Words Words uttered Or inked Breathe, live Long after Their echoes die Or the page is turned Words

slice Deeper than butcher’s knife Pry open wounds healed To fester in the searing heat Words atomize When surmised Implode to explode Like a Claymore mine Strategically placed in ambush At chest height Words ignite Like dynamite Or simply stink Stench till eternity When like shit flung up To hit the fan Words frozen Numb the blood Kills the pulse Words gestured in pantomime Unmask and shock Soon after the Charade departs Words nurtured Pregnant to be delivered Or words stifled

Aborted or Stillborn Snuff out hope Words venomous Shame the viper In their bite Words sting Break skin like wasp’s stings And the deeper ones hurt Akin to Scorpion bites Words imprison Shackle the victim Down to the dungeons Of purgatory Words kill Drop dead bird in flight When hurled as missiles Long after they are spilled Words smudge When fudged Words destruct When weaponised And then there is the Trojan horse That surreptitiously breaks into defences Ah! Where are words that comfort? Search the dictionary of your heart! The Sandalwood balm Caressingly applied Tone, texture and tempo Massaging soul

There are also words Out of the world Words that do not define Words that do not confine Words that do not construe Words like a child’s hug Words like the breeze that kisses Without prejudice Words that flow Like a string-less kite You need not visit a wordsmith Ah! These can’t be learned You need not visit an ironsmith Ah! These can’t be forged You need not visit a goldsmith Ah! The glitters are misleading Just search the depth of your soul Plumb for them Fish them out carefully Embrace them gently And When you to see me, next time Please get me some of these? Shyam 10 June 2012