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Food Fairs Proposal

Companys Name: Amore Sdn. Bhd.

Companys Biodata: The company was formed in 20th May 2011 with an objective to promote a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The company consists of 8 members who involve in this new and nutritious food production development. One of the main products is Palnosa which has a crunchy outer layer and filling inside.

Products Name: Palnosa (Palline Glutinosa) (glutinous rice ball with filling)

Objective: To introduce new flavor of glutinous products to consumers and promote a healthy diet to the society

Product Specialty: (i) Crunchy outer layer (ii) Chewy texture with different fillings

Materials and Methods: Flow Chart Buy raw materials.

Pumpkin and yam are washed with distilled water.

Glutinous rice flour is weighed.

The pumpkin and yam are peeled and cut into pieces.

The glutinous rice flour is mixed with the coarse sugar and cooking chocolate. The dough is mixed till the texture is hardened.

The pumpkin and yam are steamed approximately 20-25 minutes and serve as two different fillings.

Add the fillings into the dough.

Critical Control Point 1

Mold the dough into small round shapes.

Cook the dough in boiling water approximately 15 minutes.

Critical Control Point 2

The glutinous rice balls are cooled by using ice water.

Critical Control Point 3 Critical Control Point 4

Coat the glutinous rice balls with nestum.

The glutinous rice balls are now ready for packaging.

Raw Materials: Pumpkin, Yam, Glutinous Rice Flour, Egg White and Nestum. Seasoning: Icing Sugar, Coarse Sugar, Oil and Cooking Chocolate. Equipments: Cooking Pot, Steamer, Mixing Pot, Cutter and Frying Pan.

Product Formulation: No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Item(s) Pumpkin Yam Egg Glutinous rice flour Nestum Cooking oil Icing sugar Coarse sugar Cooking chocolate Salt Quantity(s) 1 1 1 500g 200g 1kg 500g 1kg 200g 100g Price(RM) 2.50 5.00 0.50 2.79 2.65 3.30 2.59 2.30 5.00 0.60

Budgets and Units Allocation (i) Raw Materials Cost RM121.96

(ii) Trials Cost Item(s) Glutinous rice powder Cooking chocolate Icing sugar Cooking oil Yam Pumpkin Nestum Egg yolk Salt Quantity(s) 300g 100g 100g 50g Half a piece Half a piece 50g 2 50g Cost(RM) 1.68 2.50 0.52 0.20 2.50 1.25 0.66 1.00 0.50

(iii)Production Cost Item(s) Glutinous rice powder Cooking chocolate Icing sugar Cooking oil Yam Pumpkin Nestum Egg yolk Salt Quantity(s) 150g 60g 15g 5 tablespoon Half a piece Half a piece 50g 1 20g Cost(RM) 0.84 1.50 0.08 0.05 2.50 1.25 0.66 0.50 0.20

(iv)Product Estimated Cost Unit produces: 55pieces; Product sold in units of 50g (6 pieces) = 9 units produced Cost per unit: RM7.58 9 = RM0.85 Product cost: RM0.85

(v) Miscellaneous Costs Packaging = RM1.50/unit Marketing and decorations = RM150.00

(vi)Overall Estimated Cost For 200 units: Overall = (Product produce * Product cost) + (Raw material + Trials Cost + Production Cost) = 200*(RM0.85) + (RM121.96+ RM10.81+ (RM1.50*200) +RM150.00) = RM752.77


Estimated Profits

Each unit sold at RM5.00 Gross profit = 200 x RM5.00 = RM1000.00 Estimated net profit = RM1000.00 RM752.77 = RM247.23

Product Packaging: Transparent Plastic Container (with top covered)

Transparent plastic container is chosen as our product packaging as the customers could have a clearer image of product. Besides, plastic is chosen as the material for this container as it is quite light. Hence, the container is quite portable. On the other hand, it is covered on the top. This is to prevent the presence of moisture and air in the container, which could deteriorate the quality of our food product.

Food Product Development Survey: This survey is conducted by B.Sc. (Hons) Food Science & Nutrition students from UCSI University of School of Applied Sciences. Please take a few moments to complete our survey. Your response will help us decide on our future food product. It will take you few minutes to complete this survey. Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and your participation in this study is completely voluntary. The following will be a brief description on our food product.

Name of the product: Palnosa (short for Palline Glutinosa) Description of Product Palnosa is in a form of glutinous rice ball where you can choose from two different fillings. One of the filling is mashed pumpkin with a little hint of sweetness. Meanwhile there is also another filling available which is yam. On top of that, it will be coated with a layer of crunchy nestum. Glutinous rice ball is reinvented into a healthy dessert. The chewiness will certainly make you return for more!

Thank you very much for your participation.

Please turn over to proceed with the questionnaire.

___________________ (Signature of participant) Date:

1. Age? Under 15 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Above 50 2. Please state your gender. Male Female

3. Please rate the following characteristics for this product. 1 2 3 Appearance Aroma Taste Texture Feasibility Sufficient Size Price Product Name * 1= Poor; 5= Excellent

4. How would each statement influence your purchasing decision? 1 2 3 4 Advertisements Coupons/free gifts In store displays Packaging Product appearance Product taste / aroma / texture

Sample testing Others. Please specify: * 1= No influence; 5= Significant influence

5. What is the highest price you would pay for a single serving piece?

Below 3.00 4.00 Above 5.00 Would not even think of purchasing

6. Please rate the following toppings: 1 2 Poor Oats Sesame/nuts Dark chocolate Powder/syrup White chocolate powder/syrup

5 Excellent

Are there any other toppings you would recommend? :

7. Would you be interested to purchase this product if it is available in market? Yes No Maybe

8. Overall, how would you rate this product? 1= Lowest; 10= Highest


Thank you! Interpretation of Market Survey:

There were 30 survey forms distributed to the public after they had tried our food product. The following table shows the percentage of rating based on each of the properties of the food product.

Rate Appearance Aroma Taste Texture Feasibility Sufficient Size Price Product Name

1 N.A N.A N.A N.A N.A N.A N.A N.A

2 N.A N.A N.A 6.67% 6.67% 6.67% 6.67% 6.67%

3 40% 30% 33.34% 30% 43.33% 43.33% 50% 40%

4 40% 40% 43.33% 36.67% 23.33% 30% 20% 33.33%

5 20% 30% 23.33% 26.67% 26.67% 20% 23.33% 20%

Table 1 shows the percentage of rating based on the characteristics of the food product. *Rate 1= Poor; Rate 5= Excellent * N.A = Not Applicable

Rate Advertisement

1 N.A

2 6.67%

3 40%

4 36.67%

5 16.67%

Coupons/ Free gifts In store displays Packaging Product Appearance Product taste/ aroma/ texture

3.33% 3.33% 3.33% N.A N.A

3.33% 3.33% N.A N.A N.A

10% 43.33% 26.67% 23.34% 16.67%

46.67% 30% 50% 43.33% 33.33

36.67% 20% 20% 33.33 50%

Sample testing 3.33% 3.33% 23.34% 36.67% 33.33 Table 2 shows the percentage of rating based on each statement which influences the public purchasing decision.

*Rate 1= No influence; Rate 5= Significant influence * N.A = Not Applicable

Based on the above table, it shows the various statements of different category that influences the public on purchasing certain food product. The highest percentage that influences the majority of customers to purchase is based on the product taste, aroma or the texture. Other than that, the packaging is also one of the important features that attract the public to purchase it.


Below RM3


Above RM5

Would not purchase



36.67% product.



Table 3 shows the price that customer would pay for a single serving (1 piece) of our * N.A = Not Applicable The above table shows 3 different price range for a single serving (1 piece) of our food product. After surveying, we found out that the majority would only pay less than RM3 for a single serving of Palnosa. Moreover, there were 15 out of 30 people who took this survey are interested to purchase Palnosa if it is available in the market. It was observed from the survey that the public favor toppings such as chocolate powder or syrup compared to sesame, nuts or oats.

According to the graph below, there were 9 out of 30 people that we surveyed rate Palnosa with the rating of 8 out of 10. This is followed by 8 out 30 people rate Palnosa with the rating of 7 out of 10. Based on the ratings that were obtained from this survey indicates that this product would probably be moderately popular.

Marketing Tools: (A)Product Presentation 1. Book mark

- Around 12cm in height and 9cm in width (estimate size) - Prepared paper with image of glutinous rice ball and laminated it -Simple introduction of flavors available -Filling ingredients -Nutrient contents

2. Sample product -Around 11-12 cm in height (estimate height) - The glutinous rice ball and filling ingredients samples (example: yam, pumpkin) are made by polystyrene/ cardboard (around 10cm in height) OR maybe can use our real product that cutting in half (to exposed the inner ingredients) and wrapped with transparent plastic - Sticks is used to hold the glutinous rice ball and filling ingredients samples - The samples prepared are then stabbed in flower pot/ one piece of polystyrene with decoration

(B)Product Marketing Tools 1. Decoration i) Balloons - Balloons (round) which represent Palnosa (glutinous rice ball) are attached with many V- shaped shinny paper (self cutting)to give the effect of crunchiness. - There will be around 10-12 balloons prepared - Seven balloons are attached with respective word (P, A, L, N, O, S, A) to make the product more appealing ii) Enlarge product model - Enlarge product model which made with polystyrene/ cardboard - Around 100cm in height and 80-90cm in width (estimate size)

- This image shows the outer layer and inner ingredients of our product with labeling

2. Rebate - Buy two packages, free 1 exclusive flavor Palnosa OR maybe reduced price - Buy two packages, free one exclusive flavor Palnosa (glutinous rice ball) - Limited to people who buy two packages - Suggest flavor (salty inner ingredient blended cooked broccoli, mushroom mixed with cheese or mash Japanese beans (edamame) cook with cheese, glutinous rice ball flavor- carrot or plain, coating- homemade chicken floss / chicken floss available in market (added with low- fat mayonnaise)