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Module 4 Quick Test A

1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Complete the sentences using the correct form of get, have or make. They made a big mistake when they built that bridge. Lets _______________ a meeting to discuss what we are going to do. Shes only interested in _______________ promotion. Harold couldnt _______________ to the meeting because his car broke down. She wants to _______________ to the top. She _______________ a great idea for the new website. 5 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Underline the correct form of the word to complete the sentences. My wife is very beautiful/beauty/beauteous. Hyde Park is very attract/attractive/attraction at this time of year. Tower Bridge is impressive/impressionable/impressively. She walked across the room elegant/elegantly/elegance. There is loveable/lovely/loveless music in Brazil. The athletes moved gracefully/graceful/grace. This Prime Minister is very powered/powerful/empowered. There are scenic/scene/scenery views of the mountains. Shanghai is a glamorous/glamour/glamorously place. The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is stunned/stunning/stun. They danced effort/effortlessly/effectively. 10

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3 0

Rewrite these sentences in the passive. Architects are digging up the ruins of the old castle. The ruins of the old castle are being dug up.

Hilary and Tensing climbed Everest in 1953. Everest _was climbed in 1953________________________________:D__.

They are going to sell the Polaris diamond. The Polaris diamond _is going to be sold________________________________.

They offered her a job as a designer at Versace. She ___was offered a job as a designer ___________________________.

Someone must have taken the car during the night. The car __was taken during the night____________________________________.

People used to speak Welsh in this area. Welsh _was spoken in this area_______________:D___________.

Someone should stop the children from stealing apples. Children ___have to be stoped from stealing apples_______________.

We had asked for the owners permission. The owner _w;as asked for a permission_____________________________________.

They are changing the old factory into a theme park. The old factory _is being changed into a theme park__________.

The dentist extracted my bad tooth. My bad tooth _was extracted by dentist___________________________.


They gave him a prize in 2001. He _got a prize in 2001_________________________________________________. 10

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

4 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Put the verbs in brackets into the active or passive. I threw the ball and the dog caught (catch) it. I threw the ball and it _________________________(catch) by the dog. These songs _________________________(write) by John Lennon. They _________________________(build) a new hotel beside the beach. Leonardo Da Vincis Mona Lisa _________________________(paint) on canvas. The volcano last _________________________(erupt) in 2005. On this new CD, the violin _________________________(play) by Christian Umaa. The Pitt brothers _________________________(redecorate) our living room next month.

8 9 10

Lillian often _________________________(help) me with my homework. Who _________________________(repair) your car? The porridge _________________________(eat) by Goldilocks. 10

5 0

Change the verbs in brackets into the passive (ordinary or perfect) infinitive or gerund. Dont drink alcohol at the party. You wouldnt like to be disqualified (disqualify) from driving.

Do you think the director was offended by __________our request___??___ (ask) to leave the meeting?

2 3 4 5

The painting is likely __to be sold____________ (sell) for 600,000. Legoland may _have been visited_______ (visit) by 250,000 tourists next year. Renn liked __to be called__________ (call) Crum. There is nothing strange about __being frightened __________ (frighten) of dogs. 5

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

6 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. A lot of money has been invested in this project. The sauce was made __without_ cream because we knew you were on a diet. How much was the builder paid __for__ his work? The video recorder is wrapped __in__ plastic to keep it dry. His fur hat was made __out of__ sable skin. My attention focused __on__ the picture of Mary Rossetti. The guitar solo was played __with___ great technical expertise. I was surprised __by____ the offensive language she used. The baby was operated __just????????________ by the best heart surgeon in the USA. How much money will be invested __in___ the new underground railway line? A new civic hall was talked __about :DD____ at the meeting. 10

Total 50

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT