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Diego Rodrguez Pabn. Colombia

Diego Rodrguez Pabn Electronic Engineer

Bogot, Colombia Mobile: +57 316 370 3785

I have strong experiences in strategic planning and leading or being part of teams which I gained thanks to the AIESEC Experience. I have also gained and developed competences such as Effective communication, flexible thinking, awareness of others, Goal-oriented thinking, Self-awareness, Cultural understanding and Organizational Understanding among others. I like to investigate, to innovate, and almost always that contributes to the success of my work, and based on that Ive developed a skill to learn fast that allows me to adapt easily to new environments and requirements. I also like to work with teams, with high potential people whom like to work and contribute to the general objective. Ive also gained skills like public speaking, training, conflicts management and team management.

Professional, March 2012 Electronic Engineering, Tecnolgica de Bolvar University (UTB), Cartagena Elementary and high school, 2002 Colegio Salesiano San Pedro Claver, Cartagena


Preparation Course for PMP Certification, Chamber of commerce of Bogot, June 2012 VOLVO Bus Telematics Course, Curitiba Brazil, March 2012 Leadership Development Program, By TVI Express, India, May 2011 Electronic Instrumentation Course, Santo Toms University, Bogot, 2011
(part of the professional graduation process)

Leaders and entrepreneurs at the University FORUM 2010 Structured cabling systems, SIEMON Network Cabling Solutions Oct 2009 Success School (Multi Level Marketing), by Hector Valdez Jun 2008 AIESEC 50th Anniversary, Leaders socially responsible Forum, May 2008 Technical Day of Electronic engineering, Apr 2008 HAY FESTIVAL Volunteer, Jan 2008 SER MAS day, Dec 2007 Responsible Tourism Forum, Oct 2006 Leaders without Frontiers Forum (UTB), 2006 Technical Day of Electrical engineering, March 2006

12 National and 8 local AIESEC Conferences, these are the latest: National Congress, July 2008 Leadership Development Conference II, March 2008 National Planning Meeting, December 2007 Leadership Development Conference I, October 2007

Diego Rodrguez Pabn. Colombia

VOLVO Group Colombia SAS, Bogot, February - May 2012 Telematics Analyst Consultant for the project ITS4Mobility, the telematics and fleet management component of VOLVO, used in the massive transportation. I was in charge of supervising the correct installation in the body builder, leading the project of installing the components in the already built buses and, teaching and supporting the the clients for using the web platform designed for monitor and present statistics about all the fleet. My role was finished by VOLVO Brazil according to changes on the project structure. We were 10 foreign volunteers in this project. And the responsibilities were: Create the learning modules for the diverse stakeholders which comprises students, urban population and corporate offices. Facilitation of events and workshops: The team came up with a step-by-step process in the awareness workshops and events. In specific I was in charge to research, prepare and present the workshop related with Electrical energy, and saving energy in home. Clean Air Island designs and produces its own electric vehicles with the support of government ministries, corporate, engineers and the Indian Institute of Technology. I was the project engineer. I had to plan the project and obtain the various components. And I was working on the assembly of the electric vehicle. I was in charge of the Technical service in the new Computers room for the students and teachers. Keeping the correct functionality of the computers with the adequate maintenance and giving the users all the assistance in the technical aspects and the Resources available in the resources Center. I was in the Technical service team, in which we were in charge of test and repair broken electronic equipment, among them Martin professional robotic lights (for concerts and big events) and professional Sound systems. I was in charge of research the best open source option for Project Management, and after decide, I made the installation and testing for on-line platforms like:, for Project management; Knowledge tree, for Knowledge management and Open journal, for Journalism systems. All of them Open source systems installed on Linux. I learn how it's working the dredge and propose new ideas to optimize those processes like temperature control, Over revolutions protection for motors, Auto charge batteries, Auto fill tank with compressed air, etc

AIESEC Deccan, Hyderabad, INDIA. June - July 2011

Volunteer Facilitator

Clean Air Island, Mumbai, INDIA. March May 2011

Project Engineer

National University Of Colombia, Foreign Languages Department. September 2010 February 2011 SonyGraf ltda. June - July 2010

Technical Service

Technical Service

Technological University of Bolivar, Investigation Department. April - August 2009 Dragados Hidraulicos. January - April 2009

Software Test Engineer

Electronic Assistant

Jul 2008 Oct2008 Jul 2008 Oct2008 May 2008 Jul 2008 Apr 2008 Jul 2008 Sep 2007 Oct 2007 Mar 2007 Jun 2007 Mar 2006 Dec 2006 Oct 2005 Mar 2006 National Drive team - Sustainable development Local Training team member Organizing Committee National Global Village Organizing Committee 50th Anniversary AIESEC in COLOMBIA, local celebration Organizing Committee Local Global Village Non Corporate National team Learning Programs and Projects Vice-president Knowledge Management Coordinator

Diego Rodrguez Pabn. Colombia

Internet Skills Technical Skills
-Internet Marketing -Social Media Optimization -Facebook Fan Pages -Social Media Integration -Social Media Tools -Twitter Management -Google Adwords Campaigns -Affiliate Marketing -Email Marketing -Blogging -Joomla! -Windows -Linux OS Ubuntu (3 years user) -MAC -Ms Office and LibreOffice pack -MATLAB -Circuit maker -Lab View -PICs (MPLAB & PicBasic Pro) -Electronic Instrumentation -Proteus (basics) -FPGA (Basics) -PLC (Siemens 300) -Software testing -Step 7

Programming Languages
-C/C++ -MATLAB -Pic Basic Pro -VHDL (Basics) -PHP (Basics) -MySQL (basics)

Others -Video and sound editing (Sound forge, Vegas Studio) -Dj Amateur

Operating Systems

Personal Skills

-Leadership Skills -Team Management -Organizational Management -Project Management -Presentation Skills -Training / Facilitating skills

IQ 147


Spanish Native English M.C.E. (CEFR) B2 iTEP Level 4

Ediltron Gomez, Commercial Manager, VOLVO Group Colombia +57 (1) 4470555 ext 305, Maria Andrea Romero, General Manager, Trensas Consultores +57 301 3361280, Felipe Lopez, General Manager, Trasegar S.A. Bogot +57 (1) 6701892

Im interested on energy crisis, renewable energies, climate change, electric efficiency, electric vehicles, and new sources of energy. The social media and Internet marketing interest begun like a hobby but now, I have learned different things and I really enjoy that, and now I would feel good working on that. Actually my dream is to work in a place where I can generate new ideas and projects. Where I can innovate, and participate in enriched discussions, and where I can keep learning and sharing the knowledge with a real team work. I love music, world music, like bossa nova, lounge, chill out, classic, rock, in general music from different cultures. And I'm also fan of gadgets, and geek stuff. About my work, I like to have challenges, because is where I learn more, and makes me work concentrated, getting the best result, and some times I like to improve that work, making it better.