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Members treat each other with respect. We want to work in a positive atmosphere within the group. In this process. All participants need to follow these rules to ensure the results for block 2 and 3. 3. disagreement is not a reason for poor behavior or poor manner. thus you need to check email regularly and answer them promptly. All members are accountable for their own tasks and are responsible for the group work. All ideas from all participants are valuable contributions. Freedom to discuss the ideas. Our group tends to use email as the tool to communicate. It is important that our group solve disagreement in different views to enhance our work. we ask for help from other groups or teacher. we can discuss it in the group meetings. Collaboration is central of our group. It also can bring the room for members to share knowledge and experience as well as freely raise their own opinion. All the work from each member should be aligned with the work from the other group members. we can consult each other or ask for external help. 2. therefore. We pride ourselves on building a productive and happy group. Group members must act honestly and fairly in all work. 7. 6. We should corporate to improve the quality of our work. if nobody can solve problems. Our work need to be done transparently and other members should be notified if there is a new direction to be taken. 10. if you are not able to attend. All partial products should be done in font (Arial) and font size (10). Importantly.GROUP CODE OF CONDUCT 1. the other participants should be notified and supplied with the supporting reason. 5. Each individual person should be involved in collaborating with other members of the group. A positive atmosphere within the group is needed to motivate group member for creativity. 4. the whole group remains responsible for the final outcome. we encourage the creativity idea to build SICA project. Besides that. Code of conduct signed for approval by: Julian Lückerath (0777747) Kim Bui (0844179) Qui Ngoc Chung (0854180) Robert Quartey (0856526) Mart Van de Pol (0795971) Thanh Hien Nguyen (0856529) Date of signature: 31-05-2012 2 . Regulation attendance: group members are expected to attend all group meetings. 9. 8. Group participant have to be available for group discussion. if we disagree on an idea. When we disagree or are uncertain about an answer. It is not allowed to turn arguments into a personal attack. As one member is accountable for his task.