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The peoples declaration to continue the fight!

May 17, 2012, Detroit - Free Detroit No Consent was founded on April 4, 2012 the day that five City Council members voted to accept the state proposed Financial Stability Agreement another variation of the Financial Management Law. That day marked the end of Democracy in the City of Detroit! We refuse to hand over our constitutionally sanctioned rights to the State of Michigan. Public Act 4 taxes the people; however, the people are no longer represented by the officials that were elected taxation without representation is horrifically unconstitutional. Presently we the people do not have a voice regarding the management and future of Detroit. We view Public Act 4 as a Racist Test Case. The Consent Agreement and the Emergency Manager strategies are racist and white supremacist in effect. Public Act 4 takes away the power to govern from the duly elected Black officials, and places it in the hands of Whites and cooperative Blacks who will do the bidding of the corporate community. If it succeeds in taking away the democratic rights of Detroiters to elect our own representatives, Republicans will push to have other states enact the same unconstitutional legislation. Even if the appeal of Public Act 4 is placed on a referendum in November 2012 the City of Detroit will be faced with the Financial Stability Agreement. This agreement places the City of Detroits finances under control of a Financial Advisory Board [primarily of non-residents], a Chief Financial Officer and Program Management Director. The Mayor of Detroit and the City Council become powerless functioning in name only. Free Detroit/ No Consent is not fighting for a loss - we are fighting for what is right: our VOICE, our VOTE and DEMOCRACY. We urge the citizens of the City of Detroit to choose not to consent but to RESIST! STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY ###

Contact information for this press release: Valerie Glenn 313-444-0061