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Time Cube K

The State uses oppression to brainwash us into applying beneficent feelings to obedience and thus promotes its singularist regime.
Gene Ray, Dr Gene Ray is the self proclaimed smartest man on earth and has a self-appointed doctorate in cubism,, “The State”, 2010: The state can exert control by a simple forceful oppression technique. Maybe it’d use technology as a means for
this. But the people, as victims of the oppression, are likely to resent it, and might even be spurned to revolt. This creates a problem. So, the second strategy that the state can use is to control the people by means of Word. This strategy makes sense: the WordVirus, at its basic level, consists of pure Word. So, shackles and whips are obsolete. By penetrating the mind

of each population member, and by programming them in certain way, random mutations are discouraged, and obedience is entrenched. The forceful oppression is partially relaxed. The people gain a sense of freedom. They experience beneficent emotions. They are then taught to associate those happy feelings with a morality that supports the state. Thus they feel compelled to embrace said morality.

The Aff use of the Government fails to acknowledge and rejects the legitimacy of the philosophy of Dr. Gene Ray and must be rejected. Gene Ray, Dr Gene Ray is the self proclaimed smartest man on earth and has a self-appointed doctorate in cubism, “”, 2010:
Evil academia blocks out Time Cube site and suppresses its discussion and debate. You are an educated singularity idiot who can stupidly deny Nature's Harmonic 4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth, or even make parody of the Cubic Creation Principle - but your mental ability to comprehend the greatest social and scientific discovery of all human existence has been lobotomized by the evil academic singularity bastards hired to destroy your
ability to think opposite. You cannot comprehend Opposite Creation. Religous/academic taught singularity is the reduction of the human mind to android.

Ignorance of the Time Cube lobotomizes your mind, leading to cycloptic singular perspective. This creates a cubeless, android mentality. Gene Ray, Dr Gene Ray is the Dr Gene Ray is the self proclaimed smartest man on earth and has a self-appointed doctorate in cubism,, 2010:
If ignorant of the almighty. Time Cube Creation Truth, you deserve to be killed. Killing you is not immoral but justified to save life on Earth for future generations. Academic taught singularity within a universe of opposites, has lobotomized your mind. You are Enslaved by Word - no whip or shackle required. You do not have the freedom to discuss/debate Time Cube. Academia destroys your mind by suppressing opposite view…. Academic Singularity is evil. Singularity is damnable lie, Educators altered your mind, You cannot think opposite of what you were taught to think. You have a cycloptic perspective and taught android mentality which lobotomizes analytical ability.

Values of communities decline.cubicao. Perpetuation and evolution far into the future. Its strength will transcend gods. but we can overcome. We should not just attack the dragon's scales. But there will be those who desire good! The latter are the ones who will build the future. In the long-term. Gene Ray. harm is the direct and bad result. www. They'll be receptive to the Cube. It's the sort of thing that can become the entire difference between Cubeless doom and Cubic salvation.SMS Debynasty Mason Owen BS files This Cubeless. Attend!—or you will surely die. But we shouldn't violate the Cubic harmony of nature. We'll aim straight for Cubic salvation. too. Cubic harmony. are plundered by the State. “Cubic Salvation”. ourselves. www. So. The Cubeless Doom is nigh.   Theory: . if indeed we want for Nature to survive. Values the State requires are ones that make people think that they should serve the State. The Alt is to reject singularist mentality of the state and accept the philosophical principles proposed by Dr. There is uncertainty. The good possibility. Indeed. Timecube rejection is the root of all evil and results in technological expansion. Gene Ray. we have the choice between doom and salvation! Eternal recurrence is induced by time foldback. Disposed back into nature. and raise awareness. only then. here is another option. can we now? We must spread the and thereby reduce the population: but the atoms that are radioactive and as such decay. “The State”. There will be much destruction. it would be subjugated to the Cube. that deadly scourge. Let's change our course from evil to good. in which case it'd be a singularity that you'd be falsely rendering supreme. though. however. Whence its power? The technology's the root cause of the problem. That higher good will be immune to our evils. It's our choice. Natural resources. but let there be strength in numbers! We can't do it alone. If we kill the heart of civilisation. and we'll be free. its leaves will wither. Dr Gene Ray is the Dr Gene Ray is the self proclaimed smartest man on earth and has a self-appointed doctorate in cubism. will requisite momentum have arisen for pro-Cubic revolutions to occur. android mentality empowers the state. Gene Ray.cubicao. It's a physical expression of the Word-based tyranny. Then. Eternal recurrence is a cyclicality. We're on one corner of the wheel of time. And there will be some people inclined only towards evil. it threatens us with death and war and famine accross the world. Selfishness is now increasing. until the population embraces the Cube. The possibility of our extinction. It will clear ground for greater things—creation. And we're not just reverting from evil to good. there is a futureprediction that about. This seals our apocalyptic fate. stability would suffer and decay. The state afterwards generates great quantities of pollution and waste. Dr Gene Ray is the Dr Gene Ray is the self proclaimed smartest man on earth and has a self-appointed doctorate in cubism. But we shouldn't force people to concur. In that case. Techniques by which artificial life-extension is achieved are likely to contribute to growth of overpopulation. that causes evil deeds to be committed. It's an important choice..Fearful. And that technology is a great threat. towards altruistic ideals. There is a dichotomy lying ahead: The evil possibility. that is to say. including Timecube theory. resemble excesses that could well cause a massive chain reaction. The minds of slaves are dumb. We can create a trend of evolution. You can direct your 1-corner perspective towards the advancement of the village. diminished stability. It's their choice. Past iterations mapped onto the present indicate what the cycles will in future bring. but it will not be hateful. Servitude to Word is what that's all Abundance in the worker pool could grant the State advantage in the short-term.. Or. We're creating a higher good. We must fight this scourge. The past assumes a similar haze. We should attack it at the heart. you could direct it towards unwholesome self-aggrandisement. and mass death and destruction. Large wars could kill off large numbers. attack its heart. Voting neg is literally the difference between extinction and salvation. Future corners are clouded up. the source of its great power. from contempt. Great levels of destruction could result from overpopulation. Let's not arrest evolution. 2010: Continued evolution is a continuing trend. Once the earth is destroyed. all evolution thereon will be nullified . 2010: And now Cubelessness. . From this augury we'll formulate strategies.

you have been exposed and can spread the word. .SMS Debynasty Mason Owen BS files Voting Neg has real world results Standards: Awareness: if you vote neg. Even if you don’t accept Cubism. then awareness is spread of Cubism and literally brings solvency to the alt Action: we discuss hypothetical extremities all the time in debate. so we have real world impacts. but voting neg results in an actual change in the real world Education: discussion of Cubism actually helps us rid ourselves of singularity.