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42 ACSC Australian Command and Staff Course
43 ADC Australian Defence College
75 ADDP Australian Defence Doctrine Publication
44 ADF Australian Defence Force
45 ADFA Australian Defence Force Academy
46 ADFP Australian Defence Force Publication
47 ADFWC Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre
48 AMD Australian Maritime Doctrine
49 APS Australian Public Service
50 arms trafficking
20 asymetrical warfare
17 AT Adventurous Training
51 CA Chief of Army
52 CAF Chief of Air Force
53 Capability-based Planning
6 CDF Chief of the Defence Force
54 CDLS Centre for Defence Leadership Studies
55 CDSS Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies
56 CLM Command, Leadership and Management
57 CN Chief of Navy
58 CO Commanding Officer
59 command
28 competency
29 cyber crime
21 DFDA Defence Force Discipline Act
60 DI(G) Defence Instruction (General)
61 directive
30 discipline
31 DLF Defence Leadership Framework
62 doctrine
32 DRN Defence Restricted Network
63 education
33 Effect-based operation
4 Effective operation
1 EI Emotional Intelligence
64 FIC Fundamental Inputs to Capability
65 fighting power
34 flexible detterent action
15 HMAS Her Majesty’s Australian Ship
66 HMS Her Majesty’s Ship
67 HQAST Headquarters, Australian Theatre
68 human capital
35 JDDE Joint Doctrine development Environment
69 JMAP Joint Military Appreciation Process
70 leadership
36 Linear strategy
10 LMPD Leadership, Management and Personal Development
71 LWD Land Warfare Doctrine
72 Major scale conflict
14 maritime security
22 Medium scale conflict
13 mission command
37 money laundering
19 NASPO Navy Aviation Systems Program Office
73 NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
74 Network centric warfare
3 Network Centric Warfare
38 Non linear strategy
11 Non-state actor
8 nuclear threat
24 nuclear warfare
25 OIC Officer in Charge
76 or "directive control"
organized crime
23 PLICIT Professionalism, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, Innovation and
77 PMET Professional Military Education and Training
79 preparedness
39 RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
80 RAF Royal Air Force
81 RAN Royal Australian Navy
82 Small scale conflict
12 State actor
7 suicide bomber
27 suicide bombing
26 symetrical warfare
16 Teamwork
78 Terrorism
18 Threat-based Planning
5 transactional leadership
40 transformational leadership
41 Trouble spot
9 Urban Warfare
2 US United States
83 VCDF Vice Chief of the Defence Force
Law Enforcement
85 Criminal complaint
86 3. Money laundering
4. Trafficking
5. Smuggling
6. Combat Cyber crime
7. Threat
8. Strategic
9. Information Warfare
10. Cold War
11. Unipolar World
12. Multipolar World
13. Conventional Forces
14. Asymmetric Strategy
15. Symmetric Strategy
16. Mass destruction
17. Conventional Forces
18. Military posture
19. Adversary
20. Peer Competitor
21. Regional Ally
22. Coalition
23. Key National Infrastructure
24. Troop deployments
25. Combine Arms
26. Traditional military instrument
27. Strategic policy
28. Force Structure
29. Military Capability
30. Subordinate role
31. Hybrid force
32. Expenditionary force
33. Terrorism
34. Nuclear proliferation
35. Apocalyptic threat
36. Credible Contigency
37. Military coup
38. Military dictatorship
39. Pre-eminent security interest
40. Rebellion
41. Crackdown
1 Counterinsurgency campaign
2 Warfare
3 Past ware
4 Magic bullets
5 Warfigters
6 Self infected
7 Threat
8 Grand strategic
9 Measures
10 Undercover
11 Suicide attack
12 Expidionary force design
13 Underpin
14 Drug Trafficking
15 Human security
16 Hibrid force
17 Undermines
18 Combined daugers
19 Nuclear proliferation
20 Geopolitics of energy security
21 Nuclear weapon
22 Strengths inevitably
23 Conventional war
24 Challenge
25 Subsequent radiation
26 Nuclear explosion
27 Camp raid
28 explode
29 Guided missile
30 Cyber crime
31 Money laundry
32 Ambush
33 Burqa clad
34 Breakout
35 Disenfranchised
36 Forfeitures
37 Launchers
38 Empowerment
39 Cyberspace
40 Prong
41 Radionucleotides
42 Field-grade
43 Thucydides
44 Power projection
45 Wisser's
1. Authority
2. Ammunition
3. Armed Forces
4. Arm Trafficking
5. Anti Aircraft Guns
6. Asymetric Strategis
7. Ally
8. Bulk of Toys
9. Blackmarket Arms
10. Blackmailing Entrepreneurs
11. Biological Weapons
12. Bilateral
13. Bluewater Navy
14. Checkpoints
15. Custody
16. Combat
17. Cyber Crime
18. Cyber Space
19. Cutting Edge Software
20. Cargo
21. Counterinsurgency
22. Coldwar
23. Conventional Forces
24. Chemical Weapon
25. Combined Arms
26. Confused Force Structure
27. Counterpart
28. Catastrophic Breakdown
29. Conceivably Acquire Military Base
30. Conect the Dot
31. Drug Trafficking
32. Doctrine
33. Defendants
34. Disposal
35. Decay
36. Deja-vu
37. Disastrous Strategic Errors
38. Devasting Attack
39. Emerging Great Powers
40. Extradited
41. Extremists
42. Electronic Warfare
43. Expeditionary Force
44. Enormously
45. Field Grade Officer
46. Foreign Policy Archives
47. Grenades
48. Global Arm Trade
49. High Ranking Officers
50. High Advanced Conventional Force
51. Hypocricy
52. Human Centrict
53. Hybrid Force
54. Hegemonial War
55. Holding Massive Stocks
56. Interpol Warrant
57. Impeachment
58. Interagency
59. Indictment
60. Ill Kept
61. In Adequate Landforces
62. Insurgency
63. Key Installation
64. Land Mine
65. Limited War
66. Limited Conflict
67. Legitimacy
68. Militant
69. Money Laundering
70. Money Furgery
71. Military Affirs
72. Magic Bullet
73. Massive Disruption
74. Military Hubris
75. Military Ascendants
76. Nuclear Arms
77. Neo Concervatives
78. Napoleonic Wars
79. Nuclear Arsenal
80. On the back burner
81. Poltical Assylum
82. Peer Competitors
83. Predecessor
84. Political Slogans
85. Paramount Power
86. Potent Force
87. Pacific Alliance System
88. Putative Enemy
89. Perceived Strategic Circumstances
90. Radical Refugee Camp
91. Rocket Propelled
92. Regional Adversaries
93. Smuglling
94. Surface to Air Guide Misile
95. Shoulder Fired Guided Misile System
96. Strategic Information Warfare
97. Symetric Strategic
98. Spectrum
99. Strategic Indifference
100. Strategy of De’tente
101. Strategic Barrier
102. Terrorism
103. Traders
104. Trilateral
105. Troops
106. The Sovereign Political Embodiment
107. Trivial Metric
108. Undercover
109. Unsettled Maritime Border Dispute
110. Wall and Barriers
Terminologi Bahasa Inggris Pertahanan


penyelundupan senjata
peperangan asimentris dengan kekuatan yang tidak seimbang

Perencanaan pertahanan dengan mendasarkan pada kemampuan han

komando dimana seorang komandan secara hukum
kompetensi - spesifikasi pengetahuan dan kemampuan
kejahatan dunia maya

1. adalah bentuk komunikasi militer dimana sebuah
disiplin - adalah kegiatan atau tindakan yang

doktrin - prinsip dasar yang dijadikan pedoman bagi

Operasi pertempuran yang dilakukan dengan mengitung dampak yang akan ditimbulkan oleh sebuah serangan
Bentuk operasi yang melibatkan semua unsur terkait

kekuatan tempur - adalah integrasi dari tiga komponen
tindakan penangkalan fleksibel

SDM (sumber daya manusia)

Kepemimpinan - proses untuk mempengaruhi orang lain
konsep perang dengan cara saling berhadap-hadapan
konflik berskala besar
keamanan maritim
konflik berskala menengah
Komando misi - adalah sebuah filosofi komando dan
pencucian uang

Operasi peperangan dengan mengandalkan pemusatan
Peperangan Jejaring sentral - adalah sebuah bentuk
konsep perang dengan tidak saling berhadapan secara
ancaman dalam bentuk bukan suatu negara
ancaman nuklir
peperangan nuklir

sebuah sistem untuk melaksanakan operasi dimana
kejahatan terorganisir

Kesiap-siagaan - adalah ukuran kesiapan dan daya

konflik berskala kecil
ancaman dalam bentuk negara
pembom bunuh diri
bom bunuh diri
peperangan simetris dengan kekuatan seimbang

Perencanaan pertahanan dengan mendasarkan pada
kepemimpinan transaksional - adalah suatu pola umum
kepemimpinan transformasional - adalah kepemimpinan
Daerah konflik
Operasi perang perkotaan
The authority which a commander in the military Service lawfully
exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment.
Command includes the authority and responsibility for effectively
using available resources and for planning the employment of,
organising, directing, coordinating and controlling military forces for
the accomplishment of assigned missions. It also includes
responsibility for health, welfare, morale and discipline of assigned
personnel (ADFP 04.1.1/DLMS).
The specification of a knowledge and skills standard of performance
required in the workplace, as set down by Defence Instruction
(General) DI(G) PERS 05–29 of the National Training Framework
within Defence vocational education and training
Defence Force Discipline Act
Creates Service offences, sets out the machinery for investigating and
trying them, specifies the punishments and orders that must be
imposed, and provides a review and appeal process. The Defence
Force Discipline Act (DFDA) does establish the limits of Service,
criminal, and disciplinary jurisdiction for the chain of command.
1. A military communication in which policy is established or a specific
action is ordered. 2. A plan issued with a view to putting it into effect
when so directed, or in the event that a stated contingency arises. 3.
Broadly speaking, any communication which initiates or governs
action, conduct or procedure.
The activities and actions associated with the disciplinary process for
civilian and service personnel. Includes investigation, charges, formal
inquiries, punishment and appeals.
Fundamental principles by which military forces or elements thereof
guide their actions in support of national objectives. It is authoritative
but requires judgement in application (ADFP 04.1.1/DLMS)
ADDP 00.6
Education involves participation in activities which aim at developing
the knowledge, skill, moral values and understanding required in all
aspects of life, rather than skill and knowledge relating to only a
limited field of activity. (ADFP 7.0—Doctrine and Training)
fighting power
Fighting power is the result of the integration of three interdependent
components: 1. the intellectual component provides the knowledge to
fight, 2. the moral component provides the will to fight, and 3. the
physical component provides the means to fight.
human capital
Our people. The sum of the individual capability and commitment of
the military and civilian personnel employed by Defence. Individual
capability consists of the skills and competencies, experience and
knowledge, and the behaviours and attitudes of each person.
Commitment refers to the individual will of each person to apply this
capability in the betterment of Defence outcomes.
The process of influencing others in order to gain their willing consent
in the ethical pursuit of missions. (Australian Government Department
of Defence: The Defence Leadership Framework)
In relation to a person employed under the Public Service Act 1922,
the Secretary, a Deputy Secretary, Head of Division, Branch,
Directorate, Section or Establishment having authority to give an
order to that person.
mission command
Mission command is a philosophy of command and a system for
conducting operations in which subordinates are given a clear
indication by a superior of his intentions. The result required, the task,
the resources and any constraints are clearly enunciated, however
subordinates are allowed the freedom to decide how to achieve the
required result. The term ‘directive control’ is synonymous but is being
replaced by mission command. Mission command is the
internationally, more widely accepted term.
Network Centric Warfare
The style of operations that can be undertaken by a networked force
where the automatic and rapid transfer of information enables the
ADDP 00.6
most effective use of combat power and takes place when the force
can operate as a single virtual network
Any activity needed to gain the objectives of any battle or campaign,
any United Nations (UN) peacekeeping activity, Defence Force Aid to
the Civil Power (DFACP) or an emergency declared by the CDF. It
does not include Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC)
or any training, including training for warlike operations.
organisational capital
Our organisation. The strategies, systems, methodologies, and
operational processes within Defence that allows it to utilise its
human, knowledge and relationship capital. Organisational capital is
founded on Defence’s culture and values (Professionalism, Loyalty,
Integrity, Courage, Innovation and Teamwork). It is owned by Defence
as its intellectual property and proprietary systems.
personnel management
The process of planning, organising, directing and controlling the
recruitment and career development of personnel; the manning of
organisations and service conditions including pay and allowances,
honours and awards; and the administration of discipline.
Preparedness is a measurement of how ready (readiness) and how
sustainable (sustainability) the whole or part of the ADF is to
undertake military operations. The readiness of forces to be
committed to operations within a specified time is dependent on the
availability and proficiency of personnel, equipment, facilities and
consumables. Sustainability is measured in terms of the ability to
provide personnel, equipment, facilities and consumables to enable a
force to complete its period of operations.
Any information, ideas, doctrines or special appeals disseminated to
influence the opinion, emotions, attitudes, or behaviour of any
specified group in order to benefit the sponsor either directly or
indirectly. Black Propaganda is that which purports to emanate from a
source other than the true one. Grey Propaganda is that which does
not specifically identify any source. White Propaganda is
disseminated and acknowledged by the sponsor or by an accredited
agency thereof.
ADDP 00.6
strategic management
The function of applying broad systematic management planning for
the Defence organisation as a whole. Includes the activities involved
with the development, monitoring, and reviewing of business plans,
strategic plans, work plans, corporate plans. It includes the
development of the corporate mission, objectives, continuous
improvement processes, quality assurance and certification, and the
formulation and amendment of legislation which provides the
legislative basis for the organisation and includes the function of
advising the minister.
A planned process to inculcate and modify attitude, knowledge or skill
behaviour through a learning experience to achieve effective
performance in an activity or range of activities against a predetermined
standard. (ADFP 7.0)
transactional leadership
A general pattern of influence based on the provision of various
rewards or benefits in exchange for extra effort or improved
performance; sometimes discussed with reference to principles of
economic exchange. (Canadian Forces: Leadership Doctrine).
transformational leadership
A general pattern of influence based on shared core values and
mutual commitment and trust between the leader and led, and
intended to effect significant or radical improvement in individual,
group, or system capabilities and performance; sometimes discussed
in the context of social-exchange theory. (Canadian Forces:
Leadership Doctrine)
ADDP 00.6
ACSC Australian Command and Staff Course
ADC Australian Defence College
ADDP Australian Defence Doctrine Publication
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADFA Australian Defence Force Academy
ADFP Australian Defence Force Publication
ADFWC Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre
AMD Australian Maritime Doctrine
APS Australian Public Service
AT Adventurous Training
CA Chief of Army
CAF Chief of Air Force
CDF Chief of the Defence Force
CDLS Centre for Defence Leadership Studies
CDSS Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies
CLM Command, Leadership and Management
CN Chief of Navy
CO Commanding Officer
DFDA Defence Force Discipline Act
DI(G) Defence Instruction (General)
DLF Defence Leadership Framework
DRN Defence Restricted Network
EI Emotional Intelligence
FIC Fundamental Inputs to Capability
HMAS Her Majesty’s Australian Ship
HMS Her Majesty’s Ship
HQAST Headquarters, Australian Theatre
JDDE Joint Doctrine development Environment
JMAP Joint Military Appreciation Process
LMPD Leadership, Management and Personal Development
LWD Land Warfare Doctrine
NASPO Navy Aviation Systems Program Office
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
ADDP 00.6
OIC Officer in Charge
PLICIT Professionalism, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, Innovation and
PMET Professional Military Education and Training
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAN Royal Australian Navy
US United States
VCDF Vice Chief of the Defence Force