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The Curse is about a girl, named Azreen, her parents and sister, Madhuri. Azreen, a strong-headed girl is studying in London but has to take a leave from her study when she receives the news about her sisters death. She is curious about the cause of her sisters sudden death. When she reaches home, her sisters body has been brought to the cemetery. She overhears a village gossiper, Puan Normala talks about her sisters death. Normala claims that her sister has been murdered and has shed white blood. On her return, Azreen discovers a few truths about her family and people around her. First she finds out that her sister has been in love with Asraf, and has planned to marry and divorced her husband, Hj Ghani. Second, Awang, the Shaman has actually caused the accident which his parents are involved in and causes her mother to become paralysed. Third, she learns that Madhuri is actually her adopted sister and the crazy woman is Madhuris biological mother. Fourth and finally, she discovers that Madhuri has accidentally been killed by her father. There is one old woman whom Azreen has turned to for emotional support. The old woman lives alone in an abandoned house in the jungle. Azreen learns a lot about life from this wise old woman. The old woman however dies in a fire started by Asraf who has blamed her for his grandmothers death. At the end, Azreen returns to London to finish her study. She has learned a valuable lesson from her short break at her little village in Langkawi Island. She has learned to forgive others and to look ahead.

LOVE The message of love is reiterated throughout the story. Parental Love: Both Saleh Abdullah and his wife love Madhuri dearly like their own biological child. Azreens inner conflict to garner her fathers love and affection. She always perceives the father as having greater love towards her sister, Madhuri. Forbidden Love: Mohd. Asraf and Madhuri secretly loves each other that eventually led to Madhuris death. Unrequited Love: Azreen had a crush on Mohd. Asraf during school days.

FORGIVENESS Before the Old Lady draws her last breath, she advises Azreen to forgive others. When Azreen discovers that it was her father who murdered Madhuri, she felt no anger or resentment towards him.

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN The story portrays how some men believe women to be the weaker sex and they are violent towards them. For instance, the Old Ladys husband was abusive towards her and repetitively abused her. He hit and kicked her.

GENDER STEREOTYPING Through the novel, gender stereotyping is portrayed through how females should behave. This can be seen especially through Azreen. For example, Azreens school friends start to cast suspicious eyes towards her when she behaves unlady-like. She plays hockey with the boys and even laughs like a bunch of hyenas with them. To them, as a woman, Azreen is not expected to be tomboyish and hangs too closely with boys.


Azreen - Main character of the novel - Studies in England - Do not have good relationship with her parents especially her father due to her defiant behavior -Tomboyish outlook - An outspoken and Independent girl -A helpful friend. (She claims for letting the bull run loose in order to save Mohd Asraf skin. - Caring for her sick mother and the old lady Madhuri - Beautiful and polite lady - A submissive wife and a daughter - Religious and good at reciting quranic verses -Conservative Mohd.Asraf -A dedicated popular teacher in a local school -Independent since young -Good friend with Azreen - A caring grandson who is concern about his grandmother's well-being. - In love with Madhuri - Plan to take Madhuri to KL Saleh Abdullah - Madhuri and Azreen father - Not in good terms with Azreen since the incident of the motorcycle accident that made his wife paralyzed - A manipulative father who let Madhuri become Haji Ghani wife in order to protect his interest. - An egoistic person who could not accept Madhuri love affair with Mohd.Asraf - End up killing Madhuri in a fit of anger at the rubber plantation Haji Ghani - The village Headman - Took Madhuri as his second wife - Neglect his first wife - A religious and also and influential man - Hides his wife death in order to protect his reputation

Siti - Pn.Kamsiah obedient daughter - A responsible and gullible girl Pn.Normala - The lady who spreads rumour about Madhuri death - A sneaky and malicious woman - She blamed the old lady visit to Mohd.Asraf house for the continues rain Old Lady - An educated person she has the knowledge of herbal medicine to treat illness - A caring and a concern person - Lives in an abandon house. Jungle Datin sharifah & Datuk Zulkifli - Azreen adopted parents - Help Azreen financially in her studies at UK - Even if they are foster parents they still treat azreen as their own child Bomoh -The one who forgets to close the gate before leaving the farm. Causing the bull to run loose -Thankful to Azreen - Reveals the story about Madhuri Fatihah - Hj.Ghani first wife - Adore madhuri - Secretly hold grudges against her husband 2cnd wife -She feels that her husband favours the young wife more then herself Try her best to win back her husband heart after Madhuri death.

CARING Madhuri shields her sister, Azreen, from being punished by her father. Madhuri helps Azreen to mend their mothers favourite rattan basket which Azreen broke while collecting durians.

STANDING UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN Being persistent in getting to the truth is highlighted especially through Azreen. She refuses to believe that Madhuris death was merely an accident. She finds clues that complete the puzzle.

RESPONSIBILITY Azreen repairs the trampled bed of vegetables and brings back fresh vegetables and seeds to replace the ones destroyed vegetables that belong to the Old Lady.

DILIGENCE Azreen diligently repairs the trampled bed of ladys fingers outside the Old Ladys house.

CONCERN When Azreen refuses to eat her dinner after being caned by her father and scolded by her mother, Madhuri consoles and coaxes her to eat. Mohd. Asraf advises Azreen not to reveal about Madhuris death to her sickly mother who assumes that Madhuri is still alive.

BRAVERY When Encik Mohan and his sons harshly reprimand Mohd. Asraf for carelessly letting their bull escape, Azreen braves herself to come to Mohd. Asrafs defence. She tells them not to blame Mohd. Asraf without any evidence.

LOYALTY Shows her loyalty to her friend Mohd. Asraf by taking the blame calmly and bravely for the accident that involves her dad and mum.

PERSISTENCE Madhuri and Azreen continue working on the rattan basket in their bedroom. Even when their parents return home, they excuse themselves quietly and forgo dinner to weave a new basket to match the original in their dimly lit room.

THOUGHTFULNESS Mak Cik Sharifah and her husband, Azreens foster parents, leave behind two throw pillows from their car for Azreen to sleep on in her mothers house. They are also thoughtful enough to leave her two bottles of water, some fruits and a bag of disposable toiletries.

HELPFUL Siti obliges to help Mohd. Asraf take care of his sick mother while Mohd. Asraf goes out to get some traditional medicine. Siti keeps an eye on the sick woman whom she is quite fond of.