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50753078 [SOLS] in Oursulaert III - Navy Testing Facilities, has standing with Zwendt Brinalle
[Fed Navy Agent]

Apofis II

aprill dawn
Followed April Dawn [THC.I] in Iteron Mk III from Alentene to Pashanai III Moon 2 Station.
Travelled AFK for some of the way.

Chardalane III Fed Navy Test ********* Possible jump point for Syndicate


Irjunen II Corp Police Force

The sleazebag is currently at Lour V - Moon 13 - Freedom Extension Storage station in the Lour
system, Elose constellation of Solitude region
Borsek's Clone
Borsek's Clone [BBMA] docked in Alentene VI Moon 6 Station


bruce banner

Captain Amr
Captain Amr (Final-Solution) seen docking/undocking a few times from Suroken IX Moon 18
Was in Drake and Cormorant, probably running missions.

cevin north

Cincinnata Artoria
Cincinnata Artoria (THC.I) ship unknown as character was camped in Jel 5 fed navy station.
logged off there

Commander J
Chimera pilot

concretebreaker [BM C], in Oursulaert, very high agent standings. a mid level agent is Saonellieu
Baerse LVL4 Q13 (dodixie Moon 20 Fed Navy)

Crag Heyder

Luichi Okura Orvolle Fed Navy Medium Pace meso'clan Medium Pace (BM C) in station 20 Dodixie meskalamdug Mi Linn Orvolle Misneden monica lojalna pitcarin Ragnarok II Alillere .I) in dixie in a helios.Ephelim III Orvolle Fed Navy Ezazell erik erikson forbidon dodixie Forestkiara Fred Mud Dodixie J20gU3 karrla Keskra Isenan KnezFjodor Irjunen II Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant Lady Crystal Deltole Foves Lantu Ledalin Ledalin (TCH.I) in a helios Ledalin (TCH.

Ihatalo constellation of The Forge region.16 18:23 The scumsucker is located in the Ikami system.12.16 19:23 The scumsucker is located at Ikami X . Fittakan constellation of Molden Heath region.12.12.Republic Fleet Logistic Support station in the Gulfonodi system. Skuller Deltole snipers solar ra Tangibleghost Tarshish (THC.Merolles Station uk cheekymonkey velcha 2008.Moon 13 . 2008. Veldspar Vinnie Foves village baka Dodixie wickedsnow 2008.Federation Navy Testing Facilities station in the Niballe system.CreoDron Factory station in the Ikami system. Ihatalo constellation of the The Forge region.12.16 18:53 The sleazebag is currently at Gulfonodi X .16 20:16 The scumsucker is located at Niballe V .Moon 1 .robitobi Sapeian sgtghost SgtGhost 2008.I) flying an occator mattere found him again in Jel along with Tered Dragin Atlulle TheBlackLord BBMA CEO . Wylie Mutt xionex wickedsnow z3pheron . Orvanne constellation of Solitude region.

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