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Baby boomers are the age cohort born between 1946 and 1964. They are products of the post-World War II Baby Boom and defined many of the cultural and generational characteristics that are most often used to define the entire generation. The Older Boomers represent only about 27% of the Boomer generation. Older Boomers are adults ages 58–63 years old in 2009, born

Their changing attitudes and their social activism helped redefine the American cultural. Florida. and social landscape. were born into an era of economic prosperity immediately following World War II.” the large 18-year generation that has had an impact on every aspect of American life. Returning war veterans and their brides settled down to raise their families. Older Boomers. resulting in the rise of suburban America and the growth of public schools. Texas. Over 50% of baby boomers live in California. they will continue to exert their influence as they have at each life stage. the movements to end racial and gender inequality. Illinois. and President John F. The Older Boomers ushered in the “Baby Boom. Ohio. By 2030. As the Older Boomers entered their teens and early adulthood. In 2009. At the same time. political. and will be an influence on how public programs and services are delivered. New York. contributing their time and talent to making their communities and the world a better place. these Boomers may be getting older. they were influenced by 2 the confluence of multiple historic events and changes such as the Vietnam War. often called “Leading Edge” Boomers. Older Boomers represented 7% of the total population. they will put increasing pressure on government programs. . many will want to be involved in civic engagement activities just as they did in their youth. Pennsylvania. but will undoubtedly claim that they are getting better as well. economic. or about 1 in 14 people with 48% male and 52% female. including Social Security and Medicare. Being on the borders of the age wave. Now that the Older Boomers are moving into the 65 and up population group and reaching traditional retirement age. Michigan and New Jersey. Older Boomers will be ages 79 to 84 and make up 3% of the total population. With their youth culture roots still intact. Kennedy’s visionary call to action to help others around the country and the world.Baby Boomers between 1946 and 1951.

Although highly stereotypical. potentially creating slightly longer working careers.9% of people age 55 to 64. 14. most of whom have little resemblance to their older “Leading 3 Edge” brethren. Over 90% of Boomer families are homeowners. . Baby boomers have a higher level of education than any generation before them. Higher educational attainment and the beginning of the women’s liberation movement opened up new opportunities for women entering and advancing in the workforce. meant that caregiving was more a three-generation issue than ever before. it would probably be of the Older Boomers in the heyday of the 1960s. the roots of which really only represented part of a much larger cohort. more Older Boomers grew up in the new suburban environment and tended to stay in these types of communities as they raised their own families. the Older Boomers set the stage for a widely diverse generation. Those with grandchildren have an average of four per family. along with greater longevity among their parents’ generation. that image is what became a marker for an entire generation. Older Boomers came from traditional families. 88. With the transition from rural to suburban communities.8% of boomers completed high school and 28.Baby Boomers If one were to characterize the popular image of the typical Baby Boomer.6% of boomers have never been married. compared to 13.S. Baby boomers have a higher divorce rate than prior generations. when youth culture was at the forefront and demonstrating was the social commentary of choice for millions. More working mothers and generally smaller families. According to the U. About 77% of the oldest Boomers report having grandchildren. Census Bureau. In reality. but created more non-traditional families. and 6. Older Boomers are among the first to have to wait until age 66 to collect full Social Security pension benefits.5% have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.2% of boomers are divorced.7% of people age 65 and older and 12.

S. for the home they are working on homes that would allow residents to open doors and control shades. spending priorities. Although the shared experiences of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement may have helped to shape their values and cultural mores. Boomers are an extremely diverse population in terms of tastes. interests and expectations. with an estimated annual spending power of over $2 trillion. windows and thermostats through a touchscreen by the beds. At approximately 78 million people. In reality.Baby Boomers Some experts warn that funding a longer life and retirement will be a challenge For many Older Boomers. significant disparities in income. Marketers are finalizing the development of a computer aid that would help older shoppers pick foods based on their medical history. researchers and marketers are developing everything from simple gadgets to complex computer systems to ease a generation into old age. which would offer advice to the shopper. Many marketers perceive Baby Boomers as a large.S. educational background. . Finally. Accounting for nearly 30% of the U. and habitation patterns encourage a different spending trend. 4 With a boomer turning 50 every seven seconds. population. wealthy target. Other systems would call in orders for food and medicine when supplies ran low and would summon help when detectors sensed that the resident wasn't moving. the Baby Boomer generation represents the wealthiest generation in the U.. They will expect stylish products to instill value beyond mere utility and they will invest in products and services that speak to deeper values. Tiny radio transmitters in food packages would broadcast ingredients to the device. baby boomers are one of the largest buying groups in America. They are also working on shoes with battery-powered vibrating soles that stimulate nerves to improve balance. One out of three people over age 65 suffer some sort of fall each year. living situations. Researchers say the technology could cut the number of debilitating falls. financial concerns.

The enormity of the Baby Boomer segment is evolving to become the most lucrative branding. advertising and marketing opportunity years and this is the age cohort generation with the disposable resources to spend and invest even in recessionary times. (2003). F. Baby Boomers are the founders of modern youth culture.Baby Boomers Despite their traditional upbringings. 5 References Bayles. Gadgets help baby boomers navigate old age . They are not hesitant about promoting brands when products meet their sharp expectations.

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