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It is now the beginning of another year and hopefully we might

still see some real progress in our society in our search for
the basic things that every lawabiding citizen in Malaysia wants,
namely, personal security, genuine social justice and fairness
and freedom from racism and supremacism.

Ever since the traumatic results of the last general elections,

the situation in Malaysia has gone from bad to worse.

The prime minister has proven his predecessor right. He has acted
and behaved like a lame duck. Crime has gone way up and religious
and racial extremists have been allowed to occupy centre stage in
the country.

The police have demonstrated that they a farcical force in the

carrying out of their duties and the BN politicians have been
very true to form; the country is still governed by the unspoken
rule of the 2-set laws for the citizenry. One for the Islamic
majority and one for the non-Islamic minority.

There is no true democracy yet in Malaysia. The ruling class has

always been in power, election after election.

The opposition has always been labelled as unpatriotic, divisive,

incapable of ruling the country, disloyal and not able to protect
racial supremacy. These labels actually apply equally to the BN.
The BN has always practised sham politics and have never hesitated
to sow fear into the minds of the voters at every election, telling
voters that victory by the opposition would result in bloodshed.
Thus, the country goes through the motions of carrying out elections
but the same people get to rule the country always. Sham democracy.

The minorities in Malaysia are still subject to continuous suppression

and discrimination by the ruling BN and, whenever a protest is heard,
insults, threats, verbal abuses and accusations are hurled in reply.

Sometimes, even when there is no protest, insults and malicious labels

and accusations are still aimed at the minorities. It all boils down
to selfish narrow mindsets, jealousy and intolerance.

Many jobs and positions in Malaysia are still out of bounds to minority
people in Malaysia, their qualities and qualifications notwithstanding.
How a person is selected for a certain job is not based on their own
worthiness but rather, it's about the colour of their skin.

Malaysian leaders often like to denounce foreign politicians or become

quick to offer criticisms, but they have not been known to be able to
take a quick look at the mirror.

The prime minister and others have no right to damn others, especially
Jews and Israel, so long as the minorities here continue to be unfairly
treated in this country. Our own citizens are still so very unsafe from
violent and ruthless criminals that reign supreme in Malaysia.

The authorities have allowed foreign workers to be used as a political

tool in this country, especially in East Malaysia. Fake and genuine
identity or travel documents abound and corruption is still so serious.
The country has failed to overcome longstanding ills that have plagued
our society till today. Crime, corruption and polarisation are destined
to be our companions for many more years to come.

Malaysia at the turn of the year is still guilty of human rights abuses,
racial discrimination, human trafficking and political hypocricy.