Marie Cecile Dumont (born circa 1787-1810, died 1881


Marie Cecile Dumont was born circa 1787 in the Saskatchewan Valley, Northwest
Territory; she died March 23, 1881. Cecile was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Dumont and
Josephte Sarcee. Cecile was married three times “according to the custom of the
country”. Her first husband was Jacques Berger (b. 1780). They had three children:

 Louise Berger born 1813 married Henry Munro Fisher and Jean Baptiste
 Rosalie Berger dit Framboise born 1815 married Joseph Deschamps.
 Pierre Berger born 1816 married Judith Wilkie.

Cecile's second marriage was to Joseph Desmarais (b. 1798).1

Her third marriage in 1822 was to Joseph Leblanc Laframboise (b. 1790), the son of
Joseph Laframboise Sr. dit Fafard and Josephte (Assiniboine). Joseph's sisters married the
brother's of Joseph's wife Cecile Dumont, Jean Dumont Sr. (married Marguerite
Laframboise) and Isidore Dumont. Isidore and Louise (LaFramboise) Dumont were the
parents of Gabriel Dumont, Louis Riel's second in command during the Metis Rebellion.

Children of Joseph Laframboise and Cecile Dumont are:

 Louis Laframboise, b. 1824 Pembina, Dakota territory; d. March 19, 1895, Neche,
Dakota territory.
 Cecile Laframboise, b. 1827, Red River Settlement, d. 1879, Montana.
 Joseph Narcisse Laframboise, b. December 1828, Turtle Mountain reservation,
Belcourt, d. 1905, Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt. He married Josephine
(Josette) Cottarau , Cantara, Catara.
 Angelique Laframboise, b. abt. 1834; m. Wabash Parenteau.

"Script Affidavit, Cecile Desmarais of the Parish of St. Boniface,
County of Selkirk, Provence of Manitoba, widow of Joseph Desmarias in
his lifetime a hunter of said place.
1. I am a Half-Breed head of family resident in the Parish of St.
Boniface of said county, in said province on the 15th day of July, 1870
consisting of myself.
2. I was born on or about 1800 in the Saskatchewan Valley
3. My parents were Jean Dumont my father a French-Canadian and Susette
(Assiniboine) my mother an Indian.
St. Boniface, 25 June, 1875...her X
RG15, Interior, D-11-8-a, Volume 1320, Reel C-14927, claim no. 661, date
of issue: 22 June, 1876

Joseph and Cecile Dumont Demarais are shown as #1240 in Sprague and Frye’s (1983) “Red River
Households 1818-1870. ‘

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