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Participation “I’ll be honest in saying that it far surpassed any

expectations I had. The experience was simply
incredible. I’d like to thank you for giving me the
opportunity to join the group. It has helped me
Traditional Chinese Medicine (4 weeks) decide some things in life.” What will you be doing
Undergraduates: $2500
this summer?

Graduates: $2500 Taylor Profita

TCM Participant, 2006
Teach-in-Hue (6 weeks)

Undergraduates: $1500
Graduates: $3000

Bali Service-Learning Program (8 weeks)
Undergraduates: $2000
Graduates: $3500
All fees include round-trip airfare, training,
medical insurance, housing, and more.

October Applications Available
Late February Applications Due
Be the
Early March
Notification of Acceptance change
April Spring Orientation you wish to see
Mid- to Pre-departure Training & in the
Late June Departure to Asia
- Gandhi

Address: 965 Mission Street, Suite 751, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415-904-8033 Email: Website:

” Please visit our website for more information or to learn Eight weeks . beaches.viaprograms. study Indonesian language. tourists small and emphasize pre-departure training and cross. and medical students. Volunteers live and work side-by-side with Balinese and get a hands-on participation immersion and community service programs are designed to give participants a hands-on introduction to life in Asia.late June to early August . During the service calendar and between Asia and the United States. the of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University on the outskirts of culturally and historically rich former imperial capital in Hangzhou. introduces participants to TCM through through service and volunteerism. and eight-week summer programs Location: Bali is unique among Indonesia’s 17. Volunteers enjoy the slow pace and its West Lake. Calendar: Calendar: Four weeks . national parks. biking along the Perfume River to class China’s most beautiful. students. as and TIH Participant. and hospital rounds with doctors. Participants also partner culture for students at the Univerity of Hue. and nearby scenic spots. and remote beaches. and participate in discussions on topics ranging from religion and politics to the ecology of Bali. hands-on demonstrations. offered in conjunction with Stanford University’s Center Description: This is a six-week program for those interested in learning about Vietnam for Education in Family and Community Medicine. During the program For more than 40 years. The only Hindu province in a in China. and Indonesia. Many volunteers stay in touch with their students long after the program has ended. Bali has long “I am so grateful for the been a favorite destination for artists. Six to eight volunteers teach a summer course on American lectures. art galleries. Surrounded by rivers and canals and famous for central Vietnam. participants live in a rural coastal village and assist local groups with community development programs.mid-June to mid-August about our other programs: Kristyn Ha www. Our summer cultural component. Volunteers design curriculum and teach individually with Chinese medical students to share and compare perspectives of health and healing in or in pairs to classes of up to 50 students. Location: Participants live and take classes on the campus Location: The University of Hue is located in Hue. participants live with families. 2006 China Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Teach-in-Hue (TIH) Program Vietnam and Medical Culture Exchange Program Description: This four-week program. Hue. look at how a local community handles the ever-changing challenges of life in Bali. the city has always been considered one of tranquility of Hue. urban centers. to experience the Calendar: Vietnamese way of living. Topics can range from globalization’s impact on Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine. Participants can visit tea plantations and joining students on visits to temples. We keep our programs predominantly Muslim country. graduates of all ages. six-. non-profit Indonesia Bali Service-Learning Program See back non-governmental non-religious page for Description: This is an eight-week cultural immersion and service program designed to give participants an opportunity to experience Bali from multiple perspectives. American and Chinese partners collaborate Vietnam to dating and relationships. It has cultural preparation to make the most of each experience. than a tourist. Vietnam. patients. rural been so rewarding to be more Programs are open to college undergraduates and villages. fees VIA has four-. VIA has been fostering exchange first component.000 islands.late June to July Six weeks . opportunity to live in. opportunity to visit temples. One of the most valued aspects of this program is the access it gives to learn about Vietnamese student life and engage in meaningful exchange with Vietnamese participants to Chinese doctors. volunteers have a one-of-a-kind opportunity on a final presentation. Shanghai is a bus-ride away. and much more. Participants have the opposed to visit. In return.