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Volume 17, Issue 5 January 2009

President’s Perspective
Joyce Cushing

Upcoming Events…
January 8, 2009
Sue Holdaway Heys –Lecture and
It’s quilting time, ladies! January has always been TWO workshops! Thursday January
my most productive quilting month. The kids are 9 and Friday, January 10
back in school, there are no holidays to prepare
for and no outdoor gardens to tend. We February 7, 2009
Michiganders are “fortunate” to have weather that Mystery Quilt Day – DeCarlo’s
is cold enough that we need not feel guilty about Doors open 8:30 a.m., sew until
staying inside to sew. 4:30 p.m.

February 12, 2009

So it’s time to bust into your STASH (Special Linda Thielfoldt – Lecture and
Treasures All Secretly Hidden) and start those workshop on Saturday, February 14
WHIMMS (Works Hidden In MY Mind). If you
need to make a trip to your LQS (Local Quilt March 12, 2009
Shop) to purchase “supplies” you will have a PIG Lisa DeBee Schiller - Lecture and
(Project In Grocery sack). Once you start your Workshop
project it becomes a WIP (Work In Progress).
Should you lose interest in what you are working April 9, 2009
Ami Simms – Lecture and
on and set it aside it then becomes a UFO Workshop
(UnFinished Object). Finish it and you can shout
TGIF! (Thank Goodness It’s Finished!) I look May 14, 2009
forward to seeing some great Show and Tell in the Ellen Ann Eddy – Lecture and
months to come! Workshop

A big THANK YOU! to all the gals who did the Happy Birthday!
demos at the Whistle Stop at last month’s 1/2 Aniko Feher
1/5 Shirley Kopkowski
meeting. We learned a number of great
1/6 Michelle Lavigne
techniques, enhanced our batting knowledge and 1/9 Mary Jo Houck
discovered what fabrics will make our mystery 1/12 Patti Balsinger
quilt sing. Thanks, too, to Lynne Bryant for 1/14 Sue Gaddis
coordinating and setting this up for us. Great job, 1/15 Marlene McIlvane
girls! 1/16 Dorothy Morrison
1/21 Marilyn Kaczander-Cohen
1/22 Deborah Tesch
1/25 Susan McCarthy
1/30 Eilene Still
1/31 Barbara Fowler Page 1
Volume 17, Issue 5 January 2009

A Note From the First Vice President

Lynne Bryant

I want to thank Linda Thielfoldt, Diane second time. They are doing this because
Ladue, Mary Sirianni, Marilyn Kazander- their first project was so successful that they
Cohen, Eilene Still and Lynn Alemon for want to try something more challenging.
taking time from their busy schedules to Each participant will work on their own
prepare and give the demonstrations at the design from a photograph or magazine.
December meeting. I was able to visit all of There is no kit fee for the Friday class and a
the tables and I was very impressed with $5 fee for the Saturday class. The supply list
everyone. It looked like all the members is available on our website.
enjoyed the change in format for the
meeting. Please let us know how you feel I hope all of those members who are signed
about this change or offer suggestions about up for Linda Thielfoldt’s machine sewing
doing something different. class are working on their table runners. If
you have not received the instructions, please
Our January meeting is on January 8 at the contact me at
usual 7:00pm. Our workshops start at and I will get them right out to you. The
9:30am on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, supply list for her class will be on the website
January 9 and January 10. Please bring a in January. The class is full and we are
lunch to eat as we sew. Sue Holdaway Heys signing up members for the June class at this
is an amazing teacher. She is so good that time. Thank you to Linda for doing this for
some members are taking her class for the our guild.

Attention Machine Quilting Workshop Students:

First, I have to say the error on the directions for the table runner for Linda's workshop is entirely
mine. If you look at page 3, the second sentence about putting a 10" strip between the blocks
makes no sense at all and I can't imagine what I was thinking. Totally ignore it. If there are any
other problems, please call me at 313-885-2174 or email me. I am very sorry for the confusion this
probably caused. I know it is confusing me. – Lynne Bryant Page 2
Volume 17, Issue 5 January 2009
Haven Collections
Diana Ratzlaff and Cathie Labrie-

HAVEN is a shelter for women and children If you spot good deals, HAVEN also has the
from domestic abuse. They provide 3 meals needs for the following new items (only)
and living items to their residents each day. throughout the year:
They typically house 45 people in the shelter.
Each month our guild collects items to assist Apple or orange juice
HAVEN. Look for the collection area near the Fresh Fruit (apples, bananas, oranges)
back of the meeting area, near the windows. Snack size candy bars
To help you plan when you spot a good deal Individually-wrapped snacks
in your shopping trips, here’s the list of things Toilet paper
we’ll be collecting this year: Deodorant
Diapers (size 5)
Plastic cups
January- Personal care items for hair, teeth Batteries (AAA, AA, and 9V)
and skin for women and children. Adult games (Taboo, Cranium)
Garbage bags (33 gal)
February- Paper products such as towels, Office size wastebaskets
napkins, paper plates and plastic cups and Used cell phones in working order
utensils. Self-esteem games
March- Cleaning products for kitchen, bath Alarm clocks
and laundry. Strollers
April- Coffee, creamer, sugar and powdered Baby bottles
drinks (eg Kool Aid, lemonade, iced tea, Womens’ sweatpants (s-xl)
Gatorade) Powdered laundry soap
May- With sun upon us let's donate Lysol spray
sunscreen, sun hats and flip-flops for Moms Hand lotion (full size bottles only)
and their kids. Hair conditioner
June- Wind up the year with personal care African American hair products
items for hair, teeth and skin. Bathroom cleaner
Gift cards – Kroger, Meijer, Target, Home
Depot, Lowe’s, Rite-Aid, and CVS

To donate, contact:
Belle Kleinberg
248.334.1284, ext. 659 Page 3
Volume 17, Issue 5 January 2009
Raffle Quilt
Cindy Fitch and Betsy Koss

Thanks to everyone who has picked up their tickets for

the raffle quilt.

The raffle quilt is our fundraiser for this year.

Membership dues are not enough to cover the expenses
that our guild has and I don’t have to tell you that the
price of everything keeps going up. I know that we all
want to continue enjoying the great speakers that we
bring to the guild.

If you haven’t picked up your raffle tickets please do at

the next guild meeting. We have plenty to sell so don’t
stop at just one envelope.

Libby n Friends
Longarm Quilting Service

Jo Cassar
Linda Esenbock

248-738-8155 Page 4
Volume 17, Issue 5 January 2009
Mystery Quilt Day 2009
Jean Usner

Mystery Quilt Day on Saturday, February 7 There will be a continental breakfast upon your
promises to be a great day! At the end of the week arrival into the room. The theme is a "Garden
after our December meeting we only had seven Party" so if you feel like spring and summer, wear
available places. If you want to attend, please call something that reminds you of flowers and
me, Jean Usner, 248-646-9396, and send in your sunshine. We plan a great lunch- with an eye to
check. It is first come, first placed. Your check is various dietary restrictions - and an afternoon
your reservation (with the registration form) I am snack. There are multiple favors this year as well as
very grateful for those of you who signed up at the enough door prizes for everyone to select
December meeting and to those who have something when their name is drawn.
registered their guests. It seems that January is a
busy month for activities and we really needed to Bring the mystery quilt from last year as there will
fill the 81 available places to make our budget be a viewer's choice contest with quilt shop gift
work. certificates as prizes. The quilt must be finished to
compete. Quilts made at last year's event or after
On January 7, we will begin seating those are eligible (must be the 2008 Mystery Quilt).
attending at 8:30 a,m, and you may sew until 4:30 Some people choose to sew on their own projects
p.m. The committee will be setting up at 7:00 a.m. and may make the mystery quilt later. All ways of
and laying cords. No one can enter to set up their completing the mystery quilt are encouraged. It
area until this is done. Experience shows that it may be embellished, appliqued, increased in size,
does take over an hour to do this. The past two etc. - as long as it is the mystery quilt pattern of
years we have been able to set up a day ahead, but 2008.
this year DeCarlo's is booked for a wedding the
night before. Please have your fabric cut and labeled so you can
begin sewing. Eilene Still has fabric requirement
and cutting directions - let her know if you will not
be at the January meeting to receive directions for
yourself and your guests.


GLHQ Registration Form for Mystery Quilt Day, 2009

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Phone number: ________________________

Select: __ Member of GLHQ Guild $40. ___ Non-member $45.

NOTE: Non- members provide GLHQ member contact name and phone:

________________________________________________________ Page 5
Sue Holdaway Heys
Lecture 1 Lecture 2
Friday, January 9, 2009 Saturday, January 10, 2009
9:30 – 3:30 Workshop
Workshop 9:30-3:30
“Step by Step to a Landscape “The Frosting on the Cake”
or Floral Quilt”

Step by Step to A Floral Landscape Quilt

Get out those great vacation or garden photographs you’ve taken and create a
beautiful little quilt to enjoy! With the luxury of photography, especially digital, you
may have immediate visual documentation of a pleasing composition. A still life or
landscape that would transfer nicely from a photograph to quilt is now so easy! Using
your own personal favorite photos we will make a small, approximately (15” x 17”)
quilt using her “collaged’ and fused method. This method can be used it any style, size
and subject matter. Come join this class and make something special!!

The Frosting on the Cake

This class is for those who have taken Sue’s Floral/Landscape Class and either didn’t
finish it, or now are ready to learn how to apply washes/paint, quilting stitches, etc.
We will work until it feels done and hopefully leave with a finished quilt! $5 Material
fee for a variety of Textile paints, water color pencils. Sue will bring brushes,
containers for water/paper plates/towels.

Note: All checks will be held until December 18, 2008

Please return this portion with a SASE and your check, payable to GLHQ to: Lynne Bryant, 1811
Hollywood, Grosse Pointe Woods MI 48236, 313-885-2174

Friday Workshop January 9, 2009 ______ $45.00 Guild Member _____ $50.00 non Member

Saturday Workshop January 10, 2009 _______$45.00 Guild Member _____$50.00 Non Member

NAME_________________________________ GLHQ Membership # _________


PHONE_______________ E-MAIL______________________________________________
Thursday, January 8, 2009 Meeting

When: 7:00 p.m.

Where: Birmingham Unitarian Church

38651 Wodward Avenue
(Woodward and Lone Pine).
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Don’t Forget:

 Name Tag
 HAVEN personal care items
 Charity Quilts
 Show and Tell
 Dish to pass, if you signed up
 Warm smile

Great Lakes Heritage Quilters

Michelle Lavigne
28441 Westerleigh
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

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