Barbara: Just got back my first check from the IRS (third trip for the check) This is just one of eight CA checks that I did an "Acceptance for Assessed Value" and returned twice with the proper response. (Meeting the double witness process.) This check came in a very nice blue CHECK SAVERS Document Carrier Form KPI-248 with a bank tracking number on the bottom. The carrier holds the check that is stamped ACCOUNT CLOSED in blue ink under a clear plastic protector. Attached to this document carrier is an IRS Form 3699 Return of Documents to Taxpayer. The form states: "We are returning the documents checked at the right. Please keep them for your records unless otherwise indicated. Thank you for your cooperation. The box referenced at the right lists "Documents returned" and the box that is checked is

CANCELED CHECKS. Gotta be in the nature of my "Voucher" for payment. Also noted is an additional red pencil entry of nine numbers, six in one grouping and
three immediately thereafter right over my name.

This is evidently the end of the discharge in adjustment and set-off process that I sent to you regarding the tax exempt municipal bond "clip" and return payment that came in the nature of an offer crafted as a notice of intent to levy.

Research on the Form 3699 "Return of Documents to Taxpayer" leads to the below reference of the form and it's relationship to "the case file." I can only assume that all the forms listed below (from top to bottom) have at some point been considered as possibly becoming or actually becoming a part of my case file ? ? ? Looks like if you make it to the bottom of the file, settlement may well be accomplished. (05-14-1999) Forms on the Inside Left of the Case File
1. Forms and documents to be attached to the inside left of the case folder should be assembled in the following order (top to bottom): A. Form 6809, Civil Fraud Penalty Report B. Form 885-F, Self Employment Tax Adjustment (or RGS equivalent) C. Form 885-E, Schedule for FICA Tax Adjustment of Wages Not Reported to Employee (or RGS equivalent) D. Form 885-T, Adjustment of Social Security Tax on Tip Income Not Reported to Employee (or RGS equivalent) E. Form 6657, Related Returns Examination Report (Key Case File--Non-TEFRA) IRS Levy Released Page 1 of 4

When carefully studied. I've included the overlay (in red) of my acceptance for assessed value. Midway on these presentments is an account summary that gives an Account Summary of: Current Balance: Penalty: Interest: Last Payment: These forms however are accompanied with what is apparently the actual offer on the last and final third of the form crafted in the nature of a pre-paid coupon to be “clipped” and returned to the address in the lower left hand corner of the coupon. my all UPPER CASE shadow with the shadows SSN evidenced with spacing. G. Immediately below this line are instructions that read: Please mail this part with your payment.00. K. A straight line begins this coupon and on the immediate left side of that line is a tiny graphic of a pair of scissors that imply that you are to clip off this coupon. Special Investor Action Form 5752. L. Congratulations! JUST GOT MY FIRST FULL SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK TODAY WITH NO LEVIED FUNDS. Master File Entity Change (Change of Name/Address Sheet) Computer diskettes enclosed in protective jacket (s) Form 9984. Flow Through Entity Distribution Schedule Form 5346. URGENT. which I did on the front of the coupon. (As an alternative election) I received eight of them last month totaling just under $90. etc. . I.000.CP 504 and CP 523 are apparently PRE-PAID MUNICIPAL COUPONS OFFERED FOR ENDORSEMENT RETURN AND SETTLEMENT Levied retirement benefits have suddenly showed up in the mail absent the levy deductions after endorsing and returning the coupon attached to the above referenced CP Forms. IRS FORMS CP 501. the above referenced IRS forms jump out at you with offers that indicate: NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY. Return of Documents to Taxpayer Form 2363. IRS Levy Released Page 2 of 4 . The subtle instructions directed that "Your check must be made out to the Secretary of the Treasury . I'm sure you remember my reference to the CP letters offering "NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY" with the pre-paid coupon or check to "clip" at the bottom of the presentment. Then I endorsed the coupon on the back including my EIN with no spaces and added below that. H. IT'S BEEN OVER A YEAR THAT THEY'VE BEEN NIPPING MY BENEFIT. I also attached a closed account check to each of these noting that if my understanding of the pre-paid check was in error . payable to United States Treasury. etc. Examination Information Report Form 3699. J. . Examining Officer's Activity Record Great share and success from someone regarding their pension fund being levied by IRS and what he did. . Form 6558. I've also included the cover letter below. .F.

1933 Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9. thereby providing the United States Treasury with the tax-exempt funds so requested. in accordance with the above referenced Act. ) Turn the coupon over and in red ink write: Credit to United States Treasury Without Recourse. the tracking numbers will not reproduce on the copy. apparently an attached pre-paid check or coupon provides for a municipal bond tax exemption as evidenced by number 000000000 . is to return for settlement an offer for account # 000000000 tax exemption. your offered coupon is accepted for assessed value and returned for discharge in settlement and closure of this accounting. if this coupon is in fact offered as pre-paid. Sign your name below that and add your EIN. (Note: In most instances when these coupons are copied for your records.Immediately after on the same line is stated: Notice Number: CP 501. Then below that write FOR: and print your all UPPER CASE NAME and SSN And lastly. there will be a complete set of check tracking numbers along the extreme bottom which evidences a last number that matches the dollar amount in the Amount Due box above. Said QO DOE 65 0 199012 760 00004835915 coupon apparently being offered for the purpose to clip and return as a tax exemption made out to JOHN DOE for said acceptance and return. 1933 Public Laws 73-10. (Note: The empty white space is where you would print: Payable to United States Treasury. Your Transmitting Utility name. the box on the immediate right indicates Amount Due and a $ amount number. Below is the cover letter to attach to the coupon: ACCEPTANCE FOR ASSESSED VALUE COVER LETTER AND OVERLAY After reviewing the aforesaid presentment and offer. the box on the left indicates civpen or the like a date and a SSN. Tender of payment in adjustment and set-off is also made in accordance with public policy pursuant to HJR192 of June 5. 89-719. _________________________________ John Doe Authorized Representative FOR JOHN DOE IRS Levy Released Page 3 of 4 . there is no longer available any lawful money of account in circulation. and address are on the lower right.) What I have described above is apparently evidence of the recognition and offer by the Treasury asking that you endorse and return your pre-paid municipal coupon exemption for discharge and settlement of your account. Please accept and honor the return of the clipped and attached coupon to the United States Treasury. It therefore appears that the nature of the herein referenced offer if said offer is made in good faith and in accordance to House Joint Resolution 192 of 1933 and Public Policy’s Prime Directive. Therefore. Respectfully returned for settlement. It is well settled as declared by the Emergency Banking Relief Act. Now a white spacing of about ¾ of an inch before two boxes below that space appear. 504 or 523 and Notice Date below that.

48 Stat. March 9. 1933. 1. (Title I. [73 Congress. Public Law No. PUBLIC LAWS 73-10. 1. 89-719. 1933.Attachments: Check / Coupon # 000000000 QO DOE 65 0 199012 760 00004835915 ACCEPTANCE FOR ASSESSED VALUE OVERLAY ACCEPTED FOR ASSESSED VALUE AND RETURNED FOR DISCHARGE IN SETTLEMENT AND CLOSURE OF THIS ACCOUNTING. Barbara IRS Levy Released Page 4 of 4 . 2003 By__________________________________ Employer IN 000000000 NOTE: I would not put Public Laws in there I would stick with HRJ-192 only! To each his own. I] Date: October 07. TENDER OF PAYMENT IN ADJUSTMENT AND SET-OFF IS MADE IN ACCORDANCE WITH PUBLIC POLICY PURSUANT TO HJR 192 OF JUNE 5. 1933 EMERGENCY BANKING RELIEF ACT OF MARCH 9.