In The Klub 17 version 6.3.

0 ---------------------------CUSTOMIZER DRESS: - Separated Kill Bill suit from catsuit (Catsuit/Kill Bill was renamed Catsuit). - Clothes don't auto-remove (hide instead). - Added no dildo strapon. - Strapon acts like any regular clothes (see note). - "Fetish Panty" can worn with all strapons and change color independently from Strapon2. - Male foot wear can be used by all genders. - Horns, bunny ears, headphone/headset are now separated from the hats. - Moved Skeleton, bunny and fox masks to eye wear. - Renamed "Back" to "Wings". - New Guns item based on VC "Leather Gunslut" texture - Guns can change color independently from "ActionGirl Hotpants" - Added no small leg option for shorts. - Men socks and stocking/pantyhose/body stocking can be used by all genders. - Change order of stocking/pantyhose/body stocking and garter. CUSTOMIZER ACCESSORIES: - Added color options for all. CUSTOMIZER BODY: - Added invisible model option. - The 2 last hairstyles are available to Men. - Added more ears positions and ears size options. - Added breasts shape options. - Added more hair position options. - Added wings size/position options (moved wings from the Dress cat. plus new icon). - Added neck x and y size. - Beards option available to all genders. - Scrotum slider use same range for penis/strapon and scrotum inertia for strapon. CUSTOMIZER TATTOO: - Added arms/legs/hands spandex #3. - Fixed auto-camera for spandex. - Arms spandex #3 don't remove shoulder tattoo. - Added a new body spandex. - Added lower body spandex option. MODELS: - Removed Invisible Man and Woman. - Added Anna Seminovish, Lanny Barbie, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Wendy Fiore, Veronica Zemanova. MISC: - New title screen and background. - In Freemode orgasm is reached at 50% (jump to 100%). - In Freemode during cool down dropped down to 40% (instead of 20%). - Added leather neckband, hair #34/35, gun belt, headset and earring to - More outside links. - Strapon doesn't auto-remove with standard poses. - Updated banner pic and icons on Windows menu. - Added /clearlog option for the launcher executable (will clear game log before game startup). - Installer and updater now proposes "Custom Update" mode, where optional packages may be installed and managed.

1.Feet mod with shoes (ie platform). . piercings with spandex.Leather Neckband coloring bug.New 'ExBsData' tool using modular plugin architecture. .Completely rewritten all internal procedures.With Men headset.Several bug in Mod file (ie modded ball gag textures not visible for men).0: . customizations.New 'dirmerge'.PesEd: fixed a bug with tags not being updated when saving a file under new name.New GameSet format (see notes).import-content: fixed a couple of minor bugs.2. grouped all Outfit categories into an expandable subgroup.The application will now restart itself after completing an edit operation. TK17 Command Shell improved exception handling. .Added support for Shemale Outfits (didn't realize before there was a separate category for those). .New nipples.Fixed model folder name bug (untested).5 . . .3 . . .Fixed a bug with incorrectly encoded error messages from external applications being dumped to UTF16LE pipes (aka "Chinese text" bug).Syntax errors (missing commas) in mod file. . 'jcopy'.Changed application name from "BackupSet Manager" to "GameSet Manager".PesDir: added more filter templates. . . . . . .1. GameSet Manager v. . . models and community sequences).1: .Updated some man pages.With preset color for beards. 'hcopy' and 'hdcopy' utilities (see respective man pages for details).Forced application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.Forced application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.New ModGen framework for mod developers. . Content Importer GUI v.0: . ..New 'pack-tgc' tool (packs TGC files exported by the game with associated textures into an archive for distribution).Script for body customizer file.On options page. .Spandex color bug.texcount': improved accuracy (no longer counts room textures by default as those do not seem to affect the engine limit). . . PesEd GUI v1. FIXED BUGS: .PesDir: fixed a couple of errors in filter template definitions.Implemented /X and /D=<dir> command-line options to allow execution in "Express Mode". . . . models and community sequences). . .0.0. 'bsdecode'.PesDir: improved default sorting order for /s switch.0. .1. .1.Forced application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.Replaced 'build-mod-db' and 'build-models-db' tools by batch scripts calling ExBsData. 'bsencode'. .ge-extract: fixed some bugs. . .New 'texexport' tool (exports or lists textures defined for outfits.New standalone 'Options Manager' tool.Added 'Include related textures' option (will back-up textures defined for outfits.2. FaceGen Importer GUI v.

Added back the old body length slider. .Added nipple length/size options. . .0 ---------------------------CUSTOMIZER DRESS: . CUSTOMIZER BODY: .Added preset full body size and body type.New skirt/outfit can be used on Shemales.Added neck length option. .Added 2 new hairstyles.Added 22 eyebrows.As ModGen framework is intended for mod developers only. .Readjusted several body range value. small batch files were created in place of 'build-mod-db' and 'build-models-db' tools that will execute ExBsData with appropriate parameters to emulate the obsolete tools' behavior.For compatibility reasons. .db and models. . . . . . These commands can still be used to easily rebuild modfile. . CUSTOMIZER MAKEUP: .Added intensity lipstick option. .* * * RELEASE NOTES ------------. .2. .Added butt size X. .Muscle definition now shows through Spandex. .Updated several body icons.Most helmets and many hats can be used with hair. .Added no hair option for hats (can be enabled/disabled directly in freemode/se quencer). .Change order of piercing from eyebrows to legs. rename it "spine length".Updated tongue and teeth textures. that the new GameSet format is *incompatible* with the format previously used by the BackupSet Manager tool.Added new male doctor jacket/outfit.Added feet/toes options.Added arms/legs length options. . .Added pelvis size Y and Z options.Added abdomen size Y and Z options. CUSTOMIZER ACCESSORIES: . In The Klub 17 version 6. .Y and Z options.Added belly button position options.Strapon will not auto appear in custom poses (will have to be activated manually). plugins will be provided separately. . .Note.Added more hands/fingers options. .Added tongue width/thick/tip options.Added purple garter belt/panty.db required by other tools.Added new female outfit. .

Increase the range of all the sliders. .Removed AvSituation5110MasturbateDouble (not used). Denise Milani.3: .Advanced parameter: optional colourization of texture and blending.1.2.Will now auto-convert legacy texture mods (Loft room) to new format.Higher resolution texture templates where needed. . . . stomach and back option. Brithney Spears.Change credit in help from LLSC to TK17. MISC: .Added minimum required version check to HotFix updater. . . Alissa Alps.Fixed undefined variables in PersonPreferences and Persons. .CUSTOMIZER TATTOO: .New icons in the engine and launcher executable. Carmen Hayes.Major overhaul of TK17_FGImport: now WYSIWYG. MODELS: . folder auto-numbering will start at 1100 (this way folder names Model1000 .Renamed bedroom #31 to 32 (there was two 31).Added doctor office (4 in 1). . .Fixed undefined reference in AvSituation0159.1.Added Adele Stephens. .Replace most spandex bodies by a new frame one. . . Eliza Dushku. breasts. legs.Added spandex arms. .1: . . FIXED BUGS: .Updated mod file with new outfits/room (including loft/Hentai). Carmela Bin g. added shortcuts for TK17_Launcher new "special modes".Added link to main site in the windows menu. . Aria Giovanni. . . FaceGen Converter v.Fixed most issues with Unicode path strings containing non-ASCII characters.Fixed Femdom button bug.Change order of tattoos from neck to legs. Update your Klub 17 Model Set fr om within the GUI. .Fixed current version check bug in HotFix updater.TK17_Launcher. .Model1099 will be reserved for user clones) .New PesEd GUI tool (GUI frontend for PesEd). .New Backupset Manager GUI tool designed to easily create and manage multiple sets of saves and content as an attempt to overcome certain limitations of the game engine.Rescale FG modulation texture before processing. CUSTOMIZER FACE: . ROOMS: . . .New title screen.Fixed mismatch feet spandex for Females.Fixed a bug with acrylic fingernails not saving properly.Fixed malformed array in CcPersonDefaultBody and ghost hair bug. . .L=EN .0. . Elisha Cunthbert.Adjusted renaming scheme for ActiveMod texture packs to prevent possible issues with duplicate texture IDs. . Content Importer v. Chelsea Charms.When importing models as clones.Reorganized Start Menu folder.Fixed most issues with Unicode path strings containing non-ASCII characters.exe now accepts several command line options (execute with /? sw itch for details).

PesDir/PesDB: Added FLAGS. .PesDir: Added support for PesEd scripts.PesEd: Fixed a bug with ICON atribute not being handled properly when working with JSON source files. . In The Klub 17 version 6.PesDir/PesDB: Fixed an issue with /quick mode not detecting that existing PES files were updated since last database reindexing. Added FaceMate 'No details' option.1. . . Known bug.uit date when deciding whether reindexing is needed for directories other then Save and Community\PoseEdit (avoids unnecessary database reindexing operations). Nipple size with nipples chains.txt files).0: . .0: .9). PESVER. . TK17 Command Shell v.Fixed a bug in some libraries sometimes causing an error when trying to create a folder using relative path.- New 'fgcolour' tool/command-let. . .0.0-0 .New 'set-tags-from-db' command-let (allows to recover tags from pesinfo database if TagManager tags were messed up).Updated ImageMagick Converter (iconvert) to v. .PesEd: Added tagging support for PES files located in non-default folders (tag information will be stored in local *. FURNITURE and TOOLS fields (requires /full database rebuild).tags. Minor edits and optional features in 'fgalphamask' and 'fguvremap'.PesEd: Fixed a bug with updating location attribute (new value is now auto-converted to all-uppercase string).New 'build-models-db' tool (automatically builds models.PesDir: Optimized tag processing operations.6.7.9 and added many new features.1.0 (was v. DKScript v. .Added support for CHM. RTF and DOC files to 'man' command.cfg .PesEd: Revised for DKScript v. . .PesDir: Added more useful filter templates to pes-filter-templates.[ bsb]) . HTML. . Faster processing. Xmas hat with hair #33. .Fixed a couple of bugs in stream encoder functions that were sometines causing corruption of UTF8/UTF16 streams. . .0.PesEd: Added support for PESv2 format. Fixed the reported "bad folder" bug with fresh install.2.New 'ge-extract' command line tool for batch-processing of GE Content Installers (experimental). PDF. Reworked a bit the picture templates colours. .PesDir: Fixed a bug sometimes causing TagManager database corruption.Fixed most issues with Unicode path strings containing non-ASCII characters.db file from Persons.1.PesEd: Added features to manipulate character flags and PES format versions. Fixed most issues with Unicode path strings containing non-ASCII characters.New 'play' command (launches the main game executable with specified command-l ine options). A tad more accurate skin mean tone.PesDir/PesDB: /quick mode will now ignore TagManager. Prevent memory corruption with extremely large pictures. .Included complete language reference as HTML file. .1.0 ---------------------------CUSTOMIZER DRESS: .Fixed a few bugs from v.

swimsuit.New TK17_ShellRun.Added hands.exe utility (executes shell command in "windowed" mode with access to tk17sh environment) . . Neck wear can be used with nun dress.Renamed some Start Menu shortcuts and mini-launchers. . Briana Banks. . MISC: . .Added Spandex Icon.Fixed duplicate ActiveMod names issue in Mod.Real models moved at the beginning of the list (ie Jenna & Friend). . FIXED BUGS: . CUSTOMIZER TATTOO: . . .Added different icons to executables and shortcuts. . .k. Jennifer Love Hewitt. . .Fixed Acrylic nails and latex gloves bug.Replace Body length by full body size. tongue. . Anita Blond. . Added Sailing outfit for Men. MODELS: .Fixed missing fingernails bug. . .New title/intro screen & change "Powered by mod5XX" in start up by "Developed by TK17". ROOMS: . . Evening dress.Added hair size/position & ponytail size (see note). Pandora Peaks.Fixed the Spandex feet Icon.Added limited support for v108 poses (poses using toys will not work). Purple Lingerie. Jenny McCarthy. Added a second version Purple Lingerie panty for Shemale.Added 2 hairstyles. CUSTOMIZER BODY: . . .Fixed the issue with Command Shell and Content Importer mini-launchers never .Fixed default yellow pubic hair color bug. .Added Look at/Emotin option.Added version verification to HotFix updater (will refuse to update if installed version/build is newer).Added full/half Spandex masks and full Spandex gloves.Added yacht (and room textures to Mod. . .New 'FG Converter' GUI tool. Lisa Lipps. fingers.Fixed ball inertia for Shemale Hentai and Dolly Buster T. CUSTOMIZER MAKEUP: .Adjusted all real models body size to reflect reality (except Coco Brown.Deactivated automatic speaking in sequencer.Added Angelina Jolie. . Tiffany Tower.Fixed the default Spandex feet at "off".Added flat clear fingernails & reset color icon.Combine Fingernails and Acrylic sliders. Vanessa Montagne. . .Fixed Yuki static breasts bug.0 a.New pubic hair now available to Men (with no pubic hair option to M/Sh). .a. . Win2k).bs ("Latex Miniskirt" is now F_Latex001_Skirt and "Fetish Bra" = F_Fetish001_Bra). Wendy Added female outfits.Added spandex feet option.Added "TK17sh Documentation" mini-launcher in the root folder. pelvis and scrotum/penis tip size.Added Windows version sanity check to all binaries (will now refuse to start on Windows versions earlier then NT 5. info N/A).

Poses and Toys whenever possible. 'fguvremap'. . . .) . . TK17 Command Shell v. .of. .20 .Added explanation text for different options.TXX importing option now uses the new "smart" importing procedure.Added options presets (including user-defined "My Preferred Settings" preset) One preset provides limited support for importing community sequences.New 'txxlist' command-let (lists archives in order loaded by the engine).tes. upgrade/downgrade pose class.New 'PesDB' tool (replaces 'build-pes-db') Features considerable performance improvement.New 'PesEd' tool . .Revised options' description texts. . . .1.Removed buggy BsbTool_Console and associated 'bsbcons' command-let from the distribution (the only reason it was included is because of it's ability to decode savegame files unsupported by 'blex'.New 'texcount' command-let (counts the total number of ActiveMod textures and tells you if you if it exceeds the limit). . fields expansion and many more.Improved 'make-mod-bs' command-let (added more options). . . .Now copies content to a subfolder of the Import folder before processing it unless the source is inside the Import folder (added a checkbox to revert to old behavior). . .TK17_Shell.scriptable command line tool for manipulating of PES files.Added some missing man pages.Changed application icon. but new 'ubc' tool provides full encoding/decoding support for those).Added option to try to preserve original file/folder names for Models.2: .Fixed a bug with StdOut handler in 'build-mod-db' script.Updated 7za. Features new lightweight scripting language DKScript. . . . 'copy-sv2-fg-modelset' and 'import-fg-model' tools/command-lets.New 'PesDir' tool (replaces 'pes-sort' and 'pes-filter' tools) featuring full tag management.New 'ubc' tool for decoding/encoding savegame files (.2. .exe can now be invoked with parameters (command to execute). . also integrated in Content Importer GUI).pes. .The tool now detects if the user is trying to import a complete DataStore from another game and propose to do a full datastore import insted.Added option to clean-up working folder after import.New 'set-ge-reg' command-let (for running GE installers). .uit etc. . . more options.Added game's Binaries folder to TK17sh PATH environment. . .Major overhaul of 'import-content' tool (see the tools's man page and Content Importer GUI changelog for details) . 'fgalphamask'.Updated WSH scripts to WSF format using common libraries.Added a warning message when user chacks the TXX import option.requesting elevated privileges under Vista/Win7 (main applications request elevation when possible).Added pose/toy icon optimization feature (optimizes icons during import by default). swap characters etc.Added option to run GE AutoInstallers before import.New 'import-datastore' tool (imports complete datastore from a compatible game.exe to v. . . .cc.Improved 'build-mod-db' command-let (now uses correct archive sorting order when processing TXX directory). Content Importer GUI v.0: . Allows to change attributes of a PES file. . .Improved 'build-txx' and 'extract-txx' command-lets (now accept non-default locations of TXX files as third parameter).Added some new environment variables. proper UTF8 support. .New 'fgconv'.

.Added no eyebrow option.Added ear tilt option.0.0 . masks and gloves spandex option (M/F). . ROOMS: . cum shot texture.0.TK17 Command Shell updated to version 1. beach.All hat available to men (except bunny mask & tricorn). Kioko. V 6.Added .Added 4X nipples mod. Sayuri.Release Notes: There is a known ghost hair bug with some type in several poses (bug dissapear when going back to customizer). .2 FIXED BUGS: Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed eyebrow color bug "portable mode" installer bug (full installer package only) Dolly Buster T icon. casual3 and outdoor outfits.Added Dolly Buster T (Shemale).Added Workout room (#29).2 ------MISC: .Added no lipstick option. Yoshe (Females). CUSTOMIZER TATTOO: . Hentai3D.0 ------CUSTOMIZER DRESS: . all replace by standard one. MODELS: . eyelash and beard. .Added . Mitsu. CUSTOMIZER BODY: . Hentai3D. .Icon for color. .2.Added wide pussy hair mod.Baroque wig for men can be used on women (and vice-versa). . Toki. Ayaku (Shemales).Added Male gym. .Added .Added body.Added teeth option.Adjuted default penis size.6. Midori. .Added Tentacle room (Hentai. preset color for eye Iris. CUSTOMIZER MAKEUP: . V 6. .Added stomach option for men (not perfect). fetish chain top & open skirt in Mod file. . Will be fixed later. leech can now be used on the 5 body areas).Unified color spandex sliders with preset color. Ryu. Hentai3D.DarkKnight Installer updated to version 1.Added Female casual3 (2 dresses) and outdoor outfits.Added Campsite (#30).Added Big Bang Theory hairstyle (also for Men). Tamiko. . . Makoto (Males).Added color adjust necklace for men. . . .

. w edding).Remove color clothes sliders not used with men ( garter. . undershirt and panties. .All Men shoes don't remove pants.- Added Hangar room (Hentai). New rooms are now added in the mod section. Removed 0% displayed on boot screen. . .Fixed Vista/Win7 bug in portable mode . Restore all original rooms.Men duplicate hat #26/27. Added Temple room (Hentai). . New texture for cum. wrist. Removed Hentai dreamroom.Remove layer top slider for Men (did nothing).Remove neckband for men.All saves are now local to the game installation.TK17 Command Shell and all tools now work under Vista/Win7 .Fixed the cross pose bug in the library room. catsuit.Nipples intensity #11 and up.Updated the WR pic (fix cutout around Playboy logo). New title screen.Male fox harness don't remove pants. . Removed all clone rooms. . ENGINE: . MISC: "Unlimited" cums on body. . Minor improvements and fixes in TK17 Command Shell scripts/support files FIXED BUGS: . . Original background music restored.New engine (V99).