Net #15
Practical Test
Estimated Time Frame (3h)


mejix. A category can have multiple W: www. Fields that need to be displayed: Present the items on the search page using paging Important Notes • • • Items in the Database can be added by manually Even if more Items are added it is OK to have only 2 different images for all The Database will contain tables for users and products. The structure of the data base is at your choice Mejix SRL.Practical Test Estimates Time Frame – 2h 30min Please implement the flowing tasks Create a small website application that will implement the following requirements: • Create a Login Page o o • o o • o o • o o o o o • interface will contain only 2 textboxes (username and password) and a button for login design is not important add validations client and server side for client side validations you can use custom javascript or any libraries available after the user logs in successfully the user will see a search result page that will display all available products from the database the user should not be able to access this page without being logged in Item Name Item Image Item Description Category Name Each Product can have multiple Categories.214 E: gabriel@mejix.744.MEJIX TEST #15 . Create logic for login Create a search result page Display search result items in the page. Romania T: +40. Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca. . Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca. simple.214 E: W: www. Romania T: +40.744.What we looking for General • • • • Full working code No errors Clean.configurable from web. commented code Optimize search for best performance Database Get additional points by This requests are not mandatory • • • make the items per page variable .mejix.config arrange the pages to have a nice look. by using css classes add search by keyword in the search result page Mejix SRL.

} public void Test<T>(T t) where T : struct { . 4 }. 2. System.WriteLine(stringValue2 + " ").744.WriteLine(array2[0]).... var array = new[] { 1. } public void Test<T : struct>(T t) { . var array2 = array. array[0] = 99. What is the output of the following program? namespace NmTest { class Program { static void Main() { var stringValue = "Hello World!".com W: www..Console.272. How do you declare a generic method that takes one parameter which must be a value type? • • • • public void Test<struct T>(T t) { ...mejix.. } } } Hello World! 1 Mejix SRL.Console. Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca. 3. } 2.. Romania T: +40.MEJIX TEST #15 . System. stringValue = "Hello World 2!".214 E: gabriel@mejix. } public void Test<T>(T t) T is struct { .com . var stringValue2 = stringValue.Quiz Estimates Time Frame – 30min Please answer the following questions 1.

com . System. } } } 20 W: www. int? c = null. Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca.mejix.3. Which Property of the Exception Class should you use to get find the line of code that caused the exception? • • • • Data Source StackTrace Message 5.214 E: gabriel@mejix.WriteLine( a + c ?? b ).272. int? b = 20. Romania T: +40. An abstract class • • • • may contain constructors may contain instance variables may extend another class all options are true Mejix SRL.744.Console. What is the output of the following program? namespace NmTest { class Program { static void Main() { int a = 10.

The runtime resolution of method calls. private A() { } public static A Instance { get { if ( A == null ) A = new A(). Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca. return instance.6.mejix. } } } • • • • Factory Abstract Factory Singleton Builder 7. Which design pattern is shown below? public class A { private A W: www.744. In Object Oriented Programming.272. how would you describe encapsulation? • • The conversion of one type of object to another. Mejix .214 E: gabriel@mejix. Romania T: +40.

272. The view is responsible only for displaying the data. Please write few website you constantly use for documenting or solving issues you might have while programming. The separation of interface and implementation.214 E: gabriel@mejix. What is the difference between POST and GET in a html form. Romania T: +40.744. 8. which is not visible to the user. Please define the concept of MVC MVC is a design pattern that has three components: the model. Stackoverflow. while the POST method uses the request body. W: www. The model is responsible for handling date. The controller implements the business logic on top of the model.• • The exposition of Mejix MSDN Codeproject.mejix. and is independent of the model and the view. the controller and the view. . Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca. which is visible to the user. and can transmit larger amounts of data than GET method. The GET method uses the URL querystring to transmit the values from the form. and exposes data to the view. . Eugen Ionesco 40 / 6 Cluj Napoca.214 E: gabriel@mejix. Mejix W: www.mejix. Romania T: +40.THANK YOU.272.