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The Arizona Department of Public Safety was hacked in response to the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe

Neighborhoods Act (Arizona State Bill 1070), which requires immigrants to register and carry registration documents, and encourages racial profiling and improper stop and frisks. The hack resulted in the release of documents describing law enforcement techniques and operational plans. The emails included racist comments by police officers and showed police countenance of vigilante and white supremacist groups. Opposition to the law was expressed in mass protests and boycotts with participants that included sports leagues, musicians, and municipalities, and effectively caused $141 billion in revenues to be lost . Jeremy Hammond is part of a growing world-wide movement of political activists who utilize advanced technologies to accom- plish their political goals of disseminating information, holding governments, law enforcement, individuals and corporations accountable for their misdeeds, and mobilizing real-world global protest. Hammond came to the attention of the Federal Government after the FBI secretly arrested Hector Monsegur (AKA Sabu), a leading Lulzsec member turned informant. If convicted, Hammond potentially faces decades in prison. The Case: The information that was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant was all information given by a former hacker turned snitch. Infor- mation obtained from snitches is often unreliable and even fabricated in the interest of self-protection. Secondly, Jeremy is familiar to the authorities because of his history of being a political activist. He has been arrested in the past for his activism making him both an easy target for the Federal Government and easy to vilify by the media. CURRENT NEWS: Jeremy recently pled not guilty at his arraignment hearing. At this point there is no bond posted, however, there may be a motion for bond at his next status hearing, which is Monday July 23rd 2012 at U.S. Courthouse 500 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan Courtroom 12A --Chief Judge Lorretta A. Preska, Southern District of New York . We encourage people to come out and show support! Otherwise, he is currently spending his time reading and doing pushups. SUPPORT: If you are interested in donating to the Jeremy Hammond Defense fund visit Or interested in lending support in other ways? Email the Defense Committee at Please write to him at: Jeremy Hammond # 18729 - 424 Metropolitan Correctional Center 150 Park Row New York New York, 10007 You are Not Alone Jeremys case is by no means unique; he, alike many more online and otherwise political activists are rou- tinely targeted by national security groups and are put away for speaking out. There are many groups that exist so that we can network and create solidarity within the struggle. Here are a couple that we link to: