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Questioning the Parentage of Prophet Muhammad

The first lie:

Zakareya Butrus exactly says: "And in the book 'Signs of

Prophethood’ by Al Asbahani: O Prophet of Allah, Quraish sat to
remember their noble descent and likened you to a palm tree in the
middle of a hill (like something that an anonymous put and left in a
farm of unknown people. Something very difficult to say indeed).
The prophet of Allah got angry.

And in the same reference, the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) heard Al

Abbas saying: "O prophet of Allah Quraish greets each other with
smiles and meets us [1] with frowning faces. So the Prophet of Allah
got angry."

This is what Butrus said exactly and the contextual meaning of

which is denying that the Prophet (PBUH) is his father's son. He is
lying to his listeners by leaving out an entire part of the 'Hadith' and
injecting some illustrating sentences that change the meaning. The
complete 'Hadith' is: Al Abbas Ibn Abd Al Motaleb reported: "I said: O
Prophet of Allah, Quraish greet each other with smiles but meet us
[1] with frowning faces. The Prophet of Allah got very angry and
said: "By the One who owns Muhammad's life, faith does not enter
one's heart until he loves you [1] for the sake of Allah and his
Prophet." I said: "O Prophet of Allah, Quraish sat to remember their
noble descent and likened you to a palm tree in the middle of a hill."
The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) said: "When Allah made the creation,
He made me in their best, and when He made them into tribes, He
made me in the best tribe, and when He made homes, he made me
in the best home. I am the best in person and in home."

Note that the 'Hadith' is in both the book 'Signs of Prophethood’ and
in Ibn Kathir's in the chapter 'The Noble Origin and Noble
Parentage'. The 'Hadith' asserts the honor of the Prophet's (PBUH)
parentage. Butrus uses this same 'Hadith' to allege that the Prophet
(PBUH) is not his father's son and is not honorable in his parentage.
May Allah punish him.

In the 'Hadith' Al Abbas is complaining about 'Quraish's' ill treatment

of 'Bani Hashem', the cousins of the Prophet, that they meet them
with frowning faces. If Butrus is reasonable he would not deceive
and say such lies. Butrus always says that the Prophet of Allah
(PBUH) wanted to establish an Arabic Quraishi Kingdom. This same
'Hadith' proves that 'Quraish' used to oppose him and ill treat him,
his companions, and his relatives.
[1] Bani Hashem: The tribe of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH