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CML-5137 (035)
NOVEMBER 10, 2008


This addendum No. 1 shall be considered as a part of the project specifications for the above-
mentioned project as though it has been issued at the same time and shall be incorporated
integrally therewith. Where provisions of the following supplementary data differ from those on
the original documents, this Addendum shall govern and take precedence.

Contractors are hereby notified that they shall make any necessary adjustments in their proposals
on account of this Addendum. It will be construed that each proposal is submitted with full
knowledge of all modifications and supplemental data specified herein.

Contractors shall acknowledge receipt of this addendum in the space provided on the Proposal.

Several items were discussed at the PreBid Meeting held on 11/7/08. Below are supplementary
instructions that require minor adjustments of the Contract Details. All Bidder Questions have
been posted to the Bid On Line. All Bidders must register to this service for their bids to be
considered. Where no further clarification to a Bidders Question is provided, the item is to be
Bid as shown on the plans or specified in the specifications.

1. On the Bid Schedule Form, Eliminate Item #9, Class 2 Aggregate Base, from Base Bid.
This item of Class 2 Aggregate Base shall be bid as Alternative 1 line item and included
in the Total Bid including Alternative 1 only. Refer to Detail 1 and Detail 2 on sheet D-
1. Subgrade elevation will remain the same whether Alternative 1 is accepted or
eliminated. Finish Grade of the Bike Trail will vary depending on whether Alternative 1
is accepted or eliminated. A revised Bid Schedule Form is attached to this Addendum 1.

2. Revise Sheet E-3 to eliminate the two (2 ea) bridge mounted electroliers at Station
142+90 and 144+00. Substitute 1 typical Holophane Electrolier installed per Detail l on
sheet E-5. Engineer shall determine exact location of the additional Holophane
Electrolier prior to construction. Change Item No. 28, Lighting Electroliers & Base, to
48 each instead of 47 each. Since no pay item was included for the 2 each bridge
mounted Electroliers, no adjustment of the Bid Schedule Form is necessary to reflect the
deleted bridge mounted Electroliers.

3. Bidders have found difficulty obtaining price quotes from PG&E for Electrical Service
and EBMUD for Water Service for the project in a timely fashion. Therefore, Bidders
shall include an allowance for these utility fees in the various contract items accordingly:
PG&E Utility Connection Fee $50,000
EBMUD Connection Fee $30,000

Addendum 1- Richmond Greenway-Ease Segment Page 1 of 3
CML-5127 (035)

no adjustment or action is necessary for Project Funding Signs. Clearing and Grubbing. 5. Contractor shall expedite applications for utility services as a first item of work following Contract Award. The Project Funding Signs described in Section 10-1. Trees with a trunk diameter of greater than six inches (6”) shall remain in place and undisturbed. 4. shall be performed between BART Right of Way on the North and City Right of Way on the South of the project for the entire length from Carlson Blvd to San Pablo Blvd. END OF ADDENDUM 1 Attachments to Addendum 1: A.Richmond Greenway-Ease Segment Page 2 of 3 CML-5127 (035) .08 will not be required on this project. Since this item was not included in the original Bid Schedule. 6. Revised Bid Schedule Form to be completed and submitted with Bid Package Addendum 1. When actual invoices from the Utility services are received following utility connection the contract will be adjusted to reflect actual costs. Contractor shall furnish evidence of request for new service application for PG&E Services and EBMUD Service to the Resident Engineer. This project has an excess amount of Roadway Excavation and it is the Contractors responsibility to dispose of it outside of the City’s right of way. Any soil testing required by the potential receiver of excess Roadway Excavation will be the contractor’s responsibility. Contract Item 6.

Richmond Greenway-Ease Segment Page 3 of 3 CML-5127 (035) . Attachment A Addendum 1.

5 23 Kiosk Sign EA 4 24 Wayfinding Sign EA 4 25 Neighborhood Maps EA 3 26 Precast Concrete Benches EA 2 27 Precast Concrete Bicycle Rack EA 2 28 Lighting Electroliers & Base EA 48 29 Special Lighting Electroliers & Base on 2:1 Slope EA 3 30 Pullbox EA 55 31 Lighting Conduit & Wiring LF 6.950 10 Decomposed Granite CY 241 11 Install Sign Posts EA 46 12 Install Signs EA 92 13 Remove Signs EA 5 14 Install 4" Painted Metal Bollards EA 14 15 Thermoplastic Pavement Legends & Markings SF 151 16 Thermoplastic 4" Solid Yellow Stripe LF 1.258 19 Landscape LS 1 20 Irrigation LS 1 21 6' High Chainlink Fence LF 6. CENTRAL RICHMOND GREENWAY BIKE/PEDESTRIAN TRAIL PHASE 1B . CML-5137(035) Engineer's Estimate Unit Price Total Price (In Bid Item Description Unit Quantity (In Figures) Figures) 1 Mobilization LS 1 2 Record of Survey LS 1 3 Traffic Control LS 1 4 Stormwater Pollution Control LS 1 5 3" AC Pavement TON 1.258 32 Electrical Conduit & Wiring LF 287 33 Lighting Service/Controller Cabinet & Base EA 2 34 Irrigation Service/Controller Cabinet & Base EA 1 Total Bid excluding Alternative 1 35 Alternative 1.258 22 3' High Wood Barrier Fence (Redwood) LF 246.869 8 Adjust SD Manhole/ Junction Box to Grade LS 1 9 Class 2 Aggregate Base TON 2.EAST SEGMENT FEDERAL AID PROJECT NO.Electrical & Irrigation LF 6.Class 2 Aggregate Base TON 2950 Total Bid including Alternative 1 Total .005 6 Clearing and Grubbing LS 1 7 Roadway Excavation CY 1.070 17 Thermoplastic 6" Solid White Line (Bike Stop Bar) LF 25 18 Joint Trench .