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‫ פ' ויגש‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬

- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 

‫הוראה‬ ‫ענין‬ ‫פסוק‬ ‫חלק‬

Every parent must exhibit mesiras (‫ )א‬Yehudah’s sense of responsibility for
nefesh for a single child’s Binyomin compelled him to jeopardize ‫ויגש‬
education himself for a single younger brother ‫ יח‬,‫מד‬
Our current exile is not as severe,(‫ )ג‬Despite the harsh Egyptian exile, they still ‫להורות לפניו‬
we must support the Yeshivos had Yeshivos
‫ כח‬,‫מו‬ ‫א‬
Despite our concern to bring (‫ )ט‬Problem of Hey lachem zera (Yosef’s order
everyone close to Yiddishkeit, to the Egyptians to circumcise), which ‫הא לכם זרע‬
one should not budge from caused the severity of the Exile, because
principle Yosef did this on his own
‫ כג‬,‫מז‬
A person can only fulfill the Yosef understood that his being sold and
mission of one’s soul when subsequent rise to power, fulfills the Divine ‫לפליטה גדלה‬
involved with the world (& not purpose of raising “Great Wealth”, elevating ‫ ז‬,‫מה‬
if locked up in 4 amos of Torah) the sparks of holiness
For Yeshiva students Torah is theirEven though Yosef was always connected to ‫להורות לפניו‬ ‫ג‬
occupation; even their outreach HaShem, Yaacov sent Yehuda to establish a ‫ כח‬,‫מו‬
efforts are an expression of this Yeshivah, since for Yosef Torah was not his
concept occupation
Jews are designated as slaves to Dinah designated as a Cana’anite is to explain
HaShem (Kabalos Ol without why she was permitted to marry Shimon, *‫בן הכנענית‬ ‫הא‬
yeshus); a slave to a King is since her slave status disassociated her from ‫ י‬,‫מו‬
like a King her family connections
When a Jew looks at another Yosef sustained the Jews not just physically
Jew’s essence (and not their but also spiritually, enabling them to ‫ויכלכל יוסף‬ ‫ב‬ ‫ה‬
appearance), then one can respond with kindness to all like Yosef did ‫ יב‬,‫מז‬
respond in kindness with his brothers
One weeps for the pain of Neck (Bais HaMikdash) connects the body & ‫בכה על‬
another; on one’s own pain, the head; Yosef & Binyomin did not cry for ‫א‬ ‫י‬
one takes action to fix it their own loss, only for the other’s loss ‫ יד‬,‫צואריו מה‬
‫ לאביו שלח‬Yosef from himself in addition to
One should not give up hope if not
the command of Paroh
successful in the physical since
G-d can and will remove
‫ כזאת‬per this reckoning, same as Paroh’s *‫שלח כזאת‬ ‫ב‬ ‫י‬
Yosef showed honor to his father to lessen the ‫ כג‬,‫מה‬
obstacles; we must act b’hidur
pain when he would become aware of the
despite physical limitations
sale of Yosef (since it was all for the best)
When one needs to reproach Yosef expressed amazement that Yaacov was
another, must be careful to still alive in order to impress his brothers the *‫טוא העוד אבי חי‬
revert to Chesed urgency of bringing him to Egypt ‫ ג‬,‫מה‬
Yosef selected five weak brothers; based on
blessing of Moshe that doubled the names of *‫טוב ומקצה אחיו‬
5 of the brothers, who were either the weak ‫ ב‬,‫מז‬
ones, or the strong ones

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‫ פ' ויגש‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬
- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 
The hidden love in each Jew ((‫כסף‬,
Yosef managed (not just distributed) the food
is drawn down uniquely to each
supply for the entire, needed period of the ‫וינהלם‬ ‫ג‬ ‫טו‬
Jew by Yosef, the Nasi of the ‫ יז‬,‫מז‬
Purpose of exile is to “grab” the The Jews settled comfortably in Goshen, yet
sparks in the foreign land, and they ultimately remained strangers in a
*‫ויאחזו בה‬ ‫ד‬ ‫טו‬
afterwards go out with wealth foreign land that was “grasping” them away ‫ כז‬,‫מז‬
When Jewish children are subject Not just hear the words, but that the words are
to bad influences one must step directed to Yosef’s heart to change his ‫דבר באזני‬ ‫א‬ ‫כ‬
forward to speak out for them decision and free Binyomin ‫ יח‬,‫מד‬
The 70th (unlisted) soul completed the count
The three mitzvos specifically
geared to women transform the
and contributed to the Jews’ ability to cope ‫הבאה מצרים‬
three basic human activities
with the darkness, and to accomplish the
‫שבעים‬ ‫ב‬ ‫כ‬
purpose of this exile (birur & bitul) in
into uniquely Jewish activities ‫ כז‬,‫מו‬
preparation to Matan Torah

70th Soul that Completed the Count of Those Going to Mitzraim

Medrosh Jews connected to G-d;
HaShem Complete Bitul
Hidden secrets of Torah above pains of Galus
Torah commentators Inherited from Yaacov, Bitul but with a
Yaacov Connected to Text but Jews above Galus yet connection to the
not the Pshat related to the world world
As a new-born and as a
Rashi Bitul within the world
Yocheved nursing mother; “plain”
‫פשוטו של מקרא‬ itself
faith overcomes Galus
All Jews are in essence removed As Yosef supported his family during the
from the world, but also have physical famine, so too in spirituality
the ability to do their service in Yosef was involved with the world, yet ‫ויכלכל יוסף‬ ‫א‬ ‫כה‬
the world while remaining remained completely united with HaShem; ‫ יב‬,‫מז‬
unified with HaShem Jews inherited this ability for all time
The joining of Yehudah, the King, & Yosef
In essence the doing of Mitzvos
(deeds and learning) during the time of
results from the bitul that is
Moshiach indicates the primacy of deed yet ‫הפטורה‬ ‫ב‬ ‫כה‬
higher from intellect
incorporating Talmud

Yosef Talmud ‫תלמוד מביא לידי מעשה‬ ‫יראה חיצוני‬ In Galus

Yehudah Deed ‫מעשה גדול‬ ‫ יראה מהעצם‬Time of Moshiach

‫כל ישראל ערבין זה בזה‬ Yehudah’s status of guarantor was to stand in

The unity of all Jews is as if one Binyomin’s place; due to the central ‫ערב את הנער‬ ‫א‬ ‫ל‬
unit, no head, and all one source connection of one Jew to another ‫ לב‬,‫מד‬
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‫ פ' ויגש‬Abstract ‫לקוטי שיחות‬
- ‫תוכן הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי‬-
‫לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן‬ ‫נשמת אפרים‬
 Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos 

Calf with the broken neck is the idea of the

The Previous Rebbe, the Yosef of Elders providing for the spiritual needs of
our generation, provided the
impetus and ability to spread
the Jewish people, even in the “field”
The wagons sent the message that Yosef was
‫וירא את‬
Torah & Mitzvos throughout still alive spiritually, as well as physically ‫העגלות‬ ‫ב‬ ‫ל‬
the world that today is in a Yosef effected in the Jews: ‫ כז‬,‫מה‬
state of “Mitzraim” 1) strength to withstand the Galus 2) ability
to grow in Galus (‫ יוסף‬language of adding)
We must have faith in HaShem Upon reaching the border, Yaacov felt the pain
that we can be successful in of being forced to leave Eretz Yisrael in *‫אל תירא‬
Exile; nevertheless, we must
feel the pain that we are not yet
actuality; G-d reassured him that he was not
wrong in wishing to stay, but now the
‫לג מרדה מצרימה‬
in our land and ask “Ad Mosai” beginning of the nation had started ‫ ג‬,‫מו‬
In the world to come prayer is to
be said loudly due to revelation Not raising one’s voice in prayer (‫ )עמידה‬to
of the unity of the Jews with HaShem; different opinions in halacha & in ‫והקול נשמע‬ ‫א‬ ‫לה‬
G-d; purpose of loud prayer is understanding of prayer (see table below) ‫ טז‬,‫מה‬
to reveal the bitul

Do Not Raise Your Voice in Prayer (‫ )עמידה‬to HaShem

Side issur to pray loudly as if G-d
‫טור‬ cannot hear (lack of faith)
Prayer like speaking Speak quietly due to awe in the
‫מבקש צרכיו‬
‫רמב"ם‬ presence of the King
Proper intention Requires quiet speech; loud
‫עבודה שבלב‬
‫בית יוסף‬ prayer would disturb oneself
In the World of Atzilus, world
‫זוהר‬ Words not even heard by one’s
of unity, to stand together with
(‫)פנימיות התורה‬ own ears
G-d in complete bitul
Striving in Torah provides the Yosef warns the brothers regarding learning
ability to overcome Galus; Torah on the way back to Yaacov; this trip ‫אל תרגזו‬
thus, striving in Torah is also required greater protection offered by ‫ב‬ ‫לה‬
one of the characteristics of learning b’iyun, since now leading the ‫ כד‬,‫בדרך מה‬
Moshiach Jews into the descent of galus
Levels of Moshiach:
Eternal idea of Moshiach is not in
Nasi – teaches all Jews Torah; no inherent
being a King but in the effect
from a Nasi as a spiritual
change in nature; but fulfills main purpose ‫הפטורה‬ ‫ג‬‫לה‬
Melech – rules over entire world; change
does occur in the world ‫חידוש‬

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