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Federal Public Housing Authority

Creation.--The Federal Public Housing Authority, as one of the three

main constituent units of the National Housing Agency, performs the
functions, powers, and duties relating to public housing theretofore
performed by the Federal Works Agency and its constituent units or
agencies (United States Housing Authority, Public Buildings
Administration, Division of Defense Housing, Mutual Ownership Defense
Housing Division), the War Department and the Navy Department (except
housing located on military or naval reservations, posts, or bases), and the
Farm Security Administration (nonfarm housing). Under the order, also,
the Defense Homes Corporation and its functions, powers, and duties are
administered by the Federal Public Housing Commissioner.

War Housing.--The Federal Public Housing Authority is authorized to

provide hosing for persons engaged in war activities in localities in which
the President finds that an acute shortage of housing exists or impends
which would impede war activities, and that such housing would not be
provided by private enterprise when needed. This includes housing for
workers engaged in industries essential to the war effort, for certain
military and naval personnel, and for certain employees of the
Government whose duties are essential to the war effort.

The Federal public Housing Authority is authorized to acquire land and to

construct and operate projects to provide such war housing, including
family housing, dormitories, and trailers. The Federal Public Housing
Authority is authorized to utilize local public housing agencies in the
construction and operation of such war housing projects.

The Authority is also authorized to revise contracts for financial assistance

which had been entered into with local public housing agencies in
connection with low-rent housing and slum clearance projects located in
areas where there is a shortage of housing for persons engaged in war
activities, so that these projects can be used during the war to provide
necessary public housing for war workers.

Low-Rent Housing and Slum Clearance.--Pursuant to the United States

Housing Act of 1937, as amended, contracts for financial assistance


(in the form of capital loans and annual subsidies during administration) to
aid local public housing agencies in the development and administration of
low-rent housing and slum clearance projects were entered into by the
United States Housing Authority. The Federal Public Housing Authority is
now administering these contracts under Executive Order 9070 of
February 24, 1942. As already indicated, many projects originally intended
for low-rent housing have been made available for persons engaged in war
activities. Such United States Housing Act projects now used to house war
workers will revert to low-rent housing purposes after the war.

The Authority also administers nonfarm housing projects developed by the

Farm Security Administration, including three "greenbelt" communities,
and some 30 rural or suburban projects for families not deriving their
principal income from operating or working on farms.