To, Namita Bhandare, HT Today 10 June 2012, has sparked a great debate and we trollers have decided to celebrate 10 June

every year as Happy Troll Day. Your article in HT gives your opinion, but its way to one-sided. Calling someone a troll is a common thing. Many journalists often when confronted with truth blocks the person who asks legitimate questions. We have seen many journalists work as mediators, spokesperson of political parties and few even indulged in murder. You know that side of the table very well, no need for me to give more examples. Few things which could be analysed from your Troll article: 1. You do not understand working of Social Media. 2. It’s difficult for journalists like you to see a losing grip to broadcasting, news and information. 3. You are not willing, for your so called News to pass the TEST of research, analysis, proof and Truth. 4. Gone are the days when you could easily publish something and people could start believing in that story / article. Few Things you should understand: 1. Your chief editor could permit any article then, but today you are competing with every person with a net connection. 2. Each individual works as an independent broadcaster. 3. There are very Patriotic and Nationalist people who look to Social Media as ‘The’ place where they get heard. 4. These PT’s (Patriotic Tweeples, you may call Patriotic Trolls) are professionally successful, with good paid jobs, and who feel for their country. They DO NOT publish articles for petty cash rewards or cheap publicity. (140 secs of fame as you call it) 5. If you carefully read their articles they are well researched, documented and presented. 6. To add to your agony, there are people who read them, understand, and appreciate those articles for its sheer research and not for felony promotion. Achievements of Patriotic Tweeples (Trolls for you): 1. MSM did not give news of AMS, PT’s trended AMS for 7 days. Tajinder Bagga published the video daringly, as court orders were for Media houses and not Individuals. (MSM falsely restrained as court order was not to broadcast CD contents and not its news, but MSM..) 2. Barkha Datt bullied Barbarian Indian to be sued, #barkhabarks trended for 2 days. By the end she withdrew. In 2009 Chaitanya Kunte succumb to her pressure, but then Social Media was not so happening. 3. #VeerSavarkar was trended on 28 May 2012 when the whole country forgot about his sacrifices.

4. Finally if you were to believe, the Aircel Maxis deal scam base was tweeted and then dug into. But the lead came from Social Media. So stop calling Nationalists as trolls, newspapers are read by uninformed, the real information is online on social media, be there or be left out. All the best for your future articles. Yours TROLLy Suvendu Huddar

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