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Brand Communication


Introduction •
The communication definition of a brand •
What is ALJAWAL? •
ALJAWAL brand strategic framework •
Communicating the brand: Digital Energy •
The latest BrandZ global brand study by MillwardBrown shows that Google
(a search engine) is suddenly worth $66,434,000!
Coca Cola (mainly sugar and water) is worth $44,134,000!
How could such seemingly simple entities gain such power?

The power of brand Communication!

What is a brand?
“There is a lot to be learned
from the car industry”
“The Economist”
• Technological advantage is short-lived

• Competition is closing the gap fast

• Quality is taken for granted

The greatest learning:

“mechanical engineering is copiable, emotional engineering is not”

“The telecommunication
industry is moving from
being technology-driven
to brand-driven”

“Jay Houghton”
Brand Building is key
What is a Brand?

We define brand as the recognition and personal

connection that forms in the hearts and minds of our
stakeholders and other key audiences through their
accumulated experience with your brand at
every point of contact
“In technocratic and colorless times,
brands bring warmth, familiarity and trust”
Peter Brabeck, CEO Nestle SA
Build Brand Equity
For What?
To make people spend more time with the Brand
More Time = More Involvement
More involvement = More trust
More trust = More conviction
Without conviction there is no brand
Conviction (
1: the act or process of conviction of a crime especially in a court of •
2 a: the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the •
admission of a truth b: the state of being convinced of error or
compelled to admit the truth
3 a: a strong persuasion or belief b: the state of being convinced •