Summary for Profile on Gloria Huwiler Mini Acting Biography: Of mixed parentage, Gloria Huwiler was born in Lusaka

, Zambia to a Swiss German father and Zambian mother. Raised in Zambia and Namibia, Gloria completed high school at the International School of Lusaka where she stared in numerous plays at the Lusaka theatre Club including Fiddler on the Roof, South Pacific and The Wiz. She graduated from ISL at the age of seventeen to pursue acting training at Oxford School of Drama (OSD), Oxfordshire. After completing the foundation course at OSD, she read International Relations at Brown University, RI. An active member of the theatre and filmaking community at Brown she appeared in several theatrical productions playing Hecuba in The Greeks, Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet, and the Priest in The Trial. In addition, she studied filmmaking and screenwriting. Upon graduating she formed the company Sunchild Productions with Actor Patrick Ssenjovu (The Interpreter, Game Six), and wrote and stared in the short film Awoken. Awoken, the first film produced by Sunchild is set in New York. Awoken marks the

directing debut of Patrick Ssenjovu, however his previous film credits include work on the Interpreter and Game Six. Focusing on contemporary urban subjects, Awoken provides insight into the evolving identity of the modern African in a foreign setting The plot of Awoken compares two very different woman, one a local New Yorker and the other a multiracial of African descent who has recently married and settled in Manhattan. In doing the film juxtaposes a liberated western concept of womanhood with reserved notions the main character has having grown up in Africa. The protagonist undergoes a transformation as she questions the social and personal restrictions she has inherited, and moves toward a more liberated and unrepressed identity.
While, Awoken is the first short film produced by Sunchild Productions, the Production company aims to continue producing films with themes from the African diaspora with a universal appeal. In the future Sunchild aims to use local writers and talent to produce unique African Cinema of an international quality. Currently Sunchild is working on its first feature. The feature in the pipeline

has a working title of "Muzungu Houseboy." Set in present day Johannesburg the film focusses on the evolving social structure of post apartheid South Africa. The

Indian directors like Mira Nair have been successful at producing films with local themes at have transcended their borders and crossed over captured the hearts of international audiences. It was a pleasant surprise therefore to discover how keen foreign collectors were on Zambia’s cultural exports. even those it is often difficult to forgive. and the absence of quality African contemporary art work in New York the Sunchild Company was formed. and most importantly telling our stories." “It is a pity that few films from Zambia and Southern Africa are produced and distributed. .. Enock Illunga and Mwmaba Mulangala and Mulega Chafilwa in a Fine Art Gallery located in the prestigious Time Warner Center. all parties experience the tension brought about through this role reversal. In response to the demand for innovative pieces from the continent. The exhibition continued for eight months based on the initial enthusiasm of the New York market for the unique work. Style Kunda. in part. We have seen the potential that quality Africa cinema has to succeed. Work in the Fine Arts In addition to work in the performing arts Gloria has a keen passion for the Fine Arts and recently organized an exhibition in New York city for seven top Zambian Contemporary artists. Lutanda Mwamba. by actress and art dealer Gloria Huwiler. She is represented by Bill Treusch Management. when South Africa won the Oscar for Tsotsi. When a privileged African family employs and struggling Afrikaans boy to work as a domestic in their home. I think its just as important that the post apartheid society that is created in the wake of independence lives up to the promise of equality and fairness for all. I’d love to produce work for both a local and international market. I’d like to work on creating cinema that is capable of entering international festivals and showcasing the talent that exists here.theme explores the importance of moving past retribution in a society rife with past wrongs. and soon attracted the eye of discerning collectors. New York. What no ones imagines is that their bright young daughter would ever be someone to bridge the gaps that divide them. Rarely are Zambian artists given the opportunity to exhibit their work in New York. The opening was attended by the acting Zambian Ambassador to the UN in the New York. William Bwalya Miko.” showcased the work of Zambian artist’s Vicentio Phiri. “Realizing an African Renaissance. In fact contemporary African Art is a little known concept in the art world’s capital of Manhattan. “ Gloria currently resides in NYC and continues to work in the performing arts. I’d love to be a part of creating amazing cinema from Zambia. "I wanted to look and sanctioned reverse racism of the African Elite and intellectual towards Afrikaaners. Organized.

exhibiting and selling the work in New York. The company will be responsible for selecting pieces of art in Africa.consisting of two parts the Sunchild Fine Art Collections and Sunchild productions. The Sunchild Fine Art Collection was created to act as a clearing house for Southern African Artists. promoting. . Sunchild Productions will aim on producing and distributing African cinema.

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