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Home The X.Org project provides an open source implementation of the X Window System.

The development work is being done in conjunction with the comm unity. The X.Org Foundation is the educational non-profit corporation whose Boar d serves this effort, and whose Members lead this work. The current X.Org release is X11R7.7. The next major release will be X11R7.8. In formation about all releases is available. (Important: If you have an older rele ase, please see the Security page for information on security updates.) You may be interested in: Documentation Development-related news. X.Org events. Press releases. The 2010 Annual Report on the State of the X.Org Foundation Related projects. Reporting problems, asking questions and getting help Check to see if your question is answered in the FAQ. Use the xorg product in the freedesktop bugzilla to report bugs against X.Org. ( Gnome's bugzilla suggestions are well worth looking over if you are new to repor ting bugs with systems like bugzilla.) Check the Xorg mailing list archives Send other questions or comments to the xorg mailing list. Or get help on XorgIRC. Development The DeveloperStart page includes information for developers along with links to per-module developer pages. Mailing Lists On XorgMailingLists you can find a list of X-related mailing lists hosted on lis More mailing lists on X Window System and related technologi es along with subscription directions are available at XOrg Foundation. Getting X The best place to get X is from your operating system or distribution vendor. X. Org currently provides no binaries. There are many Mirrors from which you can download source code to the X Window S ystem. If you would like to be a mirror, feel free to do so and add yourself to the Mirrors page. Development snapshots are currently on hiatus; most modules now update slowly en ough that frequent snapshots aren't needed. Security For security advisories please check our SecurityPage. Please notify us of any security issues by sending mail to . Sponsorship The X.Org Foundation welcomes sponsorship (both cash and in-kind), and tries har

d to put the donations of sponsors to transparent good use. The Foundation is an extremely low-overhead all-volunteer organization. If you are interested in con tributing, please see our SponsorshipPage. Acknowledgements Our thanks go to Portland State University and Massachusetts Institute of Techno logy for providing the hosting of, to Sun and HP for provi ding the hardware, and to Sun and others who have provided generous financial sponsorship and in-kind support. Our thanks also go to the contributors to the X Window System technology over th e years. Many of these are acknowledged in previous distribution release notes.