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Traits of Human Consciousness
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by Roy Posner

The table below shows various traits that make up a human being. They are the traits of human consciousness; or perhaps we can call them the endowments of human character, or simply character or personality traits. They are grouped within the categories of an individual's (1) attitudes, (2) miscellaneous attributes, (3) social endowments, and (4) skills. Each trait is shown in two ways; how it manifests in a positive way in a person, and how it manifests negatively in a person. If, for example, you decide you want to improve your attitudes or other aspects of your being, you can reference this table to discover which items you might want to improve on. Also note that at the end of the table are other ways of looking at the traits of human consciousness, including subdividing them at three planes -- physical, vital, and mental; divided in ways that relate to one's success and accomplishment in life, breakdown of traits amongst human values, and so forth. This is an even more advanced knowledge. (Go directly to: Attitudes, Attributes, Social Endowments, Skills,; Several Steps Further) Trait-Positive Attitudes accepts authority, loyal, devoted accepts what's given affectionate aspiring, ambitious, motivated candid caring change; accepts, embracescheerful considerate, thoughtful cooperative courageous courteous decisive devoted determined does what is necessary, right perseveres, endures enthusiastic expansive faith in life faith in oneself faith in others flexible forgiving focused freedom given to others friendly frugal, thrifty generous goodwill grateful hard-working honest humble rebellious ignores, rejects what's given distant, cold, aloof self-satisfied, unmotivated closed, guarded, secretive uncaring, unfeeling, callous rejects change cheerless, gloomy, sour, grumpy inconsiderate, thoughtless uncooperative, unhelpful, combative cowering, fearful rude, impolite indecisive uncommitted, uncaring, hostile indecisive, unsure does what is convenient relents, gives up unenthusiastic, apathetic, indifferent kept back, tight, constricting life can't be trusted lack of faith in self others can't be relied on inflexible, rigid, unbending, stubborn unforgiving, resentful, spiteful unfocused, scattered authoritarian, controlling unfriendly, distant, aloof, hostile wasteful, spendthrift stingy, miserly, selfish ill-will, malice, hatred ungrateful, unappreciative lazy dishonest, deceiving, lying arrogant, conceited, ego-centric Trait-Negative


unreceptive lack of self confidence. inconsiderate. Human Traits.. affected. sustaining positive practical punctual realistic reliable respectful responsibility. not viable late.Personality Traits. close. uncaring 8 Minute Deep Meditation Increase Brain Function. indulgent self-esteem. confidence . indifferent silly. envious. ostentatious selfish unwilling. recalcitrant convenience first [ep psych/soc] For additional information on personal attitudes. www. petty insincere. human qua. Eliminate Stress. undependable disrespectful. insecure directed by externals undisciplined. callous suspicious. covetous unkind. click here Motivating Employees Suerpvisor training materials to teach Employee Motivation workshops CorporateTrainingMaterials. Project-Meditation.. disorderly. tolerant optimistic perfects persistent. willingness work-oriented [ep to 9 levels] indifferent.TriclinicLabs. high self-giving self-reliant selfless sensitive serious sincere social independence sympathetic systematic takes others point of view thoughtful towards others trusting unpretentious unselfish willing does. has‐  adventurous  hasn't achieve  conventional  http://www. rude. unrestrained. undependable unresponsive. Download Your Free Audio. cruel. fleeting. uncaring. Page 2 of 7 interested involved jealous. takesresponsible responsive self-confident self-directed self-disciplined self-esteem. random insists on own view thoughtless. personal Pharma Polymorph Issues? Phase diagram-directed API screening produces max results. impolite blames others unreliable. dishonest social approval required unsympathetic.htm 5/23/2012 . not on time na‫¯أ‬ve. mean immature vain narrow. unfeeling unsystematic. indifferent jealous. intolerant pessimistic allows imperfection flagging.low self-centered dependent selfish Insensitive. disorganized. reluctant. unsustaining negative impractical. mistrusting pretentious. trivial. not kind mature modest open-minded. impractical small-minded. Character Attributes  achieved.

. complaining  outer. directionless  evil  clumsy  never has enough time  poor health. scattered  goalless. confused  leaves hanging. strong constitution  high goals  higher social interests  idea‐driven  imaginative  improves self  in rapidly expanding field of work  initiates (has initiative)  innovative  insightful  intelligent  k l d bl Substance‐abuse (alcohol. no social interests  ideas don't motivate to act  unimaginative  stays the same  in static or declining field  lacks initiative  conservative  lacks insight. form‐oriented  uncreative  tries to do everything  reckless  scrimps on details  leaves mental capacities as is  directionless.. fatigued  unfocused. jumbled goals. nervous  dirty. human qua. unkempt  lack of. doesn't complete  doesn't comprehend  unconscious  unconscious of one's strengths  destructive. personal characteristics. weak constitution  low.htm 5/23/2012 . Page 3 of 7 Substance‐free  alert  aware of opportunities  calm  clean [ep to 9 levels]  clear goals  clear thoughts  completes  comprehends  conscious  conscious of one's weaknesses  constructive  content‐oriented  creative  delegates  deliberative  detail‐oriented  develops mental capabilities  directed.Personality Traits. not  entrepreneurial. no goals  lower. unfocused  dissipating  passive  uneducated  education not exceed previous generation  education less than present level of  achievement  education less than previous generation  inefficient  lack of effort  effort wasted  listless  enterprising. has direction  disciplined  dynamic  educated  education exceed previous generation  education greater than present level of  achievement  education greater than previous generation  efficient  effort taking  effort achieves results  energetic  enterprising  entrepreneurial  envisions the unseen  experienced (in area)  fatigue‐free  focused  goal‐oriented  good  graceful  has enough time  health robust. Character traits. not  visionless  inexperienced (in area)  tired. addled. ignorant of  stupid  http://www. blind to.gurusoftware. surface. directionless  muddled thoughts. Human drug)  dull  ignorant of opportunities  excitable.

 psychologically‐  stress‐free. yields to others  lives on the surface of life. erratic  relationship with other(s) negative  unresourceful. expectant  non‐engaging. human qua. being merely occupied  averse to risk  seeing only parts of the picture  self‐satisfied  lacks any spiritual. relaxed  (has had) supportive family or friends  systematic  tough  trustworthy  wealthy  wealth in present generation  well‐behaved  work is in harmony with personal life  no knowledge in a particular area  submits. rude  previous failure in family life  previous failure in school  previous failure in work  chit‐chatting  amateurish (acts)  no professional qualification  late  irregular. Character traits. helpless  irresponsible  does for doing's sake. soft  untrustworthy  impoverished  poverty in present generation  ill behaved  work is in conflict with personal life  http://www. physically‐  strong. distant. mannered  previous success in family life  previous success in school  previous success in work  productive interactions with others  professional (acts)  professional qualification achieved  punctual  regular  relationship with other(s) positive  resourceful  responsible  results‐oriented  risk‐taker  sees the whole picture  seeks improvement  spiritual. uniformed  knowledgeable in a particular area  leads others  lives from the depths of life   lucky. tense  (has had) indifferent. physically‐  weak. inner connection  lack of stamina  weak.. uncaring family or friends  unsystematic. inner connection  stamina  strong. superficial  unlucky  money hoarded for security  unmotivated  nerves weak  subjective.gurusoftware.htm 5/23/2012 . disorganized.Personality Traits. random  weak. psychologically‐  stressed. personal characteristics. biased  blind to. Page 4 of 7 ignorant. cold  lack of stamina  impolite.. Human Traits. ill mannered. oblivious to  disorganized  impatient. things go your way  money circulated for improvement  motivated  nerves strong  objective  observant  organized  patient  personable  physical stamina  polite.

lack of problem-solving skills. lack of unskilled not skilled. lack of leadership skills. lack of Several Steps Further: TRAITS ORGANIZED BY OUR HUMAN MAKEUP Skills capacity to judge others careful. lack of management skills. gave no direction parents remained in same position (inheritance) physical attributes are poor (had) previous failure (in school..Apply Online Now liverpool-degrees. lack of time management skills.gurusoftware. personal Next Applied Behavior Analysis Learn ABA anytime. hostile family upbringing poor mental abilities in family parents have low social status parents demotivated. lack of technical work skills. lack of verbal skills. work.. lacks planning skills. gave direction parents rose & accomplished (inheritance) physical attributes are fine (had) previous success (in school. graceful with objects communication skills (can) exercise authority delegation skills leadership skills listening skills management skills motivating skills negotiating skills organization skills planning skills problem-solving skills public speaking skills reconciling problems. Human Traits. Page 5 of 7 Social Endowments affectionate family upbringing high mental abilities in family parents attained high social status parents motivated. talented exceptionally in particular area speaking skills teamwork skills technical work skills time management skills verbal skills writing skills unable to judge others careless. family life) prosperity in family upbringing psychological health and well-being prosperity in surrounding society supportive social environment indifferent. Character traits. Adventure Is Life lacking excitement? Take a survey. human work. lack of writing skills. lack of cannot exercise authority delegation skills.htm 5/23/2012 . lack of teamwork skills. anywhere Courses 100% online aba. family life) poverty in family upbringing psychological problems poverty in surrounding society indifferent social environment Online MSc in Psychology Online MSc In Forensic & Criminal Investigation . lack of reconciling problems. lack of negotiating skills. conflicts at higher level lack of listening skills. lack of motivating skills. lack of public speaking skills. lack of organization skills. clumsy communication skills. conflicts at higher level skills skilled skilled.Personality Traits. We hope to help! surveymonkey. talented exceptionally in particular area speaking skills.

. Vital.htm 5/23/2012 . and those that are outer-oriented/social. Human Traits. as well as rise abundantly in consciousness and fulfillment in life. To see a list of common personal values. E. click here.g. as well as rise in consciousness and fulfillment in life.doc). Page 6 of 7 Aside from the listing above. TRAITS THAT ARE HUMAN VALUES Personal and Society's Values There are certain traits that express personal values that individuals subscribe to. retarding growth in consciousness. At each plane. interpersonal. click here Spiritual Traits/Capacities that Enable Vastly Higher Achievement. and growth in life. click here -Also see Constellation of Negative Traits (.. which shows grouping of negative traits. click here. and physical. Character traits. ------------Also see grouping of skills into technical. personal characteristics. click here. traits of human consciousness can be viewed from a number of other perspectives.) To see this list. Here are several: Traits Organized from Psychological (Inner-oriented) to Social (Outer-oriented) Human personality/character traits can be divided by those that are inner/psychological. and Personal Growth There are also certain fundamental spiritual qualities that enable an individual to accomplish at a vastly higher level. To see a list of common values of society. The individual human expresses exits at three fundamental planes or levels of being -mental.gurusoftware. our various attitudes at the vital level. vital. click here. click here Negative Traits/Capacities that Retard Achievement & Personal Growth -There are certain fundamental human traits that prevent an individual from accomplishing at a higher level. the traits of awareness and insightfulness are at the mental level. To see that list of negative traits and drill down and learn about each. To see that list (with the ability drill down on an item and learn about that quality). ------------Traits Expressing in the Vertical Scale of Human Consciousness Mental) (Physical. we have determined that there are certain fundamental human traits and capacities that enable an individual to accomplish at a higher level. http://www. and our physical makeup and well being at the physical level. psychological ARTICLE: Positive and Negative Human Traits (from a spiritual perspective) New TRAITS FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT & PERSONAL GROWTH Fundamental Traits/Capacities that Enable Higher Achievement and Personal Growth From our research. we express certain traits.Personality Traits. human qua. To see that list (with the ability drill down on an item and learn about that trait). For a detailed chart of these three levels/planes (plus sublevels) and the individual human traits that express at each. (They can then be further divided positively and negatively.

.htm 5/23/2012 .gurusoftware. human qua. personal Traits. Character traits. Roy Posner Read Online/Download for Free! Growth Online Contact Us http://www. Page 7 of 7 By the author of this article.. Human Traits.