Conclusion and recommendation

After analyzing the data it can be concluded that the following issues are currently are faced by soap industry and they need to be addressed and up gradation to meet the international standers and make the industry more efficient. 1. Energy Crisis: now Pakistan is facing a serious energy crisis and which leads the bad impact on the economy the shortage is badly affecting industry, commerce and daily life of people. Some firms produced their electricity through gas but now the gas is also shorted and firms are loosing their orders and profit. 2. Unstable Condition: unstable situation of politics, inflation, production cost and economical increasing the unrest into the public, war kind of situation like northern areas and pak-afgan borders effect the industry very badly. The investors are not interested in investing in any kind of industry 3. Trend change of customer: the trend of the customer in changing very fastly but the Pakistani soap industry is not responding according to the demand. The main problem is awareness and advertisement of the product. The manufactures not believed in advertisement and due to this they can’t be able to capture more market and the understanding of the trend. 4. Raw material price: the prices of raw material in Pakistan is not constant and low as compared to the other countries. so the Pakistani soap industry produced more expensive product as compared to the other which reduced the orders and difficult to compete the market. Another problem is the unstable exchange rate of US Dollar which impacts the raw material prices. 5.Cost higher than sale: due to low buying power of people due to inflation reduced the sale of the manufacture and makes the cost higher and business men are not able to reduced the gape between the sale and cost of production. 6. Increased in repair cost: our research showed that the soap industry do not have the proper skilled people to run the machines, and when ever they got problems thy have to call external technical which caused more expenses. 7. Tax regulation: the study showed that the tax regulation as compared to the international tax are not equal that’s why Pakistani soap industry are not able to compete the world market.. 8. lack of government support: in research we find out that the government in not interested in to support the industry especially the soap industry by imposing the heavy taxes and import duties and custom duties.

international and social problems. Dealers delayed payments: the research showed that the dealer don’t paid their payment on time which shake the interest of the business men. 13.although the oil prices are increased world widely but when they reduces the prices in Pakistan doesn’t goes down according to the world prices which caused to increase the prices of products.Transport expenses: to deliver the goods are also very high which makes the product little expensive then other countries . 18. 16. but Pakistan can also product palm oil if government start to fertilized their own tree in Pakistan. it is the government duty to provide the loan without interest through Islamic banking. The study has shown that the labor is not skilled and illiterate also there are no any formal or in formal tanning program for the labor due to lack of labor skill the soap industry is not efficient. 15. so that the manufacture can expand their production. No banking Support: in Pakistan we find that the business men don’t take the loan from the bank due to the interest which is haram in Islam so they believe in Islamic banking. Strikes:Pakistan have many local.china and iran producing the product of soaps. which creates many strikes into the market and labor don’t do their work according to the demand of the market. 11.9. 12. People makes the product of other brand and sell into the market and earn the . 10. Lack of R&d: the study shown that the research and development is not established in to the industry and the manufacture are also not interested to produces not product and capture new market most of the international industries have produced many liquid soap but the most of the Pakistani firms are not able to do that just because they are not up to the mark. and all the palm oil in supplied by the Malaysia.Need of palm oil: international soap industries make the soap through the palm oil which make the soap good in quality but in Pakistan soap manufacture don’t use the palm oil and use the fats which international market don’t like to buy. Manufacturing high cost: we find that the manufacturing cost is very high than india. which caused to delay the order on time and manufacture losses their orders with the passage of time.Lack of reach in Afghan market: we find out that Pakistan have no any proper access in afghan market to sell the soap although Afghanistan have demand which our industry can fulfils but the lack of government interest Pakistan is loosing the access of afghan market. Copywrites and trademarks: there are no any strict rule in Pakistan to restrict the copy writes violation. Labour problem. 17. 14.

Islamis banking: 5. Continous supply of electricity and gas: as discuss in issue the one major problem is faced by the industry is the energy crisis. 1. Improve the law of copy write and trademark: . like when a manufacture import new machine no one is able to run that machine properly labor have no knowledge to handle the machine and at the end machine not function effectively and process stop at the spot and manufacture have to invite the external technician to remove the problem of the machine. soap manufactures are not able to reduced the cost of production just because of shortage of electricity and gas. Research and development is very important because those industries who don’t make the innovation into their product they left behind to other.profit but damage the goodwill of the brand. but industry have the skill labor to international level it would reduces the cost of the manufacture and manufacture would be free to bring new machine in to the industry. Established of training and research center: a training center in required in the soap industry of Pakistan where labor can learn new thing which are using into the worldwide industries. because they change the name of the product by time and makes soaps many brand. 2. 3. and also their prices which caused to increase the price of products. Recommendations: Based on the finding that are studied the following measures are recommended to improve the situation of the soap industry and to make it able to the international soap industries. so that Pakistan can compete the world market according the world demand. so develop the R&D department is very important for the industry. Quality insurance system: 4.

Improvment in advertisement and awareness: 7.6.reduction in Tariff Taxes: 8.Technology up gradation .

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