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SEC. 4. WORLD WAR II HOME FRONT STUDY. Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California. creating, was creating the casualties
The Secretary shall conduct a theme study of Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time also on the home front for those who
the World War II home front to determine as I may consume. responded to the national need.
whether other sites in the United States meet the Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support Rosie the Riveter has survived as the
criteria for potential inclusion in the National
of H.R. 4063, which is to create the most remembered icon of the civilian
Park System in accordance with Section 8 of
Public Law 91–383 (16 U.S.C. 1a–5). Rosie the Riveter-World War II Home workforce that helped win World War
Front National Historic Park. By pass- II and had a powerful resonance in the
ing this bill today and sending it over women’s movement, the National Park
(1) ORAL HISTORIES, PRESERVATION, AND VIS- to hopefully expeditious consideration Service tells us in their feasibility
ITOR SERVICES.—There are authorized to be ap- in the other body, we honor all of those study. The National Park Service also
propriated such sums as may be necessary to who served in the war, in uniform and found that the Rosie the Riveter-World
conduct oral histories and to carry out the pres- in coveralls, wearing helmets or ban- War II Home Front National Historic
ervation, interpretation, education, and other danas, hoisting a machine gun or a Park is nationally significant and that
essential visitor services provided for by this welder’s torch. Richmond offers an exceptional oppor-
Act. The Rosie the Riveter National Park tunity to interpret the many layers of
(2) ARTIFACTS.—There are authorized to be would salute the role of the home front World War II home front experience,
appropriated $1,000,000 for the acquisition and
curation of historical artifacts related to the
during World War II, particularly rec- including migration and resettlement
park. ognizing the significant changes in the for jobs, integration of the workforce,
(b) PROPERTY ACQUISITION.—There are au- lives of women and minorities that oc- industrial and employee service inno-
thorized to be appropriated such sums as are curred during that era. I am very vations, and the remarkable effort by
necessary to acquire the properties listed in sec- pleased by the wide support this legis- government, industry, communities
tion 3(e)(2). lation has received not only in our and unions to enable America to win
(c) LIMITATION ON USE OF FUNDS FOR S.S. home community of Richmond, Cali- the war.
RED OAK VICTORY.—None of the funds au- fornia, but from groups like Kaiser At the hearing we held on this bill,
thorized to be appropriated by this section may
Permanente and the Veterans of For- we heard from former Rosies and
be used for the operation, maintenance, or pres-
ervation of the vessel S.S. RED OAK VICTORY. eign Wars. Wendy the Welders, through the mov-
I want to thank the gentleman from ing testimony of Ludie Mitchell. We
The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Alaska (Mr. YOUNG) and the gentleman heard what it was like for minority
SIMPSON). Pursuant to the rule, the from Utah (Mr. HANSEN) for their solid women to journey from the South to
gentleman from Utah (Mr. HANSEN) and support for this legislation, which will the West Coast of the United States, to
the gentleman from California (Mr. give this House an opportunity to go on areas that they had never been, had
GEORGE MILLER) each will control 20 record as honoring the millions of never seen and had barely heard of, to
minutes. women who served in the home front take up a welder’s torch, to climb into
The Chair recognizes the gentleman during World War II. I want to thank the belly of a ship under construction
from Utah (Mr. HANSEN). the members of the Committee on Re- and do their job and at one point com-
Mr. HANSEN. Mr. Speaker, I yield sources who voted unanimously to re- plete the construction of that ship
myself such time as I may consume. I port this legislation to the House last within 4 days.
rise in support of H.R. 4063, as amend- month. We also heard from Ruth Powers,
ed, introduced by the gentleman from There has been a great deal of discus- who worked in the child care center
California (Mr. GEORGE MILLER), the sion about the significance of World which was necessitated by the con-
ranking minority member from the War II this year which marks the 55th struction schedule in the Kaiser ship-
Committee on Resources. The gen- anniversary of the end of that horrific yards for 24-hour child care. In fact,
tleman from California deserves a lot conflict. Just last month, the D-Day what we found in the discussions dur-
of credit for crafting this bill, which es- Museum was opened in New Orleans ing the hearing was that today as we
tablishes the Rosie the Riveter-World with a great deal of attention paid to talk about the 24 and 7 economy, the
War II Home Front National Historical the critical role in the successful inva- fact that dot coms and the new tech-
Park in the State of California. The sion of the Higgins boat and those who nology cause people to work around
historical park would commemorate manufactured it. the clock with the globalization of the
the industrial, governmental and cit- H.R. 4063 allows this Nation to honor economy, what in fact we find out that
izen efforts that eventually led the permanently, through the creation of a 24 and 7 existed long before that. It ex-
United States to victory in World War national historic park, all of the mil- isted in the home front battle in World
II, and includes sites, structures, and lions of women and minorities in par- War II where we had 24-hour child care,
areas that are associated with the ticular who were the forgotten soldiers 24-hour food service, 24-hour health
home front efforts. of World War II, those who made enor- care, movie shows ran 24-hour sched-
The historical park would be admin- mous contributions to this Nation dur- ules and in many instances boarding
istered by the Secretary of the Interior ing World War II on the home front. houses ran 24-hour schedules because
as a unit of the National Park System. Their migration to industrial centers one shift would sleep while the other
The bill also allows the Secretary to like Richmond, California, and their shift was working and then the others
enter into cooperative agreements for ability to move into jobs formerly held would come in so that there would be
the acquisition and curation of historic only by white males who had moved enough housing for all of the workers
artifacts and materials related to the into the Armed Forces changed the who migrated to the West Coast ship-
park along with providing for the pres- course of the war, the course of his- yards in Richmond, California.
ervation and interpretation of the park tory, and the course of social and eco- What this legislation is really about
and sites selected by the Secretary as nomic policies in this country forever. is about a celebration of the American
representative of the World War II It should be noted that thousands of spirit. It is about a celebration of
home front. H.R. 4063 also stipulates them gave their lives as part of the war Americans’ ability to sacrifice. It is
that any Federal funds used in the co- effort. about a celebration of Americans re-
operative agreements must be matched I would like to note that in the re- sponding to the call of the country to
by an equal amount of funds from non- port from the National Park Service, the national need and responding to
Federal sources. they note that between Pearl Harbor in problems in other parts of the world,
I am pleased to be a cosponsor of this 1941 and January of 1944, that 37,000 because that is what America did in
bill. This bill creates a park unit which people lost their lives on the home the home front during World War II.
interprets an important part of the his- front working to build the military America responded with every being in
tory of World War II. I urge all my col- mechanism that we used to defeat the the country to contribute to that ef-
leagues to support H.R. 4063, as amend- Axis, that over 4 million people were fort.
ed. temporarily disabled, and 210,000 people As white America, white male Amer-
Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of were permanently disabled. So in fact ica went off to the war, quickly the
my time. the war, the war that World War II was Roosevelt administration found itself

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