SERMON ON OBEDIENCE By: Denn Reed B. Tuvera Jr. Good morning brethren!

Thank you very much for allowing me this breathtaking chance to preach into this astonishing congregation where faithful and devoted church resides to worship the Lord in Spirit and truth. I’ve been hearing good reports among the brotherhood that this church is doing their very best in propagating the gospel of the Lord. As a matter of appreciation and admiration, I congratulate you for that. [For Imus church: I was once a member of this congregation and I was part of its ministry before. I learned so many good things here, and apparently, I was baptized here. Thank you very much for being an encouragement to me as I continue to serve the Lord in the capacity he has given unto me]. Without further ado, let us get down to our business this morning. Today’s scripture is found on 1 Corinthians 14:37. It declares: “If any man thinks himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord” (1 Corinthians 14:37, KJV). Obedience has been said to be the very essence of a soldier’s life. Charlotte M. Yonge, the writer of the book called, “The Golden Deed” that was published in 2004, said, “An army could not exist without it (pertaining to obedience), a ship could not sail without it, and millions upon millions of those whose ‘bones are dust and good swords are rust’ have shown such resolution. It is the solid material, but it has hardly the exceptional brightness, of a Golden Deed.” This statement of Yonge is true. Looking onto the concept of a military, an army, even though it does have millions of soldiers, if they do not know how to obey the commandments of their generals and their commanding officers, then they will surely lose the battle. In another statement, the author declared: “And yet perhaps it is one of the most remarkable characteristics of a Golden Deed that the doer thereof is certain to feel it merely a duty declaring, ‘I have done that which it was my duty to do’ is the natural answer of those capable of such actions.” Moreover, she said: “They have been constrained to them by duty, or by pity. They have never even deemed it possible to act otherwise, and did not once think of themselves in the matter at all.” From these statements, we can see how obedience works in the military. The soldiers most of the time do not think of themselves anymore. They just think on obeying the commandments given to them without declining it. As their motto states: “Obey first before you complain.” I was once the corps commander in our Citizens Army Training unit. I was trained to be a chief leader of the corps of cadets comprising of 60 cadets including 20 aspiring cadet officers or COCC’s and all in all, there were 80 people whom I have to control and put under my command. As commanding officer, I and my fellow officers trained our cadets with discipline and obedience to our every command whether it may be good or bad in their eyes. They should stick to the very principle of “obey first before you complain”. Those who will not obey shall receive punishments. But what is obedience? Obedience has been defined as an “act or instance of obeying; the quality or state of being obedient; a sphere of jurisdiction; especially: an ecclesiastical or sometimes secular dominion.” For example: 1) The drill sergeant demanded complete and unquestioning obedience from the recruits


In Hebrews 5:9. For rebellion is as the sin of divination. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord. we shall be saved. Not the commandments of men. He wants us to obey his simple teachings and commandments because in doing so. those who will not continue in his word. he would immediately do it without complaints.” The Apostle Paul here is very clear in his statements. But the Lord was very patient to them. They rejected God’s commandments and they dishonored it. and to heed than the fat of rams.” Who is he? In Acts 5:29. Christians are like soldiers. On the other hand.” So it is God unto whom we must obey. And in so doing. the mistake of the Israelites was that they were very disobedient to the Lord. And you know what motivated him to do that? It was because of his love. In other words. It follows the effect that the boy does not complain whether this is like this or like that. or spiritual. They are boastful and arrogant as if they can do all the things that appear to be good in their sight but for the Lord. “Has the Lord as much delight in burn offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold. And the Lord does not want it. guided by God. according to Matthew 15: 7. His patience reached to a far greater extent when he offered his son. the Bible answers the question: “Whom must we obey?” It says. to obey is better than sacrifice. in John 8:31. So.2) The cowardly obedience with which the dictator’s henchmen followed his every command. Since time immemorial.” These verses were statements of Samuel. Let us examine the statements found therein. they ye are my disciples indeed…” The Lord said that we are to continue in his word. “If any man thinks himself to be a prophet. “…him. but of the Lord. if all of the things written by them are commandments of the Lord. those who will not obey his commandments are like the Pharisees who transgress the commandments of the Lord because of their traditions. All the things that are written by him and the rest of the inspired writers are commandments of the Lord. Peter and the Apostles declared: “We must obey God rather than men. This is why the Lord was very angry to them to the extent that the Lord hid his face from them because of their sins (Isaiah 59:2). Therefore. In 1 Samuel 15:22-23. trust him. For example: 1) The boy is so obedient that he does every the first time he is asked. And all these commandments given unto them are written in the Scriptures. They work only on the things which they are commanded to do. the Lord Jesus said: “…if ye continue in my word. he wants us to obey his commandments for in obeying his commandments. let us now look onto the biblical concept of it. Given these stated facts. he is willing to obey each and every authority of his immediate superior. it is our duty to obey them. Jesus Christ. He wants us to believe him. A person who is obedient knows how to be submissive to the restraint or command of the authority. and love him. “and the truth shall set us free. he will consider us as his disciples. In 1 Corinthians 14:37. to save us from our slavery under sin (John 3:16). unto King Saul who disobeyed the Lord when he conducted a burnt offering to God. Similarly. it appears that the Lord is very 2 . let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. He has also rejected you from being king. the Bible said. but when he was commanded to do a certain activity. for they teach for doctrines the commandments of men to the effect that the worship of the people becomes vain. the author of salvation. the Lord delights to those who obey him. not the opinions of men. And how did the Lord called such people? They are hypocrites. it was not. we shall know the truth. Apparently. And in so doing.” (John 8:32). and insubordination is as iniquity and idolatry.

and obey it. and of the Holy Ghost. opinion. there must be a thus says the Lord therein. it is still wrong because it is not in accord with the designated plan of the Lord. we are told by the Lord that we are to “observe all the things whatsoever I have commanded you…” Again. but rather. It is also the power of God unto salvation according to Romans 1:16-17. The Lord said. the response of the sinners is to believe the gospel as true. Thank you very much and God bless you all.” In verse 16. and chapter as quoted above. “Where the Bible speaks. 3 . Remain faithful thereto and thy Lord will give unto thee the crown of life which He promised to those who are faithful unto Him. whether it may be good or not in our eyes. rite. or condition: in other words. So we are to “go” to preach the “gospel to all nations” in order for those who will believe to be saved. it talks of the response of the sinners. It says.” The command here is clear: we are to “go” for the purpose of “preaching the gospel. otherwise. understand it. where the Bible is silent.” A simple statement with a very clear intention: trust the Lord and obey his teachings for therein is the truth that freed us. we will glorify the Lord” (1 Peter 4:11-12) and the effect of doing so. And we must comply to these commandments so that in “all things that we do. “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. burial.” Which is why it is necessary that in all the things that we do. We see in Mark 16:16 the following word proceeding after believing that is connected with the same in order to receive salvation. Looking into the verse prior to verse 20 of the same book. it is a necessity for a sinner to believe and confess (Romans 10:10). in order to receive salvation. baptizing them in the name of the Father. it means: “To conform one’s action or practice to as a law. and thinking. What is stated therein is enough for us to obey and be saved. Do not add thereto nor subtract therefrom. or to have a firm religious faith. we are silent. to comply therewith. The gospel is the death. And the purpose of going is to “teach”. and of the Son. As said by the early Christians. In this regard.” Thomas Campbell once said.happy to those who are obedient to His commandments and are not happy to those who insubordinate to him. we speak. in connection with this verse. What is the gospel? In 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. we see there the commandment given to the Apostles that is to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations. “He who believes and is baptized shall be saved…” as stated therein.” The commandment there is to “go”. and repent. according to Acts 2:38. But that does not end there. What to teach? Mark 16:15 states. When we say observe. The general plan of the Lord is found in the Bible and so do the specifics thereof. we are remaining faithful to His commandments. according to Mark 16:16. All we have to do is to read it. and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Observe is similar to obedience. In Matthew 28:20. let us look and think on the things that are good in the eyes of the Lord and those things are found in the Bible. we are told that the gospel saved the Corinthians for they believed therein. and resurrection of the Lord Jesus in accordance with the Scriptures. we read that we are to observe all the things that were commanded by God. We must remember that there is a commandment that must be obeyed. “do only the things that are written in the Scriptures. We should not think on the things that are good in our eyes and in our opinions. “He who believeth…” the statement implies the action of accepting something as true.

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