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placing Science & Technology

in the hands of our people SOPREX

and trailblazing new pathways Descriptive
for sustainable development
in Southern Philippines Presentation of Past

MSU Iligan Institute of Technology, Andres Bonifacio Avenue
Tibanga, Iligan City 9200
DD: (O63) 223-8077 Celfones: 0919-9420065; 0919-2634968
FAX: (063) 223-8481
Our Foundation
SOPREX Foundation was organized by a group of senior administrators, faculty and
extension staff of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) and registered with the
Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit corporation in July
1993 and accredited by the Civil Service Commission as a Training Institution last March
28, 2003.

It was organized as a privatized institutional mode to strengthen, mobilize and deploy

the Institute’s pool of expertise in a wide range of specializations in management,
science and technology. Complementing the Institute’s government-funded Research
and Extension Programs, our Foundation provides the mechanisms for quick response
to opportunities and requests, as they arise, for contracted research, extension and
consulting services in order to optimize the use of the Institute's available pool of
expertise. Under a 50-year collaborative agreement on research and extension with
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, SOPREX has access to a vast pool of expertise in all
major areas of science and technology.

With active participation in the USAID GOLD (Governance and Local Democracy)
Project and with various consulting engagements in various Mindanao provinces/cities,
SOPREX was certified as a Center for Local Governance in 2000 by the USAID and, as
such, was accredited as a service provider of the Coordinating Council for Private
Sector Participation, Office of the President (Primer on Project Packaging and
Financing for LGUs: lguprimer/).

The Trustees and Officers of the Foundation are all professionals with a multi-disciplinal
mix of educational backgrounds and multifarious experiences in University education,
research and community extension.

Dr. Luis D. Carillo, Ph. D. Dr. Camar A. Umpa, Ph.D.,

Professor of Mathematics/Statistics (retired) Professor of Political Science and former President
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology Mindanao State University System
President and Chairman of the Board Founding President/Chairman (1993-97)
Member, Board of Trustees
Prof. Rosello C. Macansantos Prof. Marcelo P. Salazar
Associate Professor , History/Social Sciences Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Business
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology Management
Vice-President/Executive Director Chancellor, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Member, Board of Trustees Member, Board of Trustees
Dr. Eufemio Calio, Ph.D. Dr. Olga M. Nuneza, Ph.D.
Professor of Development Communication Professor of Biology and Vice-Chancellor for Research
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology & Extension, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Secretary and Member, Board of Trustees Ex-Officio Member, Board of Trustees
Director Alongan A. Mangorsi Prof. Wilfredo A. Dimamay
Director of Extension Director, Computer Center
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Auditor and Member, Board of Trustees Member, Board of Trustees
Ambrosio F. Quinones, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Business Finance and Management (retired)
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Treasurer and Member, Board of Trustees
Our Vision, Mission and Goal
We envision the people of Southern Philippines to be enlightened and empowered by
science & technology, invigorated by a new sense of solidarity with the rest of the
Filipino nation, and inspired and motivated by basic humanistic values, trailblazing the
new pathways to sustainable development in close cooperation with our ASEAN

Our mission is to advance, and share with our people, our knowledge and expertise in
all branches of science & technology. Within our immediate region of service, Southern
Philippines, we aim to contribute our share in the common obligation of all humanity to
chart and institutionalize new patterns of living as required for peace and sustainable

The search for new patterns of living, to be a judicious blend of indigenous and global
knowledge, has to be informed and guided by the shining light and liberating power of
science & technology.

Hence, our goal is to place science & technology in the hands of our people of
Southern Philippines. Our belief is that extension of human-scale S&T is necessary to
empower our own communities, regardless of ethnicity, creed or political persuasion.
Thus empowered, our people can discover, rediscover and blend old and new
patterns of living, as are required to chart, and bring about a convergence of, our
diverse but complementary paths towards peace and sustainable development.

Our Consulting Services

Man is the purpose and the measure of all things. Hence, very broadly the thrust of our
programs of service is human resources development, which we believe is the core of
genuine development. In order to empower our people with the light and driving force
of science and technology, we offer our total package of research and
extension/consulting services in the following priority areas:

• business planning and development, entrepreneurship training, business

management services, industrial/commercial partnership in new and expanding
local/regional small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
• organizational design & development, human resources development, corporate
strategic planning, program/project planning and resource mobilization, design
and installation of administrative/financial management systems and procedures.
• LGU/community/corporate database design and development, integrated area
planning and program/project management.
• process technology and machinery/equipment verification, adaptation and
commercial development.
• market research and product development, trade and investment promotion
program planning and management.
• public opinion polling & other social surveys, information/education/
communication (IEC) campaign design and management, program/project
monitoring & evaluation studies.
• environmental impact studies, coastal and agro-forest resource and waste
management systems design and program/project management.
• Computer systems design and development, computer education curriculum and
training program design and management, school organizational design and
management development.
• School/industrial science laboratory design, equipment fabrication and installation.
Our Pool of Expertise
The main pool of expertise which we tap from time to time for specific consulting
engagements is comprised by the senior MSU-IIT faculty and extension staff. In
recognition of the strength of its professional and technical expertise, MSU-IIT has been
identified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a "Center of Excellence"
for engineering, science & technology education and research.

The MSU-IIT is arguably the greatest concentration in a single institution of professional

and technical expertise in science and technology in the whole of Southern
Philippines. It is led by a total of some 300 Ph.D. and M.S./M.A. degree holders in:

• the breeder sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) and mathematics;

• civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and computer engineering & engineering
• economics, accountancy, marketing, finance and business management;
• development communications, community development, local government and
public administration, peace and development studies;
• pedagogy, educational administration and livelihood/home industries;
• history, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, Filipino and
international languages.

Our Track Record

On-Going Technical Assistance Projects

Our Foundation is currently engaged in three innovative technical assistance programs
focused on advancing the agenda for environmental protection, local enterprises
promotion, good governance and community peace advocacy:

a. Family and Community Peace for Economic Development

With the conclusion of the Barangay Justice Service System (BJSS)
Project in the conflict affected areas in Mindanao, the GRF has
mobilized a mechanism to continually monitor the activities of the
Barangay Justice Advocates (BJAs) and document the cases that have
been facilitated by the BJAs. GRF has continued to partner with SOPREX
to facilitate the monitoring of the BJAs activities and ensure that cases
are documented and submitted regularly to GRF. But this activity has
been limited to areas that have been covered by the BJSS Program in

b. Biodiversity Research
In July 2007, SOPREX Foundation was accredited as a national research partner of
the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) for the conduct of the FPE
Rapid Site Assessment of the Pulangi-Arakan Cluster.

The RSA aims to update and consolidate information on the general condition of
the Upper Pulangi Watershed in the City of Malaybalay and Municipality of
Cabanglasan, Province of Bukidnon, and the Arakan Valley-Mt. Sinaka Protected
Watershed in the Municipality of Arakan, Province of North Cotabato. Field
research activities shall focus on 12 study sites in Upper Pulangi (barangays Silae,
Mapulo, Kaburakanan, Kulaman in Malaybalay, and Capinoan and Freedom in
Cabanglasan) and 1 study site in Arakan (barangay Ganatan). Data analysis shall
delve into three conservation strategies: Ancestral Domain Management,
Watershed Management in both sites, and Forest Corridor Development in Upper
Pulangi and Community-Based Forest Management in Arakan.
c. Local Enterprises Promotion
In the field of environmentally-sound local enterprises promotion, SOPREX is an
investor-partner and technology provider of the:

1. Village-Scale Coconut Processing Plant of Toureg Corporation in Naawan,

Misamis Oriental (since February 2006);
2. Bio-Energy (Jatropha) Plantation Project in Nunungan, Lanao del Norte in
partnership with the Municipal Government (started January 2007);
3. Municipal-Scale Bio-Fuels Plant in Naawan, Misamis Oriental in partnership with
Toureg Corporation and LGU Naawan (Project Feasibility Study Phase) with
assistance from FSSI; and
4. People’s Food Safety Laboratory in Linamon, Lanao del Norte, in partnership
with LGU Linamon, 2 CBOs and sister company MIND-BIOS, Inc (with grant
funding from AusAID-PACAP as one of the national winners of the Panibagong
Paraan 2006).

Recently Concluded Technical Assistance Projects

Our Foundation has recently completed the implementation of two technical
assistance programs focused on advancing the agenda for good governance and
community peace advocacy:

a. Barangay Justice Service System (BJSS) Program

Since 2001 and up until 2007, SOPREX, along with the other members of the
Philippine consortium of Centers for Local Governance (CLGs), has been a partner
agency of the Gerry Roxas Foundation in the implementation of the USAID-funded
Barangay Justice Service System (BJSS) in its nationwide model replication. As a
member of this consortium, our Foundation implemented the BJSS Project in fifteen
(15) barangays in Lanao del Norte, fifteen (15) barangays in the City of Iligan and
thirty-seven (37) barangays in Lanao del Sur. In the 6th phase of its replication,
SOPREX covered fifty-seven (57) barangays in the municipalities of Tubod, Baroy
and Lala, Lanao del Norte and trained an additional 570 Barangay Justice
Advocates (BJAs). The BJSS Project aims to improve the common people’s access
to the Katarungang Pambarangay (Brangay Justice System) and other integrated,
community-based justice services for family and community peace as a requisite of
economic development.

b. Access to Justice for the Poor Project (A2JPP)

With the assistance of the European Commission through the Department of Social
Welfare and Development (DSWD) and CPRM Consultants, Inc., SOPREX has
conducted the A2JPP Community Based Trainings in twelve (12) municipalities in
Lanao del Norte in its nationwide roll-out. The A2JPP aims to identify and train
champions in advocating for women and children rights within the context of
gender and human rights based approach for development and justice. All
training sessions have been conducted and SOPREX is now in the process of
wrapping up all activities, including that of packaging all process documentation
reports. A total of 1220 women and children’s rights advocates (WCRAs) have
been trained and equipped with the knowledge on the issues on “violence against
women and children” (VAWC) and skills on how to assist the victims of these crimes.
Highlights of Past Performances

a. Documentation Services under the LEAD for Health Project of the USAID
through the Management Sciences for Health

The Local Enhancement and Development (LEAD) for Health Project undertaken
by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) with funding from the United States
Agency for International Development’s (USAID) aims to support the priority
programs of the DOH, primarily FP, TB-DOTS, Vitamin A, HIV-AIDS, and MCH. LEAD
Project is a three year health governance project designed to assist more than five
hundred thirty (530) LGUs nationwide with more than thirty five percent (35%)
population, and eighty percent (80%) barangays per LGU, more than half of
Mindanao and all of ARMM. The assistance primarily aims to Increase local level
support for Family Planning and health services, improve the financial, managerial,
and technical capabilities of LGUs in providing FP / MCH / TB / HIV-AIDS services ,
and increase local and national policy support for health services.

SOPREX involvement in this project was more on the documentation of the: (1)
Assessment and Planning Workshops in the Provinces of South Cotabato, Bukidnon,
Lanao del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur and Misamis Occidental, (2) the
Executive Legislative Agenda for Health Workshop in the Provinces of Agusan del
Sur and Bukidnon, (3) Contraceptive Self Reliance Planning Workshops for the
Provinces of Agusan del Sur and Bukidnon, (4) the Contraceptive Self-Reliance
Workshop Training of Trainers for the Provinces of Misamis Oriental and Agusan del
Norte and Region 9, (5) the 1-month long training of service providers for the No-
Scalpel Vasectomy Campaign as a tool towards contraceptive self-reliance and
family planning of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines in the Province of
Bukidnon, and (6) Training of Technical Providers for the Accreditation and
Reimbursement of the Maternity Care Package Of the Philippine Health Insurance

b. Training of Municipal Facilitators in the Conduct of Baseline Research in

Lanao del Sur

The Detailed Baseline Data Gathering (BDG) Project of the Community

Development Assistance Program of the ARMM Social Fund Program of the Office
of the President Officially began upon the signing of the contract between SOPREX
Officials and ARMM SFP representatives on the 16th of August 2004 at the Central
Fund Management Office in Zamboanga City. Specifically, the BDG component
aims to (1) Provide a mechanism for future monitoring and evaluation as well as
impact evaluation activities in terms of measuring and verifying the physical
achievements of the entire program; and (2) Provide a venue for capacity building
among the ASFP M & E Unit and the identified Municipal Teams in terms of (a) Basic
baseline data gathering techniques, (b) Analysis of Information; and (c) The
Operations of the overall M & E Process.

c. Transparent Accountable Governance (TAG): Advancing the Agenda for

Good Governance for Peace and Development in Mindanao LGUs.

Building on the successes of the TAG project of The Asia Foundation (TAF), this
program aims to improve the effectiveness and accountability of municipal
governments, increase the interaction between the citizenry and their local
governments, and ensure the sustainability of such governance improvements
towards peace and development.

To carry out these objectives, TAF has instituted the following mechanisms:
 Rapid field appraisal
 Technical assistance to selected local government units and civil society
organizations to develop and implement best practices for adoption and
communication of improved governance practices in ARMM
 Assist local resource institutions (LRIs) as they develop and manage localized
technical assistance.

SOPREX involvement in this component of TAF/TAG assistance has started in the

Rapid Field Appraisal of Lanao del Norte Municipalities. Based on the outputs of
this mechanism, SOPREX has once again been tapped to assist LRIs and Local
Government Units in their write-up and identification of development programs
under the Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development (IPED) Module. In this
module, SOPREX is tasked to:
 Strengthen further the MSU CPA Center for Local Governance as a major Local
Resource Institution (LRI) serving its home province of Lanao del Sur and the
adjoining province of Maguindanao through the:
• organization and development of its College-based Foundation with
broader membership and participation and stronger linkages with other units
and entities;
• expansion of its pool of experts/trainers/facilitators with increased
knowledge and skills in local planning and development management;
 Assist 2 Lanao del Sur municipalities (Mulondo and Tamparan) and their
component barangays in the formulation and adoption of their 3-year
development plans and CY 2003 annual budgets, and, in the same process,
transfer knowledge and skills in participatory local planning and budgeting at
the barangay and municipal levels to community-based pools of resource
persons and facilitators;
 Assist 2 Maguindanao municipalities (Sultan Kudarat and Buluan), 5 Lanao del
Sur municipalities (Piagapo, Marantao, Bacolod Kalawi, Bumbaran and Wao)
and up to 5 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the formulation/updating and
adoption of their SIAD and Investment Framework Plans and in preparing
feasibility studies and funding proposals of their respective priority
enterprise/local investment projects, and, in the same process, transfer the
knowledge and skills to community-based pools of resource persons and
 Assist the LGU and CSO enterprise proponents access funding support and
build their respective marketing networks;
 Facilitate the promulgation of the requisite policies and the institutionalization of
suitable structures, networks and processes of public-private sector cooperation
for the effective implementation of the local investment promotion programs of
2 Maguindanao municipalities (Sultan Kudarat and Buluan) and 5 Lanao del Sur
municipalities (Piagapo, Bacolod Kalawi, Bumbaran, and Wao); and
 Support the efforts of the Lanao del Sur Provincial Government towards
improving its delivery of basic services, especially its technical support services
to development planning and resource mobilization of its component
municipal LGUs.

d. Transparent Accountable Governance (TAG): Advancing the Agenda for

Transparency and Accountability in Mindanao Cities.

Because economic growth and the achievement of peace cannot be realized

without the involvement of the Cities of Mindanao, TAF/TAG has initially identified 7
cities in Mindanao, namely:
 Samal Island
 Surigao City
 General Santos City
 Cotabato City
 Iligan City
 Marawi City
 Dapitan City

In these cities TAF/TAG intends to:

 Implement effective transparency and accountability strategies at the city
level based on reform agendas and priorities established through public-private
and civil society cooperation, and
 Disseminate best practices in city government reform through the League of
Cities of the Philippines (LCP), Department of Interior and Local Government
(DILG), the media and the academia.

To support these efforts, TAF provided several technical assistance (T.A.) packages
for delivery beginning January 2003:
 A comprehensive organizational diagnosis (O.D.) of the 7 cities by a team of
management experts under the auspices of the LCP;
 A rapid field appraisal of their business permit processing cycle to be under-
taken by local study teams; and
 The first cycle of the 6-month Public Service Excellence Program (PSEP) in the
critical departments/units involved in local revenue generation.
 Training/Workshop on the Public Service Ethics and Accountability for
departments/units involved in local revenue generation

SOPREX assisted in the conduct of the:

 Business Permit Renewal Processes Mapping Study for the Cities of Iligan and
Dapitan. In this study, SOPREX was tasked to observe and identify critical areas
for improvement in the LGUs efforts to raise local revenue especially in the
business permit renewal process; and
 Public Service Excellence Program 6-month facilitation in the Cities of Dapitan
and Iligan. The PSEP-based technical assistance package for Dapitan and
Iligan supports the goal of the TAF/TAG Project to build local capacity in the
target areas in Mindanao for public-private sector cooperation towards
enhancing good governance through trans-parency and accountability
strategies, in general, and in planning and managing an anti-corruption reform
agenda at the LGU level, in particular. Specifically, the PSEP-based T.A.
program for Dapitan and Iligan aims to:
 Assist the city governments in identifying specific areas of institutional weak-
nesses in the delivery of basic services and in formulating and implementing,
in a highly participatory manner, their respective comprehensive customer-
oriented service improvement program; and
 Strengthen local capacities for the documentation and sharing of best
practices in good governance and public service excellence.
 Public Service Ethics and Accountability Training/Workshops

e. Public Service Excellence Program – Training of Trainers

In preparation for the eventual technical assistance of the TAF/TAG Program for the
7 cities of Mindanao, SOPREX Foundation was commissioned by TAF to conduct a
training of PSEP trainers. The training was conducted in July, 2003 at Cagayan de
Oro City, thus qualifying 24 additional PSEP facilitators in Mindanao, based in the
city governments of Marawi and Iligan and in the Centers for Local Governance
(CLGs) of MSU-Marawi College of Public Administration, MSU-IIT (in partnership with
SOPREX Foundation) and Ateneo de Davao University.
f. Training of Rebel Returnees in the Operation and Sustainability of the Post-
Harvest Facilities Provided by the GEM-LEAP Program with funding support
from the USAID

The Livelihoods Enhancement and Peace (LEAP) Program is a successor to two

concluded USAID-assisted programs: Emergency Livelihood Assistance Program
(ELAP) and Support with Implementing Fast Transitions (SWIFT) program, which were
both focused on assisting former Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
combatants in making the transition to being productive farmers and fishermen. Or
what they call “arms” to “farms”.

The five recipient Peoples’ Organizations (POs) of the “peace dividend” or what is
commonly called “transition assistance grant (TAG)” under the LEAP program were
also awarded with farm inputs (e.g., fertilizers, etc.) back in 1998 and 1999 by LEAP,
namely: a) the Islam Village Farmer’s Multi-purpose Cooperative in Delabayan,
Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, b) Pendulunan Farmer’s Association in Pendulunan,
Munai, Lanao del Norte, c) Bubong-Ramain-Lindongan Bangsamoro Farmer’s
Association in Bubong-Lindungan, Munai, Lanao del Norte, d) Poblacion Munai
Farmer’s Association in Poblacion, Munai, Lanao del Norte, and e) Matampay I
Farmer’s Association in Matampay, Munai, Lanao del Norte.

SOPREX was tapped to conduct the on and off site Post Harvest Facility
Management Trainings for all five pre-identified POs. The objective of the training
program is to equip the participants with the management skills needed to
operate and sustain the the post-harvest facility and to develop the core group
members’ capability in handling the various functions of the enterprise and acquire
planning skills.

g. Young Adults Fertility and Sexuality Study 3

A project of the University of the Philippines Population Institute together with the
Demographic Research and Development Foundation with funding from the David
and Lucille Packard Foundation, Inc., SOPREX was sub-contracted by the Ateneo
Resource Center for Local Governance, based in Davao City, to undertake the
field operation for Lanao del Norte. This study was primarily conducted to
generate important information that can serve as inputs to programs and policies
to improve the situation of our youth particularly in matters that relate to their
sexuality and reproductive health.

Specifically, SOPREX was tasked to:

 Conduct household listing and mapping of sample barangays in identified
municipalities of Lanao del Norte,
 Conduct field interviews of qualified respondents in the sample barangays,
 Edit and translate individual questionnaires including the same number of
self-administered questionnaires.

h. Transparent Accountable Governance (TAG): Advancing the Agenda for

Good Governance at the National Level and in Mindanao. Rapid Field
Appraisal in Lanao del Norte

A project of the The Asia Foundation, this project has built civil society and private
sector constituencies for a counter-corruption reform agenda aimed at economic
growth and poverty reduction. It is the purpose of this renewed campaign to
deepen the engagement of the private sector and civil society in countering
corruption, with new attention to corruption and governance at the local level
through a comprehensive focus on transparency and good governance in

SOPREX initial involvement in this campaign is the conduct of the Rapid Field
Appraisal in the Province of Lanao del Norte. SOPREX is commissioned to evaluate
and recommend broadened opportunities for good governance, peace and
economic development in the Province of Lanao del Norte, especially in “conflict

i. Community Development, Project Planning and Management, Municipality

of Linamon, Lanao del Norte

This collaboration intends to undertake high priority programs and projects

designed to improve the technical, managerial, and financial capability of the
Municipality of Linamon, Lanao del Norte for more effective delivery of basic social
services for the benefit of all its constituents and in general for providing effective
local governance and promoting the general climate of peace and harmony that
is conducive to sustainable local development; and is likewise in need of technical
and financial assistance suitable for such undertakings.

As SOPREX has the expertise, learning resources and information access, we have
committed to provide technical assistance towards developing the capability of
the Municipality of Linamon, to plan , package, source our funds and other
assistance, and manage the implementation of local development programs and

As an initial undertaking, SOPREX has assisted the Municipality of Linamon in the

development and submission of its first entry entitled the “Integrated Solid Waste
Management program of the Municipality of Linamon, Lanao del Norte” to the
Gawad Galing Pook last February 28, 2002. SOPREX has also assisted in its
formulation of its development plans submitted to the LGSP.

e. Preparation and Design of Implementation Plan for Small Isles Power and
Water Systems (SMISLE POWERS) for the Province of Tawi-Tawi

Upon the request of the Honorable Rashidin M. Matba, Provincial Governor of Tawi-
Tawi to provide technical assistance for the Province’s urgent need for potable
water and power systems and in line with the technology transfer program of the
Department of Extension, Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension,
MSU-IIT and pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute
and the Southern Philippines Research and Extension (SOPREX) Foundation, Inc., a
study team went to Tawi-Tawi to conduct preliminary field appraisal.

With the initial data gathered the study team composed of DE Director Alongan A.
Mangorsi and SOPREX Executive Director Rosello C. Macansantos was able to
formulate a preliminary Resource Assessment and Techno-Economic Feasibility
Study for a Prototype Steam Power Plant and Seawater Desalination Plant in
Tabawan Island, South Ubian, Tawi-Tawi.

f. Multi-purpose Community Telecenter (MCT) Project

A project of the Department of Science and Technology- Philippine Council for

Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD), this project aims to develop the
people’s capability to harness information and communication technologies (ICTs)
for accessing, creating and using information resources needed for rural
development. The main component of the project is the barangay-based
Multipurpose Community Telecenter (MCT), four of which are being piloted in
strategically located rural village communities in Mindanao, 4 in the Caraga
Region (Butuan City and Agusan del Norte) and 2 in Lanao del Norte.

Linked to the Internet and equipped with basic computer and telecommun-ication
facilities, and operated by a local pool of ICT-trained manpower with the support
of a local network of partner organizations, the Barangay MCTs are envisioned to
serve as the communications platform globally linking the village people with
business information and technology resources in the areas of health, agriculture,
education and rural enterprise development. As a one-stop village-level
information and learning resource center, the MCT shall provide the village people
with ICT services ranging from public calling office, computer processing and
desktop publishing to internet café, e-mail, distance education and non-formal
livelihood training, job search and placements, and e-commerce.

Our Foundation was tapped by DOST-PCHRD for technical assistance in the

organizational design, business planning, and sustainability development of the
MCTs in the two pilot barangays in Lanao del Norte. Our consulting services involve
the design and coordination of community-based participation in the strategic
planning and project sustainability development of the MCT; design and
installation of the MCT Operations Manual and design and conduct of a
barangay-based capability building program including ICT skills and small
enterprise bookkeeping/accounting systems and procedures; support to local
small/medium enterprise (SME) development and their syndication for improved
market access via e-commerce.

Initial Engagements
SOPREX consultants initially concentrated on conducting or providing resource person
inputs to research and development programs and trainings of various national and
local agencies. These include DOST, CHED, NYC, DILG, DENR, TLRC, TESDA, and several
local government units (LGUs) of Central, and Northern Mindanao and the
Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARRM).

These initial consulting engagements involved entrepreneurship and livelihood training

& enterprise development, local government data-base design and installation,
program/project planning, and the preparation of project feasibility studies for specific
clients. In November 1996 the Foundation was tapped by Associates in Rural
Development to provide professional and technical services to the monitoring and
evaluation component of the GOLD (Governance and Local Democracy) Project in
the Province of Lanao del Norte, one of the 11 sites served by the Project in its Phase I
implementation from 1995 to 1999. The Project goal is "to bring about more responsive
demo-cratic institutions with greater citizen participation in local governance and
development", and its purpose is "to achieve effective local governance with
maximized popular participation."

a. Public Opinion Polling and Participatory Social Surveys/Focus Group


In this initial engagement with the ARD/GOLD Project, SOPREX consultants

strengthened their capabilities in public opinion polling and participatory social
surveys/focus group discussion. Further trained in the random sampling and field
survey methodologies of Social Weather Stations, our consultants conducted the
annual "GOLD Indicators Study" in the Province of Lanao del Norte from 1997 to
2000. In the process we have developed a local pool of 50 social survey/polling
interviewers and FGD facilitators trained in the field methodologies of SWS.
b. Strengthening Local Governance and Facilitating People
Participation in Local Development

In our subsequent engagement with the organizational development and

resource mobilization protocols of the GOLD Project in the Province of Lanao del
Norte from September 1997 to May 1999, our consultants strengthened their skills in
the methodologies of people participation in governance and local development
with their basic and advanced training by ARD in the Technology of Participation
(ToP). Applying the ToP methodology for participatory action research, focus
group discussion, community dialogue and decision-making in the course and
subjsequent to this engagement, our consultants and facilitat-ors assisted in,
among others, the:

1. rapid field appraisal of :

• the socio-economic conditions, agri-resources and organizational asset
base, enterprise development preferences and priorities, and capability-
building needs of 5 Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) of Lanao del Norte
and Iligan City in relation to their proposed community-scale coconut
integrated processing plants (in cooperation with DAR Lanao Province and
Iligan City, PCA Lanao del Norte, and local government units, November-
December 1999).
• the grains industry of Lanao del Norte, focused on the post-harvest and
marketing facilities (in cooperation with the NFA and Lanao del Norte
Provincial Resource Management Center, September 1998).
• the food processing industry of Kapatagan Valley, Lanao del Norte (in
cooperation with the Lanao del Norte Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Foundation, Inc., December 1998).
2. preparation of strategic and action plans of the:
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation of Iligan (1998, 1999, 2000).
• Lanao del Norte Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation (July
• Association of MSU-IIT Muslim Employees, Inc. (April 1999).
• MSU-IIT Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (December 1998).
• Colleges/Schools and Research & Extension Departments of MSU-Iligan
Institute of Technology (1999 and 2000).
3. the design and facilitation of, and/or resource person inputs to, community
peace and development dialogues:
• DOST Region XII Industry Dialogue and Technology Forum (Iligan City, 22
November 2000).
• Iligan City Economic Rehabilitation and Investment Planning Workshop (DTI,
Iligan City, 11 October 2000).
• Regional Peace and Economic Summit, Region XII, Central Mindanao (CCI
Foundation of Iligan, Iligan City, 14 August 2000).

c. Accelerating Post-Conflict Rehabilitation and Resumption of the Peace and

Development Process in Mindanao
In partnership with the Notre Dame Business Resource Center Foundation, Inc.
(NDBRCFI) in September 1999 to February 2000, SOPREX consultants were
engaged at the field-level in the post-conflict rehabilitation and resump-tion of the
peace and development programs in Mindanao through the Transi-tion
Assistance Grant-Institution Training (TAG-IT) component of the USAID-funded
SWIFT-ELAP (Support with Fast Transition-Emerging Livelihood Assistance Program).
SOPREX consultants assisted the NDBRCFI in the design and effective delivery of a
package of capability-building trainings for MNLF rebel returnees and their
families. The trainings included simplified bookkeeping and accounting for non-
accountants, cash management, know-ing your cooperative/association, values
formation, and strategic planning.

Using indigenous resources and makeshift facilities inside MNLF territories, SOPREX
trainors/facilitators implemented a livelihood/enterprise management capability-
building program with the support of local officials and senior officers of the MNLF
Ranaw hierarchy. The consulting services engagement benefited a total of 5
cooperatives/associations of MNLF rebel returnees and their families in the
municipalities of Malabang and Sultan Gomander in Lanao del Sur and Piagapo
and Magsaysay in Lanao del Norte.

d. Strengthening Academe Support to Local Governance Capability-Building:

Center for Local Governance
With the technical support of the ARD/GOLD Project from September 1999 and an
Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) from April to October 2000, SOPREX facilitated
the establishment and training resources development of the Center for Local
Governance (CLG) based in the MSU-IIT and another CLG based in the College of
Public Affairs of MSU Marawi (main) campus. From an initial pool of only 4 ARD-
trained Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitators in MSU-IIT, MSU today has a
total of 21 ARD-trained ToP Level 1 (Basic Group Facilitation Methods) trainors in
Iligan City and another 5 in Marawi City.

Among this MSU pool of ToP trainors, several have also completed the advanced
ToP facilitators course: 4 in Local Participatory Planning and Bud-geting; 2 in
Integrated Solid Waste Management; 6 in Municipal Environmental Resource
Management; 6 in Real Property Tax Administration; 2 in Basic Customer Service
Skills (2); 1 in Public Service Excellence Program; and 3 in Participatory Project
Terminal Report and Evaluation Study Write-Up and Par-ticipatory Capability-
Building Project Design and Social Marketing.

Tapping the GOLD Project IQC resources, the ARD-trained ToP1 trainors con-
ducted 2 cycles of ToP1 trainings in MSU-IIT and 2 cycles in MSU-Marawi where a
3rd cycle was conducted by the CLG of Divine Word University of Tagbilaran. The
Iligan and Marawi campuses of MSU now have almost one hundred ToP
facilitators among the faculty and staff.

SOPREX consultants have been extending their ToP-based training and facili-tation
services to LGUs and non-government organizations since 1998. With the IQC
resources available from the ARD/GOLD Project, the MSU-IIT and SOPREX have
conducted: the ToP1 course for the Iligan City Government and Iligan Medical
Center College; the 5-workshop/6-month Public Service Excellence Program for
the Provincial Government of Misamis Oriental and for the Municipal Government
of Villanueva, Misamis Oriental; and the Barangay Planning and Budgeting
Workshop facilitators training for graduate students in business management of
MSU-IIT and in public administration and community development of MSU-Marawi.
In partnership with the MSU-Marawi CLG and its masteral students in community
development, SOPREX assisted Brgy. Tipanoy, Iligan City in November 2000 in the
preparation of its Barangay Development Plan/Annual Investment Program and
Proposed Annual Budget for CY2001.

e. Local Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development

In September 1997 SOPREX was tapped by ARD/GOLD to assist the Province of
Lanao del Norte in the organizational design and management development of
its Provincial Resource Management Center, staff recruitment and selection, and
on-the-job training of the PRMC staff and their GO-NGO partners in project
development and local investment promotion. The PRMC was conceived as the
provincial business development center mandated to promote trade and
investment in Lanao del Norte.

In the course of and subsequent to this engagement, our consulting services and
business development program has led, in partnership with other entities, to the:

• finalization in December 2000 of the Detailed Project Feasibility Study on the

Community-Based Integrated Coconut Central (CICC) of Agrarian Reform
Communities (ARCs) of Lanao del Norte and Iligan City, Phase I: ARC BERPU,
Municipality of Tangkal, Lanao del Norte (with the support of UNDP-DAR
SARDIC Programme).
• establishment and operation in 1999 of the Bamboo Production and Pro-
cessing Center in the upland town of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte (with the
support of the DOST and the Municipal Government of Nunungan).
• Preparation and publication of a compendium of pre-feasibility studies and
industry profiles of 21 high priority agro-industry projects and other invest-ment
opportunities in Lanao del Norte.
• rehabilitation and re-start of commercial operation in 1999 of the Lanao del
Norte Provincial Ceramics Center at Baroy, Lanao del Norte with a wide range
of ceramic product lines including common red walling and flooring bricks,
roof and facing tiles, pots and jars (in partnership with the MSU-IIT Ceramics
Training Center and with the support of ARD/GOLD Project, DOST and
Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte).
• establishment in August 1999 of our own BIOS (Business Information and Office
Services) operations in the MSU-IIT campus with telecommunication services,
desktop publishing, and CYBERCAFE as our initial business lines (in partnership
with MSU-IIT, RCPI/BAYANTEL, and faculty/staff invest-ors).
• organization and establishment of the Mindanao Cooperative Institute of
Technology in the capital town of Tubod, Lanao del Norte, which has
launched in the summer of 1999 its initial curricular offerings in computer
education to be backed up by its own Internet Service Provider (ISP) facilities
(in partnership with the Lanao Norte Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Linkages and Networks

To expedite the delivery of business information and local enterprise development

support services, SOPREX collaborates with other resource institutions. SOPREX is a
founding member and Vice-President of the Consortium of Centers for Local
Governance Foundation - Philippines, Inc., a network whose founding members in 2002
include Bulacan State University (BSU) Malolos, Bulacan; Ateneo de Naga University
(ADNU) in Naga City, Camarines Norte; Gerry Roxas Foundation (GRF) in Roxas City,
Capiz; University of Southern Philippines (USP) in Cebu City; Ateneo de Davao University
(ADDU); and MSU College of Public Affairs.

In 2003, SOPREX co-founded and was elected to serve as Board Member and Vice-
President for Mindanao of the Local Governance Training and Research Institutes of
the Philippines Network (LogoTriPhilNet). Spearheaded by the Local Government
Academy (LGA) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) this
national network has more than ninety (90) members to date representing all sixteen
regions of the country.