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Part 4: Library Video: The world According to Monsanto – Marie Monique Robin
Chapter 1 (0:00 to 19:00) What is Monsanto? Monsanto is an agricultural corporation. It used to be a chemical company, until 1901. What is a multi-national corporation? A multi- national corporation is a corporation that has factories or services in more than one country. Products What is round-up? Round- up is a herbicide produced by Monsanto. Why is it used? Round-up is used to kill weeds. Pollution What does PCB stand for? PCB stands for Polychlorinated biphenyl. How do they affect the health of humans? They can affect humans neurologically. They may also be born with a lower birth weight, smaller heads, premature, with cancer, or reduced intelligence quotient. How do they affect the health of other organisms and the environment? They affect monkeys. They may also be born with a lower birth weight, lower living birth rates, cancer. They also affect rats, by having a reduced sperm count.

I would talk to the government. I. What would you do if 7yu lived in Anniston? How would this make you feel? If I lived in Anniston. Does this affect the health of humans? Yes. public roads. Profit : a valuable return. It affects it by making humans more vulnerable to cancer. Public sector: services dealing with police. gain . 2. and healthcare. Multi-national Corporation: a corporation that has factories or services in more than one country. What chemical is in the environment in Anniston? PCB’s (Polychlorinated biphenyl) is in the environment in Anniston.Anniston Where is Anniston Located – state. and with a reduced intelligence quotient.Case Study. 4. and i:d tell them about how I felt. country? Anniston is located in Alabama. Children will have bigger chances of being premature. United States of America What industry is located in Anniston? Monsanto is located in Anniston. Private sector: an economy not controlled by the government 5. Terms and definitions – give an example if possible: 1.e. Monsanto. public transit. military. this affects the health of humans. education. Patent: an official document granting a right 3.

S. food and drug administration The FDA is legally reasonable fir regulating the safety of food and medication. Process Soybeans 1. are the safety tests below for food additives like colouring or GM foods stricter? . 3.DNA vector is mixed Gene + gold particles.soybean DAN is added to bacteria Round-up resistant soybean Regulation What does FDA stand for? FDA stands for U.DNA put into a rector Bacteria + gene.Part 5: Classroom Video: The world according to Monsanto.Monique Robin Chapter 4: What was the first bioengineered crop in the USA? Roundup ready soybeans were the first bioengineered crop in USA. 4. In the United States. 2. Soybean cell. (1996) What are the benefits of a “round-up ready system” to a farmer? The benefit of a “Round-up ready system” is that it’s less labour intensive. 5.Marie.bacterium to Petri dish Soybean DNA.

Regulation: rules 4. H4. Scandal An offence caused by a fault 6. etc. Policy: A definite course of action adopted for the sake of expediency 3. Defoliant A preparation for defoliating plan 7. Dioxin A general name for the family of chlorinated hydrocarbons. ad CHA” . 2. “C12H. Debates: A discussion with two points of view 5. Government: Government is the form or system of rule by which a state.Terms and Definitions – give an example if possible 1. community.

what year did Monsanto start selling it to farmers? Monsanto started selling this to farmers in 1334 Concerto just starts. health Canada. What is rBGH Transgenic hormone injected into cows. increases dairy products by 20%. rBGH was the first time biotechnology on a food product consumed by millions of people . 2. what was the Monsanto accused Europe and Canada of attempting to bribe 1. . In Canada. 3.1. What happened in Europe? 1996 scientist feel had for nuns the two people there like guinea pigs. 5. What country has banned Europe and Canada 4.