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As Malaysia ushers in the start of another year, it would be best

to take stock of what has happened in the recent past.

Malaysians by now must be aware that the country has been led by
poor and rotten leaders and, most of all, the present Prime Minister
should go down in history as the father of failure ( Bapa Kegagalan)
or the father of polarisation ( Bapa Polarisasi ).

Crime and corruption were not so serious during the days when Tun
Razak and Tun Hussein Onn were helming the country. They started
to really rear their ugly butts, or perhaps, heads during the time
of Dr Mahathir. Worse, racial discrimination also became very much
pronounced during his time.

When the present Prime Minister took power in 2003, there were high
hopes within the people that Malaysia would at last be able to shake
off the dark evil shadows that so sadly took hold during the previous
administration. Perhaps the sun would at last shine on Malaysia.

But it was not to be. The prime minister was weak, afraid to admit
the country needed a strong leader and was most inclined to allow
extremists and racial supremacists to step onto the stage and take

Under the premier, the police force tried its level best to show its
true colours, with many of its men involved in crime, corruption,
abuse of detainees, protecting crime lords, inefficient response to
public complaints and a total failure to curb violent crime.

Other government enforcement agencies were just as bad, with the

people in the Immigration service and some people in the Registration
service aiding crime syndicates involved in human trafficking and
landing of illegal immigrant workers all along the country's borders.

Smuggling of illegal goods and aliens became a thriving business,

especially those involving drugs, firecrackers, guns, fuel and the
so-called refugees from Myanmar, Thailand and even Afghanistan.
Nowadays, firecrackers are set off at virtually every occasion, even
religious holidays, birthdays, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

In many housing estates, suspicious youths loiter around the deserted

lanes and side-roads on motorbikes after nightfall, especially on
weekends and the police, as expected, are totally nowhere in sight.

The country has seen a huge increase in violent crime over the last
few years, and the authorities have not even the slightest idea of how
to deal with the problem. Many of these seasoned criminals seem to be
able to ride around in luxury cars and vehicles, too. How the prime
minister and his men were able to sleep soundly while convicted criminals
happily ride around with valid driving licences remains one of the most
amazing achievements of Malaysian leadership.

While the premier was unable to address the woes faced by the common
people, political opportunists were busily making hay as the proverbial
sun shone so brightly under him. Minorities were often targetted for
verbal insults and abuse. Some were even physically threatened. The
police, chose to show to all who cared to know, that they were prepared
to act tough against those who were out of favour with the ruling class
and, at the same time, to be fully sympathetic towards those who had the
tacit support of the BN.

Under the current prime minister, Malaysia has even become a drug transit
centre in SE Asia. Drug peddlars from Latin America, Africa, South Asia,
Indo-China, S'pore and Taiwan have been known to actively courier their
goods through Malaysia to their desired destination markets.

Malaysia must now not delay the power transition this year if we are to
have any hope of discarding the stink of failure. The common people have
truly suffered enough.