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----[INTRO MOVIE-PT. I]----------------------------------------------------[*] A fairly hot lady is shown with a white thrown on jacket and a very revealing black undershirt. She is also wearing tight black pants and is standing in front of two cars. 1. JOSIE MARON: Hi! I'm Josie Maron and I play Mia in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Make sure you do all of your racing in the game. [*] The camera is slowly zooming into her face. 2. JOSIE MARON: On the streets, drive safely and responsibly, and wear your seatbelts. [*] The screen fades to black. ----[INTRO MOVIE-PT. II]----------------------------------------------------[*] A quick shot is shown of two cars drifting around a street corner and flickers back to black. Another quick shot is shown of a car 'jumping' from a great hight. A third quick shot shows these cars being chased by cops. [*] The next scene shows these cars racing very close together. The BMW barely misses hitting a t ruck before swerving around a corner. The race continues as a cop joins the chase. The screen becomes split in two, showing two viewpoints of the situation. The cars continue their race into a tunnel. The cops grow in number. The BMW then swerves into a large truck. The truck falls on its side and many of the cops are disabled. The race/chase continues through a industrial area. The cars go roaring through a warehouse. One of the cars gets stopped by the cops but the BMW gets buy and does a 180. The cops stop, and the BMW revs its engines. The screen quickly

changes to black. **Need for Speed: Most Wanted** ------[PRESENT DAY]---------------------------------------------------------**Present Day...challenging Blacklist Rival #15** [*] A blue and white BMW pulls up next to a black car with fire vinyls. The viewpoint changes to inside the BMW. Someone is leaning against the black car and someone comes to your window. 3. RANDOM JOCK: What's your car running? [*] A hot chick (Mia) comes into the screen and goes to the window of the black car and talks to the driver inside. 4. MIA: Papers. [*] The person inside the car waves them around but Mia finally grabs them. She then walks over to your window. 5. MIA: I'll need your pink slip. [*] You hand her your pink slip. She looks over at the guy in the other car, who revs his engines. 6. MIA: He's dangerous. Be careful, he'll swap paint if he has to. [*] The guy in the other car leans out. 7. RAZOR: First I'm going to take your ride, then I'm going to take your girl. Get ready for that. 8. MIA: Stay focused. He's rolling on a lot of power so wait for him to shift first. [*] Mia smiles and walks away. The cars continue to rev their engines and then roar away, leaving a trail of skid marks. ----[HAVOC IN THE CITY]-----------------------------------------------------[*] Your perspective is from a cop camera. The BMW and black car are shown racing with a trail of cops behind them. 9. [Police Chatter]: Attention division one, we have report of at least one code six driver followed by police. 10. [Cop Chasing Racers]: I need all available units on this! Get 'em coming [*] The cars swerve around a corner with the police in close pursuit. The cars continue up the street, barely missing traffic. The chase

continues to a busy intersection, where one of the police hit a minivan and goes spiraling out of control. The chase continues into a tunnel. A car swerves to avoid the racers and two police cars hit it. The camera begins a slow zoom into the BMW and the player takes control of the race. ----[CRUISING THE STREETS]--------------------------------------------------[*] After being informed from Mia about your car being broken, the race slowly fades into black. **6 days ago..entering Rockport City** [*] A wide shot of Rockport City is shown, with a blue BMW speeding on the highway. The camera quickly zooms to it. It's cruising the streets, weaving in and out of traffic. A red car pulls up behind it and drives next to you. Mia looks into your window and starts to pull ahead of your car. You speed up in pursuit. She leads you into a port area and into downtown Rockport. At a busy intersection, a zebra-striped police car pulls up in front of Mia and you, however, she gets away. A man and a woman get out of the car, the camera zooming into the man. **Sergeant Cross** [*] The two of them walk up to your car, Cross pulls out his badge and shows it to you. He walks up to your window. 11. CROSS: Oh man, did you pick the wrong street to run on! [*] He looks around the interior of your car. 12. CROSS: Man, this is a nice car! Gauges, shifter, wheels...Is this all for show or is there something more I should know about? 13. WOMAN: I'd like to take a little peek under the hood. 14. CROSS: Good idea! Let me tell you what's about to happen. We're going to take your car, tear it apart, and see if its street legal. [*] Cross turns to the woman 15. CROSS: Wonder the odds are that it ain't? Get a wrecker down here. 16. WOMAN: Looks like your racing days are over. [*] Cross turns back to you. 17. CROSS: I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Street racing in Rockport is finished. I've got a beautiful little surprise that's going to tear you up from the inside out. [*] Cross opens up the door, putting is hand on his gun. 18. CROSS: Now get out of the car.

19. [Police Chatter]: Attention patrol division, units are in a high speed pursuit of multiple vehicles aggressively avoiding custody, units in the area directed to clear up to provide cover. [*] The woman points at you and walks away. Cross slams your door shut. 20. CROSS: Next time, you won't be so lucky. [*] Cross takes his keys out of his pockets and scratches the side of your car leaving one long mark. 21. CROSS: Nice pin-stripe! [*] Cross's car pulls away and you race away. The screen fades to black. **4 days ago..crusing the streets..looking for a race** [*] Your BMW races around a corner and a yellow car does a 180, following you. The person in the car pulls up next to you and signals to start a race. **Ronnie McCrea** [*] Your cars stop, the screen fades to black, and the race begins. ----[AMPING IT UP]----------------------------------------------------------[*] Ronnie, beaten, blows past you as you slow down and pull off the main road, right into a crowd of cars. Everyone gets out and walks towards your car. 22. RAZOR: What did I tell you? 23. RONNIE: Razor, he shadowed me! I couldn't see24. RAZOR: Shut up! [*] Razor walks towards you and the camera zooms in on him. **Razor Callahan** 25. RAZOR: Another bolt on wonderboy looking to get smoked? Why don't we save you the grief and peel those parts right now? [*] The camera quickly pans over to a car not seen before, Mia's car, the girl you were driving with before Cross showed up. 26. MIA: Bolt on or not, that ride is hot. **Mia Townsend**

[*] Mia walks over to the crowed. She walks over to your window. 27. MIA: Faster than anything here... 28. RAZOR: You obviously don't know your cars, sweetheart. 29. MIA: I know your car doesn't stand a chance! 30. RAZOR: My sixty-footer, quarter-mile, whatever you want to throw on the table smokes anything here. Including this punk gasket car. 31. MIA: Then where's your punk money then? 32. RAZOR: Five grand. FIVE GRAND says my boy will smoke this clown. 33. MIA: What's your boy have to do with this? 34. RAZOR: I won't race this nobody. And I wont' take orders from some chick that just rolled onto the scene. 35. RONNIE: Yeah, this here is the number fifteen person on the blacklist. You got a lot of rep to earn before you can run with him. 36. MIA: Thanks for the update. Are we doing this or what? [*] Another guy comes up to your view. 37. GUY: I got him. [*] The camera zooms in on him **Toru Sato** [*] The crowd starts to talk amongst themselves. 38. MIA: Why don't we make it ten grand? 39. RAZOR: Oh yeah? You want to amp this up? Let's do it right. [*] Razor takes out his phone and dials a number. 40. RAZOR: Yeah. Get me the police. We got a couple of guys about to street race here down at the shipyard. You better send the cops right away. Maybe an ambulance too. [*] Razor hangs up and everyone starts to drive away. 41. RAZOR: When he's through with you, I never want to see your face again.

----[BUILDING REP]----------------------------------------------------------**2 Days Ago...Building Reputation, Winning Races...** [*] Your car is shown, about to turn onto a street, where other racers are starting to gather. Your phone starts to ring. 42. ???: Well, look what the Underground let lose. Let's see how well you do in the daylight. [*] The two of you pull up to two other racers and a race begins. ----[AN ALLY AND A CHALLENGE]-----------------------------------------------[*] Your BMW is shown driving up a street, when a guy you just raced against pulls up next to you.Your phone rings. 43. ???: Good run. I like your style. Just make sure you watch your back with these guys, alright? See you around. [*] ??? pulls off into another road while Razor's car comes and cuts you off. Both of you come to a complete stop, the car's facing each other. 44. RAZOR: What's up poser? I'm glad your putting it down out there I really am. 'Cuz I can't wait to get a crack at the ride. What? Didn't anybody tell you? You gotta put your ride on the line to race against a Blacklist racer. And that's why nobody is stupid enough to do it. I'll be waiting for you. [*] Razor's car spins around and speeds away.