GSC Yellow Pages

For some time now the teams in the GSC’s have been servicing the different Maersk offices around the world. We have found a need to setup a formal and official tool for finding contact points of the GSC teams for Maersk employees who need their assistance. And so the GSC yellow pages came into concept. It’s a tool that anyone in the APMM organization that has access to the intranet site can access to find who they can contact in a certain team in the GSC’s that they would require assistance from. The GSC yellow page was created to aid the communication between the different Maersk offices around the world and the different GSC offices. It is a site that can be used as a tool to find specific pages dedicated for each GSC team servicing specific Business Units, regions, countries, and/or processes that contains the contact information, escalation levels, and even related links referring to the team.

Unbilled SO - GCSS Investigation
There is a lots of data on GCSS that have been fetched and observed by the documentation Team, similar kind of data is fetched from GCSS and stored it to in Excel, this is the repetitive task to do for an individual, for that we have to allocate one dedicated resource available for it. We can free the resource by automate the process of fetching the information of GCSS into excel format. Microsoft UI Automation is the new accessibility framework for Microsoft Windows, available on all operating systems that support Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). UI Automation provides programmatic access to most user interface (UI) elements on the desktop, enabling assistive technology products such as screen readers to provide information about the UI to end users and to manipulate the UI by means other than standard input. UI Automation also allows automated test scripts to interact with the UI. The benefits of this tool will be resource utilization and fasten the process, interact with the GCSS tool and fetch the data as per the user requirements, thus saving time & resource. The cost for developing this tool is yet to be estimated.

The benefits of this tool will be knowledge sharing. Requester is able to input vessel voyage details and generate / update his own ticket. similar projects are carried out at different locations. In order to create awareness of the knowledge pool & make this data accessible to users. Auto Send Mail . use documents relevant for the projects.Knowledge Management Tool There is a lot of data on different types of projects that have been executed by the Group Procurement Team. thus saving time & making use of the already available information. we need a Knowledge Management Tool developed. which will Index all the data. where on the basis of the user type and their permissions. enabling search for relevant documents. the application will allow user to input the data and generate the reports. best practices which are on the shared drives in different locations. due to lack of awareness of the availability of these documents & also due to accessibility issues. when similar projects are done at other locations. thus shortening the project cycle. Currently users have to research a lot for the data. best practices for use in the existing project. templates etc for executing a project. The cost for developing this tool is yet to be estimated. Processor is able to assign ticket for self and process the ticket ODS Tool allows users to input following information depending upon the role of user and the permissions available to him: 1. this information could be accumulated by the use of the KM Tool. ODS tool The ODS tool is a web based application. but we are not able to make use of the available documents. The implementation of the Knowledge Management Tool will enable users to share knowledge. Add / modify Tickets 3. the relevant documents can be searched for & used. methodology. sharing of best practices. 2. Allows user to generate ticket for vessel voyage update.

Timeliness reports Migration Tracker The Online Migration Tool is to ensure during the Migration projects that all countries receive a uniform high-quality experience It is One-Stop-Shop for all the migration activities to guarantee that you can work more efficiently during the transition and make it possible for you to focus on the most important part of any migration. Such areas of concerns are addressed here by Standard formats and Templates with detailed defined RACI and TollGate Reviews You can use this portal as Center Repository System and Management Information or Reporting tool In the wave of standardization. procedures and go-to persons to ensure they deliver their migration project successfully. DEMCO office location wise report 3.ODS tool will generate following on-line reports depending upon the role of user and the permissions available to him. 1. the tool will help to upgrade the customer experience and customer engagement in better form To facilitate Centre Repository System for all on-going migrations To maintain the Standard Migration Framework with minimal or no manual intervention To encourage the use of standard templates for all the on-going migrations Standard MIS for all the on-going migrations . the people – in the local offices as well as GSCs Often migration focal are left to search for information. Status reports 2.