The Black Beret Liberation Movement Milwaukee Chapter

12 Point Mission of the Black Beret Liberation Movement

1. We recognize that we are Afrikan people, not African-Americans. We will work to foster cooperation between Afrikans in America and Afrikans throughout the diaspora;

2. We place the liberation of our people above all else, including religion and geographic region;

3. We wholly reject Euro-centrism and white society. We do not uphold European ideals or standards;

4. Though we understand full well who our enemy is and will always remain wary of the white man, we recognize that our time is best spent loving our people as opposed to finding new ways to hate our enemy;

5. Anyone working against the liberation of Black people is an enemy, particularly Black people who drug, kill, abuse, denigrate, or manipulate their own;

6. The Black man and woman must work together in order to liberate our people. We will foster an atmosphere of love and respect between Black men and women, discourage miscegenation, and implement programs and initiatives to that end;

7. Reinforcement and reestablishment of the Black family unit is key to the empowerment of our people. We hold both the Black man and woman equally responsible for the degradation of the family unit, and will work to ensure that the Black man and woman equally contribute to its rebuilding;

8. Education of our children and our people must be centered in Afrikan consciousness in order to truly liberate the Black nation. We will create schools, community programs, and institutions that educate our people from an Afrikan perspective;

9. Economic and food security are paramount to the survival of the Black nation. We will implement programs and initiatives to encourage Black entrepreneurship, cooperative economics, community gardening, and the establishment of Black-owned farmers markets and co-ops;

10. We recognize that white society was not built to protect or bring justice to our people. We will commit ourselves to the empowerment of the Black nation to defend its own neighborhoods, women, children and elders, and take justice from the white man when justice is due;

11. We advocate that separation -- not segregation, integration, or assimilation -- is the only route to Black liberation. We will work to make it feasible for the Black nation to separate from white society and reclaim our place in Afrika. In addition, we will work to ensure that the reparations due to the Black nation are taken from the white man and rightfully given to our people;

12. We do not harbor any hate or ill-will towards Brown and Red people. We understand that white society has worked to create conflict between the Black, Brown, and Red man, and we will not further that divide.