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City of Richmond, CA

Deputy Budget and
Financial Services Agency Director

Fire. Marin County. the Housing ratories and others. Berlex Laboratories. more than any commencing with the November 2008 election. internal service funds are $41. much more.000 vehicles annually. White.2 million. The Ford Motor Plant followed in 1931. With a population of about 104. and much. An initiative measure The City of Richmond. budgetary. Art Center. hillside open space Broad based core strategic goals include: maintaining and and shoreline access. the City of San Francisco. In this role he/she Today. Trust & Agency funds of Kaiser shipyards worked around the clock. which lead to Richmond’s budget of about $273. in the shipyards. capital planning. Accounts Register historic districts. Richmond provides many recreational enhancing the physical environment. Kaiser Permanente. auditing. management. payroll. biking. East Bay Center for the Performing Arts and the National Institute of Art and Disabilities.1 million. Fiberoptics. The general fund budget is incorporation in 1905. new communities and beaches provide inspiring views treasury.4 The Department of Finance and the billion in private/public investment.000 and the Richmond Community Redevelopment Richmond’s population grew dramatically in the 1940’s as four Agency is about $9.000 and the Richmond Housing Authority with about turned out 747 Liberty and Victory ships for the war effort. An active redevelopment program in the downtown Agency Director (Finance Director) the Deputy Director organizes.000 African Americans migrated from the south to work citywide FTE staff for FY 2008-2009 of about 947. Authority. Revenue Collection. War II/Home Front National Historical Park. and is rich in Director (Finance Director) in his/her absence. special revenue funds are about assembling 50. BP West Coast Products. and Investigative Appeals Officer.5 million.8 million round out the budget. and a number of individual structures Payable. This includes the Winehaven Historic District that was Agency Director once the largest winery in the world until it closed during Pro. The present industry.000 $19. Human Resources Management. There is also a very ambitious focus on economic development.000.The City of Richmond at large to alternating 4 year terms. several National General Accounting. boating. 2004 will reduce the size of the on a peninsula along the east shore of the San Francisco Bay. City Clerk. promoting a safe and secure activities such as jogging. With 5.7 square miles of land area passed by the voters in November. contracts. The current Agency/Finance Director is James centers for the visual and performing arts. The major city departments/agencies industrial base. and along the new Richmond Parkway have added to the tax He/she represents the department on administrative matters base of the City in recent years. marinas. accounting. fishing. Macys. accounts receivable. Examples of major employers and tax payers include Police. enterprise square foot waterfront complex has continued rehabilitation funds are about $25 million. grants of the Bay’s three bridges. Public Works. Payroll. The City’s diverse economy provides many opportunities for future business and job generation. The Finance De- cultural and historic resources such as the Rosie the Riveter World partment is organized into divisions of Administration. Tosco Corporation. community. $24. museums. The City Manager functions as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is appointed by the City Council. The current other Bay Area city. Dicon Planning and Building Services. Current FTE staff in the Department is thirty nine (39). Budget. technology. Historically. this deep-water access area Mayor is Gayle McLaughlin. The City maintains its accounting records in accordance with The City of Richmond operates under a Council-Manager form of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the stan- government. A large number of languages are also spoken in the community. historic sites. nature studies. promoting effective swimming. Purchasing. and the East Bay. promoting economic vitality. more than any other shipyard in the world. Richmond also supports a diverse economy adding light is responsible for the overall management of the City. City Council from nine to seven members including the Mayor Richmond also spans 32 miles of shoreline. Library and Cultural Services. The shipyards $800. supervises professional and technical staff and serves as the Financial Services Agency The City has a long tradition of supporting the arts. City Attorney. ager. The former Navy Fuel Depot at Point Molate. with a Mayor and Eight (8) Council Members elected dards established by the Governmental Accounting Standards . CA occupies 33. contributing to Richmond’s diverse population. Recreation. with significant African Reporting directly to the Mayor and City Council are the City Man- American. Richmond include Chevron USA. Today. Engineering. Community Redevelopment Agency. including the Richmond Goins. including a visitor center for the Rosie the Riveter approximately $10. The overall mission of the Department is to maintain and improve the financial health of the City through continuous financial Richmond’s shoreline of trails.714 acres of parks.16 million. fiscal. new technologies and biotechnology to the historic City Manager is Bill Lindsay. The population today is equally diverse. Richmond has an allocated Over 10.5 million. and purchasing. approximately $141. The Mayor is also elected at large and is a member of the City Council. Bio Rad Labo. $647. and promoting a sustainable City. Also notable are ment Plan (CIP). Grants Management and Capital Improve- on the National Register of Historic Places. MSC Pinole Point Steel. consisting of 350 acres of prime waterfront Deputy Budget and Financial Services property. the Port. government. capital projects funds are around World War II/Home Front National Historical Park. Treasury.7 million. and waterfront areas and commercial expansion of the City’s supervises and directs the Department with responsibility for Hilltop area. was transferred to the City in FY 2002-2003 and is being redeveloped. development services funds are for mixed use. general ledger and other supportive services. which has included nearly $1. Hispanic/Latino and Asian ethnic composition. Under the general direction of the Budget and Financial Services hibition. Information Technology. and Finance. Details of these Richmond City Government strategies are available in the FY 2008-2009 Budget documents. along the Interstate 80 and Interstate 580 corridors. boat management improvement in budgeting. the 500. Susie Gee. sparked a turn-of-the-century industrial boom initiated by the Richmond is a full-service city with an overall FY 2008-2009 total Santa Fe Railroad and Standard Oil. involving other departments and agencies. parks.

the City also employs an independent • Administers the City’s investment portfolio and management certified public accountant. Society of Municipal Finance Officers.Board (GASB). The City of Richmond won a Certificate of Award for Excellence in Capital Budgeting for FY 2007-2008 from the California • Assumes other duties and responsibilities as assigned. reviews and evaluates the • Provide hands-on day-to-day leadership within the Department work of assigned staff. succession planning policies and priorities relating to accounting and financial and performance management in the Department as well as planning activities. The financial results for Fiscal Years 2005-2006 The City has also established a $10 million general reserve and and 2006-2007 also show continued improvement of the City’s in 2007 the City Council adopted policy updates providing for general fund financial condition. examines the financial statements and on committees as directed and participates and represents submits a final audit report to the City Council. specified by the City Council. and capacity. integrated finance and accounting system. organizes. who. Pride and Purpose. budget changes and related Some additional issues/challenges for the Department and the activity. In addition. long term business planning. that will enable the Director to focus more attention on overall • Reviews legislation. are key components. the Department on administrative service matters. Deputy Director include: • Coordinates with other City Departments. funding agencies in matters affecting fiscal and accounting guidelines and requirements. • Assists in the development and implementation of goals. The key challenges for subsequent with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. statues and regulations. effect on City operations. at least annually. ger financial acumen to the Department at all staff levels and • Resolves difficult problems that cannot be resolved by further develop divisional. ten narrative and statistical reports. proposed taxes and reports. continued implementation of various economic development strategies. interprets policies. financial activity and prepares/supervises a variety of financial maximizing other eligible fees and charges. • Take the lead in developing staff training. Department and City. at such time or times as of all City debt. and the City has received an a minimum cash reserve of 15% of general fund expenditures. • Participates in the selection of personnel and provides lead. regulations and case law to determine strategic financial issues. and a Certificate of Issues and Challenges Achievement Award in Financial Reporting for the City’s Compre- hensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) from the Government The City of Richmond reached a milestone on its road to financial Finance Officers Association. and financial services. tant to the City’s future financial health. directly or through professional systems that improve fiscal controls and the abilities of the and supervisory staff. • Assist in the planning. Resource Planning and other information and technology commissions or boards. The City plans to reach the 15% target reserve level by retaining investment earnings on the reserve corpus each fiscal year in Typical duties and responsibilities of the Deputy Director include: the reserve account until the target is reached. • Provides fiscal management of the divisional programs Ongoing efforts to generate new revenues remain equally impor- which include budget. and at such • Attends meetings. and Federal and State Richmond to continue to improve its fiscal health. • Assume leadership in further implementation of Enterprise • Provides leadership and technical assistance to committees. • Plans. and prepares comprehensive writ. conferences and represents the Department times as they determine. “A” rating from the financial rating agencies. MUNIS to replace • Completes complex administrative and management stud. directs. Since FY 2001-2002. managerial and staff capability subordinate staff. 34 (GASB 34). the current SAP system. 2009) and ongoing involvement and support of the new ership for their training and professional development. and the current Fiscal Year has been to continue this direction. general ledger. a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for Fiscal Year 2007. Payroll/Human Resources/Finance ies for the Department. the City has recovery by proposing and accepting a balanced General Fund prepared its audited Basic Financial Statements in accordance budget for FY 2004-2005. These and other actions will help enable the City of • Maintains liaison with capital project staff.” Ultimate success depends upon the quality . Revenue generating • Advises the Director and others on program implications of priorities include full cost recovery for some departmental services. assigns. initial conversion (planned for January. and the Finance • Work with the Director and Departmental staff to bring stron- Director in the development of the City’s annual budget. • Assists in the designs and implementation of automated and The City of Richmond takes seriously its motto of “The City of integrated financial accounting systems.

The City of Richmond also offers an excellent fringe and methods of financial reporting. Skills and Abilities than confrontational in nature. and results-oriented. Jr. This person lems. and The successful candidate should have a through knowledge of of diverse ethnic. please selection.236. is open to City management. social. methods. and recommending effective courses of action. Robert Neher. supervision of professional staff.of leadership and the ability to facilitate. of issues. Executive Vice President • Business computer. issues. practices and laws regulating to investment of public funds and administration of debt management. accuracy. with hiring dependent upon experience and qualifi- and fund accounting. leadership. he/she should be able to interact well and comfortably with people at various levels. Legislative bodies. contractors. procedures and Suite 200 requirements to individuals with differing educational levels. In addition. user applications.. economic and political backgrounds. who is able to effectively express his/her financial/ business opinion. public finance and budgeting. and Community goals. and accurate manner. • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a An Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer. • Related experience in a public agency. is ap- • Five (5) years of progressively responsible professional expe. or early December. in accounting or financial management/systems. organize and present complex material in a clear. efficiency. including the ability to identify work to be done and establishing priorities and Education and Experience schedules to accomplish required tasks. codes and regulations. a good business and financial sense. busi.Ed. concise and quality. and and colleagues. and opportunities. direct. please contact us at the • Motivate assigned staff. • Work effectively in an urban environment with diverse and Should you have any questions with regard to your own interest. and other individuals and numbers above. • Graduation from a four (4) year college or university with major course work in accounting. Female. How to Apply • Effective employee supervision and management including If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity. and other organizations and groups that may impact on City financial operations. and making effective presentations. He/She should have strong follow-through on projects and programs • Written and oral communications. West Sacramento. Compensation The current salary range for this position is $100. the person selected should be able to analyze complex prob- solid presentation and organizational abilities.. Management Style and Personal Traits ness. computer conversions and financial systems. • Principles. manage. and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. State and Federal laws. Details are available upon request. sometimes competing interests. Finance build strong partnerships and cooperation needed to meet City and other City Departments. staff disabled candidates are encouraged to apply. retention. Leading candidate applications will likely be groups to better coordinate their efforts to achieve designated reviewed with the Agency/Finance Director in late November goals. Telephone: (916) 443-2421 • A hands-on understanding of municipal government or other Facsimile: (916) 443-5949 organizations of similar complexity. he/she should be able to: robertneher@executivesearchneher. including financial statement preparation cations. training. completion. City Manager’s Office. and principles of general governmental $124. He/She should be proactive and facilitative rather Knowledge. Applications are preferred electronically at: In addition. evaluating alternative should also have knowledge/skills in: solutions. He/She should have strong communication. CA 95605 backgrounds and interests. staff and the community. • Principles and practices of budget development and admin- istration. CPA certificate and/ or masters degree in accounting or business administration The selected individual must also be a good strategic thinker and is highly desirable but not required.216 to • Best practices. Neher & Associates 299 Westlake Drive • Explaining and interpreting decisions. including the ability to to ensure appropriateness. information systems. work evaluation and discipline. D. proachable and diplomatic. . minority and wide variety of people. comfortable handling complicated rience. The Candidate • Plan and organize work effectively. President or Lawrence Davenport. benefits package. and interpersonal skills as well as Finally. including members of the public. Federal and State Agencies. submit a detailed resume as soon as possible to: • Applicable City. City Council. He/She should be a team builder which at least two (2) years shall include management and and hands-on manager/leader with strong interpersonal skills. economics. problem solver. finance. or a recommendation of a colleague. public administration or a closely The successful candidate will be someone of high integrity who related field.