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‘Safe sex’ live on Stage!

CD4 Sings about hope and precaution on Worlds Aids Day 2008

Remember playing ‘tag’? – well, as an adult the rules and the results are
pretty different and quite devastating when it comes to AIDS/HIV infection.

Without warning the invisible hand may tag you. And you may find yourself
joining the ranks of the new 7,000 yearly recruits, which are ballooning the
original official recorded HIV/AIDS figures of 80,000.
One third of infected individuals don’t know it. In Sheffield alone, there are an
estimated 1,200 number people living with HIV.

The Sheffield based band CD4 presents its message of awareness and safe
sex through recorded and live music. Taking the message right into the clubs
and dance culture – where all the fun and action happens. CD4’s approach
raises awareness and better understanding of the risks of HIV/AIDS in a way
that resonates with different dance tribes. Their unique style embraces a
fusion of Latin, rock and jazz. But with live Gigs their songs have been re-
interpreted into Ska and reggae.

Their recently released DVD, Safe Sex, challenges the stigma and ignorance
that continues to surround HIV. They are dedicating this song to celebrate the
21st aniversary of World AIDS Day and will be performing Safe Sex and other
original material in a special concert in Manchester -,the Green Ribbon
launch party - ‘GO4IT’, to promote and support HIV Instant Testing,
‘Spirit’,on Canal street.

Leader of the band, Carlos Lopez G, says: “We believe that music can touch
people’s lives and change attitudes. Prevention is the only way to stop aids
and music and art are international languages that can reach everybody. We
think that the general public, particularly young people need to know the
reality of being HIV+. HIV doesn’t discriminate; it is not just something that
happens to someone else.”

Artists Against AIDS commends the work and music of CD4 the band:

“Carlos’s music and words come from the heart and truly come through in his
actions. The way he uses his artistry to touch people and help others sets a
shining example. I am automatically transferred to a different world when
those smooth sounds start playing”

For further information, please contact:

The CD4 Project:
Maria C.B.,
mobile n:07733364007

To view the DVD, Safe Sex, go to:
For further information about Carlos’ work:

The CD4 Project is a community group based in Sheffield dedicated to
promoting Music & Art to raise awareness and a better understanding about
HIV. They have been involved in conferences, festivals, live concerts,
exhibitions and music workshops in schools and for youth groups in the past
three years. The project also aims to engage people affected by HIV in its
activities and to provide young musicians with the opportunity to gain
experience from working with professional musicians.
Also based in Sheffield is CD4 the band, a group of talented musicians
created by Carlos Lopez G, a Spanish musician from the 80’s ,leader of
groups like “the Indesesables” and “The Assassins” who is also an activist and
long term survivor living with HIV-( Interview with Martin Flynn , Positive
Nation magazine, issue n:127).
They have been working hard : “Nothing is ever Black&White” (2005), “Red
Ribbons in myHeart” (2006),”The Day After” (2007) and the recently released
“+Carretera”, are 4 albums they have produced since CD4 began their project
of awareness and prevention.
His latest album, “+Carretera” , features some fantastic musicians including
guitarists Kelvin Allwood and Martin Childs, Fernando Lopez on bass,
percussionist Paul Bennett and Martin Plant on drums.
They each bring different cultural influences, creating a unique fusion of latin,
rock and jazz flavours with Carlos’s autobiographical lyrics to celebrate his
rich life experience.

Listen to selected tracks from the album on and find out more about
Carlos’s work .