is the most influencing personality. 1 human actor. He is called as the first child of God. Mahaveer in other philosophies. The second rank is the soul of first SriLakshmi(Also called as Eve). [Every religion is like a family in itself. Knowledge given by God is digested fully(maximum possible extent) by him.One is unlimited.number-wise. the Physical(bodily) father. They preach about God. Brahma is known as first father(pitaamah) in Hindu philosophy or Adam in Christian philosophy. National father is the highest personality for the citizens of that country from one or few dimensions. Every nation has such a father. One who has maximum love towards God realizes God to the maximum possible extent.

(after God) Brahma is the most efficient in showing the right path. gives knowledge to) children (souls) through Brahma’s mouth. form. He is the one who surrendered 100% to God. Hence. Similarly. ----- . So in fact they are definitely beneficial to human society. ---------- 48)Brahma is also the first Mother of Humanity: God first adopts Brahma by entering in his body. They are like good teachers for human souls. These souls are the direct creation of God. Hence they get maximum property(heaven). Hence God creates other souls through Brahma. all the souls will realize God’s incarnation and at that time Brahma’s position also will be revealed). before destruction of the present Iron Aged world. God is also automatically remembered to some extent(*). Brahma is like Mother. He is just a media or guide. whenever we think of Him. He adopts other souls by speaking through mouth of Brahma. He is the real model to all human beings. faith or courage to follow good path in life. They understand God’s name. then he can get into the track by Brahma’s life history. So even though Brahma or the religious fathers cannot give us anything of their own.future. So Brahma is both Unlimited Corporeal father and Unlimited Corporeal Mother. If one is weak and gets confused in the path of spirituality. Because Brahma’s life history is like a clean mirror and perfect guide. father creates children through mother. Similarly after realizing God and TC. There is no need to remember Brahma. In a family. One will understand how far he is from the goal. there is no need of Brahma. God creates (speaks. Their relation to God is the closest. duties. He is like a postman who helps in getting Godfather’s message. place. One can realize both self as well as the goal by reading Brahma’s life history. Once you receive the letter. there is no need of postman. So. No property is received from Brahma. By their life history. Hence Brahma is like unlimited Corporeal Mother of the souls. Anybody who follows him will reach the real goal. they do show path towards God or teach at least some morality for life. Hence our heartly love should go towards the MOST BELOVED INCORPREAL GOD FATHER SHIVA. Hence Brahma is born by incarnation(entrance into body) of God and all other souls of divine family (deity souls) are Brahma’s mouth born progeny (children).one gets inspiration. They listen and follow Godly versions. Hence. qualities. time.

12 in Silver Age. [Note that at present. It is the spiritual birth. Thus they take 83(=8+12+21+42) physical births (through mother’s womb). 84th birth is the result of Confluence Age(Spiritual Knowledge). So. 21 in Copper Age and 42 in Iron Age. ** topic No. This birth due to adoption by Godfather Himself is called the spiritual birth. change of physical body brings change in all the relations and is termed as a new ‘physical birth’. **]. The relations change completely. The soul sheds the old(present) body and takes new body by entering into its new mother’s womb. One can do benefit self and universe to the maximum possible extent only when he gets spiritual birth. Others discharge as usual as their relation is just with body and materials. So. At the end of 83rd birth they receive Godly knowledge and realize Godfather through the divine knowledge. both Iron Age and Confluence Age are running together. This change in belief is due to the effect of Godly knowledge. Similarly. There is no change of body. Those who practice RajaYoga are in Confluence Age and those who do not practice are in Iron Age. Very few(BKs) get this birth. But after getting Godly knowledge he treats everybody as a soul. Hence it is the MOST PRECIOUS. The physical body is the same in 83rd and 84th birth. drastic change in belief is the spiritual birth. The change is is in the soul(mind and intellect). Hence such a birth is called as worthful diamond. Brahma is the name of the 84th birth. ------- . Previously he was considering everybody as body. Dada LekhRaj is the name of the 83rd birth. Those who take 84 births take 8 in Golden Age. The souls that come to the physical world in the beginning of Golden Age only get 84 births (Others descend later and hence get lesser births). It is like this: Sun has risen (God has incarnated). Those who are awakened are in brightness (Confluence Age). This birth is given by God(godly knowledge). He comes to light from darkness. Those who are in the sleep of ignorance are blind and are still in darkness(Iron Age).49)History of 84 births: A human soul can take a maximum of 84 births. Shedding (leaving) the old body is called death and taking a new body is called as birth. [Hence it is said Human birth is rare. Those who are in Confluence Age are charging their soul battery as they have relation with the Almighty and establish spiritual relationship.

If I consider it to be mine. In heaven. {Hence such kings are known as attachment- free Kings(moh_jeet Raja)}. This attitude puts end to real independence(liberation in life) and human beings try to conquer one another and lose their energy. There is feeling of I. Man becomes body- conscious and ego enters. 53)Deepest Karma Philosophy: In an organization. But after the first half of the Kalpa (after 2500 years) the heaven becomes hell. one has to work to earn for his livelihood. c)third position is religious fathers. etc eventhough everything is given by God. Hence no karmic account gets created. 51)How karmic account is created? From the toic No. After Copper Age. man fears to man more than to God(sin). karmic account. People praise deities and religious fathers more than God and some . There is no effort to be done in Heaven. b)second position is double crowned deity Kings. ego. etc. From Copper Age. **. it is wrong. middle class people and low class people. mine. Hence after Copper Age. Hence there is burden. people begin to think this is mine and that is yours. But there is no feeling of giving and taking. This adds mixture(vices) to the food and impurity enters. So one gets influenced by the other and also tries to influence. In hell. Each considers God’s property(the nature) as human property. then high class people. you. e)fifth position is todays politicians and multimillionaires. bondage. Nature is servant there. This increases sorrow. Purity.50) Complete Godly birthright is for 21 births: It is said that God fills energy for the whole period of 5000 years. a)highest is God. each employee should praise or give highest respect to the owner(Boss)[since he is the highest] and then to others numberwise. They do not have ego (I-Mine duality). SriKrishna or SriNarayan is number one in them (next to God). d)fourth position is single crowned Kings (Kings after Copper Age). it is clear that everything really belong to God. peace and prosperity for 21 births is spiritual birthright of every soul. etc. his. deities cooperate each others. attachment. So complete liberation can be enjoyed felt for a maximum of 21 births. karmic account begins because of wrong consciousness. Bondage goes on increasing.Universal Truth. yours. 52)Different Personalities: In this world drama(TC). One birth in the present Confluence Age +8 births in Golden Age +12 births in Silver Age. so on.

Signs of destruction of Iron Age are clear and the rehearsal is going on. [In heaven. [Presently the world is in a war-like situation. Giving seat of Boss to an employee(let him be the top most one) on the stage is a great mistake. There should not be sign of sin or vice. Boss. but deities were religious!]. courts. SriRama etc) as God is a great mistake.consider these deities themselves as God! This is defaming God. Paramdham is the place of complete purity. as they are the one who begin committing sin from the . if the Boss is not invited. bars. each actor should act according to the Director. Deity souls accumulate maximum sin (21+ 42 = 63 births in 2500 years). So. all the souls have to return to their sweet home. Hence after Copper Age. 54)Call of time: At the end of Iron Age. Every soul that is playing part on the world drama stage(physical world) goes on accumulating sin since Copper Age. Hence bhakti influenced by body consciousness causes downfall of world. In a drama. cinema theatres. the organization as well as all the employees]. God and time are calling all the human beings to become pure. Paramdham. So considering even the pure deities(like SriKrishna. He should not be influenced by other actors. Man is acting worse than a beast]. We are not defaming deities or religious fathers. For example if in a function organized in the name of the company. Similary if we do any religious conference without knowing God’s introduction. there was no name of God. This is the call of (PRESENT) time. ** karma philosophy will help in understanding this more]. even though people have been worshipping God a lot. ------- 55)How to become pure? [The topic No. Everywhere there is threat of attacks. one defames everything including himself and hence loses self respect. Sin started from Copper Age. We are saying to give respect to each according to their real personalities. the soul should become pure. it is foolishness or a great mistake. So. Churches. people have become irreligious. [Praising employees more than the Boss or giving the sseat of Boss to the employee is defaming everything. now everybody should be ready to go back to Parandham. courts. before going there. Mosques. hospitals. So deviation from God means discharging and company of God means charging. resorts for peace and happiness. By defaming God. it is foolishness. That is why people start wandering from Copper Age onwards at Temples.

[In heaven. the sins should be burnt. just 108 souls burn their sins completely. his previous sins go on burning. The first method is full of gain and brings powerful. There is just loss(pain). There is ultimate enjoyment(bliss) in this method. We know that it takes nine months for the development of a baby in a mother’s womb. They are eligible to get the title SHREE (Great). After the last bell. Till the last bell rings. more sins get burnt. 2)By experience of circumstances like getting disease. natural and total change. They become fully worship worthy. we have opportunity to burn sins by the first method. Of the whole population. That is. there is both loss and gain. It is shame and loss. One realizes truth by bitter experience. Other souls descend from Paramdham later. but still better than the third and fourth methods. it gets vision of the sins it had committed in the past birth/s and punishment is given to it (like one realizes in dream). Then it remains in that body till ninth month and comes out of the mother’s body. There is the highest reward. The soul repents and begs pardon. The third method is getting punishment during baby state in mother’s womb. Wrong experience has accumulated sin. if any sin is still left. Whatever may be the amount of sin it should be cleared before going to Paramdham. They are the top most rankers. So their sins will be less. mother’s womb is like palace to the baby. he repents for his crime and changes his attitudes. When one gets old age. it forgets and starts committing sin! It does not learn anything from the punishment. it is a . The soul enters the mother’s body after around 5 months. But as soon as it comes out of its mother’s body. etc. getting problems like poverty. In hell. When the soul is present inside the mother’s body. When one gets disease. The ways to become pure(burn sin) are: 1)By experiencing(rememberance of) God. becoming handicapped. More the intensity and duration of remembrance. his ego reduces. it will have to be cleared by punishment. The second method is painful. Right experience will clear sin. If the person is ready to sacrifice sinful actions and love God. In the second method.beginning of Copper Age itself. 3)By experiencing punishment in mothers’s womb {In Copper and Iron Ages) and 4)By experiencing punishment during final judgement at the end of destruction of Hell. But there is no total change in personality.

energy. There is loss(pain) and also shame (like when the final result is declared). They become ready to change themselves. Hence they start burning their sins by remembering the most beloved God Father. Similarly the nine lakh souls get the degree of deitism with pass marks(35%). Even though they become most impure by the end of Iron Age. like in dream) to the required extent. There is no pain to the child or the mother before. Please note that all the nine-lakh souls do not succeed completely in this effort. But the deity souls realize their mistake as soon as they receive Godly knowledge. ** Burning hell]. If any sin is left at that time. Deity souls consume maximum but also donate to nature by creating positive thoughts. They think of God when they get difficulties. But very few get high percentage and attain perfection. When the last bell rings. one has to take punishment(forced by visions. In a class all have aim to become doctor. But anybody above the minimum marks gets degree. Topic no. They start worshipping God first and hence worship God to the maximum extent. Hence they get full birthright from God. But deity souls become ready to offer everything (time. They become instruments of God in restoring the entropy. Rest of the souls just consume(receive) from the nature. They become just citizens in heaven. during and after the delivery of the baby in heaven]. many of them(16108*) receive less punishment. They become interested in purity (God and heaven). The reason is very clear.jail. money. ------ 56)Fortune of Deity Souls: Every soul including the deity souls becomes devilish at the end of Iron Age. They are least egoistic. they readily agree that they are the most impure and start taking bath(in divine nectar of knowledge)]. In heaven. [There is no hell where fire is burning continuously as mentioned scriptures of other religions. there is no ego. As soon as they receive Godly knowledge. [Deity Souls accept everything simply. ------ 56)Why Master Creators get relived of punishment even if they become fully impure at the end? . vices. bad habits) to God. The other souls do not love God to that extent. The real glory is of the first 108 souls who do not get any punishment. They do not complain on anybody else (think negatively) in any situation. all the souls have to go back to Paramdham. So they have to become pure.

he is a fool] Deity souls commit mistake first. they are not just acceptors. . There is stress in every part and corner of the world. But other souls just receive. He is a donor. God restores the entropy. They commit sins when the nature has comparatively more resources. If one comes in the company of(loves and remembers) God. But please note that worshipworthy souls become the first worshippers since they first become impure. We know that today if population is decreased. most of the problems are solved automatically. He knows that all the elements of nature are polluted. wasting even a small amount of water is a big crime. So they start worshipping God. Population has exploded. acceptor. It is not easy to comment deity souls eventhough they accumulate maximum sins: One has to understand the importance of time. Hence such souls do not get pure body. All the human souls receive(enjoy) from nature. Else he is a consumer. Other souls descend from Paramdham later and also worship God and deities (or their respective religious fathers). Today the nature’s resources are exhausted to more extent. [When one has sufficient money. So man is doing sin to both society as well as to his own children. But please note that the deity souls also become worshippers after 2500 years when the heaven becomes hell. They do not help in restoring entropy. Still they produce children and force them to take burden. he may spend money abundantly. Other souls still add to the population even at the end period of Iron Age when there is scarsity for everything. ------- 57)Worship-worthy and Worshippers: Deities are worship worthy since both their body and the souls are pure. But when there is scarsity (shortage) of water. he is useful to the society. See how selfish the intelligent man is! All know that today new born child has to face more challenges than ever before. Other human souls are worshippers. But if one spends in the same way even when he is poor. but also donors. But very few souls(Master Creators) cooperate God in purifying the nature. Deity Souls observe celibacy and do not add to population. Hence. There after they start worshipping themselves(deities). Today man has more information than before. When there is sufficient quantity of water. Still people produce children. spending water lavishly is not considered as a big mistake. Their level of purity is much less. They repay to the universe what they have received.

But as soon as they become Braahmin (receive Godly knowledge). they determine to give up vices. ---- 58)Status of world is the status of Master Creators: When the Master Creator(hero. . the world turns into hell. It starts from Copper Age. They remember God and burn their sins. It has no sin it. Anybody who thinks of God is a sinner. but all others are degrading. Hence devotees are definitely sinners. power etc. So. They think of bringing change in the self. Top most deities experience liberation in life for 2500 years. become divine. Even the religious fathers become impure by committing sins as they come in rebirths and become worshippers in their later births. The level of purity of religious fathers like Ibrahim. So. even they will be like beggars. When deities play part in heaven (liberation in life). Difficulty is the result of sins. automatically they get status in Heaven. 60)Every soul gets liberation in life at least of a lesser degree: Any soul that descends from IW is a pure one. They stop praying to or begging from God like a devotee since they get direct link to God. So. [This is one of the reasons why some people today even in the end of Iron Age have good health. the world will be pure(heaven). When they become impure. 61)What is the aim. Worshippers worship statues or pictures of worship worthy souls. other souls take/have rest/peace in Paramadham. These souls have descended from Paramdham recently. Hence it initially will experience happiness and no sorrow. But those who sacrifice sins and remember God. Buddha is less than deity souls. But worshipping takes place when there is no worshipworthy souls. He never becomes worshipper. They are like watch(time) of the world drama(TC) 59)Devotees are Impure or Sinners: One prays to God when there is difficulty. status of the world is the status of Master Creator Souls. beauty. Jesus. At the end of Iron age. Wishing heaven is not selfishness. They do not get pure body. wealth. Even Brahmakumars are also impure.To enjoy heaven or to burn sins? The aim is to burn past sins. God is always worship-worthy since he remains everpure. there is no problem for any soul during that time. An honest Bk is progressing. Hence they have not accumulated much sin]. Other souls get liberation in life at least in the initial period of their first birth. heroines) souls are pure.

But souls of religious fathers will stay in the body fully. This special action or deed attracts normal human beings. But the second one is the real mercy on these people”. Christ then prayed. pain is received by the original soul of that body(Jesus). since all other souls would be impure and weak to a considerable extent at that time. Y as Christ]. But Brahma is created directly (by his own mouth). Their power goes on reducing like any other soul. they also become degraded.“Oh God. A soul (Mr. they enter a person’s body (like God enters) and takes control of that body. People did not know this. X in Copper Age(say). {God does not stay in Brahma’s body always. . The puity of new soul(Mr. He stays in the body till there is need. God does not have actions like sleeping. 62)Special roles of Religious fathers: Souls of some of the Religious fathers do not enter mother’s womb directly during their first birth. X. Due to this sudden change is seen in behaviour of Mr. X. When God speaks through Brahma’s mouth. bathing. He is not created through somebody. both BKs and Brahma will be hearing. This creates a group of followers of Christ. So when the physical body was crossified. [There were two souls in one body. It is the time when the pure soul Christ descended from Paramdham and entered into body of Jesus. The sudden change was seen in life of Jesus at the age of around 30 years(Most probably 32nd year). BKs are created through Brahma. going to latrine.Because one has to put effort to sacrifice vices. So. But the first soul(Jesus) had accumulated at least some sins by that time. say) descends from Paramdham and takes shelter in the body of Mr. X). Teachings of Christ were collected and written by his followers and gave birth to Bible. ----- 63) Speciality of Brahma: God adopts Brahma and all the souls by entering Brahma’s body and giving the knowledge. That is when he speaks(say one hour per day). Christ or Jesus Christ all the same]. Till there Jesus was ordinary man. Y) is seen in the life of the old person(Mr. The words spoken by God through Brahma’s mouth create BKs. God is free to use or leave the body and does not have any attachment towards it. When they descend from Paramdham. it cannot get any punishment. Y. Eg: There was a human being called Mr. Jesus did not receive any pain when crossified. Later they come in rebirths and by the end of Iron Age. So both aims are good. Y uses organs of the same body. etc. [Mr. Since the second soul(Christ) is pure. Hence they mean Jesus. X was called as Jesus and Mr. Mr.

animal souls as well as the nature get purified. So. The reason is God gives everything to the world at the end of Iron Age when he incarnates. [Celibacy is the first step in purity]. 65)Is God father of everything or just human souls?: Father is one who gives property. Every soul will salute to Brahma and God before or during the destruction of Iron Age]. Hence God is called as “Father of Human Souls”. [*MDC **]. Those who understand God’s role in Drama and remember(establish right relation with) Godfather are the real children. God incarnates through Brahma. Only human beings pray to God. It has no self- awareness or God awareness. Only God can give real birth to the soul(make a soul soul-conscious). So BKs are mouth born children of Godfather through Brahma. in that sense. God is called as Seed of Human Tree. Human souls. Like a child has intoxication of its . It is purified by the effort of Master Creators and natural calamaties. [Those who do not receive Godly Knowledge are indirect BKs. There are two categories in human souls. God is father of everything. God’s power rejuvenates everything. The World Drama is also called as Human Drama or Human Tree or Geneological Human Tree [*MDC **]. he also realizes the father of Humanity. Kumari= female child] {Shortly called as BK}. [Kumar= male child. But dwija name is given just to Brahmins since there is true(real) change. How is it possible to get second birth without dying? So the second birth means TRANSFORMATION.* It is said in Indian scriptures that Brahmins are created by mouth of Brahma. They do not realize God. [When a person changes his religion or an ordinary person adopts sanyaasa(becoming monk). Animals have souls(explained in part I). the situation is similar. Children and Devotees. It is also said in the scriptures that Brahmin is a dwija(the one who receives two births or second birth in the same body). Hence when one realizes God. But nature is intelligence-less.64)Who are the real Brahmins(pronounced as braahmin or braahman)? The souls that receive/hear the knowledge revealed by God through Brahma are called as BrahmaKumars and BrahmaKumaris. But they belom to different category and have very less intelligence. They do not pray God. They are the real Brahmins who vow to follow brahmacharya (celibacy) for the rest of their life. All the other changes will not uplift a soul. It has no experience.

[Bhakta = Devotee. So nobody thinks of God for the next 2500 years.) Others who just pray God are devotees. Hence God has the name Bhakta_Vatsalam. But the children(BKs) are oldest devotees. word God is unknown. BhaktaVatsalam means caretaker of both Bhakta and vatsas]. Human souls defame God by considering deities as God.father’s property. In BhaktiMarg(Path of bhakti) people worship God in many names and forms. [*MDC ** Defaming God]. Vatsa= Child. Till the beginning of Bhakti (Copper Age). BKs have intoxication of Heaven (Heaven is God’s property since God is the creator of heaven. some will sacrifice bhakti after receiving Godly knowledge and become children. etc. Deity Souls soon descend from Paramdham and enjoy heaven. ------ 66*) When and how God discloses himself? ------ 67*)God makes us completely dependent and completely independent! ------- 68) God is Completely Egoless: God gives property in the end of every Kalpa(TC). All souls forget God when they receive their share of property! Because all shed their body and go to Paramdham. The name Heavenly Godfather is also wellknown. It is the time of climax. Then God incarnates. but out of those devotees. God is Everywhere. . So every soul will become devotee of of God. There is absolutely no problem for any soul for the next 2500 years. saying God has no name and form. Almost every soul defames the MOST BELOVED GODFATHER.

He then loves impure souls and gives the property of liberation(Parmadham) and liberation in life(Heaven). the Iron Age ends and all shed their body and forget God! How egoless God is! ------- 69)World Drama Repeatation: The time cycle is a reel of 5000 years. The population is 9 lakhs. the other souls descend and population increases. It is already explained that the TC repeats. heaven is re-established and God retires. each action of every soul should repeat in every 5000 years.‘World History Geography Repeats’. As time passes.“What I(and everybody and everything) am doing now. Take the incidence of Golden Age. Hence during return journey to Paramdham. Once in every 5000 years. Since every soul has to reach same status after each 5000 years. If my action should be 100% replica. Because charging and purification process takes place only at the end of the kalpa when God incarnates]. The famous scientist Einstien had remarked ‘Time is Cyclic’]. That is Nothing is New in this drama. each soul should be recharged to the same level as at the time of its descend from Paramdham. [Some even say. At that time. all the souls and the nature are purified. I will do the same after 5000 years. of times in past and will repeat countless times in future”. That is. That is- every process should repeat. after the destruction of Iron Age. thinking at this instant is just a replica of what had I done 5000 years before. the same deity souls become deities in the next TC. then changes in every atom in the universe also should repeat. During Confluence Age. After giving the property. It had occurred countless times in previous Kalpas and will occur countless times in future. But they do not know fully. Not only that. God never shows off himself at any time in the TC. When he discloses himself. Then only the cycle is sustained. So. . What all is happening now had already occurred in the last Kalpa. God incarnates and recharges everything. they descend first to act on the drama stage. I had done the present action countless no.I have relation with my body as well as nature. the other souls will be resting in Supreme Abode. [Nobody can return to Paramdham in the middle of a Kalpa. Since power of these souls is highest. That is. Now the same deity souls have to recharge to the same original state (because of cycle repeatation). That is nature and all the souls attain the same state in every 5000 years.

it is again brought back to the minimum value. But it is very simple to understand. my fruit is not going to get affected by my present effort. Then God will have to take 100% responsiblility. 3) When the Entropy reaches its maximum value. So you are not reading or hearing this knowledge or matter for the first time. The reason is simple. let us assume that when 600 crores of Time Cycles are completed. Or else He will have to prepare similar . then both you and I will not put effort both in the present and every cycle. Let us view this point form different angles. If any process repeats infinite number of times. qualification. So every soul will become the first emperor of heaven turn by turn. one schedule of God is completed. Then why should I put effort in this Kalpa?” Then nobody will put effort and entropy cannot be restored. Then if the total number of souls is 600 crores(say). What after that? Now God will have to repeat the same timetable again and again. Because as a whole. He will have to keep a timetable and allot all the statuses equally to all the souls in sequence. The souls those become deities in this kalpa need not become deities in the next kalpa”. every smallest part (subdivision) of the process should be just a repeatation. it is logically explained that 1)World is eternal. 2)The entropy go on increasing form its minimum value. I become Sri Narayan and in the next cycle. Effort will have no meaning. the entropy need not be restored to the same value in each kalpa(cycle). 4)This process repeats. God will have to give chance to each and every soul to become the first King of heaven. parents and relations. 5)There should be Supreme power that restores entropy.“In the process of repeatation. Your physical body. Now the number of different roles in the drama is very large. So this timetable (schedule) will be complex. Then each of us will think in the present (and in every) cycle that “As a whole. etc are identical to those of 5000 years before! The reader may become surprise to hear the new news (of this Kalpa). you are going to become Sri Narayan(say). Now suppose if the argument is. If in the present cycle. Since there are 600 crores of souls and same number of statuses(say) in the drama. Then karma(action) has no value. both you and I are sure of the same property(status). You are wearing the same dress as you had exactly 5000 years before. In the initial topics. job.

It is like a law-maker breaking the law. Till sin reaches its limit. God cannot be called as Purifier. Then the word divinity has no meaning.Why God had not stopped the drama long back? Then creation could not have been possible at all! Word Creator cannot be related to God at all! Hence it is clear that God also has some bondage(limitation) in this drama. In that case. Ocean of Peace. Hence it is very important to know that God does not (cannot) take control into his hands. Let us discuss this matter in some more detail. God becomes like dictator. all the similar timetables also will be completed. He should stop(end) the drama. Many saints have impressed people in positive way. He has to wait in Paramdham. The glory of God becomes nil. Merciful. people call him as “God”. foolish and having desire. God cannot have any positive qualities. Hence God cannot have any negative. Even the religious fathers have impressed the whole community by the power of purity and not by negativeness.(Because human pray to God for liberation from sorrow and God is responsible for sorrow also)! It is like mother feeding both milk and poison to the child! This will place God both in he highest and lowest position. God also has unique role in this drama. Loveful. a question again rises. God becomes 100% responsible for human action and human beings are forced to act and experience pleasure and pain! Then God should be called as selfish and egoistic. Liberator. All good and bads should be related to God. (Then we could not be like this today). He can and has to start the purification process during Confluence Age only. He cannot descend to the world randomly. After some time. He cannot start it in Copper or other Ages. If He takes control. This will imply that God treats human beings worse than objects. In that case. In that case. [God is not just Director of the Drama.timetables. Then sequence of those similar timetables will have to be repeated. but also the chief actor in the drama]. etc. If good things are seen in a person. each outer cycle (the sequence of timetables) will coincide exactly with the previous one! Let us assume that all these things are possible. *Mixture of nectar and poison is just poison. God is praised even more . *Placing both in highest and lowest position is placing in the lowest position. Descending at any other times would be paying dis-respect to time or creation! It is as good as creator neglecting creation or director himself doing mistakes in a drama. It will contradict all values.

etc. More one surrenders to truth (follows the law). Those who follow the laws are righteous and become law-makers. it has to eat. Hence they could not bring positive change. the real quality of soul is different than when it is on stage(in body in PW). If one loves the path. So the most powerful and most beloved Godfather does not take law at all. ego. he cannot impress. {Body is the costume of the soul}. Hence they get highest power. Since 1937. They did not take law into their hand by force. But when the soul enters a body. Their real nature(life) is different than that on stage. -------------- 70)Why the world drama is called as “Real and Unlimited Drama”? *1)In a drama. Even if we see the past history. The punishment is an automatic result of the process(fruit of the action)]. bath. The soul . Similarly. put on their costumes and play their role on stage. Real nature of a soul is peace (eternal. So definitely God cannot have any negativity. God will carry him to the goal. souls descend from their home and put on the costume (take birth in physical body) and play their role. He does not force anything on anybody else. Books in which their teachings are written are called as holy and lawful(considered as truth) books. Real quality is silence. The one who follows law only has the power to teach law. have ruled maximum. He will go on becoming more bad. He is not useful to the society. They rule heaven. He shows the right path and helps in all the ways necessary to reach the goal. But when it is in the body. constant. BKWSU has been giving the knowledge to the whole world totally free. Hence God will not take law into his hands. Eg: Teachings of religious fathers. Hence the one who takes law (having desire. RajaYogis understand law to the maximum possible extent. Health and disease cannot remain together. [Else God will not punish him. more is the fruit(power). no need to do anything). They have ruled hearts of millions. That is. Light and darkness cannot exist harmoniously. actors come from their home. But they were not having real knowledge and required power. RajaYogis teach truth (spread Godly message) to the maxumum possible extent. those who were pure(more lawful). If one has both good and bad. drink. emotions) will be less powerful and useful. He has no expectations. it does action. But they have done some repair work of the sinking world from Copper Age and that is their duty or part in this drama.than deities or religious fathers.

Even in the world drama. an actor gets the role. the actor does not experience the role he plays. the second show is identical to the first show. there is rehearsal. But in world drama. the director distributes different roles to different actors. But there is both off stage and on stage. 5)In an ordinary drama. Hence it automatically leaves(forgets) the body and goes to sleep mode every day!]. One does action according to his real quality. In this sense. The final examination is the deadline. Hence the name REAL is given to the world drama. But once the result is declared. It just repeats. The actor practices off stage. one has the choice to choose his role. Everybody has intelligence. [*MDC **independency]. *2)In a Drama (Movie. 6)In an ordinary drama. it is finished! Nothing can be changed then. Similarly in world drama. It is the time when people of the world will realize incarnarnation of God. 4)In an ordinary drama. He just pretends his act. But there is some margin to gallop before we die. the actor cannot pretend. When one feels thirst. Hence it is real. In real life. We have chance to correct ourselves before that. the present situation is like off stage and the time of declaration of final result is on stage. there is real(correct) fruit for his every action. [Sleep(silence) is the real quality of a soul. So on stage performance is nothing but off stage performance. There is independence. Hence the actor really experiences what he acts. everything is on- stage. director . One becomes doctor or engineer. According to the capacity. That is. It is upto the individual how to play his role. The soul gets tired after using or thinking the body. his personality is totally different. film). 3)In a drama. that is the deadline.starts getting rusted(degrades) as soon as it comes in company of the body. once the drama is shooted. This is the reason why we need sleep. He can choose to become deity or not. it is upto the individual to drink water. Every action matters(has value) here. World Drama also repeats. soft drink or alcohol. But in world drama. etc according to his effort. But in world drama. He can also stay without drinking anything. We have to become pure before the destruction of hell. then there is no change. there is shooting of the movie. That is. everybody has choice. The actor has opportunity and also has to put effort.

The actor fixes(chooses) his role by his own action. there is cause: The World Drama is eternal. The knowledge of drama is revealed at the end of the drama]. But for every effect. In this sense. There is actor-consciousness. the actor can build his real destiny]. every soul is an actor. There is no question of character or karma philosophy. But in real drama. each actor is fully aware that he is an actor. The actor fixes his goal himself. ---------------- 72)There is effect without cause. 7)The ordinary drama consists of limited number of actors and its duration is also limited(less). there is no special goal or property. director is present all the time while shooting. Hence it is the most precious time. It is during Confluence Age when a soul can become actor-conscious(soul-conscious). No one can force a pure soul (just when it descends from . Nobody created universe. But the Director of the world drama is God himself. There is no producer for this. [Hence Confluence Age is special and is all in one. It repeats without any obstacle. in presence of God.A Great Sin. Note: 1)Actors do practice according to directions of the Director. 3)In an ordinary options to all. Unless God incarnates and gives knowledge of complete history and geography. ------- 71)Lust. 2)In ordinary drama. It has no beginning and ends. there is effect without cause. The actor gets highest choice ]. God gives the highest goal(King of Heaven). One can fix(choose) his role by own effort under the guidance and help of God. In limited(ordinary) drama. The actors are paid salary. [People say that the world is a drama and all are actors. His action pays him directly. He is available to actors during Confluence Age only. But in real drama an actor fixes his role by his own action. So. But nobody realizes it. The duration is unlimited (5000 years). every soul goes on weakening. no soul realizes that is an actor till Confluence Age. But in world drama. The drama has no true beginning. But every soul reaps fruit of its own actions.

Man has invented weapons to destroy man. etc. All are completely selfish or weak.Pramadham). the poor person can live in his old age. Similarly. He also has influence on the growth of the plant. every soul has freedom to use its opportunity positively or negatively. [*See- karmic accounts **]. etc.all are used for crime. Even a poor person creates children. See the situation of man in Iron Age. it becomes impure. So. When a soul becomes interested in vices. Just see how selfish and weak man is! A poor man knows that he cannot look after his children properly. A pure soul has independence and power. No animal loves its kids for its own future! No animal expects from its young ones. Rich and educated people know that the population is exploding. his children will earn. The seed or plant grows naturally by the influence of Sunlight. tobacco. manure. Each son pays his father his 5% income(say). status. A soul gets sorrow only after becoming impure. Majority of them spend at least a part of their income to alcohol. there(farmer) is cause for the effect. Suppose a person has four sons(say). Situations are getting worse day by day. At his old age. Still he creates children and gives poverty as the first property to his children. In this way. Educated and rich people commit more crime. the opportunities go on reducing(increasing). Physical beauty. He can implant a seed of sweet mango or neem. Air. today’s man commits more sin. Still they create children! Majority of the people are non-vegetarians. . soil conditions. No one wishes to become good. The farmer controls the quantity of supply of water. There are dangerous diseases. Today most of the people commit crimes. It may not be wrong to say more than 90% of the population is unfit live. education. This is like there is effect without cause. etc. In this sense. Nobody can make a soul impure by force. They also know that there is stress in every part of life. every soul is responsible for its actions. power. They have no mercy on animals. richness. Hence there is cause for every effect. These are called as bad or good lucks. Because every soul has intelligence. If more choice is given. Water. If it uses for negative (positive). Even poor people have countless bad habits. But the farmer has choice of implanting the seed. It is like this: Consider a farmer implanting a seed or a plant. [Some say a poor person creates children for his old age.

[See karmic accounts **]. Similary nobody can prevent a mango tree from bearing mango fruit. If I misuse my independence or opportunity and cry later. I cry for water. Suppose say children are necessary where there is less population and lust is necessary to create children. In that case. Then I cry for health! See the intelligence of man. I throw it without understanding its value. There are both freedom and boundaries in life. But one can make it better by effort. -------- 74)True RajaYogi will not feel effort as effort: One is comfortable when the payment(salary) is more than the effort. Similarly a human soul can never become God or get animal body. How many in world use lust just as an instrument to create children? Most of the people are addicted to lust before marriage and remain addicted till old age. I get addicted to alcohol. Every soul has to play a unique role in this drama. The purification action inside a RajaYogi gives him super sensous joy and makes him . Like the farmer is responsible for his method of cultivation. I am foolish! Eg:. Then after sometime. the most intellectual being!]. Knowing this is as good as knowing drama. Hence it will not be wrong to say that everybody has received sufficient independence in his or her life. seeing and experiencing bad effects of sin! Every soul feels guilty for its wrong action at least at one or other times. the person does not feel tiredness. Still man continues to commit sin. But he has control over in cultivating the plant. He gets love from God. Hence it is clear that there is cause for every effect. Later it commits sin. Its maximum capacity is to become a deity. Similary every soul is bound in drama. A mango tree cannot expect to bear jackfruit. There is no tiredness in serving when one has unconditional love. If there is good business. He gets power to face any situation in life. every soul is responsible for its method of usage of its intellect. one should give up lust after giving birth to children. people sacrifice sleep and food. ------------------------ 73*)Choices and Limitations: There are always choices(independency) and limitations(dependency) in life. A RajaYogi has faith that the fruit on the path of truth is highest. Man himself is responsible for that. I have good health. If the fruit(salary) is very much high compared to the effort. A small child does not commit sin. But man does not sacrifice sin even after knowing.I have glass of water. A farmer has no control over rain and sunlight.

But it is possible to tune or restore mind and intellects in any way according to our desire if one knows the way(knowledge) and puts effort(practice). initially a RY will feel the effort as effort. He is quite far from the goal. Hence the effort need not be considered as effort. Once the business is flourished. the soul’s health increases. A RY is an instrument of God in creating Heaven. there is no effort. ---------------- 75)Why RajaYogis are special? Even though God gives knowledge free of cost. one will not be able to attain 100% concentration in a second.lighter and immersed in bliss. They are eternal. RajaYogis realize everything in advance or first and to the largest extent: A RY realizes God long before the destruction of hell. So. he will be able to concentrate easily. If a healthy body is damaged. he is not powerful. Even among these(BKs or Rajayogis) even lesser number (just 16108) love God to a high extent and sacrifice vices. it may not be possible to restore health 100%. The effort is just for mind and intellects. He realizes that he is impure and becomes ready for realization (change in self). The path of a true RY is similar to that of a lucky business-man. Hence they are special. He has not received the real enjoyment. . In fact. health or energy of body continuously deteriorates. (if a RY does not become lazy or careless). Something related to this: *Actions in which there is no remembrance of God bring us down. So a RajaYogi does effort happily. After a RajaYogi gets control over vices. But by the practice of RajaYoga. RajaYogi’s every act moves him towards liberation. Mind and intellects are parts of soul. Vices will be troubling him. That is why we have come from the highest state to the lowest state. There is ageing for the body. But since there is high impurity in a soul at the end of Iron Age. The life. a RY will consider or realize the effort as game! If a RajaYogi feels effort as effort(tirednesss). There is effort in business during initial period. Hence the effort is not realized as effort. Some business people had not put effort throughout their life. This is very much less compared to the world population. He becomes lighter powerful as he moves further. very few people get interest in it. The initial tiredness also is forgotten.

he loses his power and value. A RY is a true spiritual Social Worker. A RY should consider God’s directions as a military order. a socially healthy person will pick the waste material and put in the dust-bin. A RY conquers sin. His interests and goals are set by God. But. A RY is fully dependent on God. nobody offers simplest of simple services. RY has the clear vision about the future. So he should not have ego. He is just an instrument of God. For a RY. *Actually. Eg: Even if there is a waste material lying on road and the waste paper basket is nearby. Everybody spreads disease by wrong action(sin). *God Himself takes his responsibility if a RY honestly follows Godly directions. Life is just a game for RajaYogi. his original quality. He also has faith in the following. he enjoys in every action. The moment he gets ego. He should not put his interest in actions. He becomes Master God. See topic No **). Because he gets the highest opportunity to burn his sin by remembrance of God. he will try to conquer sin. *Since he is ready to give up vices happily. He will have self-satisfaction. *A RY gets all the titles of God in that birth. Everybody is caught up in the disease of vices. A RY committing crime is like son of a judge committing crime. Indians treat deities also equal to God. the one that is easiest to . he is capable of enjoying super sensous joy while doing any action. To have ego is shame to a RY. *If there is no fruit. (See **karmic accounts of RY. since he is real instrument of God. Ego is the biggest impurity. Hence. The world is full of patients. Hence a RY is a Master Spiritual Surgeon(God is the Spiritual Surgeon). the best option. which is not correct.*The fruit of remembrance of God even for one second is uncomparable. nobody will pick the waste object and put it in the dust bin. A RY realizes this. ------- 76)A RajaYogi should not have EGO: A RY has faith that he is one of the most impure soul in the drama and yet receive least punishment. Hence even if all the people are interested in sin.Govt servant) So a RY has to be more cautious in his actions. Hence they are the highest possible status. a business option. God is like Super Market where everything is free of cost(birth right). It makes him immune to vices and helps in curing others’ diseases. the one that cannot be compromised. This is the reason why the deity souls are also worshipped in Copper and Iron Ages. effort of RY is nothing but killing ego (body consciousness).

the body is the child. etc. each King rules to the full period. even an ordinary citizen can question the top most power of the nation. [We can see this today: *In democracy. body is like a servant. Their status is temporary. temporary. The Kings were living by taxes paid by the citizens. The one who knows these stages(TC) is the one who knows the soul. This will widen the intellect and increase power of concentration. Others are ignorant about life. Before that we would like to reveal some important aspects. the one that is both completely selfish(most beneficial to self) and most selfless (most beneficial to society) actions. Soul’s life is 5000 years. The person who is aware of all the stages is the one who knows about life. There are different stages for a body. the Prime Minister or President lives under the grace of citizens. (See selfishness **) It is the most enjoyable moments in world drama. In democracy. *But in heaven. There was no tax. Both the mother and the child will not be stable. many less powerful Kings lost their thrones. They had to consult religious heads or so called Gurus and saints and had to pay respect to them. *So it is clear that ruling and controlling power (personality) decreases from heaven to hell]. **. child. Limited means related to the present one birth. Similarly. Attaching mind to one thing is making the soul dependent on that thing. Since the life of soul is 5000 years.execute(implement). If soul is the owner. hospital. [The aim is to create postive thoughts. If soul is mother. it is necessary to attach us to (be conscious of) 5000 years(TC).Those Kings did not have religious powers. Soul is more powerful than body.] ----------------- 77)Why limited attachments should be broken? The answer is in the question itself. That is. Limited means related to body. the soul has different stages [Most pure in Golden Age to most impure in Iron Age]. The Prime Minister is also considered just as a citizen. [Actually soul is eternal. It takes nearly 5000 years for a soul to become fully impure].till his son is ready to succeed to the throne.infant. youth and old ages. Attachment means bonding mind and intellects(soul) in something. The reader can directly move to topic No. Another thing is. (maximum of 5 or 6 years). If soul is King. military forces. body is its subject(citizen). Attaching the soul to body is like mother (or King) living under the grace of child (citizen) or Owner living under the grace of servant. . The court can question the President or Prime Minister. *Even from Copper Age.

All the great saints. Consider a second person who loves his family also. Consider an honest social worker. the old dress has to be removed. To wear a new dress. So more the detachment more is the love. So old relations related to impure body should be forgotten. There is a saying – Knowledge is Power. it clearly implies that he does not have right knowledge about the soul. [This is a clear proof that nobody in past history had knowledge of the soul. People love children because they are not conscious about body as elders.Otherwise. . Real knowledge alone can purify us. etc. In fact most of them misguided]. there is liberation also. The whole country loves him. sanyaasis. *When a person gets palace or new house. Hence the old attachments should be broken. They are less attached to the body. status. the soul gets just bondage. Heaven and Hell. God does not have body. If one gets faith in knowledge of both heaven and hell. His detachment is even more. This is the time for establishing new pure relations. They are not aware about religion. more the LOVE is: Consider a person who thinks just about himself and does not even bother about his family. He is called as Ocean of Love. He becomes capable of loving more people(family members) and also receives more love. He loves more people(society) and receives more love. If one is aware of history of just hell(vices). How simple the truth is! TC consists of two parts. Knowledge is also called pure. There is no liberation! But if one thinks of 84 bodies(5000 years). He has to detach(forget or think less about himself and his family) even more. He does not receive anybody’s love. To love the family he will have to detach(forget) himself and think of his family members. religious fathers or gurus. ----------- 78*)Less the attachment. or scientists could not describe the TC properly. He serves the country. position. he will descend from Paramdham after Copper Age. it will descend from Parmadham earlier(in heaven itself!). His detachment is highest. It is actually knowledge of TC. Consider a soldier. To be in consciousness of one(present) body. It is not the knowledge of material science or physical body. Anything in this world is old(Iron Aged). he sacrifices(leaves) his old hut.

But all the souls are dependent on nature. more it becomes pure. Peace. darshana= vision or realization. ShivaBaba (Shiva =God’s real name. I am completely pure. religion.(*) ---------------- 80)SwaDarshana ChakraDhaari(SCD) stage: Swa= Self. wealth and happpiness. So I ignore(forget) all other souls and visuvalize just two points. free from all bondages. bliss. They need health. This is the real significance of the saying- “Knowledge is the source of Income” and “Knowledge brings happiness”. [Visualize rays flowing from on point(God) to the other(me)]. God is the one who gives these to the souls by bestowing the real knowledge and purifying souls and nature. Inculcation of Godly knowledge purifies a soul. Baba = Father) is with me. I am self sufficient(one who is content in himself and has no expectation). age. Rays of peace. love. creed. there are only two points in Paramdham. that is one who does not get confused at all. one who understands or realizes everything. now I want to be immersed in Most beloved Godfather’s love. one who knows past present and future. one whose mind and intellects are free to move in all the three stages of times. the one who continuously churns complete knowledge. There is 100% stability. 1)“I am a shining point (or glowing star) residing in Paramdham with my Most beloved Godfather who is also a point. myself and God. A SCD’s thought pattern will be as follows. Hence Godly Knowledge is the real source of property. one myself and the other Godfather). But. So God is independent of nature. Dhaari= one who wears or embodiement of. There is no surprise to such a soul. cast. And even anybody can love children easily. Except God. More a soul imbibes the knowledge. The property received is proportional to the level of purity of the soul. that is when we become soul conscious we can love anybody irrespective of sex. power emerging from HIM. I am feeling all those divine qualities in him. Therefore Swa_darshana Chakra_dhaari(SCD) means one who has vision of Time Cycle. It is also real meditation (churning of positive thoughts). ----------- 79)Significance of Property: Property is needed to those who have body. power. {This is the most powerful stage and is called as SEED . are my natural(real) qualities. etc are flowing from HIM towards me. Everything is normal to a SCD. A SCD can realize past as well as future as he knows everything. Purity. So now. Bliss. There is so much love. chakra =wheel= time cycle= full knowledge. etc. every soul comes in cycle of birth and deaths. When we get detached from our body. There are countless points(souls) in the sweet silence home.Hence they easily love others.

That is. I am in Confluence Age. The other things become unimportant. the present time also changes. How lucky I am! [repeating these thoughts is swadasrshana ckaradhari sthiti. At the end time. 2)In the first three Ages(1250 x 3 =3750 years).]. Here the soul is Completely merged in real(incorporeal) form. 2)Alph(Godfather) and Be(Baadshaahi. The sorrow increased. Others also started worshipping me[(my past-pure status) = SriLakshmi and SriNarayan. there was no problem in India.stage where there is absolutely no remembrance of physical body of either heaven or hell. 4)After engagement.. Till Mohammad of Gazni attack. A child remembers its father and father’s property. Bhakti became impure. 4)As time passed.that is completely unaware of physical things(body and matter)]. Similarly. The whole world also became impure! *I started Bhakti(Worship) of ShivaBaba in the original form. God is the SEED of human tree. Iron Age came. This is just around )ne thousand years before. There was no much problem. I lived for a period of 2500 years(8 births in Golden age and 12 births in Silver Age) in this world. When a person gets new cloth or shoes.) 3)Nobody will think of old cloth or shoes. Similarly. What a fortune! 5)The present time is both Iron age and Confluence Age. the boy and girl will think each other even though there are few days to their marriage. So a RY(RajaYogi) will have the intoxication that he is a hero for a period of 4000 years in the drama of 5000 years. Just eternal beings are remembered}. Most of the souls are in Iron Age. we. In Copper age also.. the SdCd(Swadarshana Chakradhaari) is capable of remembering just God. This is power of faith. a RY becomes able to think of new world(heaven) and forget hell.] Note: 1)In a film or drama. which is of Shiv_Linga [Corporeal form(a stone) of Incorporeal Godfather]. Similarly after the above practise. Paramdham and Golden Age. Properties of Godfather are Paramadham and Heaven. All are deity souls here(heaven). the spiritual children have remember these three (God and the two pure two worlds. there is sufficient happiness. Other things do not influence his mind. the property) are the two things to be remembered. Since there is full knowledge about the future (about getting handsome salary). 3)Now. a RY will be able to enjoy heaven in hell as he has clear knowledge about heaven and he has no interest in hell. I have come to Copper age. 2)At the beginning of new era(heaven). So. I started becoming impure. . Godfather incarnated and chose me as one of his sweet children and at present I am in HIS care. a person gets appointment letter today for a job. Still the personality changes from that instant itself. 5)Say. his attachment towards old cloth and shoes die. He will receive salary after a month. the amount of wealth was large. of religions increased. No.statues of SriLakshmi and SriNarayan(That was myself in Golden age). When I started Bhakti. There are still few days left to join the job. all others started Bhakti! *(After some years) I started worshipping myself. I feel completely light even if I am inside the Body as there is purity and prosperity in everything in heaven. one remembers the most enjoyable moments. I the incorporeal soul from the sweet home(Paramdham) descended to earth and took a completely pure body.

When they became impure. Next 16000 souls also love God to a great extent and get control over their sense organs(Become King of Self) to a considerable extent. speech and action. he will have pity. my troubles in future get reduced to that extent. A person’s vision is reflected on the jewel. Hence he is the Boss of himself. On the path of truth. The rest of Nine lakhs get next grade.6)Say a poor person won a lottery ticket. Hence the World Drama is dependent on these high rank RYs. some sin is cleared and I get divinity to that extent. Purity of the world is nothing but purity of RajaYogi Souls. fruit also increases. [The limit is reached when one completely forgets everything. He is a helpful hand to anybody who wishes to become pure. When these RYs were pure. Even when he is hungry. The first eight souls are the scolarship holders. but there will be no sign of worry or tension. The most important thing here is a RY is Master Creator. There is no need to wait for anything. They forget body completely. the world cannot become pure. They are called as Pass with Honour]. At that time. 9)As a RY is the Master Creator. They become completely soul-conscious. As the duration and intensity(love) of remembrance increases. *Unless RajaYogis get purified. The first 108 souls do not get any punishment. 7)For a RY. God also depends on these souls to trasform the world. Next One hundred Souls conquer sin completely. RY is next to God. Even if all others fail. the person will shed his body. They are the top rankers. there is some independency in him. he will smile of dreaming about the prosperous future. For the drama to repeat. He will receive payment only after one week(say). The first 8 and the next 100 together are worshipped as jewels of Victory Rosary (Vaijayanti mala)**. These are the souls who can be called as good RajaYogis. During that second also I get peace and happiness. Out of these the first two are fixed(Prajapita Brahma and Jagadamba Saraswati). A RY is like a doctor (having immunity) in midst of many patients. Similarly. God is UNLIMITED DONOR. it is even more than that. This is the reason why these RYs get the status of Hero and Heroines in the world drama. (There is no interference of any human being). There is definite(guaranteed) fruit for every thought. But the person becomes capable of facing any problem in that week. They get the status of “Equal to God”. incuding his own body and completely gets merged in love of God. So knowledge and faith in the future only can make the present bright. These Master Creators do that with the help of God. 10)Consider that there is one jewel among thousand stones. There is continuous and powerful temptation. There is no limit. there is no confusion. 8)The first rank holder in a class has no worry at all. God is his only Boss. As soon as I spend one second in God’s remembrance. a RY is able to love just One invisible God even if he is in midst of lakhs of people. the world ill become impure(Copper Age begins). ---------- 81*)How to eliminate negative and waste thoughts OR how to do effort? . This highest status is attained just by eight souls in this world. the entropy should be restored. Hence a RY can increase his salary(fruit) to any extent. A RY has direct relationship with God. So it is as good as a RY is paid by himself. Since sin is cleared. it was heaven in this world.

But in hell. All are satisfied. They even hesitate to burn picture. But American President has more value. So can rulers of heaven Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan be called as powerful? A complete healthy person will not be aware of disease at all. the ruler needs security to protect himself from even citizens of his own country! So it is the quality that matters and not just quantity. Hence nobody can shake it. Indian Prime Minister may be ruling more than 100 crore people. Indian Currency is not accepted at all! But all know that American President is much more powerful than Indian President. Then who is powerful among these? A nursery class teacher may have 100 students and a University Professor may have just 10 students. A Kingdom where there is no problem is the best Kingdom. It is complete birthright. Deities are unaware of vices. oath).Obstacles in the path of effort are: old habits(in thought. Hence they are really powerful. lack of physical health and wealth. But the professor is more powerful. president. . there is always dissatisfaction.D 2008). Heaven is such a powerful fort. There is no margin for vices to get in. ---------------- 83)Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan are rulers few souls (say nine lakh). Citizens shout slogans against rulers. In hell. poster or photos of the rulers. the King rules even hearts of citizens. speech and actions) of self. In heaven. accumulated sins of past. Leadership is attained by quality. Heaven is God’s property. God himself selects kings of heaven. The President or Prime Ministers are elected by common people (their citizens). In some places. American President may be ruling just around 25 crores(250 million) of people. But Kings receive power by their own effort.(** C justice. environmental conditions or bad company ----------- ---------------- 82)In heaven there is no problem at all. Today’s Prime Minister or President rule millions of people (in India it is more than 100 crores in A.

Otherwise life would be boring. There is no enemy at all. earthquakes. unpleasant temperature. Negativity or ignorance has become our resolves now.Few numbers of British People conquered and ruled crores of Indians for around two centuries!] One deity soul is more than any number of human beings caught in vices! --------------------- 84)There is complete(always) peace and happiness in heaven. Many have lost the real taste of peace and happiness. supplies all needs effectively). He is the chief actor and director or world drama. One healthy person can do more work than hundred lying on bed. *Would you get bored if you always get 100 marks in every subject? Do you expect(desire) change by failing in one or two subjects? *Will a cricket player get bored if he hits century all the times? *Would a person get bored if he gets good sleep(continuous sleep) for the whole 8 hours? Does he expect his sleep to break two to three times during every night? *Would the owner of a car expect at least some accidents. love and true happiness]. ---------------- 85)Roles of different actors in the world drama: 1)God: To transform hell into heaven. Do you think he expects at least some sort of illness? [We are living in machine-like world. People cannot imagine real peace. [To work without payment is a challenge. How many would be ready to take this challenge at least for one day? Hence it is clear that everybody likes the best. lazyness. He has no work in heaven. He teaches RajaYoga. Hence rulers of Heaven are the Real Kings. there is full authority. He said there should be some problem or change in life. One Rich man is more powerful than thousand poor people. [Just see. Please ask yourself. In heaven. Even in hell it is God who gives fruit to the devotees(**) . it indicates ignorance. Is it not boredom? One of the participants asked the above question while delivering a lecture. His main act is during Confluence Age. It never crosses its borders(no question of floods. So far he did not need get any disease at all. If one does not choose. There should be challenge. carelessness or weakness]. etc). Every citizen loves the King. breakdown or damage to his car in his life? *Consider a person having excellent health. The nature is also servant(pleasant.

to gradually change heaven to hell by getting addicted into vices in Copper Age and to worsen hell in Copper and Iron Ages. but not powerful. Nanak. 85)Sanyasis remain pure. Jesus. etc do some repair work to the world when it passes through difficulties. fashion.2)Deity Souls: The top rank holders in this are Master Creators and the others are ordinary deities(citizens in/of heaven). They are isolated from society. a RajaYogi has to be attentive all the time. In fact. --------------- 86)RajaYoga is Most Easy and Most Difficult: RajaYoga is a journey from hell to heaven. Since the soul had been in the bondage of body-conscious for a very long period and the present world is full of vices. But if wordly matters attract a RY. Similarly. Sometimes they even fight and do violence in the name of God. They are not praised. But do not get entrance to heaven: Sanyasa cult is just for males. 4)Roles of ordinary souls: Their part is ordinary. 3)Roles of Religious fathers:. Shankaracharya. Their happiness level is also lesser than that of Kings. Buddha. Many of them abandon (sacrifice) their wives and children even though it is responsibility of the father to look after his creation. these souls praise the other categories. The two places are totally different(hell and heaven). a)Role of Master Creators: To create heaven in Confluence Age by becoming instruments of God. b)Ordinary deities are happy. But later these religions also get degraded and quarrel among themselves. If he loses interest in the present world. luxury. Then how can they get entry into heaven? . etc.Religious Fathers like Ibrahim. The person who wishes to travel from place A to B should be ready to leave place A. It is like traveling from one side of the river to the other. Sanyasis do not teach to remain pure in family life. Then he will not be able to remember God even when there are no negative circumstances. then he cannot have honest love towards God. the a RY(rajaYogi) should be ready to sacrifice all attachments related to impurity (hell). Master Creators accumulate highest sins by the end of Iron Age. They cannot make females pure. to enjoy heaven during Golden and Siver Ages. Hence his Yoga(Communion) will be powerful. They treat females as snake(sarpini) (Naari narakakke daari). it becomes easy to concentrate on God..

Maanavanannu guru … moorkharu. God comes to give death. It just prevents the leakage. But ther previous sins do not get cleared. then the status of society should have been improved. God liberates from impure birth and deaths not pure birth and deaths. Sanyasis commit fewer sins. If their power increases. They do not know about God or Soul at all! Their effort does not fill power in them.. . The reason is they do not remember God. paapigaLu. The reason is they do not commit lustful actions and do not do violence. Power (Intoxication).

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