“Daily Income from Tea Stall”

Name of the researserchr:
Sumit Roy MD.Forhad Hossain -3023 -3018

Md.Mostafizur Rahman -3013 Ebrahim Miah Ashriful Ahmed -3026 -3034

Department of Business Administration

Superviser: Md. Nizam Uddin


As a student’s of research method we try to find out the average daily income of tea sellers in dhanmondi area. Dhaka Statement of the problem & setting Objective Every research have some objectives . because there is no sufficient research about tea stall business in our country.To know about their future business plan 4. To assess the daily average income of a tea sellers 2. in every part of Bangladesh. How they improve their business 3 . In this situation tea stall business provide a poor family in Bangladesh with the opportunity to grow a unique small business and serve their community with refreshing tea as well as earn money .INTRODUCTION Bangladesh is a nation of 164 million people where .We choose tea stall business for our research. according to world bank 41 percent live on less $1 per day. To provide some suggestions for business development . We have upper level people to lower level people Tea seller is one of them in the lower level. in three tea stall at dhanmondi area and our research objectives as follows1. Is there any loan or credit facilities for tea sellers 5. That’s why we conduct a small research.Thousands of ordinary people earn their livelihood by selling tea. Different classes of people live here and their earning source is different.

But their research directly not related to tea stall. Research ultimate goal is to bring the reader up to date with current literature on a topic and forms the basis for another goal . although some non-government organization mentioned as laon/credit facilities they provide such business. So we expect more research about tea stall business . Literature reviews are secondary sources. So according to this. Our research conducting in a short period of time so do not committed research properly. so further research will be inevitable .such as future research that may be needed in the area.Review of Literature A literature review is a body of text that aims to review the critical points of current knowledge including substantive findings as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic . and overall prospect for better research in near future.BRAC etc. life style . Justification of The Research scope of research In the purpose of research we cant found enough data about tea stall business. We also review some secondary data from NGO such as ASA. Where thousands of ordinary people earn their livelihood and generate self-employment.economic contribution. and their national contribution.If someone want to research about tea stall business it’s may by great initiative and encourages the new comer to doing business . and such . we can say that it’s a basic research. But all data related to small business loan and tea stall business are poorly concentrate. their income. .

3. tasks. and postulates employed by discipline. The systematic study of methods that are. techniques and tools. at last work willing to solve all the problems. rules. Limitation of research: methods of research Two month will be needed to complete the research .Which data we found if anyone want to use for further research they can Scope of research: Find out the obstacles of a Tea seller identifying and present the problem they are facing. The study or description of methods . can be. The analysis of the principles of methods. It can be as follows1. or have been applied within a discipline.we are five members will work together for this research in order to low cost we will consider nearest place for our research study Methods of research techniques of data analysis Methodology is generally a guideline system for solving a problem. with specific components such as phases. 2.

Time reference For this research the time duration from 1st march 2012 to 31st April. 40% data collection 60% data collection 100% data collection Money budget For this research need to spend money and money budget is as follows Transportation Human resource 350 300 Papers and other expenditure 350 . percentages. graphical. Time frame/time budget: Two of time budgeting for our research .time frame or tome budgeting as follows: March April May report and presentation. hypothesis. average calculation etc. presentation etc. Techniques of data analysis: money budget For this research we will follow some techniques of data analysis such as tabular forms. This research study will be accomplished in aspect of 2012.So we use some techniques like sample survey.

Bibliography: . That will ensure socio-economic development for our country. In dhanmondi area as well as other parts of Bangladesh tea stall business has a great potentiality and it became easy income source for unemployed people.Although we know it is not overall country situation. our study just little.Total budget 950 Chapter out line of expected thesis/report: Table: Share of each part of a thesis Name of pert Introductory Body Summary conclusions Total= desired share 10% 80% 10% 100% Acceptable share 15% 70% 15% 100% Conclusion It’s really matter of pleasure after conducting our research we know about daily income of tea sellers . and its development. We wish further investigation and research in this field and it will be good initiative for small tea stall.

. Chittagong. M.Book name: A hand book of research Edition: Writer: third revised edition Dr. Zainul Abedin Published area: Book Syndicate DHAKA.