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General Guidelines/ Safety tips:

Kindly read care fully the enclosed user's m anual and instructions on the PIN



Sign the back o f your Card as soon as you re ceive it

Use your new card on an ATM imm ediately to change the system generated PIN

Please change your PIN to a new four digit num ber of yourchoice, memorise


and de stroy the PIN m ailer. Pre ferably, change it every quarter

Never use a PIN tha t could be easily gue ssed, e .g. yourbirthday ortelephone number

Please do not write your PIN on the card or anywhere else


keep the Personal Identification Num ber (PIN) se cre t and do not

disclose the PIN to anybody including a family m em ber or your banker. In case the PIN is divulged, please change your PIN im m ediately at any State Bank Group ATM. Giving your card and disclosing PIN to som eone is like giving a blank signed cheque

Please re frain from taking help from any strangers in the ATM room

Beware o f “Shoulder surfing”, i.e ., shield your PIN from onlookers by using

your body. Once you com ple te your transaction, che ck to be sure that you have your Card and your re ceipt, and then leave imm edia tely. Never le t anyone see you enter your PIN

Please do not allow any other person to enter the ATM room when you are

transacting on the ATM and similarly please wait outside the ATM room if anybody is already inside . Please keep a separate note of your card num ber and associated account

num ber. The se particulars will be ne ce ssary for blo cking the card in case of loss of the card. Be alert. If you find signs o f any ex ternal fitting s or loose wiring, report to the

bank/ contact centre and use another ATM 24 x 7 Sta te Bank Contact Centre num ber is toll fre e 1800112211 (from BSNL and MTNL Land line s) or 080- 25608470 from other line s

Taking care of your card:

Your card is very im portant and m ust be kept safely

Store the ATM-cum -Debit Card care fully so that the m agneticstripe does not

The card m ust not be kept near a TV

Store your Card in a se cure place where you will im m ediately know if it is


get damaged Never leave your Card unattended, e .g., in your car, in a hotel room or at work .

Did you know…


You can ge t cash within 60 se conds from an ATM anywhere and at any time

You can che ck your account balance on ATM

You can print last few transactions of your account through ATM

State Bank ATM-Cum -Debit Card is a PIN based se cure card.

Card with PIN can be used for withdrawal of m oney from ATMs as well paym ent o f bills a t shops, re staurants, pe trol pum ps, e tc., which display Mae stro logo. Please note tha t the Bank bears no liability for the unauthorized use of the Card and the re sponsibility is fully o f the Cardholder.