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An innovative, revolutionary and a sensible cooling technology solution based on a patented breakthrough thermodynamic cycle - Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle).

An optimized and green hybrid cooling solution for human thermal comfort round the year.

The Greenest Way To Stay Cool!

How it works

The core technology of H-80 Hybrid air conditioner is Coolerados patented Heat and Mass ExchangerTM (HMX) which works on patented Maisotsenko Cycle (M - Cycle), named after Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko - the chief scientist of Coolerado Corporation.

Principle of Operation H-80 hybrid air conditioner utilizes a combination of coolerados patented Heat and Mass ExchangerTM (HMX), and high efficiency compressor - based cooling. In addition, the Coolerados HMX working air stream, which is cooler than ambient air is channeled across the compressor and condenser - enhancing the efficiency further. Heat and Mass ExchangerTM (HMX) Advanced all Polypropylene HMX More air flow / less resistence Lower temperatures Integrated watering system Scalable, modular design, common to all systems Long life Naturally mold resistant, impregnated biocide Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) Works by cooling both the product air and working air in stages - 20 stages in all Each stage contributes to cooling by lowering the wet-bulb temperature Working air is purged repeatedly to reset the initial conditions, as lower dry-bulb & wet-bulb are established with each purg cycle Allows supply air temperature to go below the thermodynamic wet-bulb temperature

Schematic representation

Coolerados patented HMX

Psychrometric represention

Features and specifications

Extremelly energy efficient - having an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) value of 21+ and COP (Coefficient of Performance) value of 6 to 15 Environment friendly - having environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant Excellent IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) - more fresh air ensuring excellent IAQ Patented technology - having Coolerados patented Heat and Mass ExchangerTM (HMX) based on patented Maisotsenko Cycle Cooling capacity increases as ambient temperature increases GI powder coated body frame Smart logic controller Compatible with BMS (Building Management Systems) and EMS (Energy Management Systems) Smart grid compatible Long Life Easy Maintenance

Outside air intake Working air to atmosphere Conditioned air to building Return air from building

Conditioned air

Conditioned air flow at approximately 2400 CFM

Intake air side

Right side

Conditioned air side

Left side

Air flow (max.) CFM Coolerado HMX Modules Power Consumption (Watts) Average water consumption (LPH) Supply water pressure (PSI) Dimension (mm) H x W x D Weight (kg)

1800 8 No.s 3300 5% 35 app. 35 1448 x 1397 x 2997 636 (Dry), 704 (Wet)
Tested by DOE & NREL, USA

Designs and specifications may change without notice.

Markets Served
Offices Commercial complexes / Malls Residences / Villas Solar / Photovoltiac Audotoriums Educational Institutes Hotels & Resorts Hospitals Restaurants Fitness / Gymnasiums etc.

Versatile system - options from 100% fresh, filtered and cool air to a combination of fresh air and return air

ACME is a leading provider of innovative and green energy infrastructure solutions for global telecommunications, alternative energy, and environment impact solutions. ACME also provides green air conditioning solutions for the indoor cooling for commercial and industrial spaces. ACMEs solutions are geared towards energy optimization & cost efficiency and assist towards reducing green house gas emissions.

About ACME

ACME & Coolerado

ACME in technical collaboration with Coolerado, offers a range of green air conditioning solutions for various indoor cooling applications for commercial and industrial spaces.

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