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English translation (from Pashto) of the Declaration Adopted by two-day Afghan National Jarga held in Peshawar on May

29-30, 2012.

Though the Afghan land has experienced wars since very long but the present war fought for the last decades by state and non-stat actors, supported from abroad has led to the killings of millions of Afghans, leaving million wounded and displaced, and their properties destroyed. It has left very negative and severe impact on political, economic, cultural and social lives of the Afghans on both sides of Durand Line. Some of these negative cruel, dirty and intolerable acts have tarnished the image of the Afghan culture and religion in the world. The afghan land, a land of peace and dialogues, is witnessing bloodshed and homicide and the whole area has been converted into a dump of explosives and ammunition. Millions of people lost their lives, millions of houses and the whole infrastructure destroyed, while millions of people, including children, women and elderly displaced and forced to live away from their homelands in miserable conditions. The prevailing sanctity and respect of masque, hujra, ulema, women and elders in the Afghan society has also been damaged. Pushtoon were portrayed as terrorists who are basically enlightened, tolerant and moderate or were exploited by outsiders for their ulterior motives. So they were both killed and also taunted. On the other hand, those external powers who are involved in this conflict are internally experiencing sever economic, political and


social crisis and are under immense internal pressure for peaceful its peaceful settlement. Therefore this two-day Afghan National Jarga calls upon all internal and external sides to the conflict to:

Immediately declare a cease-fire and stop military operations throughout the region including FATA and resolve the conflict through negotiations and peaceful means; Stop all sort of foreign interfere and instigation of violence in the region; Pakistan, Afghanistan and its neighboring countries should play there positive role in creating conducive environments for and facilitating the intra-afghan dialogue and they should extend there all out support to this drive; Calls upon the developed and prosperous nations to generously contribute and jump start reconstruction, rehabilitation and developmental programs in the war-ravaged areas of PushtoonAfghans lands for alleviating poverty and overcoming backwardness and bringing them on a par with the developed areas of the region; It is demanded that not only foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Afghans be immediately stopped but also the foreign troops be withdrawn according to the already announced agreement and road map; All parties to the Afghan conflict should develop a joint mechanism for the promotion and monitoring of these peace processes.






G. In light of the UN Sponsored tripartite agreements, the Afghan Refugees in Pakistan should not be maltreated. To achieve its objectives the Jirga decides that:



all the Jirga participants, representing different political, religious, social and literary and cultural organizations, have to convey the Jirga message to all corners of Afghan lands and every Afghan; A permanent committee headed by Muhammad Afzal Khan Lala is constituted and entrusted with the task to develop an action plan for restoration of peace on the Afghan lands through reconciliation. The committee on behalf of the Jirga, in coordination with the Afghan High Peace Council and contact all internal and external stakeholders of the conflict for its peaceful resolution. To call upon all the Afghans wherever they may be, whether they participated in this Jirga or not, to support the Jirga and its reconciliation efforts and play their due role in restoration of peace on the Afghan lands.