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PART 1-CHUYN BI TP E GRADE 10 (2011-2012) TEST 1:

I. Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets 1. From the day five years ago when they ....................( marry) untill today. Tom....................(rely) on his wife....................(do)everything in house and she....................(never fail) .................... (give) himthe easiest home life a man could have. 2. It's no use ....................(ask) children....................( keep) quiet. They can't help....................(make) a noise. 3. It's imperative that you ....................( be) on time 4. I would rather you ....................(not be) absent from class yesterday. 5. I suggest her ....................( stop) smoking 6. This time next week, we ....................( walk) about London. 7. By the age of twenty, he .................... (achieve) his ambition of becoming a pianist. 8. I don't think it is worth....................(spend) money on it. It ....................(be) there in the shop for ages. 9. When I was there two year ago, the bilding ....................( build), but now it....................(not finish) yet. 10. If only I ....................( see) you earlier ! 11. Is it vital that no one else...................( know) about thesecret government operation. I'd rather my house ...................(paint) yellow. II. Supply the missing prepositions or particles 1. I turned ................... at t he meeting but the others didn't come 2. My shoes have been worn ...................very quekly since I started walking to the office. 3. The ship was bound ................... japan when it ran into a typhoon. 4. The gun went................... in his hand while he was cleaning it. 5. It always pays to buy high quality goods. ...................the long run it's cheaper. 6. There is no cure................... badness except a wig. 7. They are fed up ...................doing the same thing everyday. 8. Plants give ...................oxygen. 9. I can't make ................... his writing 10. She can always tell artificial pearls ................... real ones III Supply the correct form of words in breakets. 1. Peter's ....................... (eye)got worse as hereturned to wear glasses . 2. Apparently, eating fish and lots of vegetables greatly increasis your life ....................... ( expect). 3. The local TV company was stopping .......................( pass) to aske their opinion about the new shopping centre. 4. Low .......................( consume) of animal fats generally means alow risk of heart disease. 5. A lot of people keep up their English by listening to radio.......................(broad) 6. You had better read the government ....................... ( guide) on setting up a business abroad. 7. Global .......................( warm), or " the green house effect", is due to a build up of gasses in the statosphere. 8. I was born at home but most babies are born in hospitals.......................( now) 9. She roared with ....................... ( laugh) when she heard the funy story. 10. He ....................... ( threat) to hit me if I didn't hand over my money

IV. Use the sugested words to rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning

1. Why don't we take a taxi ?, she suggested. She suggested ......................................................................................................... 2. In spite of the cold weather, we went out. Although................................................................................................................... 3. I have never been to this shop before. This is the first ........................................................................................................ 4. Learn hard or you wont pass the exam. If 5. The boy is bored. His bike has been stolen ( whose ) ................................................................................................................................. 6. No one in this club is a better swimmer than John. John swims ............................................................................................................ 7. I'd like to express my thanks for everything you've done for me ( thankful) ....................................................................................................................................... 8. It is a wast of time to try and explain anything toTony ( worth) ....................................................................................................................................... 9. The cause of the explosion is still unknown ( caused ) ....................................................................................................................................... 10. You must drive more slowly in town. ( reduce) ....................................................................................................................................... V.Read the text below and choose the correct word or phrase for each space. For each question, circle the letter you choose A, B,C or D. The most famous diary in English was written by Samuel Pepys. It give a detailed and interesting (1) of everyday life in England (2) .. 1660 and 1669. Pepys write about important news stories of the time, like disease, an enemy navy (3) up the River Thames and the Great Fire of London. He also writes about himself, even about his (4) ..- he often slept during church or (5) . At the pretty girls. He describes his home life- a (6) . With his wife and how they became friends again, his worry about her illness. As well as books, he like music, the theater, card (7) .. , and parties with good food and (8) of fun. Pepys was a busy man who had many important (9) .. he was a Member of Parliarment and President of the Royal Society. He is also (10) .. for his work for the British Navy. 1. A. description 2. A. between 3. A. driving 4. A. accidents 5. A. looked 6. A. conversation 7. A. battles 8. A. amount 9. A. acts 10. A. reviewed B. letter B. from B. fying B. plans B. prayed B. discussion B. games B. plenty B. hobbies B. remembered C. notice C. through C. running C. dreams C. talked C. quarrel C. matches C. much C. jobs C. reminded D. story D. to D. sailing D. faults D. thought D. talk D. plays D. some D. studies D. reported

TEST 2 :PART 1-CHUYN BI TP E GRADE 10 (2011-2012)

I. Choose the best answer. 1. what would you do if a snake. A. are bitten B. were bitten C. had been bitten D. has been bitten one of the most effective ways to protect the environment. A. conservation B. conservationist C. conservatory D. conservatism 3. National parks help to..endangered animals. A. protective B. protection C. protect D. protectively 4. A new bridge built here. A. will be B. are C. can be D. have 5. week. He has sent the invitation cards to all guests. A. get married B. would get married C. got married D. is going to get married 6. Thu Le zoo many kinds of wild animals, such as tigers and lions. A. covers B. includes C. consists D. contains a piece of paper showing you have paid to travel. A. fare B. fee C. money D. ticket 8. if I .too much ,I wouldnt have felt so sick now. A. didnt eat B. dont eat C. hadnt eaten D. havent eaten 9. Look at that the girl swimming..the sea. A. on B. at C. in D. by 10. The building are well..with the landscape. A. integrate B. integration C. integral D. integrity 11. The woman over her husbands death. A. mourned B. mourning C. mournful D. mournfully 12. I went out..a letter. A. mailing B. to mail C. mails D. for mailing 13. She is lonely. She has nobodyto. A. talks B. talked C. to talk D. talk 14. Now, stop , everybody, and listen to me. A. talk B. to talk C. talked D. talking 15. People couldnt enjoy films at home..the advent of television. A. during B. until C. since D. for II. Choose the underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest. 1. A. pushed B. watched C. learned D. danced 2. A. great B. feat C. seat D. beat 3. A. unit B. umbrella C. unity D. university 4. A. myself B. wives C. love D. five 5. A. good B. gin C. large D. age III. Choose the mistake whose underlined part. 1. In summer , Peter usually plays the tennis everyday. A B C D 2. Harrison is a talent actor in action films. A B C D 3. Doing exercises is good to our body as well as our mind. A B C D 4. Like walking, jogging can be do any time, anywhere and involves only one person. A B C D 5. I wish can always pass the exams. A B C D IV.Read the following passage and choose the best option to fit each space by circling A,B,C or D. Most sport today is the work of skilled professionals. Football , or an example of a The game of football was first Britain and then spread 4..other countries .Now all countries hope to 5for the World Cup. However ,

there are still plenty of amateur football 6in Britain . They enjoy7.the game..8Saturday or Sunday afternoons . Amateur clubs can complete 9..the professional ones in the English Football Association Cup10.. 1. A basketball B. skiing C. golf D. soccer 2. A. profession B. professional C. professionally D. professor 3. A .occured B. taken C. played D. seen 4. to B. in C. out D. from 5. win B. lose C. compete D. share 6. A. maker B. players C. workers D. keepers 7. A . play B. to play C. played D. playing 8. A. in B. at C. about D. on 9. A. on B. against C. for D. by 10. A. complete B. competitor C. competative D. competition V. Chuyn cc cu sau sang th ch ng:

1) These exercises were done well. _________________________________________________________________________ 2) This dress must be washed in cold water. _________________________________________________________________________ 3) No mistakes have been made in his composition. _________________________________________________________________________ 4) His painting will be exhibited for the first time by New Arts gallery. _________________________________________________________________________ 5) This house was built 100 years ago. _________________________________________________________________________ 6) These artificcial flowers are made of silk. _________________________________________________________________________ 7) The lessons are being written by the students now. _________________________________________________________________________ 8) This job has to be done at once. _________________________________________________________________________ 9) These animals at the zoo are fed twice a day. _________________________________________________________________________ 10)The operation is going to be performed by French doctors. _________________________________________________________________________ VI. Match a word in A with its meaning or definition in B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A blind ability marked institute embossed consist of founding derive a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. B having a design or a piece of writing raised above the surface. Be composed of something. Have something as its source or origin. Clear; noticeable; easily seen. An abandoned child of unknown parents who is found by somebody. The mental or physical capacity, power or skill required to do something. A society or an organization for a special, usually social, professional or educational purpose. Unable to see.

TEST 3: I.Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others
1. A. seat

B. head C. meat D. feed 2. A. watches B. washes C. clauses D. likes 3. A. naked B. smoked C. stopped D. missed 4. A. machine B. inspiration C. exchange D. Champagne 5. A. box B. students C, books D. picks II.Pick out ONE best option ( A,B,C or D ) to complete each of the following sentences: 1. Do very young children reallyforeign travel ? A. appreciate B. benefit C. delight D. evaluate 2. One way of cutting down waste is to.such things as glass and paper. A. repeat B. renew C. recycle D. redirect 3. The local wine is rough, but you soona taste for it. A. receive B. acquire C. accept D. adopt 4. Computer technology will bring..a revolution in business administration. A. over B. across C. up D. about 5. ..the cold climate, the tourists set out very early. A. Although B. Despite C. Even though D. In spite 6. ..that boy my younger brother, I would give him a lesson . A. Were B. Even if C. In case D. Since 7. During her last trip to England, Lan.her homework and housework. A. had not to do B. would not have to do C. did not have to do D. had not done 8. Mrs Dawson told her and beer. He was too young. A. not to drink B. not drink C. that to drink D. that not to drink 9. It's a good idea to see your doctor regularly for ................... . A. a revision B. a control C. an investiagation D. a check-up 10. There is a fault at our television station. Please do not .................... your television set. A. change B. adjust C. repair D. switch III. The sentences below have four underlined words or phrases A, B , C or D. Identify an error in each sentence. 1. The company has so little money that it cant hardly operate anymore. A B C D 2. The students seemed very nervously before the final exam . A B C D 3. We dont allow passengers smoking in this part of the building . A B C D 4. When he was a college student, he learned to play tennis, to ski, and swimming.

5. . The book writing by Jack London is very popular in the world A B C D IV. Choose the item (A, B, C or D) that best fills the blank spaces: The next generation of telephone users will probably laugh (1). we explain how we used to stand next to a wall in the kitchen to (2)... a phone call. Mobile communications, already highly ( 3 ) .compared with a decade ago, will completely change communications in the next few years. (4).. there are millions of people using mobile phones, most people know (5) .. about the mobile telecommunications industry and its ( 6 ) .. There are three types of mobile phone. These are hand portables, pocket-sized hand portables and transportables. The smallest and most popular are the pocket-sized hand portables. These work on ( 7 ) ...batteries, which allow an (8)... of up to 80 minutes' conversation. Mobiles that are fitted ( 9 ) in a vehicle do not (10) . on separate batteries. They require an external aerial on the vehicle. This can mean a stronger signal with clearer (11) Transportables have a high power ( 12 ) ..and can be used (13).. anywhere. They come with powerful battery

packs for longer, continuous use and may also be put (14).. a vehicle, using its electrics. They (15).. to be bulkier than hand portables. 1. A. unless B. when C. while D. whether 2. A. make B. give C. take D. do 3. A. modern B. advanced C. proud D. well 4. A. In addition B. Because C. As a result D. Although 5. A. little B. some C. few D. lots 6. A. convenience B. technology C. fame D. reputation 7. A. reduced B, relax C. rechargeable D. repeat 8. A. amount B. account C. activity D. average 9. A. over B. well C. carefully D. permanently 10. A. rely B. create C. carry D. insist 11. A. wave B. letter C. speech D. speed 12. A. capability B. ability C. possibility D. responsibility 13. A. mostly B. hardly C. most D. almost 14. A. on with B. into C. up with D. in to 15. A. used B. have C. tend D. are V.Put ONE suitable word in each space: The world's oceans are so vast that they can cope with the ....( 1 ) levels of .( 2 ). However, little is known about the long-term effects of such slow ( 3 ). The most serious problem of ..( 4 ) time is that man is destroying the earth's natural resources and ( 5 ) huge areas into waste land. As a ... ( 6 ) , it is becoming ( 7 ) difficult to grow enough to .( 8 ) the world's rapidly .. ..( 9 ) population. A way of protecting all wild life on the earth must also be found as many . ( 10 ) are in danger of disappearing ...( 11 ) from the face of the earth. The smoke in the ..,( 12 ) , for example, is increasing so ( 13 ) that the amount of sunlight has been ( 14 ) in many cities. Man's whole .( 15 ) is being changed in a serious way VI. Supply the correct forms of words in brackets: 1. I always show my great my granparents (admire ) 2. Dalat is one of the most famous ....cities in Vietnam ( mountain ) 3. A lot of oil has been laid ..under the sea ( discover ) 4. We enjoyed a bicycle trip in the peaceful evening in the countryside ( leisure ) 5. Its traveling that helps with the .of knowledge ( rich ) 6. It is very difficult to find Mrs Burtons shop, for it was .. from all others in the street. (distinguish) 7. The teachers criticism has ... Toms interest in learning. (die) 8. Panda is . to China only. (national) 9. Thanks to his .....................................................our life has improved a lot ( achieve ) 10. He failed the exam last year. He didnt .( success )

@@@ TEST 4:

I. Choose the best answers from A, B, C or D 1) Don't forget ......... the lights and fans before going out of the classroom. a) Turned off b) Turn off c) To turn off d) Turning off 2) .................. book is this ? It's Nams. a) What b) Who c) Whose d) Where 3) She.......... him before I introduced him to her. a) Met b) Had met c) Meets d) Has met 4) Hi ! I.......... you for ages. a) See b) Haven't seen c) Saw d) Had seen 5) My father formed some......... friends when he was in high school. a) Lasting b) Long c) Longtime d) Hard 6) My parents plan ....... a trip to Nha Trang in summer vacation. a) Taking b) Takes c) To take d) Take 7) You'd better stop hard or else you'll get sick soon. a) to work b) working c) worked d) is working 8) A: Who........You meet at the station yesterday evening? B: I met my old friend a) Had b) X c) Do d) Did 9) Louis Pasteur .......... the process of pasteurization. He also developed vaccines for several diseases including rabies. a) invented b) Inventing c) Had invented d) Has invented 10) A: Are these schools for people with................................? B: Yes, these people can attetnd institutions that help them lead a normal life. a)Disabilities b) slow barning c) poor health d) poor performance II. Rewrite the following sentences: 1) He hates getting up early in winter. --> He cant stand................................................................................... 2) He is living in an apartment with two rooms. ->Heis living in a................................................................................ 3) The printer doesnt work. It has happened once before. --> This is the................................................................................................ 4) You have been late for class. Youve done thesame thing about 4 times before. --> This is the......................................................................................
III. Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first 1. People believe that he died in the war. He .. 2. My mother doesnt do the washing by hand any longer. No. 3. I could realize how important the family is only after I left home. Not until ................................................................. 4. They recruited very few young engineers. Hardly ............................................................ 5. I could hold a big party due to Moms help. Had there .......................................................

IV.Read the text below. Use the word given to form a word that fits in the space. These days it is impossible to open a newspaper without reading about the damage we are doing to the environment. The earth is being (1.threat) ..and the future looks bad. What can each of us do? We cannot clean up our (2. pollution) rivers and seas overnight. Nor can we stop the (3. appear) of plants and animals. But we can stop adding to the problem while (4. science) .search for answers, and laws are passed in natures defense. It may not easy to change your lifestyle (5. complete) ., but some steps are easy to take: cut down the amount of ( .you do, or use as little plastic as possible. It is also easy to save energy, which also reduces household bills. We must all make a personal (7. decide) work for the future of our planet if we want to ensure a better world for our grandchildren. V. Finish each of the following sentences in such way that it means exactly the same as the sentence given before it. 1. Why hasnt Nam phoned? she wondered. She wondered 2. The thief tried to escape but the police stopped him. The police prevented the thief 3. Lan began studying English ten years ago. Lan has 4. My mother made these curtains. These curtains 5. If I were you I wouldnt trust Diep, Lans mother told her. Lans mother advised 6. Nam is better at chemistry than Tuan. Tuan is not 7. His parents made him study for his exams. He was 8. I only help you if you promise to try harder. Unless 9. She bought that house in 1994. She has 10. They believe that he is mad. He 11. It was such a boring film that he fell asleep. The film 12. We spent three hours getting to HO CHI MINH City. It took @@@ TEST 5: I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 1. A. interest B. finish C. climate D. panic 2. A. pedal B. satisfied C. land D. plan 3. A. seaside B. realized C. scream D. seat 4. A. children B. chemistry C. kitchen D. chat 5. A. beginning B. passenger C. biology D. technology II. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 6. A. routine B. physics C. minute D. danger 7. A. breakfast B. purchase C. peasant D. begin 8. A. passenger B. interested C. frightening D. contented 9. A. educationB. geography C. occupation D. information

10. A. relative

B. cinema

C. continue

D. suddenly

III. Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C, and D) one best answer to complete each sentence

by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 1. We got on the plane and waited about 10 minutes before it ____________. A. take off B. land C. took off 2. We took a short ___________ for thirty minutes in the middle of the afternoon. A. talk B. meal C. rest 3. Do you bring __________with you? No, we are going to sleep in a rented house. A. sleeping bags B. umbrellas C. drinks 4. Some animals are now ____________. We need to find ways to protect them. A. dangerous B. dangerously C. in danger 5. It was ____________of her to wear Jeans and T-shirt. A. comfortable B. interesting C. cheerful 6. In any case, you should not give up____________. A. hope B. worry 7. Please call the ____________. The house is on fire. A. bodyguard B. security office C. death C. fire brigade D. landed D. time D. foods

D. danger D. typical D. danger D. police station D. to D. Biology

8. The alarm goes ____________at 6 oclock and Nam starts a new day. A. on B. off C. back 9. ____________is the study of living things. A. Physics B. Chemistry C. Science

IV.Rewrite the following sentences using the word given so that the rewritten sentence has the same meaning as the original one. 1. My uncle decided to stop smoking local tobacco two years ago. (GIVE) _____________________________________________________________ 2. The teacher is satisfied with our results in Civic Education. (CONTENTED) _____________________________________________________________ 3. I have the habit of getting up late on the weekends. (ALWAYS) _____________________________________________________________ 4. Some of my classmates cycle to school every morning. (RIDE) _____________________________________________________________ 5. No one in the class got a higher mark in English than Tom. (HIGHEST) _____________________________________________________________ 6. During the break, the school canteen is full of students. (CROWDED) _____________________________________________________________ 7. They have to pay $50 for traveling every month. (SPEND) _____________________________________________________________ 8. Martina loves studying Information Technology the most of all subjects. (FAVOURITE) _____________________________________________________________ 9. After getting off the plane, I took a taxi to Sunrise Hotel at once. (IMMEDIATELY) _____________________________________________________________ 10. I think fishing for long hours is a waste of time. (INTERESTED)

_____________________________________________________________ V. Choose one best word given in the box to complete each sentence. entertainment hobbies capital rest typical 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. inappropriate enrolment specify applicable delete conversationalist origin marital status target semester occasion profession attitude opinion shopper

It is ______________ for the young to address the elderly by the first name in Vietnam. In the countryside, there are few places of ______________ . The first word of any name must be written in _____________ letters. Vietnam is my country of ______________ . You have to fill in an _____________ form if you want to join a school. He is always late for school. It is ______________ of him. My ______________ are studying English and collecting stamps. After a two-period lesson, we usually have a short ______________ . Please __________ the date so that I can arrange the time for the meeting. Professor Lan Nguyen devoted his whole life to the teaching ________ . Im really sorry. This form is not _____________ to foreign students. The ______________ of my life is to learn English well in order to pass the entrance examination to VNUCFL. Your computer has many empty folders. You should ___________ them. A good ___________ is the one who has great skills of communication. On the ______________ of International Womens Day, I wish you good health and happiness. After the ______________ finishes, we have a long summer holiday. What is your ______________ of the new program? A housewife is often a good ______________ because she knows how to bargain. The words married, divorced, separated, widow refer to ___________ . What is your ______________ to the students learning methods?

@@@ TEST 6: I.SUPPY THE CORRECT VERB TENSES: 1/ That man (catch) fish yet? 2/ I (listen ) to the radio when you (ring) .the bell. 3/ You must take un umbrella. It (rain) 4/ My elder brother is a taxi driver . he (drive) ..very carefully. 5/ Each of them (understand) .the question in f\different ways. 6/ You (ever be) .to Moscow? 7/ Mr. Jones (teach) at present. 8/ We (take) ..our test next week. 9/ We occasionally (go) the cinema on Sundays. 10/ I (come) work on bus this morning.

11/ Listen! I think the phone (ring) .. 12/ The police (finally catch) the bank robber.

II.Choose A, B, C or D that best completes each unfinished sentence

1. Mai worked hard , ______ she passed her exam . a. so b. although c. because d. though 2. _____ she was very tired , she helped her brother with his homework . a. Because b. whether c. Although c. so 3. Its raining hard , _____ we cant go to the beach . a. or b. but c. so d. though 4. Nam was absent from class yesterday ____ he felt sick . a. so b. because c. although d. but 5. Tom has a computer , _____ he doesnt use it . a. or b. as because d. but 6. The boy cant reach the shelf ____ hes not tall enough. a. because b. although c. even though d. and 7. The film was boring ____ we went home . a. so b. when c. but c. if 8. The girl bought the shoes _____ they are very expensive . a. but b. if c. so d. although 9. He used to smoke a lot ______ now he doesnt smoke any more . a. still b. therefore c. but d. as 10. She couldnt unlock it ______ she had the wrong key . a. while b. but c. though d. because 11. ____ it rained , the boys played football . a. Even b. Even though c. However d. In spite of 12. It was still painful , ____ I went to see a doctor . a. so b. however c. but d. or 13. Lan likes oranges _____ her sister doesnt . a. but b. as c. so because 14. Nam failed the final exam _____ he was lazy . a. while b. though c.because d. but 15. Hes tired _____ he stayed up late watching TV. a. and b. or c. if d. since 16. Jim can speak English _____ French fluently . a. also b. but also c. and d. so 17. _______ the traffic , I arrived on time . a. Though b. Although b. Even though d. In spite of 18. ______ they live near us , we can see them very often . a. So b. As c. Though d. Even 19. ______ I was really tired , I couldnt sleep . a. If b. Although c. While D. However 20. We watched TV the whole evening ______ we had nothing better to do . a. because b. though c. so d. but 21. Its cheap _____ I dont like it . a. and b. because c. so d. however 22. ______ it was late , I decided to phone Brian. a. Despite b. However c. In spite of d. Though 23. The little boy was hungry ______ he ate nothing . a. although b. so c. but d. and 24. ______ the car was cheap , it was in good condition . a. Although b. Because c. As d. If 25. ______ tomorow is a public holiday , all the shops will be shut . a. As b. Just as c. Although d. When

26. She came in _____ turned on the radio . a. so b. and c. or d. but 27. We didnt go for a walk _____ it was very cold . a. though b. because c. but d. so 28. ______ I tried to persuade her , I didnt succeed . a. Because b. So c. Although d. However 29. Lan woke up late _____ she didnt have time for breakfast a. so b. since c. as d. though 30. I like fish ____ I dont like catching them myself . a. or b. but c. so d. and 31. He had an accident ____ he was careful . a. even though b. because c. so d. since 32. _____ it was raining , I went swimming . a. So b. Because c. However d. Although 33. Ann felt ill , ____ she insisted on going to work . a. though b. so c. and d. but 34. _____ I felt tired , I went to bed early . a. Although b. So c. As d. However 35. _____ hes got an English name , he is German . a. Although b. However c. Because d. Since 36. They decided not to go out for a meal _____ they were too tired . a. so b. because c. but d. if 37. We were the better team ____ we lost the match . a. so b. and c. but d. because 38. Keith decided to give up his job ____ I advised him not to a. because b. however c. although d. since 39. ______ we were in town , we often met him . a. For b. Although C. So d. When 40 . She didnt get the job ____ she had all the necessary qualifications . a. because b. although c. so d. but 41. I could not eat ____ I was very hungry . a. even though b. in spite c. despite d. in spite the fact that 42. In pite _____ , the baseball game was not cancelled . a. the rain b. of the rain c. it was raining d. there was a rain 43. ______ he had enough money , he refused to buy a new car . a. In spite b. In spite of c. Despite d. Although 44. ______ , he walked to the station . a. Despite being tired b. Although to be tired c. In spite being tired d. Despite tired 45. The children slept well , despite _____ a. it was noise b. the noise c. of the noise d. noisy

1. We arrived late because of the bad traffic. 2. She didnt buy the house since the price was very high. 3. She only accepted the job because of the high salary. 4. We couldnt sleep because the weather was hot.

5. Because of the World War II, women took over business for their absent husbands. 6. We didnt go fishing because the water was rough. 7. She was very angry because he behaved very badly. 8. He couldnt sleep because of his worries. 9. Because of driving too fast, he caused a serious accident. .. 10. I lost my way because the fog was thick. 11. He is tired because of staying up late last night. 12. We couldnt read the sign on the building because the distance was so great. 13. Shell never get success because she is impatient. 14. Hell be sacked because he is often late for work. 15. Governments advise giving up smoking because of its harm for health. 16. They havent bought the house because its rooms are small. 17. He got bad marks because his answers were incomplete. 18. Maria couldnt return home because of losing all her money. 19. Because of my friends absence, I have to copy the lesson for him. 20. A lot of people learn English because it is very important. 21. Tom is often punished because he is very lazy. 22. I was late because it rained heavily. 23. They turned the heating on because the weather was very cold. 24. She has to stay at home because of her sick mother. 25. I lost my way because the fog was thick. 26. He is tired because of staying up late last night. 27. We couldnt read the sign on the building because the distance was so great. 28. Shell never get success because she is impatient. .. 29. Hell be sacked because he is often late for work. .....

30. Governments advise giving up smoking because of its harm for health. .... IV. Put a/ an/ the or in each space blank: 1. We went by _____ train to _____ west of England. 2. ____people who live in ______ Netherlands are called ______ Dutch. 3. ____ judge sent me to ___ prison for ____ ten years. 4. ______ Columbus was one of _____ people to cross _____ Atlantic. 5. As ____ captain of ____ ship, I have ____ complete authority. 6. David learned to play___violin when he was at ____ university. 7. ____Trafalgar Square is near ___ Charing Cross Station. 8. Have you read _____ book I lent you _____ last week? 9. Well put up ______ shelves and then go to ______ caf for something to eat. 10. Is that ______ present Bill gave you for ______ Christmas. V. Choose the best answer 1. When studying abroad, Mary was very happy to get a phone call _____ her parents. A. to B. for C. of D. from 2. Why dont we stay ______ home _______ a change? A. from/ as B. at / with C. at / for D. at/ on 3. A horse is always mounted ______ the left side. A. on B. to C. from D. at 4. What would you like to have _____ lunch? A. at B. in C. for D. of 5. Surgeons use lasers ___miraculously accurate scalpels. A. for B. as C. of D. with 6. The Medical Center is close______ the school. A. to B. at C. next D. from 7. Once scientists fully understand the cause __ a disease, it becomes easier for them to find a cure __ it. A. of / of B. of / from C. from / in D. of / for 8. There is a shop _____ front _____ my house. A. at / in B. out / next C. in / of D. of / in 9. He stamped _____until the stinging returned to his feet. A. on and off B. out and in C. down and up D. up and down 10. The only way ______ cross the river is ______ swim. A. to / to B. of / by C. on / to D. in / by 11. The summer is over. Pupils and students have to go ______ to school on Monday. A. back B. on C. through D. into 12. He threw stones__his attackers, trying to drive them __. A. to / out B. for / up C. at / away D. at / up 13. The medical center is close ______ campus. A. to B. up C. for D. with 14. I havent gone there _____ ages. A. with B. in C. for D. of 15. Most college football games are played ___Saturdays. A. at B. in C. with D. on 16. Leaves turn color _______ the autumn. A. for B. on C. at D. in 17. _____ the whole, I enjoy the movie. A. On B. In C. At D. Up 18. Shell come home ______ April. A. on B. in C. at D. for 19. The art museum is located next _____ the museum of natural history on State Street. A. to B. for C. on D. with 20. Minh was born_____ Ho Chi Minh city.

A. on D. up 21. Mai graduated _______ the University of Education. A. from B. at C. in D. for 22. English is spoken in many countries all ___ the world. A. in B. over C. at D. from 23. _______ many areas of the world, wars have made lives more miserable. A. on B. from C. in D. at 24. When we arrived__the station, the last train had gone. A. in B. at C. for D. from 25. Approaching ______ the village, we saw the village common in the distance. A. at B. in C. to D. x 26. Fortunately, the company offered _____ me the job I had applied. A. to B. for C. with D. x 27. The pop singer has always received a large number of letter _____ her fans. A. of B. from C. to D. on 28. She was very surprised_____ the grade she received. A. on B. of C. at D. about 29. I was disappointed ___ the grade I got on my last essay. A. for B. about C. to D. with @@@ TEST 7:

I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others
1. A. watch 2. A. today 3. A. house 4. A. end 5. A. nothing 6. A. visited 7. A. technology 8. A. computer 9. A. number 10. A. become B. chemistry B. worker B. height B. general B. other B. decorated B. illustration B. different B. software B. hardware C. technology C. about C. hour C. expensive C. birthday C. missed C. definition C. capable C. manage C. letter D. school D. pop D. half D. met D. thanks D. divided D. electronic D. calculate D. invent D. music

II. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others.

III. Choose the best answers

11. Two months ago my brother _______ elected headmaster of his school and he _______ a vacation since then. A. was-hadnt had B. was-hasnt had C. had been-didnt have D. had been-wouldnt have 12. Yesterday morning my mother __ me a new bicycle as my old one ___stolen. A. bought-was B. bought-had been C. had bought-was D. had bought-had been 13. The lights went _______ in several villages because of the storm. A. by B. out C. up D. off 14. My brother ______ the guitar since he ______ a little boy. A. has started playing/ was B. has been playing/ was C. starts playing/ is D. has been playing/ is 15. What ______ if you ______ there yesterday? A. you will do/ are B. will you do/ are C. would you have done/ were D. would you have done/ had been 16. Thats the house ______. A. which I used to stay B. where I used to stay at C. where I used to stay D. in that I used to staying

17. ______ Mary didnt like Tom, she agreed to work with him on the project. A. Since B. Although C. Despite D. In spite of 18. He had an _______ for a job with a foreign company two days ago. A. interview B. interviewee C. interviewer D. interviewing 19. Im going to meet a woman with _______ I used to study. A. who B. whose C. whom D. that 20. Her uncle lived in Barcelona for several years, _______ he taught Spanish. A. when B. where C. which D. that 21. The teacher decided _______________ the paper. A. accepting B. accept C. to accept D. accepted 22. He found it very difficult ________________ a decision. A. reach B. to reach C. reaching D. reaches 23. Anna is interested in ________________ to opera singing. A. listening B. to listen C. listen D. listened 24. Each time you turn it on, with appropriate hardware and software, it is capable of doing almost anything you ask. A. suitable B. good C. right D. important 25. By my _______, we made a profit of 20 000 last year. A. calculate B. calculator C. calculation D. calculated 26. Mary used to ________________ chocolate when she was small. A. eating B. eat C. eaten D. ate 27. He should keep water ________________ A. cleanly B. clean C. clear D. clearly 28. _______, well arrive before dark. A. Hope B. Hopeful C. Hopefully D. Hopefulness 29. He didn't go to school ________________his sickness. A. unless B. because C. because of D. if 30. She said that she would come to see you ________________ A. tomorrow B. the following day C. the previous day D. the day before 31. ________________ on the left in England is difficult for me. A. Drive B. Driven C. Driving D. Drove 32. Keep _______ by eating well and exercising regularly. A. health B. healthful C. healthy D. healthily 33. A lot of fish ____________ live in the polluted sea die every day. A. who B. whom C. which D. they 34. ____________ are you learning English for? - To sing English songs. A. What B. Where C. How D. How much 35. You need to be more _______. A. decide B. decision C. decisive D. decided 36. Many animals are _______ for their fur or other valuable parts of their bodies. A. killed B. died C. killing D. dying 37. He _______ us about his extraordinary childhood. A. told B. said C. talked D. greeted 38. The teacher _______ each child with a friendly Hello! A. greeted B. said C. told D. asked 39. The workers stopped _______ a rest because they felt tired. A. take B. to take C. taking D. took 40. That girl tried to avoid _______ some of my questions. A. answer B. to answer C. answering D. answered

IV. Identify the error in each sentence by choosing the letter A, B, C, or D.

41. What subjects do students to study at secondary school? A B C D

42. Would you like going on an excursion with my class? A B C D 43. My sister has decided become teacher of history at school. A B C D 44. Last Sunday I stayed at home to make my homework. A B C D 45. What languages can you say fluently? A B C D 46. Can you speak more slow, please? A B C D 47. I am keen in learning languages. A B C D 48. How long does Minh stay in Da Lat - one of the most beautiful place A B C D in Viet Nam? 49. Let's to get up early and go for a walk before breakfast? A B C D 50. Do you mind if I sitting near the window? A B C D

V. Choose the best word A, B, or C to fill in the blank

In the Brazilian rainforest there is (51)________ new way of bringing (52)_______ to the people. If your neighbour(53)______one of your chickens, you do not (54)_____to make a long, expensive journey (55)_______the law courts in the nearest town, (56)_____, once a month, a judge arrives at each village by boat. (57)________ he arrives, he will listen to you and your neighbour. Perhaps he will visit the place (58)___ the chicken was stolen. Then he (59) ____ pay. The villagers think this will decide (60)____ is right. 51. A. the B. a C. 0 52. A. equal B. just C. justice D. fair 53. A. steals B. stole C. stealing D. steal 54. A. have B. has C. must D. had 55. A. at B. in C. on D. to 56. A. because B. so C. and D. but 57. A. Since B. When C. Because D. While 58. A. if B. when C. where D. which 59. A. must B. may C. have D. can 60. A. what B. which C. where D. who

%%% TEST 8: I. Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group: 1/ A. chemist B. change C. child D. cheap 2/ A. fork B. world C. sport D. north 3/ A. plenty B. fairy C. sky D. weekly 4/ A. feather B. head C. healthy D. meat 5/ A. much B. cute C. cut D. su n 6/ A. soften B. fifteen C. ent er D. party 7/ A. now B. how C. know D. down 8/ A. thi s B. mine C. fi le D. night 9/ A. whe n B. settle C. become D. fe llow 10/ A. where B. here C. fear D. dear II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group: 1/ A. headmaster B. holiday C. attractive D. internet

2/ A. matter B. happen C. listen D. below 3/ A. explain B. problem C. study D. worry 4/ A. habit B. become C. learner D. mother 5/ A. fifteen B. fifty C. center D. biggest 6/ A. student B. member C. prefer D. teacher 7/ A. subject B. hello C. teacher D. thousand 8/ A. lesson B. woman C. repair D. father 9/ A. above B. sister C. widen D. very 10/ A. corner B. answer C. doctor D. prepare III.Choose the correct words to complete the sentences: 1/ They were just _______ us about Anna's new boyfriend. A. talking B. saying C. speaking D. telling 2/ Would you mind _______ more clearly, please? A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. spoke 3/ _______ me about your summer vacation then. A. Say B. Talk C. Tell D. Speak 4/ Rooney _______ goodbye to all his friends and left. A. told B. spoke C. talked D. said 5/ Needless _______, my boss will be off work for a minute. A. to tell B. to say C. saying D. telling 6/ Is it just you or was he _______ nonsense in the get-together? A. saying B. talking C. telling D. speaking 7/ Would you like another cup of coffee?" "I wouldn't _______ no." A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk 8/ Generally _______, shes quite a good student. A. talking B. speaking C. saying D. telling 9/ That boy is always _______ lies. A. saying B. talking C. telling D. speaking 10/ - Is it ______ that English is ______ by many people in the world? - Yes, it is. A. told-talked B. talked-said C. spoken-told D. said-spoken IV/ Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences and then correct them: 1/ (A) Her brother is (B) interested in (C) to join the (D) English Club. .. 2/ We know that (A) there is (B) no point in (C) help the pupils (D) at the present. . 3/ A (A) preferred (B) profession (C) among children is (D) the building sandcastles. .. 4/ You couldnt (A) prevent that lovely dog from (B) following you (C) wherever you (D) to go. 5/ What would be (A) the most effect (B) way of (C) marketing our (D) goods? 6/ (A) Would you be (B) enough kind (C) to open the doors (D) please? .. 7/ "I think we (A) should depart at ten." "(B) Where?" "I (C) said I think we (D) should go at ten." 8/ You (A) arrive at a point in any project (B) when you just (C) desire to get the thing (D) completed. . 9/ Mr. Nguyen (A) was just getting (B) into the bath (C) what the cell phone (D) rang. .. 10/ (A) The police asked me to make clear (B) which I hadn't reported (C) the disaster (D) earlier.

. V Fill the gap in each sentence with the correct form of the provided word: 1/ You can't work (continue) _______ for six hours without a break! 2/ Have you got anything (break) _______ in your bag? 3/ What do you call a young person who is about to leave or has just left secondary school? A (school) _______. 4/ (Immediate) _______ she'd gone, the boys started to mess about. 5/ The company had to make (repair) _______ to those who suffered ill health as a result of chemical pollution. 6/ She was a (study) _______ child, happiest when reading. 7/ There were lots of kids in my (neighbor) _______ when I was growing up. 8/ We haven't been able to find a (purchase) _______ for our house yet. 9/ The photographs will be on (exhibit) _______ until the end of the month. 10/ Thank you for a most (enjoy) _______ evening. VI/ Supply the correct form of the word in brackets: 1/ There's not much in the way of (entertain) _______ in this town - just the cinema and a couple of pubs. 2/ Six rugby (nation) _______ (= players) were charged with taking drugs to improve their performance. 3/ There's very little (communicate) _______ between mother and daughter (= they do not have a good relationship). 4/ Chris, you're a nurse, so can I ask your (profession) _______ opinion on bandaging ankles? 5/ She seemed (relax) _______ and in control of the situation. 6/ You're not dressed (warm) _______ enough - put a sweater on. 7/ They briskly exchanged (greet) _______ before starting the session. 8/ Would you get involved in a fight? It would depend on the (situate) _______. 9/ I must say I find his (school) _______ humor rather tiresome. 10/ I gave her a good (talk) _______-to about doing her homework on time. @@@ TEST 9: ACTIVE & PASSIVE VOICE I/Change the following sentences into passive voice: 1/ John is working at the bakery at present . 2/Peter will do this exercise tonight. . 3/ The vegetables didnt taste very good, because people had cooked them for too long. 4/ Mary has written a composition since 8 oclock. . 5/ Careless driving causes many accidents. 6/ They dont invite me to parties. 7/ Look! Someone is feeding the seals. .. 8/ You should open the wine about three hours before you use it. . 9/ The bus will take the workers home. . 10/ They have to sell their house to pay their debt ..

II/ Sentences with two objects: 1/ The teacher gave each of us two exercise books 2/ Someone will tell him that news. 3/ They have sent money to these poor boys. 4/ They have given the women in most countries in the world the right to vote

5/ They pay me a lot of money to do it.


1/ The Eiffel Tower (design) by Alexandre Eiffel (1832-1923). 2/ It (erect) .in 1889 for The Paris exposition 3/ Thomas (write ) ..this composition last week. That one (write ) .. by Linda. 4/ There (be) ..a terrible accident on the busy downtown street yesterday. Dozens of people (see) , including my friend, who (interview) .by the police. 5/ When . Tien Quan ca (write) . I dont know but it (sing) before I (bear) 6/ The concert (not hold ) for the public, so you couldnt go unless you (invite) 7/ My teacher was angry because I (not finish) ..the homework 8/ The sound of someone moving round (wake) .me up shortly after midnight. 9/ Louis Pasture (found) the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1888.
IV. GIVE THE CORRECT VERB FORMS: (Ving ; Vpp ; To infi.)

1/ George fell off the ladder while he was (paint) ..the ceiling. 2/ The room had been (clean) .before they got home. 3/ The girl (talk) Tom is Australian. 4/ A plan (carry) .28 passengers crashed into the sea. 5/ It was (terrify) ..experience. Everybody was (shock) at it. 6/ The cowboy (wound) .by an arrow fell off his ladder. 7/ He is said (write) ..poetry. 8/ Ted was (sting) a bee while he was (sit) in the garden. 9/ The thieves were believed (get) in through the kitchen window

1/ The longest fish in the contest .by Thelma rivers. a. was catching b. caught c. was caught d. catch 2/ I have tennis since I retired last year. a. been played b. been playing c. playing d. play 3/ The dinner in the dinning room. a. is serving b. serves c. is being served d. served 4/ Stanley was in Jail because he ..of robbery. a. has been convicted b. has been convicting c. has convicted d. convicted 5/ Jack and Jan the boxes you asked for into the house. a. have been bringing b. bringing c. have been brought d. to bring 6/ The old chicken coop .by a windstorm last year. a. destroy b. is destroyed c. was destroyed d. destroyed 7/ A: Were still looking for Thomas. B: Hasnt he yet? a. been found b. to find c. found d. being found 8/ What happened to that fortune-teller? I dont know. she around here in a long time. a. hasnt seen b. didnt see c. hasnt been seeing d. hasnt been seen 9/ Diana since she was four. a. has been dancing b. has been danced d. was danced

10/ This dress ..specially for me by a French tailor. a. is made b. has made c. made d. was made 11/ Those eggs of different colors .in Russia a. were painted b. were paint c. were painting d. painted 12/ The people ..the chairs from the ballroom before the dance begins. a. will have been moved b. will have moved c. were moved d. moved 13/ Gold .in California in the nineteenth century. a. was discovered b. has been discovered c. was discover d. they discovered 14/ All the planes .before departure. a. will checked b. will have checked c. will be checked d. will check 15/ Katherine .at Bobs house every night this week. a. has been eaten b. has eating c. is being eaten d. has been eating 16/We .these old dresses in the old trunk. a. were found b. finding c. found d. have been found 17/ The old mail carrier .to a new neighborhood to work. a. has sent b. was sent c. was send d. sent 17/ The students in my class are going to hold party tomorrow. a. A party is held tomorrow by the students in my class. b. A party is going to be held tomorrow by the students in my class c. A party is going to be held by the students in my class tomorrow d. A party is held by the student in my class tomorrow 18/ These books / leave / classroom / teacher /yesterday. a. These books left in the classroom by the teacher yesterday. b. These books were left in the classroom by the teacher yesterday. c. These books left in the classroom yesterday by the teacher. d. These books were left in the classroom yesterday by the teacher. 19/ I wanted the head of the company, but it was impossible. a. to see b. to be seen c. seeing d. being to see 20/ When / radio / invent ? a. When did the radio invented? b. When was the radio invented? c. When did the radio invent ? d. When was the radio invent?
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& MORE EXERCISES I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words. 1) A. here B. bear C. hear D. engineer 2) A. four B. your C. tour D. course 3) A. seafood B. release C. threaten D. beneath 4) A. climber B. bomb C. blue D. combing 5) A. pine B. psychology C. plane D. pick 6) A. parked B. watched C. endangered D. stopped 7) A. stationed B. belonged C. established D. studied 8) A. books B. students C. things D. delights 9) A. cuts B. lives C. business D. roles 10) A. film B. of C. feeling D. roof 11) A. one B. follow C. horror D. across

12) A. champion 13) A. cup 14) A. something 15) A. those

B. chairman B. become B. think B. they

C. character C. consider C. without C. themselves

D. which D. city D. thank D. theatre

II. Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words. 16) A. various B. divide C. challenge D. picture 17) A. activity B. investigate C. century D. diversity 18) A. oversize B. satellite C. existence D. plastic 19) A. conservation B. variety C. reconstruction D. circulation 20) A. disease B. cancer C. sickness D. visit 21) A. endanger B. recognize C. special D. tropical 22) A. locate B. contain C. water D. exist 23) A. language B. music C. feelings D. convey 24) A. mournful B. express C. emotion D. modern 25) A. history B. movement C. cinema D. develop 26) A. character B. industry C. position D. audience 27) A. tournament B. passionate C. popular D. retirement 28) A. region B. attract C. football D. final 29) A. unusual B. interesting C. different D. capital 30) A. museum B. gallery C. ideal D. develop III.Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. 1) The United Kingdom is divided .. 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A. between B. among C. into D. for 2) Carnivores are animals which . . A. eat meat B. eat plants C. swim very fast D. live on the bottom 3) The sea is polluted, which .. sea plants and animals. A. dangers B. dangerous C. dangerouslyD. endangers 4) The starfish live on or depend .. the bottom. A. in B. for C. on D. of 5) The life ... of sperm whale can be up to seventy years. A. period B. length C. distance D. span 6) Hydroelectric dams in Vietnam have provided power ......... millions of homes and businesses. A. for B. to C. with D. of 7) Trees and shrubs .. an important part in preserving land. A. make B. keep C. have D. play 8) New York is famous . its skyscrapers. A. as B. with C. for D. of 9) Without plants, most water would . as soon as it falls. A. run off B. run after C. run away D. run by 10) Wildlife all over the world is in .. . A. risk B. danger C. threat D. death 11) My home village is .. 40 kilometres north of the capital. A. held B. laid C. located D. surrounded 12) We were very at his success. A. surprised B. interested C. keen D. fond 13) There is a large .. of animals that live in Nairobi National Park. A. vary B. various C. varied D. variety 14) Cuc Phuong National Park .. over 200 square kms of rainforest. A. contains B. holds C. gets D. covers 15) The . has threatened many of the animals in this park. A. population B. remain C. increase D. contamination

16) Van Cao is a well-known . . A. band B. music C. musician D. song 17) Jack Dawson is a person in the film Titanic. A. decade B. character C. cinema D. scene 18) If you know English, you can ........................ with people in the world. A. entertain B. communicate C. lull D. delight 19) Tom and Jerry is a(n) ............................ film. A. action B. science fiction C. love story D. cartoon 20) Music can ideas, thoughts and feeling. A. play B. express C. talk D. compose 21) World Cup is consider the most popular event in the world. A. the continent B. the region C. the globe D. the nation 22) I ..thriller films to action films. A. enjoy B. like C. would rather D. prefer 23) Which do you prefer. Action films love stories? A. but B. and C. with D. or 24) Germany was the .. of the 2006 World Cup. The 18th World Cup was held there. A. trophy B. host nation C. continent D. tournament 25) The World Cup is considered the most popular sporting event in the world. A. competed B. regarded C. witnessed D. organized IV. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting. 1) What would you do if you have chance to travel in the submarine? A B C D 2) If I had known that you were ill, I had gone to see you A B C D 3) Have the students be told about the changes of their timetable yet? A B C D 4) You should bring an umbrella in order protect yourself from rain. A B C D 5) When does your daughter practice singing all day for? to become a singer. A B C D 6) Why we dont go to the cinema for a change tonight? A B C D 7) The students were interesting in taking a field trip to the National Museum. A B C D 8) It was not until his father came home which he did his homework. A B C D 9) Youd better visit Hue, which used to be a capital of Vietnam. A B C D 10) Can you call me at 7,00 because I will leave tomorrow? A B C D 11) Theres someone at the door. Are you going to open the door for me? A B C D (HT PART 1 E GRADE 10 )