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Horizon is visible to most, few can see beyond
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At BTH, we strive to see beyond horizon and envision tomorrow before it happens. Tuned to time, BTH is pulsating with the rhythm of frontier technologies that fuel the knowledge-driven economies the world over. Equipped with our passion for excellence and supported by a dedicated team of competent professionals, we excel in the art of doing science and are home to cutting edge technologies that shape the future. We translate clients' requirements into passions to achieve not only results but a deep sense of satisfaction.

Mission Statement
Security, Intelligence & Surveillance, Communications, Communication Security and IT Protection, Spectrum Management, Broadcasting, IT Forensics, Aerospace, Software Development, System Integration, Network Management, Power & Energy and Financial Services/Stock Exchange, etc, pose a serious challenge to public and private sector. Discovering, acquiring, operating and maintaining optimum solutions in these specialized fields is a formidable challenge in a technologically evolving world. Beyond the Horizon solves this problem efficiently and cost effectively. BTH is a partner you can lean on. For, it is our core competence to find the right blend of technology, innovation and expertise custom-made around your specific needs. Our main strength lies in our global reach and local after sales support.

BTH is cognizant of the market needs in the defense sector as well as public and private sectors. We are striving to fill the technology gap with particular emphasis on ground, naval and aerospace defense and equally well in public security and safety through reputed and renowned top-of-the-line technology manufacturers, exporters and service providers. Our services range from provisioning, installation, commissioning and training for turnkey solutions to upgrading/updating existing capabilities and repair & maintenance of high-tech imported systems and machines. Based in Islamabad, BTH is a value addition distributor and turnkey solution provider specializing in:
? Ground, Aerial and Naval Defense ? Electronic Warfare and Security ? Information Systems, Telecom and IT

prompt and efficient services.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. We work with a global network of high caliber manufacturers. Defense www.BeyondTheHorizon. unmatched quality and best possible services. including all government agencies through effective. technology know-how. Ahmad. dedication – and above all a burning desire to . Counter Surveillance Solutions and IT Intrusion ? System Integration. Government Departments and Corporate World. Our Partners Beyond the Horizon has strategically partnered with world renowned technology leaders in their respective fields to provide customers value for their money. our customers include Law Enforcement Agencies. We translate demands into systems and products. Software Development. integrators and distributors for key technologies having expertise. support. efficiency. experience and most importantly. Engineering and Services. We complement our partners' professional prowess through unending efforts. perseverance and committed Market Segments As a leading source of Innovative Products. Our management enjoys excellent repute with its clients. an edge many of our peers do not have. Communication Security and IT Forensics ? Aerospace ? & Measurement Test ? and Energy Power ? Technical Surveillance. Regulatory Bodies. Web Design & Development ? Consultancy Services ? Financial Services and Stock Exchange Team Competence We carry competence to understand operational and functional requirement of diverse sectors.Company Profile ? Broadcasting. We are the preferred partner of many international suppliers who specialize in producing hi-tech equipment and provide optimum solutions. We take pride in our professional experience.

systems and sub-systems. Radio Monitoring and Radiolocation as well as mission-critical radio communications. interior. ATH Defence & Security Solutions Turkey ATH Defense & Security Solutions. Switzerland) offers full array of products and services for air and ground vehicle retrofit and forward fit applications including Flight Components. IT Intrusion technologies and Advanced Government Training. Security Systems. Digital Video-Audio Transmission Systems. spare parts. Electric and electronic systems. corporate. installation of missile approach warning Ahmad. They are manufacturers of Jammers. They are known for avionics modernization. Ammunitions. etc. INTERACTIVE holds promising future in the area of wholesale trade of a variety of products including www. Intelligence Equipment to Turkish defense organization. EMTEQ Group (Europe. ground. It is a leading supplier of solutions in the fields of Test & Measurement. INTERACTIVE Defense Industries. Surveillance and counter Surveillance. Gamma Group is a British-German group providing Advanced Technical Surveillance.Company Profile Rohde & Schwarz specializes in electronics of RF Spectrum. FLIR cameras. PAMCO. Radio Communication. military. These systems provide capability to locate and track target within seconds using the state-of-the-art technology. Naval Systems. Night Vision. Magazine Loaders and Unloaders. Missiles and Ground to Air Defence Systems. Counter Surveillance. Broadcasting. The impressive product range comprises Radiolocation and a variety of radar systems (including mobile and stationary applications). A broad array of interior and exterior products is supported by comprehensive engineering. Ships and cockpit and cabin armoring and night vision compatible modification. TC-Z is a European company and a reliable name in manufacturing precision surveillance and radar systems. is a Turkish group to meet their defense and security requirements. including new product development and consulting. VIP aircraft and helicopter market. Ammunitions. cabin comfort and exterior lighting for the commercial.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. naval and aerial carriers and other military instruments fundamental to military defense industry. Simulation and Training as well as International Consultancy to National and State Intelligence Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies.emteq. provides comprehensive range of products and services including Electronic Systems. Land Systems. Explosives. ATH provides a large spectrum of products including Aerospace and Avionics Systems. Turkey. components. www. weather radars. Engineering Services and Antenna Systems.BeyondTheHorizon. R&S has a global presence and a dedicated service network in over 70 countries. Czech Republic specializes in installation and modification of MI-8/MI17 helicopters and commercial aircrafts through LD Aviation. Established more than 70 years ago. avionics certification and integration. Homeland Security .

battery packs for two-way radio. Tactical Command & Control Systems and Sensor Integration. Electronic Warfare Programming and Simulation Center projects and allied areas.BeyondTheHorizon.500 DWT and New Type Patrol Boat. strategic consulting and training & radio engineering services to users and regulators of radio frequency spectrum for Broadcast & Mobile TV. Germany.Company Profile TAIT from New Zealand designs and delivers critical communication solutions and has a proven successful track record of delivering digital radio solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers. design & . the Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Management and Information www. HAVELSAN EHSIM INC Turkey www. Helicopter Electronic Warfare System. Antensan CES International. The product range is broad including data mobiles. F-16 Modernization. maintainability & affordability for production in military battery industry and trade incorporation since 1981. chargers etc. Dearsan is capable of building series of Aquila Tug Boats. It has experience in production of Submarine www. Helix equipment and Remote Control Software. An experienced team works with you to deliver digital clarity. It took part in F-16 and F-4E/2020 Chaff/ Flare Systems. alkaline batteries. repaired and modified numerous sea and river going vessels. offering the complete portfolio of software solutions. Its main shareholder is the Turkish armed forces foundation. VHF. Mobile Microwave. Apilsan. is now one of the strategic centers of Turkey's defense industry.antensan. Chemical Tankers up to 11. Satellite. established by Turkish Defense Industry Executive Committee in 1988 to be the leader of national missile and rocket Ahmad. Turkey. Antenna Tuning Units. Dearsan HAVELSAN EHSÝM was established in 1998 as a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Company to develop systems and to perform engineering studies in the fields of Electronic Warfare. conventional and trunked mobile radios. radio spectrum efficiency and IP-based flexibility for more effective data and voice communications. the Air Force Command Information System. The vision of the company is to be the leader organization in rocket and missile technologies from under the sea to space and to be amongst the first 50 organizations in the world with its indigenous design and high technology. Turkey. installation and integration of FM Radio Stations and other HF. UHF Communication Systems and their antennas. Electronic Support Measures (ESM) System for Maritime Patrol Aircraft. safety. is known for its reliability. has built fabricated. The company deals in products like aircraft batteries. Control Systems and Transmitters LS Telecom. Their shipyard have commercial ship design department and combat systems design division for naval projects. Electronic Warfare Simulation. Turkey.aspilsan. Land Mobile. deals in radio spectrum management and high-end wireless network planning. base stations etc. ROKETSAN. specializes in production.

available in single or multi-junction construction.BeyondTheHorizon. accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance. MPAAD Pilot and special military clothing. The NOVA product lines of ferrite junction products are specifically designed for use in wireless links and telecommunication systems. gun . USA specializes in design and manufacture of electronic countermeasure equipment. and for general purposes.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. spare parts. meteorological equipment. container program for airports. installations & modifications. maintenance repairs and overhaul. manufacturing of "High Volume/Low Cost" RF and Microwave Isolators and Circulators. personnel and assets. constant current regulators for runway power lights. Ahmad.Company Profile Fluke Networks offers innovative solutions for the installation and certification. border control.reiusa. They Specialize in GSM www. MarS are manufacturers of parachutes. The company's comprehensive line of Network SuperVision™ Solutions provides network installers. and systems for the aviation industry. IMSI/IMEI Capture. fiber and wireless networks used by enterprises and telecommunications carriers. medical applications. and maintainers with superior vision. REI customers include government agencies. development. owners. including RF Spectrum Telephone Line Analyzers specifically for counter-surveillance role. Jihlavan is a traditional supplier of hydraulic technology. developed and manufactured for reliable use under most critical conditions. law enforcement LD Aviation Jihlavan MarS Avia Propellers TRANSCON Electronic Systems LD Aviation offers aerospace services in aircraft sales. ballistic vest. building protection & covert device location and digital identity acquisition. components. Avia Propellers are manufacturers of a family of aircraft propellers and propulsion systems to serve the global regional and general aviation market. mobile technology. monitoring and control systems for mobile and temporary airports and heliports.6 GHz in varying bandwidths. parachute equipment. etc. testing. In the terrorhit regions. signaling systems and airport signs. combining speed. REI. Aappro is the designer and developer of innovative and unique technology in GSM surveillance. Aappro products and solutions are in great demand as the best Technical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Measure System. Established in 1983 Spectronic Systems is a public limited reliability company whose products are designed. Spectronics A/S is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of mission critical electronic surveillance equipment for professional use. effectively ensuring privacy. monitoring and analysis of copper. www. control elements. Nova Microwave specializes in design. Target acquisition and location. corporate security personnel and TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasure) professionals that have a need and responsibility to protect sensitive information. consulting. TRANSCON Electronic Systems specializes in electrical equipment. We span the frequency range of 380 MHz to 23.

including aviation. South Africa. space. and control systems for government. annually simplify development. ship. The environmental fence detects unauthorized attempt without permission. TRANSCAT. Transcat also offers parts inspection. medical.BeyondTheHorizon. including torque. development. delivering high quality calibration and repair services. light status. prototype. and chemical process industries. electronics. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS is a leading supplier of test. government and military. is an industry leading designer. energy.000 companies. AVENTURA TECHNOLOGIES is the world's leading manufacturer of next generation video surveillance solutions. industrial control. pressure. gas. computer. vibration. and can meet your specific wind turbine tool needs. industrial tools. and integrating those products in areas of pharmaceutical. acceleration. nuclear energy. soil & fluid properties. USA and with satellite offices globally. Brazil. and deploy systems for test. security cameras. ZK SOFTWARE INC. Genet from Turkey has TADAS (Facility Security Sensor Network System) for perimeter security and cost-effective features of a sensor network system. aerospace. magnetic. measurement. test and measurement. vehicle movement. AVENTURA TECHNOLOGIES.000 square foot plant with 1. India and Turkey. and embedded design applications. communications and information technology. Anovay products are widely used in a variety of challenging applications and environments. Dubai. and test/measurement instruments. is a leader in supporting industry's test and measurement requirements for many years through offering the best products. is a leading manufacturer of fingerprint biometric readers for access control and time and attendance applications and having in-house facilities for research. headquartered in New York. Using NI open graphical programming software and modular hardware. wind turbine tools. Thailand. Spain. industrial manufacturing. objects on the tensions. instruments.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. fiber. . increase productivity. rotation (gyroscope).com. UTP accessories and hardware and software peripheral solutions for business. Some of its major features include sensing of temperature. ANOVAY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is located in Shenzhen China. National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world USA is a supplier of military and civilian aircraft spares and repair facilities. control. manufacturing and marketing military grade and industrial precision components like connectors and relays. audio-video. household appliances. locomotive. acoustics. production model engineering. a leading provider specializing in innovatively developing. continued existence of objects. enterprise-level CCTV Security DVR and NVR systems including.Company Profile Pyramis Aerospace LLC Pyramis Aereospace LLC.500 employees in China and branch offices in USA. petroleum. humidity. and dramatically reduce time to market. customers at more than 30. INC. design. Ahmad. speed of objects and properties such as direction and www. developer and manufacturer of IP and analog. intelligent video analytics. production and sales in a 500. and defense entities.

FOTONIKS has ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management System. Ballistic Shield and Shielding Panels. polytechnics and universities. Dismounted Soldier. infrastructure. military and strategic installations. mechanical. The Turkish Armed Forces. The development of Labtech has been guided by professional educators from USA. integrity and management. National Police and the Special Forces are their permanent clients. etc.BeyondTheHorizon. software development and electronic manufacturing. X-RAY CENTER has over 13 years of manufacturing X-Ray baggage machines and door type metal detectors. software. ALPET is an oil distribution brand of the well-known Turkish company Altinbas Holding. Security software programs can automatically vector high-resolution. ALPET is providing the best quality products with currently 100 gasstations located at the most strategic spots of Albania.Company Profile LABTECH is a unique corporation dedicated to producing technical education training systems and equipment for vocational technical schools. Products in X-ray machines include small size. Training systems of Labtech have been developed to meet the challenging needs of newly and rapidly industrializing nations. day-night PTZ cameras to any suspicious activity from command and control centers or remotely.gateelektronik. Savar. Europe and Asia. Ministry of National Defense Facility Security Certificate and Ministry of National Defense Manufacturing permission .com. depot level maintenance of military/industrial systems. www. hand baggage and hold baggage systems. FOTONIKS Electronics and Electro Optics Company is one of the Turkish defense industries. direct sea shipping by its own vessel provided with excellent customer service. large area coverage well beyond perimeter fence lines. Turkey. Flight Simulator Software Development and Design and Production of Jammer Systems. Ballistic Protective Vest. which is operating in Energy & Petroleum and Overseas Shipping & Delivery. R & D and a stabile Linux platform ensuring greater system stability. etc. Gate Elektronik is a defense industry and provides services in the field of electronics. as well as large storage capacities. was founded in 1996 and is the leading enterprise in the production of Ballistic Protective Cap. Industrial & Military System Computer and Test and Measurement Systems. They are innovative with extensive knowledge of the www. the Allied Armed Forces. www. X-Ray Center Ltd products are multienergy and meet all applicable international health and safety regulations. TRIAD provides virtual fence system to enhance perimeter security for high value targets like air bases. For over 15 years Labtech has been designing and producing Technology Training Systems that are now used in over 30 countries. They have the necessary facilities regarding human resource. The company also offers Voice Communication Control System. Such systems are integrated with Ground Radar and Super Long Range Cameras for TRAID American International Force Protection Electronics and Electro Optics are the mainstay of the company whose goal is to supply high quality products like thermal imagers and range finders. It is working in Test Program SetsTPS development & ATUs (Adaptors for Test Units).

allowing it to conduct classified projects and to process classified data. MilSOFT.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. It builds reliable and comfortable boats at a minimum cost within the time limits and according to the quality standards in order to maintain maximum customer www. Integrated Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and RF Jammer System.proteksan-turquoise. SDT. is a system integration and software development company having business presence and interest in defense Ahmad. is an engineering company operating mainly in defense sector. Their mission is to be a market leader to define parameters and to shape the future of security.Company Profile MIKES Microwave Electronic Systems are “Electronic Warfare Specialist of Turkey in Aerospace”. It is driven by R&D. Proteksan Turquoise. a leading university of Turkey in SDT .com. efficiency. www. Respons and dependability are two qualities that differentiate HMI Security from others.BeyondTheHorizon. MIKES is specialized in design. Spread (Self Protection Expendables Airborne Dispenser) and Counter Measures (Chaff & Flare) Dispensing System. MilSOFT is a 100% Turkish national firm which offers cost-effective products to its customers and competes in the national and international Turkey. using the current and the latest technologies developed from the research and development activities conducted. CMDS MIKES has been providing EW systems for all the fighters of the Turkish Air Force (TUAF) and helicopters of the Turkish Armed Forces. Our security staff understands the threats and is well trained to counter it effectively. SDT possesses ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification by BVQI and NATO & National Secret Level Facility Clearance Certificate. supported by a highly skilled workforce operating in high tech manufacturing and life cycle support of Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems. investment and modern management. Major products include MIDAS (Mikes Integrated Defensive Aid System). Located in the premises of Middle East Technical University. development. is a world class yacht building company. SDT's primary goal is to focus on R&D projects and to develop high technology products and engineering solutions for Turkish and export market. HMI Security Company aims to provide first class services tailored to suit client's needs. Turkey.

pk .com.Company Profile Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Ahmad Jawad Dr. (R) Adnan Siddiqui Cdr.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. Hina Mahmood Zaira Sadat Huma Mahmood Kashif Mahmood Tabriaz Ullah Mehreen Bano Haseeb Iftikhar Saad Nisar Dr. (R) Muhammad Yousaf Khan Aman ul Haq Mirza Jawad Ayub Baig Nusrat Ullah Mirza Khan Arbab Hidayat Ullah Khawar Raja Salman Ullah Khan Muhammad Saeed Awan Zulfiqar Ali Raja Waqas Ullah Khan Arsalan Syed Sarah Khan www.) Regional Manager (Lahore) Managing Director (Singapore) Managing Director (Germany) Joint Managing Director (Germany) Manager Web Design & Development Assitant Manager Web Design & Development Web Developer Web Developer Regional Manager (Faisalabad Concept/Graphic Designer Content Developer Content Developer SCO/Research Ahmad.BeyondTheHorizon. Talat Mirza Muhammad Sufyan Faizan Ullah Riaz Rishayel Mir Furqan Zaib Designation Chief Executive Officer Chief Advisor Int’l Affairs (Hons) Director (EW and Security) General Manager (Aerospace and Maritime) General Manager (Sales) General Manager (ICT) General Manager (Finance) Regional Director (KPK) Regional Manager (South) Manager (Test & Measurement) Deputy Manager (Aerospace) Assistant Manager (Sales) Assistant Manager (Commercial) Assistant Manager (Admin. Dr Talat Mahmood

Some of the services that we offer have been outlined below: Capacity Building / Program Management Division ? Establishing Project Management Office. Project Costing. 3G and 4 G Technology ? Technical Human Resource Outsourcing / Offshore Development Center Software Solutions and System Integration ? Network Management System. Datacenter/ Disaster Recovery and Hardware Installation ? Comprehensive onsite annual support services ? Installation / Integration. Productivity and Efficiency Enhancement ? Trainings .ICT Solutions & System Integration We offer our services in almost every facet of Information & Communication Technology and at very competitive . Restaurant Management System Real ? Payroll & Resource Monitoring System ? Telemedicine for rural and remote areas by using electro medical equipment ? Complete Web based Health Care Management Information System for Hospitals and Doctor ? eServices Solutions for IT Governance ? Complete Enterprise Resource Management Planning Solutions ? Provision of Licensed Software IT Infrastructure Deployment Services System Integration Services from BTH feature supply. Project Management PMP. Testing / User Acceptance ? Training on technologies such as Operating Systems (Microsoft / Solaris / Linux) . Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Ahmad. management and methodology. Microsoft. Customer Support Management System. Computer Information System Security. Project Planning and Controlling ? Change Our implementation team members have relevant certifications including Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).Portfolio Management. Juniper.Company Profile BTH Division 1. among Migration. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). software and onsite support services. Program Management. Oracle. and ISO27001LA. Dell. Our services include the following: ? Technology implementation. We adhere to IT Industry best practices in terms of project execution. Prince2. HP. installation and integration of hardware. Our services are backed by our partnerships with leading technology vendors such as IBM. Program Management Service. Organizational Behavior.BeyondTheHorizon. Order Tracking System. Sales Opportunity Management ? Estate www.

TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT & Cover UHF Duplex Video Link System With Optional IP Link. TACTICAL COMMUNIUCATION MONITORING .Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon.FinIntrusion Kit. FinFly ISP 2. Pakistan is faced with ever expanding and multidimensional threat of asymmetric warfare jeopardizing economy. IMSI Catcher. FINFISHER IT INTRUSION. GSM Audio Microphone. development. entrepreneurs. FinFly Web. politicians. FinSpy P C & FinSpy Mobile.Long Range Audio Capturing & Recording System. XPZ Wireless IP. Division 2 of BTH works in provisions and solutions. Digital Stereo/Audio surveillance System. STRATEGIC COMMUNUCATION MONITORING – IP Monitoring. 3G Direction Finder 4. Storage technologies such as SAN / NAS (IBM / www.Micro video camera Ahmad. including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? Online blogs for celebrities. Web development and online promotion Web ? E-commerce websites ? Dynamic corporate websites ? application development Web ? Multilingual website development to target local/regional markets ? Online promotion and search engine marketing. TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE COUNTER MEASURES EQUIPMENT. public and private life and property. Crisis Management System 3. Fin USB Suite. Satellite Signal Analysis Solution. Hitachi) ? service deliverables comprise Solution Design / Architecture Documentation. FinFly LAN. COFDM IP System. Targeted Interception. Miniature Digital Audio Transmitter. The areas we cover include the following: 1. Square Microphone Array.BeyondTheHorizon. Media Mining System. FinFly USB.Company Profile Database (MS SQL / Oracle). Audio/Video Recorder. Technical Documentation. supply of hardware and system software Web Design & Development BTH Web Design & Development Division provides following services ? design. FinFire Wire. Network security (Juniper / Cisco). GSM/GPS Tracking System . Mini Digital Video Recorder. Our Project Implementation Plan. social workers and people from all walks of life BTH Div 2 – EW and Security Solutions Being at the forefront of global war on terror. GSM Location and Tracking System. to enhance security and protection. Data Retention System. both for government and private organizations.Mapplication Software.

Turkey ? CBRNE Detection. USA TRIAD ? Tubitak. Mobile Phone Detector. Handheld Multipurpose Detector. Pocket Jammers. Turkey ? Elekral.Portable VIP Protection Case. Spares Support & Wire Harness Training 2. VIP non technical TSCM Kit. Turkey ? Ballistics. Portable/ Handheld Explosives Trace Detector. UK ? Czech Republic T-CZ. Body Scanner. Turkey ? Defence Industries. GSM Jammers. Turkey ? Genet. GSM/UMTS detection and local system. 8. Turkey ATH ? Havelsan EHSIM. UK ? Spectronics. Ultra View Wall Analyser. Engines Overhaul. Military Transport Aircraft Avionic Up www. Sensors Based Perimeter Security System. Under Vehicle Surveillance. .BeyondTheHorizon. 1.Virtual Fence System using Radar and Super Cameras. GSM Based Bug Detector VIP SECURITY PRODUCTS . EOD Van JAMMERS . Conference Room Jammers. Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army Aviation and Civil Aviation. Fake Cell monitoring Detector. Advanced LAN/WLAN analyser. in collaboration with global military giants in Aerospace Technology. Portable Jammers. Food Detection Kit. Electric Perimeter Fence 6. ? Aappro. GPS Jammers PERIMETER SECURITY .com. Turkey ? USA REI. Handheld/Portable spectrum analyser. Radiation Detector. TSCM personal Kit. 3G Denial of Service System. Spares support & Ahmad.Company Profile detector. ? AVENTURA Technologies. X-RAY scanning system. UK ? Interactive Defence. Digital Professional Pocket Bug Detector. Portable Walk Through Metal Detector. 3D X-RAY Software. Engines Overhaul. Turkey Savar ? XRC-X-Ray. Principals ? Gamma Group. Fighter Air Craft Avionics Up Gradation.Convoy Jammers. the Aerospace Technologies Division.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. provides products and services to Pakistan Air Force. USA BTH Div 3 – Aerospace Keeping in line with the vision and objectives of Beyond The Horizon.

Turkey ? Havelsan Ehsim.Company Profile Wire Harness Training Civil Aircraft Avionic Up Gradation . Engines Overhaul. Emergency Handset & VHF Radio Direction Finder Systems Air Defence Systems Ground Support & Handling Systems Radars 3. Spares support & Training Wire Harness Acquisition / Lease/ Financing of Commercial Air Crafts IL-76/78 Air Refueler 15. Air Defence Simulator Training and Flight Simulator Training Air Traffic Data. Switzerland ? Copper Chase. 16. Lease & Financing Acquisition / Leasing/ Financing of UAVs Simulator Training System & Full Mission Simulators Naval Aviation – Repair / Spares / Services of Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Helicopters Army Aviation – Repair / Spares / Services of Aircraft and Helicopters Airborne EW systems Air Traffic Control Simulator Training. 18. USA ? Worx. 9. 12. China ? Pyramis Aerospace LLC. 6. 11. Automatic Terminal Information Services & Flight Data Management Systems Air Ports Radars & Radio Systems Air Ports Day & Night Lighting Systems ATC Receiver / Decoder.BeyondTheHorizon. 14. 17. UK ? Czech Republic T-Cz. USA Ahmad. Information Display. 5. 8. Finland ? www. Crash . Foreign Principals ? Defense & Security Solutions. Czech Republic ? Skyhow. USA Aero ? EMTEQ. Turkey ? Interactive Defense Group. Singapore ? Anoyay Technologies.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. 13. 4. Turkey ? Equipment Group LLC. ? PAMCO. 7. Digital VCC. Turkey ATH ? Tamron Aviation.

Long Range Surveillance Systems 19. Laser Range Finders 18. following the mission of BTH.BeyondTheHorizon. Naval Equipment and Sensors 16. Security and Naval Sensors & Equipment. Command & Control Systems 6. Sea-shore Communication. Night & Day Viewing Systems 14. Harbor Defense Systems. Commercial Ship Building & Repair 3. Thermal Imaging Sensors Foreign Principals ? Dearsan Ship Building & Repair Company ? Proteksan Turquoise Yachts – Inc ? Marin Llc Turk ? Havelsan Ehsim Ahmad. NVGs 11. Airborne ESM systems .Maritime Technologies Maritime Technologies Division. Simulation. This division provides all service support through its well established system with the collaboration of OEM. is constantly exploring world renowned advanced industries in the field of Maritime. Integrated Combat Management System 4. Armouring of SUVs and sedan vehicles ( level A9/B6+ standards ) Electro-Optic Sensors 17. Long Range Cameras with Multi-Sensor and Laser Range Finder as well 20. Airborne EW systems 10. This division deals in ship building & repair. especially in electronics and naval technology. Naval Aviation – Repair / Spares / Services of Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Helicopters www. The staff provides a combination of technical competence. Naval Aviation & avionics.Company Profile BTH Div 4 .com.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. Areas of Technology 1. Harbor Defense Systems 15. with operational experience acquired through service in Pakistan Navy and the corporate world. Naval Combat Systems 5. Naval Ship Building & Repair 2. Digital Video-Audio Transmission Systems 13. Training System & Full Mission Simulators 7.

pk www. lifts & escalators and possible retrofit measures. USA BTH Div 5 – Power & Energy BTH is committed to providing quality power and energy products and services in Pakistan. Solar films/waste energy reduction Energy Efficiency & Conservation With the dwindling energy resources. Hydel Energy 5. we would also like to provide cost-effective renewable energy solutions to our customers. sky rocketing energy tariffs and ever increasing load shedding.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. Thermal Energy 4. These can include the necessary operational changes for air conditioning.BeyondTheHorizon. Having links with top-of-the-line foreign firms and investors in the field. Bio-fuel Energy 6. Ahmad. there is a great potential in the Pakistani economy for investment in this sector.Company Profile ? Turkey ATH ? Interactive Defence Turkey ? Fotoniks ? Alpine Armouring Inc. BTH is very well established in the area of energy and water conservation both in buildings and industry. We carry out the necessary analysis and identify appropriate measures to reduce energy consumption and ensure from 40 to 50 percent BTH is very well positioned to improve the power & energy situation in the country. Fortunately. lighting. Wind Energy 3. Areas of Technology 1. Solar Energy . Since the demand for fossil fuel leads to the degradation of the environment. Due to continuing power and energy crisis. the need for energy conservation is of paramount importance.

Turkey ? ROKETSAN. Turkey ? MIKES. Weapons and Sensors 2. Turkey ? ANTENSAN. Electric and electronic system equipment and parts Foreign Principals ? ROHDE & SCHWARZ.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. Simulators and Training Systems 8. Battle Management Systems 10. Turkey ATH ? INTERACTIVE DEFENCE. Electro-Optics and Night Vision Devices 9. Turkey ? . Czech Republic ? Czech Republic T-CZ. Germany ? PAMCO Group. Turkey ? B Research & Development. ammunitions 11. power units 12. Areas of Technology 1. Turkey ? TAPASAN. Turkey HTR ? TUBITAK. Command and Control Systems 4. Engines. Turkey ? DEFENCE & SECURITY SOLUTIONS. Germany · ZK Software Ahmad.BeyondTheHorizon. Land Systems.Artillery equipment 5. ? HAVELSAN Profile BTH Div 6 – Ground Defense Systems and Solutions BTH Division-6 is constantly endeavoring to bridge the technology gap in areas of Ground Defense where it focuses on the requirements of Pakistan Army in the following Electronic Warfare Systems 6. Turkey ? Radar. Communication and Broadcasting Systems 3. Turkey ? GATE. Chemicals and processes. Turkey ? ASPILSAN. Mobility and Mechanization-Tracked Vehicles www. explosives.

Network testing equipment. PTA.Thermal Imaging Fault Locators. MTC.BeyondTheHorizon. Vibration Analysis Equipment www. .Company Profile BTH Division 7 . Probes. NORI. Pakistan Ordnance Factories. Spectrum Analyser. Bio medical Instruments. in collaboration with world renowned leading manufacturers of Test and Measurement equipment. etc. AERO. Ministry of IT and Telecommunication and Special Communications Organization etc. Fibre Optics Power Meter. IC Tester.Signal Generators. Frequency Counter.RF Probe. USA Lab ? Microwave USA Nova ? Div 8 – Financial Solutions BTH Ahmad. High Precision Power Analysers. Testers. Modulator Domain Analysers and Vector Network Analysers 4. OTDR. TIC and Infrared Thermal Imaging 9. SPD. Length Tester & Fault Locators. USA ? Grainger Inc.Optical Power Tester. USA Fluke ? Transcat. Calibration Instruments 6. USA ? National Instruments. Digital Pattern Generators. Circuit Analysis Equipment. Health Monitoring Equipment – Endoscopic equipment.Test & Measurement The Test & Measurement Division. Basic Digital and Analogue Meters . Vector Signal Analyser. 7. Fibre Optics Testing Instruments/Meters . DGDP. MSA. PAEC.).X-Ray and ECG Machines 11. Process Meters and AVO 2. Institute of Space. PTCL.Oscilloscope. HIT. public and private universities and colleges. USA ? Tech. makes BTH unique in competitive environment with cutting edge technology in order to meet the needs of our valued customers like the Armed Forces of Pakistan. KRL.Multi Meters. LCR Meters. EMF Meters. SUPARCO. PIA. polytechnic institutes. Pulse Generators. PMO. Fibre Optic Test Kit. private industries. Protocol Analyser. Cable Tester 8. oil & gas exploration & refineries. Areas of Technology 1. AWC. Volt and Continuity Meters. Function Generators Frequency Synthesiser & DC Power Supplies 3.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. public sector organisations (PAC Kamra. Signal Generating Equipment . banking and hospitals. Logic Analyser. HMC. Time & Frequency Test and Measurement 5. Special To Type Test Equipment Foreign Principals ? ROHDE & SCHWARZ. Signal Tracer. NTC. Logic Tester. Clamp Meters & Testers 12. KRL. Germany ? Networks Inc. Inc. PINSTECH. HEC. Clamp Meters & Testers. Temperature test and measurement.

Wisdom Securities is a full-service securities brokerage company at the Islamabad Stock Exchange having office in ISE Towers. We also provide Stock Market Research. Presently the Wisdom Securities is mainly engaged in the business of A corporate member of the Islamabad Stock Exchange. It is a Corporate Member of Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited and registered as a Brokerage House under the Brokers & Agents Registration Rules. 2001 with Securities and Exchange Commission of . incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 2005.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. It provides services in the area of sale and purchase of shares and guides the clients as how to www. Business Development.Company Profile BTH Div 8 – Consultancy Services We provide Technical. Marketing and Research Consultancy Services in all our areas of expertise (Div-1 to Div-9) BTH Div 9 – Financial Solutions BTH covers this area through Wisdom Securities (Pvt) Limited. Ahmad.

Chief Advisor Int'l Affairs (Hons).pk www. Talat Mahmood. BTH and Ahmad Jawad. Kashif Mahmood. Germany) Ahmad. Huma Mahmood. Joint Managing Director (Germany). Dr. Managing Director (Germany) outside BTH Europe office. (Berlin.BeyondTheHorizon.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon.Company Profile BTH BEYOND THE HORIZON TRANSLATING PASSIONS BTH GERMANY BEYOND THE HORIZON UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Beyond The Horizon UG (Haftungsbeschränkt i. CEO BTH.) From left. Dr.

com.Corporate Member of Islamabad Stock Exchange (2011). Engineering Universities. Intelligence Agencies and Civil Aviation (FY 2001-2011). The APFB promotes bilateral business and scientific and cultural relations between Germany and Asia-Pacific countries.www. which actively fosters German-Pakistani business. Dr.D. in Industrial Economics was obtained from both. His second Ph. Sales & Marketing. as the founding Managing Director of Rohde & Schwarz Pakistan.wisdomsecurities. He received his Masters in Computer Sciences at the Technical University Berlin. Navy. was the youngest founding executive in that capacity in Pakistan (2004) for a world renowned multinational company. besides a number of in-country and foreign courses in Human Resource Development. Talat Mahmood. ?Hosted numerous seminars on the latest technology at national level (2004-2011). KAMRA. Management. AWC. Review of Economics and Statistics. Small Business Economics. ?As TV Anchor Person. conducted more than 500 live programs for PTV (2002-2008) ?As TV Producer. produced documentary on earthquake for PTV (2005). He has diverse and unique professional experience: ?Being local representative and Managing Director of World renowned multinational company in Pakistan in the most specialized field of Electronics and Communication engineering – the only example of foreign investment in such fields in the entire history of Pakistan (FY 2001-2011). Dr. engaged in B2B events and assisted companies in conducting market studies on investment opportunities in Pakistan. Economic . acting as liaison officer.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon.V. One of his major accomplishments as President of Pakistan Forum of APFB has been to locate suitable German-Pakistani Joint Venture partners.Company Profile Beyond The Horizon (Team Profiles) Ahmad Jawad Chief Executive Ahmad Jawad. Mahmood acquired a highprofile network in the German and Pakistani business and political arenas. SUPARCO. ?As naval officer. served 16 years in Navy onboard submarines and ships (1985-2001) ?As MD Rohde & Schwarz established a Test & Measurement market of 2 million Euros annually from a zero market(2004-2011) ?Participated in numerous international seminars and exhibitions around the globe. He has numerous awards/Appreciation to his credit: ?From Minister of Foreign Affairs for outstanding duties during OI/C conference 1996.AikNayaPakistan. Berlin. investment. in Industrial Engineering. ?As MD Rohde & Schwarz secured order income of US $ 500 million (FY 2002 – 2011) ?As MD Rohde & Schwarz accomplished projects for Pakistan Army. Management & International Relations. the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB). Mahmood is working as a Senior Fellow at the largest European think tank. Mobile and Telecom Market. During the last fifteen years. Dr. Mahmood is President of the Pakistan trade.). Ahmad. Professionally. and cultural relations. ?R&S Award for best marketing performance among 70 countries in Rome (2005). Pakistan www. He holds a Master's degree in Information Technology and two Honors degrees in Marine Sciences. ?From Deputy Chief of Naval Staff for excellent services. ?Currently working as CEO Wisdom Securities Pvt Ltd . Police.BeyondTheHorizon. where he also received his first Ph. Test & Measurement and RF Technology. ?From US Embassy during Operation Enduring Freedom. Naval Aviation. Dr. established in 1996. He has also accompanied German investment delegations to Pakistan. and Review of Industrial Organization. a founding member of the Asia-Pacific-Forum Berlin (APFB e. PAF & Army Aviation. He has taught at several universities as an Industrial Economist and has published papers in established international journals like European Economic Review.www. the Technical and the Humboldt Universities. In the organizational structure of the APFB. Talat Mahmood Chief Advisor Int'l Affairs (Hons) BTH is pleased to win the honorary services of Dr. ?Founder and Chairman of “Aik Naya Pakistan” a website to create awareness for modern and progressive Pakistan (2011).com. Dr. Frequency Allocation Board. ?R&S Award in two categories for best performance among 70 countries in Beijing(2006) ?R&S Award for 10 Years exceptional performance in Austria among 70 countries(2011) Dr. Motorways. Dr. Communication Skills. In this function he has provided his services to both German and Pakistani companies and business associations in organizing Business Days in Berlin with high-level delegations from the corporate and political world.

Talat Mahmood in Berlin for IT-Conference Founder Members of Beyond The Horizon Beyond the Horizon Team With Rohde & Schwarz Management Professional Environment. . Dr. Mian Abrar Ahmad President Karachi Chamber of Commerce.Company Profile Signing of MoU in Berlin. Dr. Focus & Team Work Ahmad. Director PGBF. From Left. MD BASF Hafiz Sheikh and German Ambassador in Islamabad among others From left.Vice President PGBF. Dr. Dr. Talat Mahmood. Director PGBF Chairman Privatization Commission. Talat Mahmood. Dr.BeyondTheHorizon. Talat Mahmood with Federal Minister Dr. President PGBF and Dr. Director PGBF. Hafeez Sheikh and Secretary PC CEO SIEMENS Pakistan. Prof. Atta-ur-Rehman and Dr. President PGBF.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon.

Company Profile At EMTEQ Switzerland head office in Zurich with Senior Executive of EMTEQ CEO at FOTONIKS Electronik Ankara with FOTONIKS Management Mr.BeyondTheHorizon. Jamshed Meraan. Ahmad Jawad at farewell dinner by Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pacific MD .pk Erich Freund Ahmad. & Mrs.

Jinnah Avenue. 55-B. Badar Commercial Street 12. CA USA EIN: 45 – 3808700 Armagan Kayra.G. 5703050 Fax: +92 91 5850079 Dr.13353 Berlin Germany 51 Tampines Ave 1 #06-03 Singapore 529771 Singapore Office Asia Pacific Office Middle East Office USA & Canada Zaira Sadat.Company Profile Our Network Headquartered in Islamabad. Talal Mirza.1(Rundbau) D. Managing Director Tel: 0065 97737102 Dubai USA Office Registration in Process BTH. Islamabad. 35853120 Fax: +92 21 32853347 Lahore Office Central H # 32-B/ .pk Ahmad. Lahore Hina Mahmood Regional Manager Mob: + 92 345 5001650 Tel: +92 42 35172832 Fax: +92 42 35172832 Hidayat Ullah Khawar Regional Director Mob: + 92 333 9111788 Tel: +92 91 5850079.) im Business Center Westhafenstr. Johar Town. Managing Director Mob: +19493752504 Office # 314. Lasani Town. Peshawar Faisalabad Liaison Office House No. Saddar Block. 13 P. DHA Phase IV Extension. Managing Director Tel: 0049-17674113059 Peshawar Office North 2-Rehman Baba Road Khyber Pakhtunkhwa University Town.BeyondTheHorizon. we have branch networks at following regions Location Karachi Status South Office Address 56/C. Ground Regional Manager Mob: + 92 3137199920 Tel: + 92 41 2681445 Huma Mahmood.Jawad@BeyondTheHorizon. LLC 3162 West Canyon Avenue San Diego. Sarghoda Road Faisalabad Berlin Office Europe BTH-Germany Beyond The Horizon UG (haftungsbeschränkt i. 44000 BTH BEYOND THE HORIZON TRANSLATING PASSIONS Tel: +92 51 2894365-67-68 Fax: +92 51 2894366 Mobile: +92 3455177777 www. Regional Manager South Mob: + 92 345 5001636 Tel: +92 21 35853099. ISE Towers. Karachi Headed By Salman Khan.