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As we all now, word of mouth is a very powerful way to grow our customer base. On one of the other discussions I started, a group member gave this example of w ord of mouth that wor ed beautifully for his company. I thought I would share it on this group, since there are elements in the story that you may be able to emulate to generate word of mouth for your company. Here is what he said We did a very interesting "experimental" idea in one of the practices I wor ed in many years ago. On a Saturday am during the school holidays, we organized free children's oral h ygiene group sessions. One of the nurses was trained in OHI. So the children wou ld get a free lecture /session of 1hr or so when the nurse would tal about diet , brushing, etc., and eep them well entertained. This was open to all members o f the local community. Parents felt this was an ideal time to get their dental chec up or treatment don e while the children were occupied. Others, who had never visited the practice before, thought this was a great time to get registered and schedule an examination. Before you new it, the patient referral base had grown, the sessions were popul ar, and became a regular event. Word-of-mouth mar eting for this unique idea was fairly powerful. So what are some of the elements that you could emulate? Maybe some of these que stions can help you adapt his story to your situation. Here are some questions t hat might help you do that What activity can I set up to which my target audience would want to bring their children? What activity would the children enjoy coming to? How can I ma e it a community event? Are there community organizations with whic h I could partner? How can I set up the activity so that while the ids are being entertained, the parents can learn about my service, be serviced, or set up appointments? How can I fuel or amplify word of mouth through the parents that attend? What other questions would you as in order to turn this situation into an even more powerful word of mouth generator? To your success, Ken 11 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth

Kenneth Varga

Here s is something else to do to create new customers

See out complaints...especially subtle complaints. A subtle complaint could be the customer/client rolling her eye, a sigh, etc. Follow up on that. There may be valuable information there that can change your business for the better. Instinctively, we want to guard against complaints. But complaints can be the be st things that happen in our business. I li e complainers. Why? Because a complainer is doing me a favor. They are the extension of any research I could ever do. And research is very costly. The data they provide ma es the improvement I need to ma e in my company possibl e.

Here are some steps you can ta e to leverage complaints and turn them into const ructive improvement. 1. Than the customer for ta ing the time to let you now of the bad experience they had in doing business with you.

3. Reward them for coming forth by giving them complimentary items, preferential treatment, or discounts. 4. And when you have corrected and acted on their complaint, communicate with th em and tell them. Your responsiveness will strengthen the bond between you and t hem. If you really thin about it, a complaint is really a compliment. They cared eno ugh to let you now about the problem and to allow you to fix it. They will now thin that you are capable of doing so in the future and will be happy when you do. They can now become a lifelong customer. So let loo ing out for complaints be one of your to-dos. Do you agree?

Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Some members have emailed as ing me if I'm OK. They were wondering why I haven't been posting any additional Mar eting Ideas as I did in the past. I just want to let you now that I am OK. The main reason I haven t been posting additional ideas was because I was vacation ing in Aruba since December, so I too a more relaxed schedule about posting. Th e other reason was a little experiment to gauge if regular postings made a diffe rence for fol s, or not. It s clear that some fol s want more frequent postings than I made during my 3-mon th vacation. So that s what I will do.

Ken 11 months ago

Li e

2. Honor their courage to spea up and let them

now that you appreciate it.

Set up a system to ma e it easy for your customers/clients to give you feedbac and listen intently when they do come forth.

However, I would li e to as you a favor. I would li e you to tell me what you w ant to hear more about. That way I can focus my additional mar eting ideas on th ose things. I can t promise that I ll able be able to address each and every request , since there are li ely to be more of them than I can personally respond to in a timely manner. But I will read all your requests and I ll first address the ones that I thin affect the most people, then the next, and so on. You can reply to me privately if you li e by clic ing on the lin at the bottom of this message. Loo ing forward to hearing from you. To your success, Ken www. ...Helping businesses increase customer acquisition by up to 32.7% in as little as 3 to 6 months, and increase customer retention by up to 90% 9 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Know What Your Customer Expects Before You Advertise

Someone as ed me at a networ ing event yesterday about how I would target a pros pect. Briefly I said the following to her. Most business owners now the demographic information about their customers, but this in only half of the battle. To me, the most important item is to determine how your customer typically learns about your product or service and what motiv ates them to buy. Once you have identified who your li ely prospects are, you must then as them w hat motivates them to buy the type of product or service that you offer. This is really nowing what your customer expects. Here are some things to as about: 1. Do they as friends for referrals? 2. Do product reviews influence their decisions? 3. Do they loo for discount coupons before they purchase? 4. Do they loo for a Brand Name? 5. Do they buy as a result of getting an ad in the mail? 6. Do paid ads influence their buying decision? 7. If so, where would they expect to find an ad for this type of product or serv ice? In a paper, wee ly shopper, magazine or Yellow Pages? 8. Do they buy this product from a catalog? 9. Do they need to see a demo before buying? 10. Do they respond to telephone solicitations? 11. Do they loo for a convenient location to buy the product or service? 12. Do they listen for ads about the product on radio or TV? 13. Are there specific features that they loo for whenever they buy the product or service? 14. What else influence them to buy the product or service? When you have gathered the answers to some of these questions, you can now use t hem to help you determine where and how you should advertise. Let me hear your thoughts about this idea or if you can add to this list. Also c lic the li e button to let me now you li e this type of discussion. To your Success,

1 Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga A Valuable Idea.

Here s a comment that was made on another group I belong to and I thought it was s o valuable that I wanted to share it with all of you in this group. Since the day we opened the doors to our first store in 1996 we "empowered" our staff provide fabulous customer service. [It came with a lot of training as well ] We are a small chain of specialty coffee shops and when Starbuc s flooded our ma r et several years ago they virtually wiped out the independents. Bac in 1998 I predicted that many cities would eventually consist of a Starbuc s and one othe r player and that if you want to be that player you'd better distinguish yoursel f. This has come true and fortunately, we are the other player in our mar ets. I wrote a blog on empowering your staff. If you are going to empower your staff then do not punish...ever...for a bad decision. You must reward the effort and u se it as a teachable moment. It's a long slow process but yields great rewards. Let us now what you do to empower your staff. It could help all of us. To your Success, Ken 9 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga The Biggest Mista e You Can Ma e I would li e to share with you all an experience I often have when I travel. I j ust came bac from a spea ing engagement and while on the plane I tried to get i nterested in the Airlines Magazine and the newspaper I bought at the airport. As I travel, I have an opportunity to read many ads in many magazines and newspa pers. What disturbs me is that 99% of them are downright dull and I often yawn w hen reading them. As the saying goes, How you say something is just as important as what you say. ad should be similar to a face-to-face sales pitch. A great ad will have, not only the offer itself, but the language, the tone, and the voice of the offer. The problem is that most sales messages get so engrossed in describing the compa ny, its products, and product features that they fail to appeal to the reader. It s understandable. People in business are often so tied to their businesses or p roducts that they get tunnel vision and fail to loo at their copy from their re ader s perspective. An

Ken 9 months ago

Li e

It s understandable, but inexcusable. My advice is to be more experiential in your ads, as if the reader is experienci ng what you are telling them. Let them feel or imagine how it feels. Ma e it bene fit-rich . Most importantly, appeal to the reader s ego when describing those benefi ts. People always buy for, or are influenced by, personal desires, selfish reasons a nd self-interested motives. And guess what? It s been that way for thousands of ye ars, and nothing s changed. People are people. They always buy on emotion and they always will. Our job as entrepreneurs is to express our offers in terms that trigger the pros pects emotions, press their hot buttons, tug at their heartstrings, and push the m into ta ing action. To do otherwise with your offers is the biggest mista e you can ma e. Has anyone else experienced the same when reading ads in many magazines and news papers. Let s read your thoughts on this vital topic. To your Success, Ken 8 months ago Li e Reply privately Flag as inappropriate Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga A friend of mine, Ron Beard, sent me the lin below and I was so i mpressed with the message that I would li e to share with you what I believe to be the most cost effect and creative way to ma e you business stand-out from the others. Here is what Ron had to say. Be Creative With Your Customer Service. Ma e your business Stand-Out! Once in a great while you will see something that will bypass the brain and go s traight to the heart. I guarantee that this short, 3-minute movie will be one of those times. I've probably watched it20 times, and each time I love it more than the last. No t only does it bring service into perspective, it brings life into perspective. Just clic the lin below to watch. Don't forget to pay it forward, by sharing this with friends, family, and co-wor ers. They'll than you for it!

I would suggest that you forward this lin to all of your employees and as them to watch it. I will guarantee that it will ma e a difference in your Customer S ervice. Let me now your thoughts after watching the video. Also let us now how it has helped you and your business.

To your Success,

1 Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga How To Reach Affluent Customers!

A method that I created years ago helped me reach and persuade affluent prospect s to call me for appointments. The following is a letter I used to get appointments. The headline was: Linda, Here s How To Solve One Of Your Biggest Headaches! On top of the headline I attached a Tylenol tablet in a sealed pac et. Here is what the body of the letter said: Dear Linda, Li e many successful business executives, as you accumulate more and more wealth , one of your biggest headaches is to figure out effective strategies to protect your assets properly, giving you more security and peace of mind. One way to solve this headache is by ta ing the Tylenol tablet I ve attached to th is letter. But this solution is only temporary, lasting only a few hours, or sev eral days at the most. A more permanent and profitable solution is for you to get together with me and discover how you can benefit from a special program I ve designed for business exe cutives just li e you. There s no cost, and no obligation for me to show you this unique program. And in just 17 minutes, using my No-Ris And No-Obligation Financial Analysis, I can sh ow you how to retire up to nine years sooner than you had planned, save up to 14 % on your life insurance premiums, and at the same time, protect your hard-earne d assets more fully. To gain these wonderful benefits, fill out the enclosed Request Certificate and fax or mail it in the postage-paid envelope provided. Or if you prefer, call me at 123-4567. My office hours are from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. PST. If you don t hav e the time to meet with me during the day, we can set up an appointment in the e vening. Sincerely, Ken Varga The Dream Protector P.S. When we meet, Linda, I promise you there will be no pressure and I will not as you to buy anything. After you ve seen how my program can help you protect yo ur assets better and, at the same time, increase your wealth substantially, if y

Ken 8 months ago

Li e

On the other hand, if, at the end of our meeting you don t find the 17 minutes you spent with me to be one of the most profitable investments of your time, I ll wri te you a chec for $25. I m sure you ll agree this is more than fair, right? So pic up your phone and call me at 1234567, or fax in the Certificate now, while it s fresh in your mind. Just massage this letter to fit whatever you are offering. Let me now what you thin of this letter and how you might use this or a letter li e it. To your Success, Ken www. 8 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga How To Reach Affluent Customers! Part II

After the last post I made I received many emails as ing me what made this lette r successful. It offers a Ris -Free Guarantee. All of you that send out letters for prospecting should answer the following que stion: After reading your letter, what is the main reason your prospect is reluctant to meet with you even if he or she is interested in your offer? Thin about it for a few moments before you answer. You re absolutely right, if you ve said the following The Reason Your Prospect Is Reluctant To Meet With You After Reading Your Letter Is They Thin It May Be A Waste Of Their Time. Although your letter may sound great, because your prospect doesn t now you, he o r she s afraid you may not be able to deliver what you promised in the letter. You see, li e many people, your prospect probably has been disappointed with som e other agents or salespeople who made huge claims but failed to deliver. That s w hy they re being very careful about whom they want to meet with. How do you overcome this resistance? By offering them a guarantee to ta e away any perceived ris they may have about meeting with you. In other words, you ta e the ris off their shoulders and put it on yours.

ou thin it.

it s the right investment for you, then I ll let you

now how to invest in

In my letter to Linda, I removed any perceived ris she may have about meeting w ith me by offering to write her a chec for $25 if she doesn t thin her time was well spent after meeting with me. Since no other agents or financial advisors have probably offered Linda such a u nique guarantee, I have formed a positive image in her mind. Chances are good that she will be excited to meet with me to find out how I can help her gain the benefits promised in his letter. Besides, she s eager to meet wi th the creative genius behind such a unique prospecting letter. Won t you agree? Believe me, after you ve used creative prospecting to ma e more income while wor i ng fewer hours and using less effort and energy, you ll wish you had found out abo ut it when you first began your business or career. Let me recap the elements of a creative prospecting letter: 1. A grabber 2. A compelling headline 3. An irresistible offer 4. An easy and convenient way to respond 5. A strong P.S. 6. A powerful guarantee Now I d li e to discuss grabbers with you in more detail. As you ve learned, a grabber is any item you put in your letter to ma e your letter jump out of the pile of mail that your prospect has and grab their attention, co mpelling them to open your envelope and read your letter first. You can use almost anything as a grabber Tylenol or Aspirin pac ets, coins, doll ar bills, fa e one million-dollar bills, candles, balloons, match stic s, ties, soc s, lottery tic ets, erasers, nuts, shoes, tennis balls, chess pieces, banana s, watches, tea bags, bags of sand, and so on. The bul ier the item, the more attention it ll attract. For instance, a letter that has a tennis ball inside will certainly attract more attention than one that has no grabber or has a flat item as a grabber, such as a coin or a bill. When the secretary or assistant is going through the mail, your letter will stan d out among other pieces of mail they received that day and force them to open y our envelope first. The important thing for you to remember is that whatever grabber you use, you mu st tie it into your letter. For example, if you include a tennis ball with your letter without explaining ho w it s related to the letter, then, while you may have succeeded in getting the pr ospect to open your letter immediately, when they read it, they re going to wonder to themselves, What does this tennis ball have to do with this letter? And so the y may simply throw your letter away (and eep the ball). Let me now if this additional explanation has helped you in any way? To your success,

Kenneth Varga

Ken 8 months ago

Li e

Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Is your customer follow up process lea ing? A couple months ago, I needed to replace a window that bro e during a windstorm. I saw an ad in the local newspaper. I noticed it offered a free report, so I de cided to contact them instead of going into the yellow pages. I got the report and fran ly it was well written and informational. I was loo in g forward to doing business with them. I waited two wee s and left a message. No thing! No follow up. Almost four wee s went by and still nothing. Unbelievable! How is this possible? Someone sent me a report, so the company had my contact information. Yet no one followed up. Even when a prospective customer called 2 wee s later, no one respo nded. I can t understand why a company would invest whatever amount of money they spent for that ad, only to let prospects fall through the crac s. When you promise something you have to follow up to ma e sure it was done. When someone raises their hand and identifies themselves as having an interest i n doing business with your company, it is just plain dumb to ma e only one attem pt at selling to that person. Since very few businesses do a decent job with follow-up, your competitive edge is huge when you do it. Examine your follow up process and ma e sure leads and prospects are not falling through the crac s. Has anyone else had this same experience? Let me hear from you. To your success,

Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga How to leverage ONE customer

Each of us has a customer that had such a wonderful experience in doing business with us that they rave to others about that experience. This should be capitalized on and used to promote your business. Remember Victor Kiam? He was enormously successful for quite awhile with his com mercials for Remington. This was his statement. I was so impressed with this shav er that I bought the company. These inds of ads ta e great advantage of the fact that what your customers say about you is much more powerful than what you say about yourself.

Ken 8 months ago

Li e

The first thing you should do is to locate the customer that can be your spo esp erson and create a project around them. Then show it on TV and all of the local media. Subway sandwiches did this very successfully when they started running the Jared Fogle (The Subway Guy) commercials. Those commercials ran for more than 5 years . Obviously, Subway felt that Jared s story was influencing their upswing in sales; otherwise, they would not have run the commercials for that length of time. The truth is that you and I are not li ely to hit a home run li e Subway did wit h Jared. But if we purposefully pursue having our clients/customers experience e xtraordinary results li e Jared did, we d be way ahead in our game. Thin of all the benefits that will flow to you and your clients as you pursue a goal li e this the enormous positive side results. And who nows, maybe you too will hit a homerun. How can you use this as a strategy for building your business? Have any of the m embers tried this and how did it wor .

To your Success, Ken www. helping businesses increase customer acquisition by up to 32.7% in as little as 3 to 6 months, and increase customer retention by up to 90%. FREE Eboo : "10 Mar eting Mista es That Steal Your Cash" at www. 8 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga The Million Dollar Question

Close to 90% of the businesses I consult with never precisely determine the need s, desires, or the requirements of the people to whom they are trying to sell. Few companies see to meet their customers needs. How can you expect to fill some one s needs and desires, if you never ta e the time to understand them? The companies that understand their customers needs, desires, and attempt to sati sfy them always end up with all of the business. Have you noticed this? You can end up with all the business too only if you will ta e the time to learn w hat your customers needs and desires are. Let s go into this in greater detail. To persuade someone to favor you with their business, you normally have to offer to satisfy some need or desire. Here are just some possible needs people would li e fulfilled: Convenience Lasts longer Loo s better Better quality

Let me

now your thoughts on this strategy.

Saves time Performs better Saves you money Ma es life less difficult Etc . I can go on and on, but you get the idea. As yourself this question: What do your customers want or need most in the produ ct or service you offer? Do they want the top of the line product or service? Or, do they want highly per sonalized service, attention, advice and/or instruction? Do they want the convenience of nowing they can go down the bloc and get if fr om you, or the nowledge that your company stoc s or offers more items, sizes, o r products than any other company? Perhaps they want to acquire the ind of goods or services you sell at the lowes t price. Or maybe price isn t what they are after. They might want the best guaran tee or service to support the sale. I don t now what needs or desires your potential customer see s more than anythin g else, but that customer does want fulfillment of some definitive need or a com bination of needs. Start by realizing that no one can be all things to all people. You will dilute your image when you try to do that. To begin with, you must determine which needs you can fill, consistent with who you are, and what your business is. Then confirm by as ing your clients, prospects, and customers. Have your salespe ople do the same. Let your customers tell you which specific needs they most want fulfilled and th en determine which of these needs you can actually fulfill.

Once you determine precisely what your customers commit to fulfilling them.

needs and desires are, you must

If you determine that service is the critical element, offer the best service, t he fastest service, the most s illed service people, the most nowledgeable staf f, etc. If you promise the lowest price, eep that promise. Integrity requires that you eep your promises. If you don t genuinely fulfill the needs and desires you say y ou will, your customers will soon abandon you.

Above all, just as your customers what their needs and desires are. Their answe rs could result in a million dollars worth of business for you. Let me now your thoughts about this wee s topic and what your customers need or what the most in your product?

Remember this though. Don r customers and prospects did something to satisfy e and point out that your

t do this in silence or behind the scenes. learn that your business listened and that the fulfilled needs of your customers. You company is fulfilling those needs for your

Ma e sure you you finally must educat customers.

To your Success

Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Reputation, Influence and Branding

I ve often had experiences dealing with businesses that were very negative. One ti me the experience is good, and the next time bad. Why? I use the phrase, Repetition is Reputation. trust of individuals. When you are consistent, you build the

Influence and branding are built on consistency. People li e nowing what to exp ect. You can wow them or over-deliver, but do it consistently. Ma e it easy for potential customers to understand who you are and what you do, and they will be more li ely to say YES when you approach them. Have any of you had the experience of dealing with someone who wasn t consistent? Share it with us. To your Success,

Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Building your brand! My response often is, What are

I m often as ed the question, How do I build my Brand? you Building? This really ta es some thought.

You want your customers to remember the essence of your company, not just the im age you give with your public face. For example the brand Coca Cola has a defini te public image, but I often as myself what is its essence. Essence, I find, must come from inside a company. This oftentimes is expressed i n your business and its core purpose. You are building your brand on a daily basis whenever you interact with a custom er, prospect, or in your networ ing. When someone as s you, What business are you in? what do you say? Do you say state , the insurance business , or I m in retail sales? To illustrate, let me go over these three. Massage these to fit your business. Real Estate: I m in the business of helping individuals build (find) their dream ho mes with creative financing. Insurance: I m in the business of protecting people s life styles for them and their fa mily. I m a Dream Doctor I also protect their dreams.

Ken 7 months ago

Li e

Ken 8 months ago

Li e

real e

Retail Sales: I create gourmet gift bas ets that ma e people memorable when they give them. I can go on and on. What business are you in? Don t define your purpose only by the products or services you offer. Rather, cons ider defining your company s purpose in terms of what customer needs and benefits you provide. Answer the question, What benefits does the customer receive from wh at you have to offer? Remember, a customer is always as ing themselves, What s in i t for me? When Western Union was founded, it was a telegraph company. I remember seeing th e old ads where they showed miles and miles of poles with lines hanging from one to the other. Why are they thriving as a business today, without telegrams? Bec ause, around 1980 or so, it started understanding itself as a Money transfer servi ce. Creating your brand may sound easy. It isn t. It ta es an awful lot of concentrate d and continued effort. But done right, it s worth it. Let me now your thoughts about this important topic. Also, let us now how you describe your Brand and give us examples. I ll try to come up with some suggestion s and who nows, it could ma e a difference for your business. Ken www. 7 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Building Your Brand Part 2

It s been over two wee s now that I first posted my thoughts on Building Your Bran d. Since then I have received many private emails from members, mentioning their occupation and as ing me to come up with a phrase to Brand themselves. This is so very important to anyone who Networ s or meets prospects that they wa nt as customers. So I m going to list some of those occupations with what I feel they should introd uce themselves as and my hope is that other members will expound on what I ve writ ten and come up with ideas of their own. Since there are many different occupations in this group I would hope we can com e up with quite a few examples. A Dentist: Love Connector Specialist Since a Dentist ma es your teeth healthy and loo ing good they can use this phrase to open a conversation. Most people go to a Dentist to help them loo good and perhaps meet someone special. A Business Coach: Time Liberation Expert. Besides the many things a business coac h does, one of the items is showing the business owner Time Control and Time Man agement.

A Networ Mar eter who offers vitamins and supplements can call themselves A Long evity Coach since they are helping individuals live longer and healthier. A Financial Planner:

A Motivational Coach: A Life Enhancement Specialist An Accountant: A Profit Enhancement Expert. A Customer Acquisition Expert. A

A Web Designer or SEO:

Depending on the type of item you offer in your Retail Store. A Clothing Store. Gift Profiler or Jewelry Store A Love Enhancement Specialist.

Anyway, most of you get the idea so it s up to other members to now comment on wha t they do and what they thin they should call themselves to create the environm ent where the other person says, What is That? So let s hear from you out there. If you are having difficulty coming up with a phrase, then tell us what you do and we will try to come up with one for you. The objective is to test this phrase whenever you are networ ing and notice the results you get from saying it. To your Success, Ken helping businesses increase customer acquisition by up to 32.7% in as little as 3 to 6 months, and increase customer retention by up to 90%. 6 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth

I recently spo e at a friend s seminar in Los Angeles, and while I was having coff ee in the hallway during the brea , someone as ed me if I would tell him what I thought the most powerful mar eting strategy was. I told him that it didn t have anything to do with referrals, advertising, or any of the other methods used to create a customer. Before any of those methods will ever have an impact on your business, you have got to uncover and communicate a way in which your business is different from ev ery other business that says they do what you do. You have got to create a simpl e idea or position in the mind of your prospective customer or client. You must create an environment where your prospective customer or client will th in of you immediately when they need what you have to offer. Fed Ex with its Overnight theme, and Domino s Pizza with its Or It s Free promise, are a couple examples.

Another example is how I am offering those of you who do business-to-business se lling to put your own title page on my 10 Mar eting Mista es That Steal Your Cash boo and gift it to your B2B customers free of charge to you. I also allow you to use this newsletter to help you grow your business; you can use it in your newsl etter, on your website, or any way that will help you grow. Just let me now whe

Kenneth Varga

Being # 1InYour Mar et!

A Financial Enhancement Specialist

Delivered In 30 Minutes

n you do so. When you offer additional benefits li e these to your B2B customers, you now bec ome not only the person who provides your product, but also someone who wants to help them grow their business and get more customers. See the difference? Here are a few more examples: Whatever business you are in, you can ma e arrangements with a car wash to detai l your customer s vehicle whenever they visit you. If you re an accountant, while yo u are preparing their return, you can have their vehicle cleaned. I bet when the y leave, they will rave to their friends about this unique touch. How about becoming dominant with your offer? I now of an accounting firm that o ffers their clients a 100% refund on their preparation fee when they refer four new clients. They are nown as the 100% refund guys. Here s the last one. Solve a problem. Is there something that customers or prospec ts fear in your mar et or seem to believe is universal for what you do? If so, c reate a system of communicating how you have the answers. For instance: Painless Dentistry . I m sure you can offer a guarantee that no one in your industry would dream of doi ng. When I had my insurance company, the department of Insurance said that our c ustomers had a free 30-day loo . They could as for a refund if they didn t want t he product. I turned that into a guarantee. If within the next 30 days you feel our product d oesn t meet your expectations, just return it and we will refund the money you gav e us. I don t now why a guarantee scares most business owners. You probably guarantee y our wor anyway. You just don t say so. Boldly announce that you guarantee results and watch what happens. Put your creative head gear on and I bet you will come up with a few ways to dom inate your mar et and become the one to buy from. The last step is to communicate your difference in all your promotions and mar e ting tools, literally shouting about that difference. I wonder how many members are willing to tell us what they offer and let us now of the ways you differentiate your business from the competition and/or your gu arantee.

To your Success, Ken www. www.sellinsuranceli helping businesses increase customer acquisition by up to 32.7% in as little as 3 to 6 months, and increase customer retention by up to 90%. FREE Eboo : "10 Mar eting Mista es That Steal Your Cash" at www. 6 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Are Your Employees Your Ambassadors?

Let me

now your thoughts on this strategy.

I recently had a terrible experience flying to Los Angeles from Newar . It seems that on this particular plane, the stewards and stewardesses were beyond retire ment. And it was indicative of the way they moved and treated the passengers. Th ey were abrupt and ill mannered. You could tell that they didn t li e that they had to wor . The service was terrib le also. After an hour into the flight, people were pressing their service butto ns for more liquids or something else they needed, and not one of them paid atte ntion. I recently read an article where Herb Kelleher, the individual who made Southwes t Airlines famous, said the following. Southwest s communication, its message, is its people. That means that they have trained their employees to be the Ambassadors of their company. If you have flown on Southwest, you now what I mean. Whenever I have flown with them, it was a pleasure. Southwest has over 25,000 employees spreading the word as Ambassadors and you co uld even call them missionaries, because they have converted many an airline pas senger to their cause. Here is a question for you. Are your employees your missionaries?

Here are some guidelines for turning your employees into ambassadors/missionarie s: 1. Train them, constantly, to eep their dedication, s ills, and enthusiasm at t he highest levels. 2. Select only those who you feel will be excited enough to represent your compa ny on the highest level. 3. Keep only those who display their zeal when tal ing to a customer or potentia l customer. 4. Reward them well. They are the individuals who are bringing profit into your company, so share the wealth. This is a good place to start. If you need more detailed help in doing this, see Step 3 in my boo Up The Loyalty Ladder , and Chapter 3 in my boo , How To Get Cust omers To Call, Buy & Beg For More. Let me now your thoughts on this and perhaps you have had similar experiences. To your Success, Ken www. www.sellinsuranceli helping businesses increase customer acquisition by up to 32.7% in as little as 3 to 6 months, and increase customer retention by up to 90%. FREE Eboo : "10 Mar eting Mista es That Steal Your Cash" at www. 6 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga Video Mar eting Are there any members using Video to Mar et their products? Let s hear about how y ou use it and the results. To your success,

Ken www. www.sellinsuranceli 5 months ago Li e Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga WOWing customers into Loyal Fans of yours.

I have found that it always is the Experience that the customers have with your business. The reality is that the only people who tal about your exceptional se rvice that counts is your customers. I d li e to share a story with you. Last month I travelled to LA, and my wife and I had dinner in the upscale restaurant in the hotel. Unfortunately, just before our meal arrived, they sat a group of 15 individuals next to us. They proceeded to become very rowdy and loud. I approached the Host and explained my dilemma to her and as ed her to change ou r table to another area. She made it seem as if I was inconviencing her by my re quest. She had us wait for 30 minutes, when I saw many tables that were open. Needless to say, I wasn t wowed by their handling of this problem. Have any of you experienced a similar Customer Service experience that turned ou t negative. Let s share some and perhaps we can come up with some solutions and su ggestions as a group. Also, tell us the systems you have in place to WOW your cu stomers when they have a problem. To your success,

Kenneth Varga Follow Kenneth Kenneth Varga In my last post, I went over ideas on how to Wow a customer. Here s another thought I had on that topic.

The Art of Listening. You are probably saying that you do listen. You hear every word a prospect or customer is saying, or do you?

Here is an example of what I mean. When I wanted to purchase a specific vehicle, I went to the dealer and outlined for the Salesman that I wanted a Two Seat Con vertible. He proceeded to show me a 4 seater that wasn t a convertible. I don t now what he was thin ing.

Ken 5 months ago

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Because of all of the choices your customers have everything just seems to loo ali e. How does your business distinguish itself?

My business went to the dealer in the other town who showed me specifically what I wanted. He listened.

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