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10 great tips to become a Successful Public Speaker Personality Development is one of the most commonly used psychological terminologi es in modern urban India. Every Year I get invited by schools, colleges and different type of workplaces t o deliver lectures on personality Development . Though there are thousands of aspec ts of Personality Development, one which is most commonly deficient in a great m ajority of people is the art of Public Speaking ... Among the lot of things I teach people on how to develop the art of Public Speak ing, there are 10 simple tips I ask them to carry home and think about. 1 . Nervousness Even the most experienced of speakers feel nervous before going on stage. So take it in a positive stride. If you cannot handle the amount of ne rvousness, consult a good counsellor who will teach you instant anxiety relievin g techniques. 2. Understand your material perfectly. You might not know every line by heart, b ut if you understand it 100% then you can mould any situation or question in you r favour. 3. Create a friendly audience Before starting your lecture/speech/presentation g reet some of the people in the audience. Smile towards them. Relax yourself. If you get time, interact with them before hand and talk on issues non-relevant to the current topic of discussion. 4. Before starting, Visualize yourself giving a very successful speech. During Visualization Concentrate on how you deliver the speech, rather than the applau se at the end. 5. Remember there always be a few people who will act funny during your speaking . They might be making faces, or talking on the phone, or sleeping... If somethi ng bothers you, stop your speech for a moment, point out there mistakes and then continue. This shows the confidence you have. 6. Attitude Public speaking is all about attitude. If you want to succeed, your body will act accordingly. If you think you will fail, you body will act accordi ngly. Think Big and Positive 7. The main focus should be on delivering the core message of your speech/presen tation/ lecture. 8. Practice If standing before 100 people is difficult for you. Then start by gi ving speeches in front of 10. Graduate slowly to 100. If you fail once, don t worr y, try again and again. There is no harm in trying. And success only comes throu gh trial and error. 9. Everyone has their unique style of public speaking. Don t try to completely imi tate someone else. 10. When you walk off the stage, no matter how good or bad you might have perfor med, don t ever criticize yourself immediately. Always and I mean always, the 1st thing to do as you get down from the stage, is to congratulate and applaud yours elf for having stood up there. For any further discussion on the above contact meDr.hemant Mittal Neuro-Behavioural Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Wellness Expert (MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai)) Website - www.mindmantra.in Email - eksoch@gmail.com WELLNESS CLINIC Address- 15, shreeji plaza, Next to Seawood Station (east), Navi Mumbai, Mumbai (India) Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/mindmantra.in

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