Electrical Drives. and rubber hoses for its vehicles. The Business divisions of the company is classified as Diesel systems. It is also the second largest Indo-German Company in India. Automotive Accessories.BUSINESS TO BUSINESS INTRODUCTION Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses. specifically sale of the finished product to the end customer. When communication is taking place amongst employees. Many businesses are now using social media to connect with their consumers (B2C). Starters and Generators. Bosch Limited (formerly Motor Industries Company Ltd. Contrasting terms are businessto-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G). The volume of B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C transactions. For example. they are now using similar tools within the business so employees can connect with one another. a finished vehicle sold to the consumer. Power Tools. The primary reason for this is that in a typical supply chain there will be many B2B transactions involving sub components or raw materials. Auto Electricals. Special Purpose machines and Security .BOSCH LTD. INTRODUCTION TO MICO . and one of the largest in the world. such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or between a wholesaler and a retailer. however. The final transaction. Gasoline systems. Test Equipment. Incorporated in 12th November of the year 1951. Packaging Machines. this can be referred to as "B2B" communication. B2B is also used in the context of communication and collaboration.) is the flagship of Bosch in India headquartered in Bangalore. is a single (B2C) transaction. an automobile manufacturer makes several B2B transactions such as buying tires. and only one B2C transaction. glass for windscreens. Car multimedia. Bosch Limited has grown over the years to become India's largest auto component manufacturer.

SLOGAN The slogan “Invented for Life” is part of its long tradition. hardly any other companies have such a broad global presence. Auto Electricals Batteries Belts Braking systems B2B PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES OF BOSCH GROUP The special ownership structure of the BOSCH Group guarantees financial independence and entrepreneurial freedom. The Company was shifted to Bangalore on 16th November 1953 premature Bosch was in Chennai. Nasik. modernity. The company's manufacturing sites are located in Bangalore. The structure also enables the group to undertake significant up front investments for the future and does justice to its social responsibilities in a manner reflecting the spirit and will of its founder. In the areas in which they do business. Jaipur and Naganathapura. Added a number of new machines both at the Bangalore and Nasik factories during 1987 under the modernization programme. Industrial Products 3. through which it communicates the Group’s core competencies and vision that includes technological leadership. A letter of intent for diversification into auto electricals was received in the year 1985 and approval for the import of capital goods was also obtained. and quality and customer orientation. dynamics. 92% of the shares in Robert Bosch GmbH are held by the charitable foundation Robert Bosch sifting. but has also always had a strong international orientation. Automotive (MICO) 2. The company has its roots in Germany.Systems. PRODUCT RANGE BOSCH GROUP 1. . Consumer Goods Product in Automotive domain 4.

Overseas buyer delegations 2. Bosch actively participates in SIAM convention (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) which is the apex industry association representing all vehicle and vehicular engine manufacturers in India.Their global production and development sites work together as a very closely-knit network. TRADE EXHIBITIONS. THE FOLLOWING EXHIBITIONS: ARE THE VISITOR PROFILES AT SUCH 1. 1. Auto Expo is organized jointly by Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA).Build A Viable Industry Model: Challenges Facing The Commercial Vehicle Industry “Sustainability – Role of Collaborative Working “Sustainable Mobility . This network and the company’s global experience has put them in an excellent position to exploit opportunities in current and future growth regions of the world. Students are encouraged to take up Industry based Project works and Industry based internships at Mico . Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and is a biennial event. International Business visitors . IMTX and many more. technology and public policy areas.Connecting India: Making a Paradigm Shift “Leadership in The Two Wheeler Industry” 18 3. SIAM CONVENTION. It got into discussions involving the following issues during the convention in August 2009 –“Revival – The Current Progress in Reviving The Global Automotive Industry & Positioning The Indian Automotive Industry in The Future Restructuring . Every year. Bosch has continuously displayed its capabilities in various renowned trade exhibitions around the globe. Tokyo Motor Show. It has been participating in Auto Expo at Pragati Maidan.Bosch. SIAM SIAM is an advocacy group for the automobile industry on economic. 2. IAA. New Delhi. Industrial Visits are arranged for students. ON TRACK PROGRAM. Training programmes and workshops are arranged for students in emerging fields like CAD/CAM/CAE and Advanced Materials.

The company is responsible for developing certain products like Single Cylinder Pumps. AUTOMOBILE AND INDUSTRIAL MAGAZINES. the company spends a significant part of its revenue in developing new products for domestic and international markets. Motor Trend. With Bosch. Mico Bosch regularly advertises its products and work-culture in magazines like Autocar. Senior Executives of PSUs 6. Delegations from Technical Institutions 13. and carries out the following activities: . Besides the R&D expenditure incurred by Bosch. Diplomats / Embassies / Missions in India 10. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BOSCH It has a strong focus on R&D. It has broadly categorized its products and divisions and each is having a different portal for easy understandability. Socialites 15. “MICO Application Centre (MAC) has been established in India for R&D purposes. 5. Engineers / Technicians 9. CEOs/Decision Makers • Ministerial Departments 7. Overdrive. MICO has developed excellent R&D and manufacturing capabilities.” MICO is a global development centre for Bosch. car interiors and technological advancements in automobiles. Government Officials 5. State Transport Authorities • Research Institutes / Educational Institutions 11. Auto India etc. and spends about 2-3 per cent of its turnover in this area. containing a variety of articles on new vehicles. Managers/Department /Division Heads 8. Auto Enthusiasts 14. which has helped build a strong customer base and establish market leadership.3. CUSTOMIZED WEBSITES. These magazines are published on a regular schedule. Publication Houses 12. Dealers Delegations 4. General Visitors 4. MultiCylinder Pumps and mechanical Distributor Pumps for the entire Bosch group globally. Bosch operates in various fields of component manufacturing. Top Gear.

in respect of quality and warranty It also offers solutions to vehicle and engine manufacturers in the application of Electronic Diesel Control and Petrol Injection Systems. Design & development of new products. 2. THANK YOU… . from concept to manufacturing Manufacture and testing of proto samples 27 Reliability testing Product quality improvements and rationalisation Technical co-ordination with other manufacturing locations.1. 3. 4.

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