Being and Time

Translated by John Macquarrie and Edward Robinson. New York, Harper, 1962.

CONTENTS Translator’s Preface Author’s Preface to the Sevenths German Edition 13 17

Exposition of the Question of the Meaning of Being I. The Necessity, Structure, and Priority of the Question of Being 1. The necessity of an explicitly restating the question of Being 2. The formal structure of the question of Being 3. The ontological priority of the question of Being 28 4. The ontical priority of the question of Being 32 II. The Twofold Task in Working Out the Question Of Being. Method and Design of Our Investigation 5. The ontological analytic of Dasein as laying bare the horizon for an Interpretation of the meaning of Being in general 6. The task of Destroying the history of ontology 7. The phenomenological method of the investigation A. The concept of phenomenon 51 B. The concept of the logos 55 C. The preliminary conception of phenomenology 8. Design of the treatise Part One The Interpretation of Dasein in Terms of Temporality, and the Explication of Time as the Transcendental Horizon for the Question of Being 21 21 21 24

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The existential analytic and the Interpretation of primitive Dasein. The Being of the entities encountered in the environment 16. and Dasein’s spatiality IV. Being-in-the-World as Being-with and Being-one’s-Self. and biology 11.DIVISION ONE: PREPARATORY FUNDEMENTAL ANALYSIS OF DASEIN I. Being-in as Such 28. Reference and signs 18. Everyday Being-one's-Self and the “they” V. The Worldhood of the World 14. The theme of the analytic of Dasein 10. and everyday Being-with 27. The ‘They’ 25. Space. in terms of an orientation towards Being-in as such 13. An Approach to the existential question of the “who” of Dasein 26. How worldly character of the environment announces itself in entities within-the-world 17. The aroundness of the environment. Analysis of environmentality and worldhood in general 15. The Dasein-with of Others. and Dasein’s Spatiality 22. The Spatiality of Being-in-the-world 24. The spatiality of the ready-to-hand within-the-world 23. The Difficulties in achieving a ‘natural conception of the world’ II. The Task of a thematic analysis of Being-in . Knowing the World 67 67 71 76 78 78 86 91 95 95 102 107 114 122 123 125 128 134 135 138 145 149 150 153 163 169 III. How the analytic of Dasein is to be distinguished from anthropology. Being-in-the-world in General as the Basic State of Da-Sein 12. The founded mode in which Being-in is exemplified. psychology. Foundations of the ontological definition of the ‘world’ 21. The definition of the ‘world’ as res extensa 20. Hermeneutical discussion of the Cartesian ontology of the ‘world’ C. A contrast between our analysis of worldhood and Descartes’ Interpretation of the world 19. A preliminary sketch of Being-in-the-world. Exposition of the Task of a Preparatory Analysis of Da-Sein 9. Involvement and significance: the worldhood of the world B. The idea of the worldhood of the world in general A.

Idle talk 36. The question of the primordial totality of Dasein’s structural whole 40. Care as the Being of Dasein 39. Fear as a mode of state-of-mind 31.A. existential Interpretation of this entity I. The everyday Being of the “there” and the falling of Dasein 35. Dasein. which truth possesses. disclosedness. Curiosity 37. and whether the ‘external world’ can be proved (b) Reality as an ontological problem (c) Reality and care 44. Dasein’s Being as care 42. and the task of a primordial. and truth (a) The traditional conception of truth. Understanding and interpretation 33. Dasein’s Possibility of Being-a-Whole and Being-Towards-Death 279 46. Assertion as a derivative mode of interpretation 34. and its ontological foundations (b) The primordial phenomenon of truth and the derivative character of the traditional conception of truth (c) The kind of Being. Falling and thrownness VI. Confirmation of the existential Interpretation of Dasein as care in terms of Dasein’s pre-ontological way of interpreting itself 43. and Reality (a) Reality as a problem of Being. The seeming impossibility of getting Dasein’s Being-a-whole into our grasp ontologically and determining its character 172 172 179 182 188 195 150 210 211 214 217 219 225 225 228 235 241 244 246 252 254 256 257 262 269 274 279 . worldhood. and the presupposition of truth DIVISION TWO: DASEIN AND TEMPORALITY 45. The basic state-of-mind of anxiety as distinctive way in which Dasein is disclosed 41. Ambiguity 38. Being-there as understanding 32. The outcome of the preparatory fundamental analysis of Dasein. Being-there and discourse: Language B. Being-there as state-of-mind 30. The existential Constitution of the “there” 29. Dasein.

and the possibility of getting a whole Dasein into our grasp 48. The existential-ontological foundations of conscience 56.47. and the methodological character of the existential analytic in general 64. How the existential analysis of death is distinguished from other possible Interpretations of this phenomenon 290 50. and Resoluteness 54. Dasein’s Attestation of an Authentic Potentiality-for-Being. The basic content of Dasein’s existential constitution. and Temporality as the Ontological Meaning of Care 61. Temporality and Everydayness 67. Care and selfhood 65. The possibility of experiencing the death of Others. A preliminary sketch of the methodological step from the definition of Da-sein authentic Being-a-whole to the laying-bare of temporality as a phenomenon 62. Being-towards-death and the everydayness of Dasein 52. The existential structure of the authentic potentiality-for-Being which is attested in the conscience III. The existential Interpretation of the conscience. Preliminary sketch of the existential-ontological structure of death 51. Conscience as the call of care 58. Understanding the appeal. The hermeneutical situation at which we have arrived for Interpreting the meaning of the Being of care. The character of conscience as a call 57. and a preliminary sketch of the temporal Interpretation of it 281 285 293 296 299 304 312 312 315 317 319 325 335 341 349 349 352 358 364 370 380 383 383 . and the way conscience is ordinarily interpreted 60. Dasein’s temporality and the tasks arising there-from of repeating the existential analysis in a more primordial manner IV. Temporality as the ontological meaning of care 66. Everyday Being-towards-the end. totality 49. and guilt 59. That which is still outstanding. the end. Anticipatory resoluteness as the way in which Dasein’s potentiality-for-Being-a-whole has existentiell authenticity 63. Existential projection of an authentic Being-towards-death II. The problem of how an authentic existentiell possibility is attested 55. Dasein’s Authentic Potentiality-for-Being-a-Whole. and the full existential conception of death 53.

Temporality and Within-Time-ness As the Source Of the Ordinary Conception of Time 78. The temporality of disclosedness in general (a) The temporality of understanding (b) The temporality of state-of-mind (c) The temporality of falling (d) The temporality of discourse 69. Dasein’s temporality. The Temporality of the spatiality that is characteristic of Da-sein 71. Temporality and Historicality 72.68. The connection of the foregoing exposition of the problem of historicality with the researches of Wilhelm Dilthey and the ideas of Count Yorck VI. and within-time-ness 81. Existential-ontological exposition of the problem of History 73. The time with which we concern ourselves. Dasein’s Historicality. and Dasein’s historizing 74. A comparison of the existential-ontological connection of temporality. The ordinary understanding of history. and our concern with time 80. The incompleteness of the foregoing temporal analysis of Dasein 79. and world-history 76. Within-time-ness and the genesis of the ordinary conception of time 82. The temporality of Being-in-the-world and the problem of the transcendence of the world (a) The temporality of circumspective concern (b) The temporal meaning of the way in which circumspective concern becomes modified into the theoretical discovery of the present-at-hand within-the-world (c) The temporal problem of the transcendence of the World 70. The temporal meaning of Dasein’s the Everydayness V. The existential source of historiology in Dasein’s Historicity 77. The basic constitution of historicality 75. Dasein. and world-time with Hegel's way of taking the relation relation between time and spirit (a) Hegel's conception of time 480 (b) Hegel's Interpretation of the connection between time and spirit 384 385 389 396 400 401 403 408 415 418 421 424 424 429 434 439 444 449 456 456 458 464 472 480 484 .

and the question of fundamental ontology as to the meaning of Being in general Author’s Notes Glossary of German Terms Index 489 486 503 524 . The existential-temporal analytic of Dasein.83.

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